Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Detroit Tigers Clinch Baseball's American League Central!! "Concatulations!!!!!""

This photo was taken quite early in the summer
Check out Cody's paw
He OBVIOUSLY predicted the winner
long before anyone else did!

Hi everyone! It's Cody and I am
one happy kitty today!
(my Daddy is too!!)

For most of the summer of 2011
have battled to win the AL Central Division.
Not long ago, the Tigers pulled waaay ahead
of the Cleveland Indians by sweeping them
like a pile of kitty litter
in a most important series.

My Mom was torn.
She lived in Cleveland for 35 yrs
and still loves her "Tribe"
Anyone with any sense and a love of baseball,
(or any sport!!)
knows that just because you
move away from a city where you
lived for nearly your entire life,
 it doesn't mean your sports allegiances
 fall by the wayside.
Those who have NEVER moved out-of-state
don't quite "get it"
but that is a whole other topic entirely!

I, on the other paw, was born
on the streets of Detroit
so I am a Tigers fan allll the way!
(plus they are of the "feline persuasion")

Photo Courtesy of Fox Sports Detroit

Mom has decided that now that she lives in Detroit
that either way it could have gone
she would have been a WINNER!
She believes in acknowledging
hard work, dedication and a competitive spirit
(plus she is a darned  DAMN good sport)
Yeah I cursed, told ya I was born on the streets of Detroit get over it!
Now that the Tigers have clinched
(and most deservedly so!!)
and bring it all HOME!

Mom and I also think
that Jim Leyland
is the BEST Manager in Baseball!



  1. Concatulations is a fine word, Cody, and certainly shows your creativity...not to mention your enthusiasm for all things tiger. I love the picture and the whole post that actually will make me pay attention to the rest of the series.

    btw, I think your mom has a very well-balanced way of approaching sports in your household! ^.^

    btw again, Since my mom does not always post about cats you should probably come take a look at the one about Willow's paw from last week. I think we both use our paws quite effectively! The post is here.

  2. @Lydia thank you! I am so happy that you liked it and I am thrilled that you will follow the series now! Yep, I am quite proud of Mom and her good "attitude" lol. Mom is well-balanced cause she is a Libra and it is all about "balance!" Mom is going over to read your post now..thank you for sharing. Mom has been sick and hasn't been around to many of the blogs and she apologizes!

  3. Congratulations on your team winning Caren. D is sad because his team did so well this season, except are starting to fall apart now.

  4. Concats sweet Cody. Mommy used to like rooting for the home tam so to speak but after she got into her work schedule..all else fell to the wayside.


  5. @Mario thank you!! They are mostly Cody's team but that is ok! lol. Tell "D" I can relate, that is what happened to the Indians. So sorry :(

    @Admiral Hestorb Mom can totally relate! xoxoxo

  6. Cody,
    I agree with you that all felines should support the Tigers. Not that I dig baseball but all felines must unite. Go Tigers!!!!! purr...meow!

  7. A big ROAR!!! to the Tigers!! Yay for them!!! Wooo-hoo!!! :-) Take care

  8. @Oskar yep gooooo Tigers! I know you are pulling for them! :)

    @Cat-from-Sydney yes!! "all felines MUST unite!!" xoxo

    @Old Kitty thank you!!!! xoxoxo

  9. See, that's the difference. In NY, we don't celebrate just MAKING it to the post-season. We celebrate at the END of October, if we're still standing. Concats. Good luck with Boston/Tampa Bay. BTW, peeps say Verlander is Cy Young AND MVP.

  10. Haha! Though I am from east of Cleveland, I am NOT a sports fan. I would rather play than watch any day. BUT - my husband is a die hard Cleveland fan so I will not show him this post! For Cody - since Tigers are related to your species, you have every right to be excited. To Karen - methinks you have part cat blood...

  11. Well done predicting the outcome in the baseball Cody. It is a bit like rounders mum says that she played in school 6000 years ago.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  12. Wow Cody, with such strong language, it's like you and Eminem could be steet brothers!! Con-cats on the Tigers!!

  13. Go Tigers! Caren, I hope you're on the mend and huge thanks for your powerful comment at my blog today. (((hugs)))

  14. @Cathy Keisha well you redeemed yourself w/the comment about Verlander lol, hence I will go slightly easy on you. The Yankees have made enough trips to the Series to last me a lifetime AND having been from Cleveland and now Detroit...I have DOUBLE reason to hate them...catch me if I ever move to a National League city! lol. But...I still love YOU! xoxoxo You can't help where you live!

    @Cat Wisdon 101 thank you! Can you tell based on my above comment to Cathy Keisha that I am starting to feel better? Day 2 of antibiotics is FINALLY starting to make my fever go down...low I can return to the land of the living! No need to thank me for my comment (but you are MOST WELCOME!) My heart just totally went out to you for behavior that was completely despicable. xoxoxo

    @Deb HELL YEAH!!!!! Eminem is also a LIBRA! He is a "rotten Libra" like Mommy, not the sweetie Libra like YOU! xoxoxo

    @Hannah and Lucy thanks so much! I am a Psychic Kitty! What is rounders? xoxoxo

    @Art and Sew Forth of course you can show your husband cause I will always be an Indians fan and yep I am definitely in possession of "cat blood" lol xoxoxo

  15. WOW Cody you gone all macho catto!! To be honest, I'm not absolutely sure what sport you are talking about? But ConCATS anyway :D xox

  16. Caren you are a good sport! I didn't know you lived in Detroit... being from the UK I haven't been to many places in the US... but I have been to Detroit about 5 years ago now! Was there for about a week and got to know a bar called Hockeytown very well!! Never got to see the Redwings or the Tigers play though =^..^=

  17. Congratulations to the Tigers! We are happy that you are happy sweet Cody. Hugs and nose kisses

  18. Concatulations to the Tigers! Gotta love a team named after big cats!

  19. Congrats fur your team! Since I don't have a team we have been cheerint for yours Cody!

  20. Even though I'm not a baseball fan - Hooray Tigers! :-)

  21. Cody did know Tigers would win! I love the part "feline persuasion" - I usually don't watch sports but if I do, I will cheer for feline team :-)

  22. Yay!! Our mom loves the we want them in the Series!

  23. Huge concatulations! My Human was UNBEARABLY crazed last year when the Giants won the World Series. Not gonna happen this year, though, so she might as well root for the TIGERS :-)

  24. I don't know anything about baseball other than some blokes use the board to propose in chick flicks. Its all football, football in this house. Not that I know anything about that! Glad the Tigers won though cause they are "family" :)xx

  25. Oh Dog! I am WAY impressed that you picked the winner. Now, how much catnip do I have to send you to predict the winning Powerball numbers?

  26. @Caro lol "macho catto" I may have to use that one day! MOL! I'm sorry! Mommy and I should have linked Baseball but we didn't think of it. It is a game played in Spring/Summer and Early Fall here in the U.S. Basically they have a wooden bat, someone throws the ball, they hit it and try to score :)

    @Princess Jasmine roflmao!! I bet they still do. I love FOOTBALL TOO! Mom was gonna post about football today but she is still not feeling well enough to help me. xoxo

    @Spitty thank you! Ohhhhh yeah Mom and I can just imagine how you felt! Yay for helping us out w/your purrs!!! :)

    @The Island Cats since you live here I KNEW you would say that! Bring 'em on! :)

    @Repositorio thank you!

    @Tamago lol! Glad you liked it and thanks for cheering for us and YEP I sure DID predict it!

    @chocolateangel thank you!

    @dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur thank you!!!

    @Brian, thank you and we sure appreciate it! :)

    @Athena thank you and you are sooo right!

    @chancythegardener thanks sooo much! You know Mom and I have been AWFUL about letting our garden posts go. We actually DID get some nice veggies!

    @Kitcaboodles, that is too cool that you were here! Wish you were coming back because then you could visit me! You know what? "Hockeytown" is right by the ballpark where the Tigers play!!! That is super cool that you remembered the bar/restaurant's name as well as the Red Wings (hockey) and Tigers! xoxoxo

  27. @Amin thank you!

    @Rumpydog roflmao!! I love it! Trust me I am working on the Power Ball Mom has ordered that I do so!!! lol!!! :)

  28. My San Franfuncisco GIANTS self izza ecstaticat fur The Tigers! Rooooarrr into victory!

  29. Guido!!!! So happy to see you here! Awwww you are such a good kitty to be happy for the Tigers!!! We love you!

  30. We just had to take 5 from the ten million things we're suppose to be doing and look in on one of our favorite bloggers. First, cutest piccy ever, that little stretched out paw just makes me want to cover it in kisses. Second even though we are both, mumzy and I are Philly's fans we will also support & congratulate the Tigers as they are cat based.
    Big pawhugs! muwaaaaaa!

  31. Cody, one has always got to go with ones "feline PURRsuasion"- it never fails!! Of course it would have to be Tigers, duhh :-)
    P.S. Tell you Mom that we look forward to her winning the lottery ;-)
    Wishing you a splendid week ahead!

  32. @Kokoro are you not the most WONDERFUL kitty?? Ohhh I hear ya about the "ten million" things we are supposed to do so I am beyond appreciative that you stopped by! So glad you like that photo :) Yep Cody is psychic! Awww thank you for your support of the Tigers! xoxoxo

    @Gods Little People Mom said since you have a better rating "upstairs" than she does, that maybe you can pull some strings "upstairs' so that she can win the lottery and come and visit you? lol. We wish you a great week and we hope to get over to see you this week. With Mom still sick and behind on everything it is hard to catch up! xoxoxo

  33. Woof! Woof! We totally understand. We got lots of friends who are Tigers FAN, HUGE!!!! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  34. @Sugar really? Do they live in Michigan? We would love to meet some Michigan doggies for Dakota! xoxoxo