Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy Cat Month 2011-Celebrating Cat Health & Happiness

I didn't know until I saw a few weeks ago on  Darlene Arden's (author of The Complete Cat's Meow)  Facebook Page that September is:

 "Happy Cat Month"

It is sponsored by the CATalyst Council and

For those that didn't see the video
 when Darlene posted it, here it is!


  1. Happy Happy Cat Month to you, Cody! xo

  2. Wow ! Me and mom didn't know too and I like the video, This lady is lovely she make sure our pawrents look after us cats well because we are the best ! we make the happiness : ) Thank you Caren.
    Happy Cat Month 2011 to all

    PS : Yep ! it's a very very happy month, it my birthday's month and my Gotcha day as well : )

  3. @Kim thank you!!! xoxo

    @dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur me too!!!!

    @Mr Puddy yes this lady IS lovely and has super good tips! You are welcome Puddy!!! Happy Cat Month Pal! xoxoxo September is a great month for you Puddy!!!

  4. What a great clip - love that the clip talks about the importance of cat health and welfare too!! Awwww HAPPY CAT MONTH!!! Yay!!!! Take care

  5. I didn't know it was Happy Cat Month either - no wonder my two kitties have been acting so indignant towards me - they probably think I forgot them. I guess some treats are in store for them right now. Have a great day Caren and Cody

  6. Happy Cat Month Caren. The shelters are overflowing sadly.

    Hope you've been doing well.

  7. Happy cat month!!! but, I thgouth every day was cat day!

  8. Cat month? Super. Thanks for putting up the video.

    Happy Cat Month...

    pawhugs, Max

  9. @Old Kitty thank you, you too! xoxo

    @Hilary you too (and Alex) and YES EVERY DAY is CAT DAY!

    @Diane I should see the girl I had posted yesterday that I am trying desperately to find a home for :( I am tired but well, hope you have been well too!

    @wildcats lol!! They are waiting for you to acknowledge them! Bring on the treats! You have a great day too!

  10. Happy Cat Month sounds like a great idea to us! :)

  11. I spoke with Bogey and he claims to be only mildly amused in September.


  12. Happy Cat Monfh--how brillyunt!! Fur awl da happiness we makes, we shur dun ask much in return. Dat nice Dr. Jane haz da rite idea! :D xoxo

  13. We didn't know about this.
    Happy Cat Month to you, Cody! Purrs! :)

  14. @Max you are welcome! "pawhugs" back at ya!

    @The Chair Speaks thank you and the same to you!!! ((((hugs))))

    @Glamkitty that Dr.Jane sure does!! But GlamKitty you know that "Cat Month" is EVERY MONTH! xoxoxo

    @Pat lol! ((((hugs)))) to Bogey!

    @Forever Foster, me too but you DO know that it is EVERY DAY! lol

  15. Lovely video.. what a bunch of cutey patooties! Also how great that they decided one day isn't enough... we need a MONTH!! =^..^=

  16. Not so happy cat month for me. We are moving and we can't take Moby. I'm pretty devastated :( We are trying to find him a new home.

  17. @Kitcaboodles, actually it is ALL YEAR!

    @Repositorio same to you and thanks!

    @Natalie same to you, thank you!

    @Alittlesprite WHAT????????????!!!!!! That is the WORST news EVER. OMG I am so sorry. I have some friends from Australia that read this blog, I have no idea where you are in relation to them, maybe they can help?

  18. Thank you for sharing this. The kitten in the video looks just like Kizzie when she was tiny. I take great care of her, including cleaning her teeth, so am hoping she will not get the dental problems shown in the video. She does seem a happy cat herself, so wishing you a happy cat month too.

  19. I didn't know about this! Happy Cat Month, Cody!! :)

  20. Cat Month; we love it! Hope your mummy feels better, Cody.