Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Photo Entries For The Bissell Give-Away! Part I !!!

I am  tickled with the number of holiday photos I have received as part of the entries for the Bissell give-away (the winner will be announced this Wednesday! There is still time to enter!
  The deadline to enter is:

Today I have decided to post the first of the holiday photos that I have received and Wednesday I will post the rest!

I hope you all enjoy them as much as I have! There are even doggies in the mix!

"Bullet" the adorable Chihuahua baby
of Colleen Richman
Colleen's blog is CRichman Freebies

"Boots" is the baby of Alisha Kostiuk
She is a mix of a Rottweiler and a Terrier
She is the "runt" of the family!
She loves to play and is a cuddler!!

who was submitted by:
Jennifer Schmidt
"Twix" is sitting in her CatBall
See more adorable items at:
Jenna's Red Rhino's Etsy Shop
Judi Basolo
who writes the equally hilarious blog
The Guido Gazette akaGuido The Italian Kitty
submitted this oh-so-funny photo!

"Abby and Boo"
were submitted by Abby Smith
and her "Mom" Debra
they are just a few of the
adorable kitties of
Lina Campbell's Gorgeous Kitties:
Emma (left), R2 (middle) and Smokey (right)

Lina said:
"they have given me many years
of joy and HAIR!"
"A Good Girl"
that is what Carrie Noar's 
stunning baby named "Bunny"
is telling Santa in her letter to him!
Bunny is such a poised beauty!
Carrie's blog is "Tales And Tails"
 Thank you to all who have entered and to all who have sent such adorable photos of your babies!  GOOD LUCK!! If you haven't entered yet, what are you waiting for?


  1. These photos are splendid! The photo of Judi Basolo and her crew really cracks me up!

  2. Awwww what a lovely lot of entries you have had. How on earth will you be able to choose, they are all utterly gorgous :)xxxx

  3. Awwwwwwwwwww!!!! Me and Charlie love love love all these wonderful pics!! Yay!! Thank you Caren and Cody for brightening up our Monday!! Take care

  4. Those are all so very cute!!!! Hey, check my blog today...thanks!

  5. @Jenna, lmao, I know! lol. Me too!!!

    @Brian I am on my way over! Sorry I haven't been around the past few days, I have been crazy busy and now Cody isn't eating :( (or is eating very little) may have to call the vet today. I will stop by!

    @Old Kitty so glad you like them! The rest will be posted on Wednesday!! xoxoxo to you and Charlie, ohhhh I got your WONDERFUL CARD!! Thank you!! I have yours sitting here ready to go!

    @Princess Jasmine, luckily I don't have to choose. They all just count as extra entries to the contest...I'm not choosing because that would be impossible!!!

  6. Those are such terrific pictures. We too love the Judi Basolo picture. That is too funny. Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures. Have a great week.

  7. @Marg aren't those just too cute!? Judi's photo has me in hysterics lol. I left you a message on Brian's blog!! The rest of the photos and the winner will be posted Wednesday!!! You have a great week too!

  8. Geez, I should have taken a photo. Judi and her cat trio is hilarious. And I want a pink tree now. Thanks again for the giveaway Caren. I gave you and Deborah a little shout out.

  9. You really got some great pictures! I loved all of them! Judy's picture is cracking me up. She really should get a special award!

  10. The photos are terrific! The expressions on Judi's cats' faces are priceless! :-D

  11. We are pulling for Cody and praying his tummy is better today.Mama sent my pic of me under the tree to your fb page since google hates her so ;(.

  12. Those pictures are fabulous! I love all of them!

  13. Oh how purrfect and barkiful these are. Mom and I LOVES them. xoxoxoxox

  14. Me is happy that me does not have to pick! Is yous going to put them all on the floor and lets Cody pick it?
    they are all so cool!

  15. Cody darling. PLEASE feel better and please ask momma to tell us how you are tomorrow. Purring for you, sweet one.

  16. How fun! Those are some great pictures. I especially love the name "Bullet" for that little chihuahua. Very adorable.


  17. Catzowey! Momma was misbehaving in our Holly Daze foto card shoot

  18. These are great. Love Judi's pic the best. I wanted to do something similar but someone didn't want to cooperate ;-) I'll sent you something else.

  19. Well they're all adorable. I'm not much for dressing up animals (unless for some warming purpose) but I'd have to admit Bullet looks darn cute.
    Can't wait to see the other entries!
    Hugs and sunshine from Greece

  20. Now those were some adorable pictures!!!

  21. What a fab set of photos, can't wait to giggle at the rest!!
    I hope that Cody is feeling better too x

  22. Cute, I love all those pictures! I wish I had some cool prizes to give away so that people would send me all their cute pictures :)

  23. Awww, what a cute bunch of fur-friends! all ready for Christmas. I hope they get their wishes. Just stopping by after seeing your cute card over at Brain's Home. GrammyMouseTails~

  24. @Stacy and Ellie that was cute! lol!!!

    @Kitcaboodles thank you! You will see the rest on Wed! Cody seems to be doing better (keeping my paws crossed) thank you for asking! He did eat some of his lunch and some of his far he is keeping it down too but he hasn't used his litter box yet today which is my latest concern!

    @Mrs Tuna me too!

    @Abby yours is also!! Thank you for sending!

    @Gods Little People I sure need that sunshine about now! Yes isn't Bullet precious? He looks like a bona fide little baby :)

    @Layla I understand about not cooperating!! If you enter please send your photo by 11pm tonight! That is the cut off of the contest. Sorry I didn't get to the comments earlier, have been busy with the vet and other things today.

    @Guido lmao!!!! Of course! It's always the Mama! lol

    @Macho and Nicole I love his name too!! He is just too cute!

    @Admiral Hestorb (((((hugs))))) Mom said I could write to you and she said thank you for asking about me. I seem to be doing better. I ate part of my kibble this morning. Then a little bit of my stinky goodness at about 9:30. At lunch time I heard my brother being given a treat and I came in to get something too. Mom gave me a little kibble and I ate that. Then tonight I ate most of my stinky goodness but not all. Mom hasn't seen me drink (but sometimes I am sneaky about that) and I didn't use my litter box all day so now Mom is obsessing about that. The vet said just to watch me and to call if I throw up two more times. I am also supposed to stop my prednisone til Wednesday. Mom has a feeling it might be the lavender litter she won that did it but we can't be sure. No sooner did she put it in the box than I got sick the next day. Could be a coincidence. Thank you so much for asking about me!!! Love you Admiral and please send love to your Mom! Love, Cody

  25. @Nellie nope!! These just count as extra entries, we aren't picking a winner from the photos because we could NEVER do that! they are all soooooo good!

    @Admiral Hestorb again "barkible or barkable???" too funny!

    @Priscilla thank you! Me too!

    @Anonymous are you able to email it to cgittleman at mi dot rr dot com? if not, Mom will look on facebook, she just needs to know who you are :)

    @Fuzzy Tales lol I know!

    @houndstooth yes Judi's is hilarious but yours is quite beautiful as well and the others are so cute too! That is why I would NEVER pick a winner from this. These are just being counted as extra entries. They are all so adorable!

    @sharon thank you!! I will have to stop over, thanks for the heads up! I can't go around to all of the blogs today like I would like to. Cody hasn't been well and I have two blog posts to put up tomorrow that I haven't even had a chance to work on yet. I am so busy this week and next, hoping I can get around to everyone. I will stop over in a few!

  26. @GrammyMouse Tails thank you!!! So nice of you to stop by!!! We will stop by and visit you right now! Mom has been trying to get two blogs done for tomorrow but heck...what's another distraction???? lol We hope you will visit us again and again!

  27. aww they are all adorable! Thank you for posting Bullets picture.

  28. Ow my...those are all soooooo cute!!!
    The chihuahua pic is my fav