Monday, September 5, 2011

Book Review By Cody: "Careers For Your Cat", Written By Ann Dziemianowicz, Illustrated By Ann Boyajian

This review originally was published September 5, 2010. In honor of Labor Day I thought it was the purrfect time to post it again for those who may have not seen it the first time around! Also, the first time I posted this I hadn't met Ann. I had the privilege of meeting her at BlogPaws 2011 and she is even more delightful than I had imagined her to be!  

I knew I was in trouble the day I saw my Mom open a big envelope and out popped a book with an eye-catching red cover, (you know, supposedly the only color that cats can see is RED. I am just full of fun facts, don'tcha know?). The title of the book was Careers For Your Cat. I looked around. I seem to be the only cat around here. I came to the conclusion that the book was meant for ME. What nerve! I HAVE a job! Mom has been out of work for 3 years due to the economy (or so she likes to say....ha!! Kidding!! That was a joke Mom! Feel free to laugh at any time!!) and Dad just retired in June. My Sheltie brother thinks he has a job, barking at every sound, object or person known to man.

I HAVE A JOB! Who do you think is responsible for Cat Chat? ME! I am the brains behind Cat Chat! Without me there would be no Cat Chat!

Well, with it being Labor Day and all I decided to pretend that I don't have a job and took a look at the book. This book is really, really clever and cool! There is no other book out there like this one! It was written by Ann Dziemianowicz (now THAT is a mouthful of kibble for ya! Sorry Ann! I had to have my Mom type that one for me! Let her get in trouble if it is misspelled, not MOI!).  Ann is a cat-coaching expert and a cat-career expert (a "cat career expert?" I never knew there was such an animal). She has helped all kinds of kitties get viable employment. That is pretty impurrsive!!

I had my Mom help me turn the pages and we saw a special test called the "Meowers-Briggs Personality Quiz". You take this quiz with your kitty parent (so they can check the boxes for you) and it tells you what your purrsonality is.

I think my Mom made a mistake when she was marking down the answers that I told her because it said that I am "Inert Introvert/Extravert". (I tested really close on one part so that is why I came out as Introvert/Extravert). The good part is that gave me more careers to choose from!

The book says I should be a Security Guard (sorry but we have my Sheltie brother for that!), a Solar Technician (yeah I do love to lay in the sun and show my belleh), a Software Engineer (I  love to paw around with my Mom's 'puter and printer) or a Product Tester. (I will test any product that is food related!!)

Since I love the camera and have a purrfect purrsonality, my Mom and I think I could also be a TV News Anchor. I also have a special talent for  kneading so my top choice would be a Pastry Chef (I would love that the most cause I could eat my creations!), or I could put my magic paws to good use by being a Spa Therapist!

I also love to greet everyone at the door, shake paws and let them rub my belleh so I would make a good Politician! that I am thinking about it I don't recall there being any careers for us writer kitties! Maybe cause we furlance and don't bring home a regular purrcheck.....I bet that is why!

The drawings in this book are super cute, my Mom and I really loved looking at all of the cats with all of their various jobs. The drawings were done by Ann Boyajian who must be a  very clever lady cause these were some really funny and creative illustrations!

There is even a section for kitties nervous about having a job interview. It tells you how to have a purrfect interview every time and gives you advice to enable you to pounce on that career that you really, really want!

If I ever stop being the inspiration and brawn for Mom's blog then I might just have to try out one of the careers listed in Careers For Your Cat.

For now, for any of you kits who might be just lolling around watching TV, birds and who lie in front of the window sunbathing all day, you may want to get your paws on Careers For Your Cat so you can  bring home some bucks for some extra kibble or shrimp. Tell your human or parent they can buy you the book at  If they like to tweet on Twitter they can follow Ann @Careers4YourCat  she is also on Facebook, and this busy lady has a blog as well!

Now if you will excuse me I have to go and stretch out in my favorite sunbeam. Think I will take Careers For Your Cat with me so that I can hide it from my Mom. Don't want her getting any ideas about me having a second job! I "labor" enough around here, this is my day to relax, let HER worry about the blog for once!

Happy Labor Day All!!


  1. This looks like a must-read! ...I checked out the book on the website you gave and the illustrations are wonderful! Love it.
    ...Katie of course is already worried that I will find her a "job." Not something she cares to fit into her busy schedule.
    : ) Glogirly

  2. @Glogirly it DEFINITELY is! you will love it, trust me! Tell Katie not to worry...Cody is still unemployed lol

    @Alittlesprite it is hilarious, quite unique!

  3. This sounds unmissable. I think Winston had better look to his laurels:-)

  4. Dearest Caren,

    This is so cute and that photo of the massage is hilarious! LOVE those cat stories and photos. They are such different and fun personalities.
    Love to you,


  5. Cody,
    Wow! That was a long review you did. Poor you having to dictate a long spiel to your mom on Labor Day. I didn't read it the first time so I'm glad you re-posted. Anyway, we're rulers of the world. We don't have careers, we CREATE careers for others. Isn't that a nobler job? purrr meow!

  6. Just the name of the book, Me and My mom love it !
    I think only one career can fit me..."The Boss "..tee..hee

  7. Hi Caren and Cody, have just come across your blog and am having fun catching up! Thanks for the recommendation, I've been tempted to buy it and now think I will. Lets see what careers Darcy and Sookie are suited to (they'll thank me when they're earning noms)!

  8. Ann is so cool, and I actually just came from her blog. That was a great review!

  9. Hi Caren and Cody, just found your blog and am having fun catching up! Thanks for the recommendation, I'd been debating whether to buy the book and I think I'm sold now, lets see what careers Sookie and Darcy are suited to (they'll thank me when they start earning noms).

  10. Ok, I got this book and I read it. I tried to get Austin to do the Meowers-Briggs test and he said He was far too busy! I said he was a spoilt little catbrat and should get off his *^%# and earn his keep! Well things got a bit ugly. Can't go into detail!

    Seriously, I loved it and gave it to a friend who has cats that need some guidance. Austin is a lost cause lol xox

  11. @jabblog it IS "unmissable" tell Winston he better watch out! lol

    @Caro lol @Austin being "too busy" for the test! Ooooohhh you were BRAVE to tell him he is a spoiled "catbrat" (love that term by the way lol) I am sure he isn't a "catbrat!" So glad that you loved it too, Austin and Cody are two of a kind!

    @Kitcaboodles so glad you found us! Thank you! I am also glad you are going to get this fun book! Can't wait to hear about what careers Sookie and Darcy are suited to!

    @Brian thank you soooo much! I'm glad I re-posted it!

    @Mr Puddy OMC you are exactly right! "The Boss" is the perfect name for you!!! xoxoxo

    @Cat-from-Sydney yeah I can be kinda long winded but I was even MORE long-winded then! I loved the book so much I thought it deserved my utmost attention and detail! I like what you said about creating jobs/careers for others :)

    @Mariette I love that photo too, it has been all over the web though so I can't take credit for it. Everyone has used it :) Kitties are all so different, just like us! Love to you too!

  12. This is a wonderful book and it deserves to be "revived" this Labor Day. Have a great day!

  13. Okay - I just told M she'd better buy the book. So far the only job I've ever had has been that of Mattress TEster, but I'm not making any money cuz no store has hired me yet. I hope she has a section in the book on how to Interview. he he

  14. @Ingrid I couldn't agree more! You have a great day too! My husband and I are off to take a long walk, it has cooled down here immensely! ((((hugs))))

    @Mario a "mattress tester" is a fabulous idea for a career for a cat! lol. An interviewer too! I would say you already have that down pat! xoxoxo

  15. Mom has seen that book around in shops but has not bought it for us yet. Thanks for coming to our party!

  16. What a lovely book!! Charlie wants to do the test so much as we are both in AWE at your many skills and talents Cody! Yay!! Happy Labour Day! Take care

  17. @Cats of Wildcat Woods oh your Mom should get the book she will love it! You are most welcome! It was a wonderful party!

    @Old Kitty I want Charlie to take the test to see what career HE should have! Thank you for your kind words! xoxo Love, Cody and Mom

  18. We've read the book and this was a perfect post for today even though work is the last thing on our minds. Enjoy! We're working on something special for tomorrow. Hint: teepee.

  19. I AM glad you posted this again! This is awesome pawsome! If fact...this could be the answer to empower the feline population to take over the world!

  20. Dat soundz liek kwite da helpfulz book fur doz kittehz still unshur jus where dere future liez, Cody...
    I'z rafher satisfied wif mai current jobz, tho. (I haz multiple titlez, u noes... offis manager, muze, & happiness-maker [alfho mai pawrentz insist on going wif 'clown' fur da last wun, hmph!].)

  21. Cody: Thank you for your lovely words! And for reposting your wonderful review! You should be proud you are a professional blogger! But make sure you rest on Labor Day!

    Every cat deserves to find his/her dream job! My desire is for all cats to move from the couch to the boardroom! :)

    xo to your Mom!

    And thank you Ingrid, Brian and Carolyn!

  22. @Cat Wisdom 101, thanks so much!! I see Ingrid and I were both on the same wavelength lol! Oh great!!! I am so excited to see your teepee post tomorrow! I know it is going to be fabulous!! Can't wait! Thanks for the "tails" up! :)

    @Ann you are most welcome! My Mommy said how wonderful it was to meet you and how sweet you are. She wished she could have spoken to you longer. Actually Mom is typing this for me because I am completely ZONKED out next to her desk lol. No hard laboring for me! Mom and I send xoxoxo back to you!

    @GlamKitty "clown" I love it!

    @Katnip Lounge, you aren't "slackers!" you have an every day battle of "survival of the fittest!" lol

    @Art and Sew Forth, you are BEYOND kind! xoxo Thank you!

  23. Sounds like a cute book. I should add this to my list to review.

    Have a great week!

  24. Me? A Career? Me??? Who..ME!? Work? Me?

  25. We love Ann, and her book is terrific! Your review is just purrfect, too. :)

  26. @Yvonne it is and you most certainly should!

    @Admiral Hestorb...YOU??????????? NEVER! xoxoxo

    @meowmeowmans we love her too and we agree that her book is terrific! Thank you so much, glad you liked it!

  27. I love the illustration of that book so much!! I think Tv puursonality will be great for both of you!!

  28. It's a great review, mammy and I are very curious now about this book!
    Enjoy your day dear friends,
    purrs and love to your hearts,
    Luna and mammy Léia

  29. @Goma+Sachie so do I! Awww you are so nice! Don't know about TV personalities for us, we don't like cameras! :)

    @We love LUNA THANK YOU! Hope you will check out the book, and you enjoy your day too! Love your "purrs and love to your hearts" and right back at ya!

  30. That book does sound fantastic, Ann seems to be a cool Lady. We will have to get our paws on theese one!