Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kitty Kick Stix!

Hey everyone! You gotta check out my new toy!! It's called the Kitty Kick Stix and let me tell ya I had one wild time playing with this one!


It's a whopping 15" long! That's long enough to do some heavy duty bunny kicking! You can wrassle it, hug it and the best part? It is packed with 100% ORGANIC CATNIP!!! This is some potent stuff!

Kitty Kick Stix Are:

Great for all cats!
100% Organic and Chemical Free!
Made in the USA
They are hand made!

Check out the fabric choices:

The kitties below are playing with the same Kitty Kick Stix that I received!

See how long that is? is super durable
It stands up to some MAJOR BUNNY KICKS!
That's me guys!
Can ya see the glazed
look in my eyes?
I am lovin' that organic nip!

Please use the Kitty Kick Stix responsibly
if not, you could look like THIS...

To order your Kitty Kick Stix click here!

I was not compensated for this post. I received a Kitty Kick Stix to test and review and I couldn't be happier! Hope you try one too!


  1. haha! Cody, you sure look like you're protecting your stick!

    ...and that last kitty is clearly in need of a 12 step program!

    Let the bunny kicking begin!

    : ) Katie & Glogirly

  2. That is cool. We need to get one for our k-I-t-t-y friend
    Benny & Lily

  3. Those look awesome, Cody! I wonder if we could all play with one, or if that would lead to smacky paws?

  4. Hey I'm all for a bit of fun but whats with the bunny kicking?Any way cody loks like you're having a good time so keep with it!

  5. I thought your best toy was Dakota, Cody!

    The Kitty Kick Stix look really interesting and they look like bolsters too. Might be useful at night!!

  6. You get to test the best toys! We're soooo jealous!

  7. Those Kitty Kick Stix sure lookes pawsome !
    Must send my mom over to order atleast one ;-)

  8. Love the fabric choices for the Kitty Kick Stix. Good job on the review!

  9. Wow look like you're higher than a kite (!) AND enjoying every minute of it. That's one heck of a kicker there - you'll be enjoying that for a long time to come!!!


  10. Me and Charlie are getting tongue tied saying Kitty Kick Stix! LOL! take care

  11. Thanks for the referral pal. That does look like fun stuff.

  12. @Katie "12 step program" I love it!! That last kitty would be ME!! MOL!! Love, Cody

    @Mario it is super big and that is why I love it! The fabric is sooo cute too!

    @Old Kitty MOL! MOL!!! Love to you and Charlie!

    @Nerissa it is sooo much fun!

    @Sammy oh yeah...I was pretty buzzed! Won't find me DRIVING like that!! MOL!

    @The Furries of Whisppy I agree with you! The fabric choices are just great!! Super colorful and creative! Thank you! Mom had me review this pretty darned late at night and I wasn't thinking straight! Love, Cody

    @Kjelle Bus let me know if you do! Would love to hear what you thought of it!

    @Au and Target...I am a lucky kitty! xoxoxo

    @Priscilla MOL! MOL! Dakota is my "toy" for when I am bored with my other toys. Your "bolster" made Mama laugh Love, Cody

    @speedyrabbit MOL!!!!!!!! Noooooooo I would NEVER kick a bunny!!! What I meant was that bunnies are sooooo talented when they kick! Cats copy bunnies with our style of kicking! I LOVE BUNNIES...that's why I eat them every day MOL!!! (Seriously, I love bunnies!)

    @Sparkle it might but that would be oh so fun to watch!

    @Benny and Lily I bet your kitty friend would love it!

  13. Kitty's must really love this one!! Love the "Cat in the Hat" one! Looks like Cody kind of over did it! LOL!

  14. That sure looks like such a fun toy and two of us could play with that together. Like Maggie and Mahoney. Thanks for the great review Cody. Take care.

  15. Dearest Cody
    Me is a CatNip girl, me has to get me one of these!

  16. I think 15ins with nip is more than enough for most kitties!!! ;)

  17. Maxwell: Cody. DUDE. You gotta lay of the stix! MOL

  18. I think I would get a kick outta that too!

  19. I think I would get a kick outta that too!

  20. Cody, when I've been sniffing the nip or valerian, I feel just how you look! I love to bunny kick and when I'm high I will bunny kick anything, even my less than 2 inches long mousie when it has been marinated.

  21. Pee Ess
    How is your mum feeling now Cody? We hope she is feeling better than she was and doesn't have to wait too long to get those nasty ole stones seen to.

  22. Those look incredible only I don't like toys that are bigger than me or big at all. One of the cats who came before me was a stray that TW found and was trying to make into a house cat. Sissy loved her long cat toy, which TW called a baseball bat. Then one night she frew up all over it and that's when TW realized she was PREGGERS. HAH!

  23. That looks like a pawsome toy! Everyone here would love it, too! The fabrics are cute as well.

  24. Looks like you had a blast. Mom might need to limit your 'nip usage though. Substances like that can ruin esteemed celebrity images like yours in a flash. ;)

  25. I ordered the kitty kick stix in September and still have not received them. My cats are upset since I told them a new toy was coming in the mail. Does anyone have a phone number to contact them? I emailed them and have not heard back.

    1. Dear "Anonymous" I am surprised to hear that. But...if you click on their name in the first sentence of the blog I linked it to their website and you should find contact information there.

  26. I too have order cat toys and they still haven't com but I only order mine on 12-6-13 Need info to let them know ..thank you