Friday, September 2, 2011

New Cat Toys from KONG, "Cozies"

Before I go any further let me begin by saying that I have a LAZY cat! He has fun and adorable toys right at his paw-tips,  and there he is moving in slo-mo...  L-A-Z-Y! There! Thank you for indulging me! I feel MUCH better now!

A few days before I left for the BlogPaws conference I received some cat toys to test/review from the new KONG Cat Product line.

We all know that when it comes to dog toys, KONG is a household word, now KONG has developed a large assortment of products to help promote healthy play in cats and they are of the same fine quality that we have come to associate with the KONG brand.

This is the KONG Cozie Kickeroo!
The first thing I noticed was how incredibly soft it is.
It is perfect for bunny kicking or for
a tired kitty to lay it's head on when napping.
It has a fuzzy tail and contains
KONG'S North American catnip

If Cody exerted any more energy, (not! The above videos are evidence of exactly why I call him "Lazy") we would be in big trouble. In fairness these were filmed in the morning when Cody was quite sleepy. I am certain tonight he will be chasing these toys with everything he's got!
This is KONG'S Crinkly Cat Cozie
It is also soft and cuddly,
it has a precious face that resembles a raccoon
and also contains KONG's premium North American catnip

Playtime for cats is an important part of their day, as it affords exercise, it reduces stress, it allows cats to have an outlet for their instinctive hunting/chasing behaviors and it alleviates boredom, (primarily in the case of indoor kitties like my Cody!)

These are KONG's Cozie Rollers
One ball makes a rattle sound
and the other also contains
KONG'S premium North American catnip
and it has natural feathers and makes a crinkly sound!

Here we go, a "Cozie" GROUP HUG!
Be sure to check out more of
KONG'S Cat Toys at:

In full disclosure I was not compensated for this blog post. All opinions are mine (and Cody's!) We were given the Cozie toys to test/review.


  1. Hmm, I reckon they need a good-lookin' New Zealand cat to review some of their toys.....

    That does look like a mighty good toy!!

  2. I love KONG toys -- my cats especially love kickers and Saffy is also a laaaazy cat so that says a lot!

  3. Aunty Caren,
    Isn't Cody of the same age as Brad? But Brad is hyper and likes to play a lot and the poor thing has to live under the same roof as four lazy bums. He has inherited all the toys Mama bought for the older cats. purrrr...meow!

  4. Awwwww yay for Cody and his Kong toys!! Awwww it's so great to see him have such a fun time! He's not lazy, he's just very very very very relaxed! :-)

    Take care

  5. @dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur I reckon they do! lol

    @Old Kitty "very, very, very, very relaxed" lol...xoxoxo to you and Charlie

    @Cat From Sydney, I'm not sure, is Brad 4? Cody will be 5 in April (OMG that is so hard for me to believe that he will be FIVE!!) Bobo was more like Brad but it was a different situation, it was just him. Bobo was super active. Cody has Dakota and much of his play involves him. Cody has never been super toy oriented. Bobo was :)

    @Angie I LOVE the KONG line too, for my dog and Cody, hell if Cody doesn't play with their toys, I WILL! lol. Saffy needs to hook-up w/Cody lol

  6. Hey, you added music! lolol Well done. Must figure it out!

    I also think Kong need a UK outlet and I know just the reviewer.... oh yes >^,,^<

  7. We love all of Kong's products, dog and cat. In fact, Finn's favorite toy for the first few months I had him was his purple Kong Wubba! Cody looked to be enjoying himself also, albeit in a low key fashion.

  8. I have the duck version of the Kong catnip toy, and my cats love it! It contains a little pouch where you can refill it with catnip, so it usually stays rather fresh.

  9. Those are cute videos Cody! Hey, Kong pillows look like fun to me!

  10. @Amin yes those toys are great!

    @Brian thanks so much pal! Yep KONG pillows are fun! Love, Cody

    @Tampa BookWorm thanks so much!

    @LeChic Cat Lady oh I would love to see the duck version! I have never seen that one! Toys with the catnip pouch are great!

    @Tucker your comment was so cute "low key fashion" to say the least! Yep Dakota has toys by KONG as well, we love them! They are superbly made!

    @Caro I think KONG in the UK and you reviewing sounds like a plan! :) It only took me FOREVER to learn that you can upload music directly from YouTube...I never knew that before! I put music in because Cody was so boring that I had to do something! If I can add it ANYONE can because I am beyond lacking in technological skills!

  11. Oh how I can take a cue from Cody...need to be that relaxed:D...maybe I will get a Kong toy for Mom...she is tooooo stressed lately!! Hugs from Rosie...get out your tank top and your fall coat Caren...100 today and 65 on Monday AAAAGGH!! Michigan weather!!

  12. Hi Sue, I should take a cue from Cody as well! lol. I bet you would love it if Rosie bought you a Kong toy! lol. 65 Monday? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Bring on FALL!!!!

  13. Great videos! Toby is a pretty ..umm.. energy-less cat too. :)

  14. Clearly Cody preferred the Crinkly one. I think my guys would prefer the size and shape too.

  15. oooooh, we'd LOVE to give those toys a test drive!

  16. Great review! Cody, you are my kind of cat.

  17. Oh those look like a lot of fun. But I am a bit like Cody. I only play with catnip toys and only for a bit.

  18. Cody, you look like you're enjoying your Kong toys almost as much as we like ours! A favorite here is the Tugger Knots. I can't believe you let your human get away with posting things about you being lazy, though!


  19. @The Whiskeratti, I feel for you lol

    @houndstooth I know! "I get NO respect!" MOL!

    @Abby see? We aren't that unusual after all!

    @Athena awwww thank you! I am blushing through my stripes!

    @Katnip Lounge, OMC you would have a blast!

    @Cat Wisdom 101 you are 100% correct! That was the most "mouse-like" Cody is all about all things MOUSE!

  20. I think I want me one a them Crinkly Cat Cozies. Crinkly is good. I like crinkly.

  21. Kicking and putting on the bitey is stuff we love to do best. We'll look out for these!

  22. Oh Cody love Kong's toys! I have to get some for my kids!!

  23. Those are really cute!! I bought a tiger striped Kong Kickaroo and Belle runs away from it in fear!! Cracks me up, I have such a fraidy cat! Mickey will bunny kick the heck out of it though.

    Hey, do you remember Cooper the Photographer Cat?? I interviewed him for the RPO blog -- come check it out!

  24. Own! We really love the videos!!!!!

  25. I would say the Crinkly is definitely the preferred pick! Though I must commend you for your excellent timing of the 'hey' in the first video!

  26. I love the Kong toy!! I like the one with frog design the best!!! I love toy that make noise!!

  27. @Spitty I like crinkly too!

    @Goma so nice to see you here! We love the KONG toys too and the frog is soooo cute! That crinkly sound is so much fun!

    @Art and Sew Forth you are beyond observant :) It was a total happy coincidence though! I'm not that talented!

    @Repositorio thank you so much!! I'm learning!

    @Julia yeah some are scaredy cats! I don't know Cooper (or I don't remember him, will try and get over there!)

    @Tamago your kids will love them!

    @Au and Target, I'm a fan of the bunny kicks myself lol

    @Alittlesprite we love them!

  28. Cody, first of all - you are a VERY handsome and yummy boy!! Those toys look very good but one must preserve those vital energies for much more important matters - eating!! LOL As always you get to try out some good stuff that we simply can't get in this part of the world - but we're always on the hunt for kitty friendly toys.
    For all the ACTION in them videos have a well deserved lazy Sunday! ;-)
    Hugs to you and your Mom

  29. I think Kong makes some of the best toys around. Allegra loves her Wubba, and Ruby loves her Kick-a-Roo!

  30. @Gods Little People thank you so much!! My mommy thinks my tummy is yummy! lol. Yes! I am all about the eating! I wish you could get KONG toys in Greece, that is sad that you can't. I am having an extremely lazy Sunday! ((((hugs)))) to you and your little babies! Love, Cody and Mom

    @Ingrid I so agree! We love them for both Cody and Dakota! So happy that Allegra and Ruby enjoy theirs too!

    @Avalon we do too! :)

  31. We think Cody did a great job with those Kong toys! We think those cozie kickeroos look especially awesome. :)

    Cody isn't lazy, he's just "relaxed."

  32. @meowmeowmans thanks so much! Yeah those kickeroos are pretty darned kickable! lol

    @Guido lol!! You are so silly I love it! :)