Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"Wordy Wednesday" Our "New Look" and The WINNER of "Cat Girl's Day Off" By Kimberly Pauley

Happy Wednesday everyone!! It's Cody and I am happy to be here with you today! Many of you may have noticed our new header if you haven't noticed, may I interest you in a pair of glasses?

Mom and I LOVED our old header, but for months I was bugging Mom telling her we needed an update. For the love of cats, we had the same header since at least 2010!!

There were many people we could have chosen to design our new header, but Mom is especially fond of a brilliant photographer, musician and concert pianist, named Rosie who also just happens to be the human sister of Dakota's girlfriend Eva, of the blog, Eva The Sheltie. Rosie also is the photographer behind  a large portion of the exquisite photos on their blog and designs all of their headers!

This is a gorgeous blog!
You may visit it here

Rosie is a talented and  tireless young woman! She is not just musically gifted,  she is a prodigy, and she is a brilliant student and  young entrepreneur as well! Rosie has launched a new business, Phang Photography and Designs:

Rosie is available to design headers, logos, etc. Visit her at Phang Photos by clicking here

This amazing young woman also has a photography blog which you may visit here

It was Mom's pleasure to reward such enormous talent, drive,  AND PATIENCE, by hiring Rosie to create our new header which we LOVE!!

 Thank you Rosie!!

Now...on to the winner of:

We want to thank everyone who entered!!! 
The winner as chosen by  is:


Please take a moment to read about
all of the incredible work that
 Christine Michaels, Dorian Wagner of Your Daily Cute 
and Deb Barnes of Zee & Zoey
have done in their quest
to bring public awareness and justice to
You may visit Riverfront Cats
right HERE



  1. Congrats Christine - you're going to love this book!

  2. thanks for stopping by Rachel!! I am sure she will too!

  3. We love love love your new header adorable Cody!!! It's SO pretty!! Yay for most talented Rosie!!

    Huge congrats to Christine! Take care

  4. Congrats Christine! And we love your new header. Cool!

  5. Your header is beautiful. Wonderful change.

    pawhugs, Max

  6. Yay, Christine for winning that book. We sure do thank you for keeping us up to date on the darn Loews deal. That is so sad. Take care.

  7. PS, the new header is terrific.

  8. Congratulations Christine! That book sounds really good!

    Dear Cody, you and your mom are so sweet to Rosie!

    As Rosie's mom, I'm BLUSHED!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. @Priscilla we love your incredible daughter as if she were our own family (that is the SAME way we feel about YOU and you know that!!) Rosie did an incredible job, she exhibited ENORMOUS patience with all of the changes I was making (primarily with Dakota's Facebook Cover Page) and never once seemed irritated. Being so young, that is to her credit! It was my pleasure to hire her! You are doing an AMAZING job raising her mom!!! XOXOXO

    @marg, thank you! We love it too!

    @Ingrid thanks so much!! We do too!

    @Max awwww THANK YOU!!! ((((hugs)))) back!

    @Au and Target thanks so much!

    @Old Kitty, yep, Rosie is HUGELY talented!

  10. Adorable new header! One of my fave pictures of Cody. Bravo to Rosie.

  11. Boy that Rosie sure is one talented young lady! We love your new header, it's fabulous! We love Eva too! Congrats to Christine on her win!

  12. It is a great new header. Congratulations to the winner of the contest too.

  13. We love your new header - it's very smart. Concats to Christine.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  14. Love the new header. Been trying for ages to get Austin to update ours :)

  15. Your header is wonderful!!!! Hooray fur da winner too!

  16. I love your header and Rosie sounds very talented in many ways!
    Congratulations to Christine!

  17. @Tamago thank you!! We do too! Yes Rosie is EXTREMELY talented!

    @Brian thank you so much!

    @Carolyn...I turned it over to my Mom and Rosie. Love, Cody

    @Hannah and Lucy thank you!! xoxoxo

    @Mario thank you!

    @Bassetmoma thank you!! Ohhh yes you know Rosie is talented!! And you know she has an amazing Mom too!

    @CK thank you!! It is my Mom's favorite photo :)

  18. ConCATS to Christine, and to you, too ... that new header is terrific! :)

  19. We loooves your new header! And concatulations to Christine! We think she does MEOWvelous, wonderful work!!!

  20. What a wonderful header! And Concatulations to Christine!

  21. It's a great new header! A big Concatulations to Christine. Eva, the Sheltie is a gorgeous blog. Rosie does very nice work! I didn't know she did a lot of the photos for the blog. Of course, Eva is a beautiful doggie to photograph!

  22. Thank you all! I'm so excited about this winning. It will be uplifting and keep me going on the Loews ordeal. We're working hard to keep the pressure on Loews and keeping followers informed of the cats. Many thanks to Carol of Care and Dorian Wagner for her cheerleading efforts on FB. Caren and Cody--love the new header too!

  23. Just received my book this past Monday. Well, now to find time to ready it. I got it! On my long plane ride to Salt Lake City for Blog Paws! I have to make a stop and change plane--have not done that in years. Look forward to meeting everyone at Blog Paws!