Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Secret Santa-Mom And Dakota's "Epic Fail"

Our Secret Santa Gifts!!!
Hi Everyone! It's Cody!! If you haven't noticed already, my Mom is SUPER lame! She was excited to take part in the Secret Santa festivities this year but neglected to post about it!

What's worse is she only took ONE photo! What a loser!!!!

Mom was confused about when she was supposed to post because she joined at the last second (procrastination is her strong suit). She noticed that the kitties that we sent our Secret Santa stuff to didn't post about it so Mom wasn't sure what to do!

Anyway, see the super cool stuff in the photo above that Dakota and I got from our Secret Santa? It is all HANDMADE and was made by Cattitude Creations!!!  You can visit them on Facebook here and they have a CATABULOUS Etsy Shop which you can visit here!!
(Nikki Bessette is the shop owner and she is on vacation until January 14th)

We DO have some SAD and EMBARRASSING news to report and it pertains to my brother Dakota.

See the duck in the above photo?

Well, part of the reason Mom didn't let me blog about our Secret Santa gifts is because within FIVE MINUTES (yes, FIVE MINUTES)...Dakota acquired a taste for duck and experienced a strong craving. The craving resulted in the duck being forever grounded because:


Mom didn't have the heart to photograph it.....

Nikki even wrote in her Secret Santa note:

"Dakota, I hope you enjoy playing with your new duck! I know a dog who has one and he loves it!!"

Guess Dakota took the concept of love a little too far and thought that "love" meant to devour the duck...

You will have to trust me when I say that I LOVE my mousie and my fishie!! Unlike SOME "animals" that reside in this house I have a strong appreciation for anything that is handmade! The thought of making a meal out of one of my toys (and a HANDMADE TOY that was a GIFT to boot!) would NEVER occur to me.

I have a much more discriminating palate.

A cat would never behave in such an unrefined and primitive manner.

I'm thoroughly disgusted.


  1. We kitties here don't destroy our gifts either. We have toys that have been around since I was a kitten! Dogs just lack couth!

  2. MOL, it sounds like that duck was a hit, though! We dropped by to wish you a Furry Purry Happy New Year.

  3. Well, see, this is what I've been saying all along. Woofies! They just don't belong on the same PLANET with us--let ALONE in the SAME HOUSE ::shudder::

  4. Oh Dakota!! Me and Charlie hope you spat the wing out! LOL! Oh dear!!! Aww sweet Cody!! You need to up your snoopervising duties to include both mum and Dakota! LOL!!

    Have a great Wednesday! Take care

  5. Oh no, poor Duck Dakota. Oh well, the duck has another wing. Besides if he can't fly all the bettr to keep track of that ducky.Have a great Wed.

  6. Oh Cody, you are a good sport putting up with your canine and human.... A cat's life isn't easy...

  7. Love your Secret Santa gifts - too bad Dakota had to consume the duck wing but Cody - you know how DOGS are!!! We know we're much too refined to EAT a toy....maybe pull the feathers off, or calmly chew - but never rip off and EAT!


  8. Fenris and Artemisia are very rough on toys. Arty is probably the ONLY cat that destroys her toys, we aren't sure but we think she may be delusional and think she is a dog.

    Those handmade toys look pawsome. Hope you had a nice holiday.

  9. oopsie! I hope everyting comes out okay! Your Secret Santa looks totally pawesome, enjoy!

  10. @Sparkle you got that right! I have toys from my Grandpa Bobo that are in wonderful shape and HE had them for 18 years!!!

    @Fenris and Artemisia, I am surprised about Arty being rough on her toys but not surprised about Fenris!!! MOL! We had a great holiday and hope that you did too!

    @Sammy we have BETTER things to eat, don't we?

    @Hilary you said it!

    @Marg well he isn't keeping track of the ducky cause Mom has it laying on the kitchen table away from his evil teeth MOL

    @Old Kitty and Charlie, nope! He ate it like he eats everything else! Oh nooooo "up" my "snoopervision?" That's a 24-7 job! xoxoxoxo

    @Spitty now I don't think i would go THAT far....but....CLOSE....MOL

    @Au and Target, yep that tasty duck was a HUGE hit! Happy New Year to you too! xoxoxo

  11. Woofies just don't know how to treat their toys, Cody. You're supposed to beat them into submission, not eat them!!

  12. It's OK Dakota. There are some who like to sit back and enjoy the scenery and there are others who like to actually get in there and take a bite out of life! The world is full of both kinds - you are not alone!

  13. MOL...

    I can't believe that Dakota ate the duck's wing!!! What's so delicious about those handmade stuff? Poor Dakota, I guess he really fell in love with the duck.

    You're such a dignified cat, Cody.

    I like that picture of you too. You look so comfy!

  14. I love your photo,your mom did a great job! My fur boys just got a laser mouse from Santa, and one of them can't really play with it because he is crossed eyed. They have never had any handmade toys. I'll have to look into that.

  15. @Tucker thank you! At least YOU are a doggie with some sense!

    @Kathy thank you! When Cody was younger he couldn't play with lasers either because he became to wound up playing. He is fine now. Oh the poor kitty who is cross eyed, I never thought of that! Handmade toys are wonderful!

    @Priscilla I think that wing was just teasing him the way it was sticking out and it just said "EAT ME" MOL

    @Art and Sew Forth...this is a CAT do NOT stick up for Dakota on this blog!!! MOL!!!!!! KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

    @The Island Cats, that's right! YOU get it!

  16. Me & MYself luvs luvs luvs Secret Santa cuz itza part of "Catster Pen Paws" & filled with global funtasticat fun! My Secret Santy Paws delivered abundacat goodies too!

  17. Oh goodness... poor duck!

    I hope you had a great holiday! :)

  18. That Dakota is living life on a wing and a prayer!! Cody you are sooo superior! :)

  19. Dakota, how could you!!! Did the duck wing taste good though?

  20. Dear Cody,
    We used to has a whole bunch of wonderful cat toys (some of which yous sent us). However Cinnamon thinks any toy (and that includes cat toys) belongs to her!
    She has dog slobbered and rent apart too many to count! Some of our Christmas presents is still in their packages because a certain dog chews them! Mommy keeps them so we can play (just us). And chewing the wing off a duck - she chewed Bob's Cat toy that she has had since she was a baby and ripped its ear off!!!
    Its a doggy thing

  21. @nellie it sure is a doggie thing!!! Your Mom should separate your toys like my Mom does! We have a baby gate so that Dakota can't eat my toys, if he did, he would be in the hospital!

    @Eric and Flynn, Hi!! It's Dakota! Now I am coming over here! BOL! The wing was delicious but I would have preferred that it be served fried with dipping sauce! BOL!

    @Carolyn "living life on a wing and a prayer" love it! Yes I AM "Superior!"

    @Pup Fan "poor duck" is right! We did and hope that you did too!

    @Guido we loved it too! We were just confused cause we joined late!

  22. Poor ducky! We're not sure, but we think that's how woofies let the humans know they like something. Strange...

    We sure hope your mom keeps Dakota away from YOUR stuff, Cody. :)

    We hope you had a wonderful Christmas. We love you all!

  23. @meowmeowmans we LOVE YOU!! Yep Mom keeps Dakota away from my stuff with a baby gate! MOL! I have all of my toys in my own room! Dakota can't get in there! Thank goodness!

  24. Lol dogs just can't contain themselves!
    Handmade gifts are the best, how very thoughtful!

  25. Nothing better than a toy you can eat!!!

  26. Woofies do strange things. Mom has to keep our toys away from our woofies or they'll chew on them.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  27. Those poochies are icky sometimes! You are most definitely superior...and all three of my cats agree!

  28. LOL you called your Mom a loser???!?!??! Awww she's gonna put you in the corner when she reads that!
    Sometimes it is HARD for dogs to resist chewing up their stuffies. But we hope you like your duckie even with just one wing.

  29. Poor Ducky! But Dakota I bet he was a good tasting Ducky while he lasted, huh? What great gifts. Handmade are just the best!

  30. OMPawz, Cody... wateberz are u gonna do wif dat doggy uv urz?!? **shakes mai big furry head sadleez at da fhot uv wun sad, furlorn, wun-winged duckee**

    Tell me, waz dere wunna doz conversayshunz aftawardz... wif ur mom standin' dere, wun hand on her hip, 'n da uvva wun shakin a finger at nawtee Dakota? **gigglez** (It'z funny, so long az she'z not pointin' dat fhing ur way, u noes? heehee)

    Hope u'z in da middle uv a wunnerfulz hollydayz, Cody 'n Miss Caren... dis iz da furst tiem we'z checkin out da bloggiez in ober a week, coz we'z ben so bizzee ('n so tired)! xxx

  31. MOL, oh Cody, we love your mom no matter what. Humans are busy while the furry ones lounge around twiddling their soon-to-be opposable thumbs!

  32. Cody, in Dakota's defense, toys are made to be played with and perhaps he was just a little too enthusiastic, but I'm sure your Secret Santa wanted you both to have a lot of fun with the toys, and not have them just lying in a corner collecting dust!


    P.S. It's not too late, Dakota! You can take up herding sheep as a job!

  33. HAH! he ate the duck's wings. And your Mom let him stay, that's the part I don't understand. I'm gonna tell Georgetheduck that he doesn't want to visit your house.

  34. @CK OMC I am dying laughing when you said that you are gonna tell "George The Duck" MOL!! He better watch out! MOL!!

    @houndstooth....that was very sweet of you to put a kind word in for Dakota! lol. You know we love him and are just teasing!! lol. Actually about the "herding sheep" he has a stuffed lamb which for some reason he NEVER eats! Must be his lineage! lol

    @Avalon thank you! You too!

    @Layla awwww thank you! You made Mom smile!

    @GlamKitty sometimes we do shake our finger at Cody too! lol. I have to tell you, i read your comment about the card on the other blog post. Yours arrived just before Christmas and that post was done BEFORE your card came!! Your card is actually in neither place, it is on my desk because it is waiting for me to send one out to YOU!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo No worries about not visiting...we just started to catch up ourselves this week and tonight I am working on 2 blog posts for Dakota and one for Cody so I don't think I have time to visit tonight either. I understand, trust me!

    @Abby Dakota said he DID taste good and yep, handmade gifts are the best!!

    @Trixie my Mom knows I didn't mean it! (well, sort of! lol) Actually the duck has been on the kitchen table since the attack...Mom may have to remove the other wing surgically before she gives it back! lol

    @Angie thank you! I knew you would be on my side!

    @furkidsmom my mom does the same. We have my toys in a room that is baby gated AWAY from Dakota!

    @Brian lmao!!!! At least it was HIS toy and NOT MINE!

    @Stacy and ellie, nope they sure can't! Handmade gifts ARE the best!

  35. Oh boy, Dakota really went to town on the duck! At least your toys are still in one piece Cody! Best be guarding theese ones closely! Those look like very cool presents.

  36. BOL as you know, Kelly can relate to that! I haven't given him a duck to devour, but he has decapitated and dismembered a pink bunny.

  37. MOL!!!!
    I´m laughing... so sorry about Dakota´s duck... heheheheh!
    Ps.: so funny the last photo!!
    Auntie Marilia

  38. Hehehehe, our mom is a strong procrastinator too. We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wish you all the best for 2012!

  39. LOL LOL, what are you going to do with dogs, right Cody? Love your disgusted pic, so cute!

    Happy New Year to you, Dakota, your Mom, and your whole gang there!