Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cody Update And Thank You For Your Concern!!

Hi everybody! It's Cody!! I am home now and boy oh boy did I ever have an ordeal!!
this photo is actually from another visit
but you get the idea!!!

My less-than-desirable journey started on Sunday. Mom came home from the football game and noticed that I had gotten sick after eating my breakfast.

When Mom & Dad called me into the kitchen for dinner I really didn't feel like eating. This is when Mom went into crazy-woman-panic-mode. You see she says I am "food obsessed", (talk about the "pot calling the kettle black!" What nerve!)

Hours passed and my food sat untouched. At 10:30pm Mom tried to give me my usual nightcap of rabbit kibble. (Nope, no way, nada. I'll pass thank-you-very-much!)

This is when Mom really starts going over the edge. She decided to sleep on the couch in the event that I got sick during the night. The way she snores I don't know how she expected to hear anything!

Monday morning arrives: Mom is elated that I had eaten my kibble, not all of it but most of it.  At lunch time I heard her telling "Dr.Smiley" that I had eaten as well. They were telling secrets that if I got sick or stopped eating, I would have to come in and see him. No thanks. I high-tailed it into the kitchen and chowed down.

Monday night dinner time: I wasn't hungry. I wasn't feeling well either. Against my better judgement I skipped dinner, and then I proceeded to do the most stupid thing ever! I chose to not use the litter box! I decided not to go to the bathroom AT ALL! 

Tuesday morning is when Mom went over the edge. She called  "Dr.Smiley" who is her partner in crime and he said to bring me right in with no appointment! Talk about "service with a smile" all at MY EXPENSE!
This photo is also from
another trip to the vet
but see the thrill he gets
out of knowing
all of the "fun" things
that he and his "pals"
are gonna put me through?
"Unhand me you fiend!!!"

I saw Mom move my PTU (for those not familiar, in the blog-o-sphere a "PTU" is a "Personal" or "Portable" Transport Unit, otherwise known as a CAT CARRIER) and I made a run for it! I ran straight into Daddy, I KNEW he would be on MY SIDE! Noooo!!! He tricked me! He grabbed me, he even held down the PTU and Mom shoved my sorry gray butt into it. I was humiliated.

When we arrived at "Dr. Smiley's Evil Laboratory" the unthinkable happened! Mom and  Dad LEFT ME THERE! They left me ALONE with "Dr.Smiley!" What were they thinking!!??

All I can tell ya my friends is that they poked me, they took my blood, they took pictures of my belly (everyone loves my belly so THAT was no surprise!) and they locked me in a cage for hours and hours! I was getting angrier by the minute! I decided to hide under a towel and shut my eyes hoping that when I woke up it would all be a bad dream.

"Dr.Smiley" told Mom he gave me an "appetite stimulant" Mom thought what I thought. That is like giving Santa Claus a BIG BELLY! You give an "appetite stimulant" to someone who LOVES TO EAT??? (Whatever flips his boat is fine with me! Hmmm...I may be on to something! Pretend I don't want to eat and get a happy pill that makes the humans FEED me MORE!! Yee-Haw!!)

I ate all of my food but it grew later and later and still no sign of Mom and Dad. I am usually a mild-mannered sort but I had had ENOUGH!

I will blind him
with my evil laser beam eyes!!!
This photo is also
not from today
but you get the idea!

"Dr.Smiley"  and I go way back, you see he has been taking care of me since I was about 12 wks old and normally when I see him I am the purrfect gentleman. Not today! There are certain things you DON'T DO know matter how long you know someone and poking  and prodding me are taking just a wee bit of advantage of our history, ya know pal?

You know what I did? I growled and hissed and demanded to see Mom and Dad immediately! You know what happened? It was like MAGIC!! Mom and Dad came!!!

"Dr.Smiley" proceeded to give Mom and Dad a full report, replete with a blow-by-blow report of my hissing and growling ( gee, thanks pal!!)

 Mom and Dad were happy cause there are no blockages, my blood tested fine (I could have told them that and they could have saved A LOT of money! Silly humans!!)  You know what I DO HAVE? I am backed up with POOP!!! You know what that means? I am FULL OF Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....(Ha! You thought I would say it didn't you?) Not "moi" I'm the purrfect gentleman, remember? I'm also no fool!

So "Dr.Smiley" let Mom and Dad take me home and said they have to watch me tonight. He is hoping that some of that poop will make its way out, if not, I hear there is something waaaay worse in store for me in the next day or so. It begins with an "E". I bet you can guess what THAT IS!

As a "thank you" to my Mom and Dad for unceremoniously dumping me and leaving me with "Dr.Smiley" all day, boy did I ever enhance their ride home! I howled and cried at the top of my lungs!! Mom actually was afraid cause she says I NEVER do that! (That's right lady, just think about leaving me there again and I will show YOU who's boss!)

I writhed and rolled and I even reached my arm out and started jimmying the lock on my PTU! I ALMOST opened it! I was quite proud of myself!

As we approached my home I began to smell familiar smells and I started to calm down. We came upstairs and my brother, Dakota put his face to mine through the iron gate of my PTU prison and gave me the biggest kiss ever!!
When they released me
I proceeded to tell Dakota all about my ordeal
You know why? Guess where HE
is going tomorrow???
Poor sucker!!!

You know what? I let him!! You know what they say, "there's no place like home Auntie Em, there's no place like home!!" Boy is THAT ever TRUE!

Hi Everyone!! "Mom" here! Cody and I would like to THANK YOU for your purrs, prayers, good wishes and concern. I am hoping that he is on the mend! We were blown away with all of your thoughtful messages. It means so much! We thank you and we love each and every one of you!!! Oh and just for the record, Cody and I BOTH ADORE "Dr.Smiley" and the entire staff at 
DePorre Veterinary Hospital


  1. Oh Cody!! Sweet hugs, love, and purrs to you... what an ordeal indeed! We have been worried about you all day and are thankful that you are on the road to feeling better!! You sure did tell everyone who is boss and our Miss Zoey is quite proud of the scene you caused!!!

    Deb, Dan, Zee, Zoey, Mia, Peanut, Rolz, Harley, and Jazz

  2. Love the evil laser beam eyes! Glad it's something as simple as being full of sh..............., hope it all comes out okay.

  3. Caren,
    So glad Cody is ok; hope everything comes out the way it's supposed to. ;)
    By the way, I laughed out loud in several parts; perfect post with lots of serious humor.

    Give Cody a scratch behind the ears for me. :)
    Oh, and Sophie hopes all goes well too.

    Be refreshed,

  4. What an ordeal! It's so scary when they get sick and can't tell us what's wrong.

    Sounds like the vet is wonderful and hopefully Cody is back to his old self soon.

  5. I sure hope the all better finds you really soon Cody!!!

  6. @Elaine oh my yes!! My poor boy! It dawned on me today that the only other time he ever spent that much time at the vet was when he was neutered. He was out of it most of that time due to the anesthesia. I felt so bad for him. My vet IS wonderful, we just adore him and everyone there. Thank you! I hope he is back to himself soon too!

    @Dawn and Sophie thank you so much! We are glad that we could make you laugh. Poor Cody! I am praying it "all comes out" too!
    xoxoxoxo Thank you so much!

    @portraits of animals thank you!!!! I am hoping that it all comes out "naturally" without any help from the vet. If he has to go back that isn't going to be fun!

    @Deb, Dan, Zee, Zoey, Mia, Peanut, Rolz, Harley, and Jazz, YAY!!! Thank you!!! Mom said to tell you also THANK YOU, THANK YOU for putting up with all of her long-winded emails. (well she always sends long-winded ones so this isn't any different!) You made her feel better just by "being there". Tell "Miss Zoey" I need to meet her one day (if Zee can part with her for a little bit)...she sounds like a girl after my own heart!! Thank you "Auntie Deb" I love you! Cody

  7. Awkkkk...I hope it all comes out in "the end"

  8. I can't believe how TW has me out of the loop. I didn't even know, Cody. That post sounds like it was written by me and that picture of you on the table looking scare SHHHHHHH (HAH!) looks like my v.e.t picture. Hope you poop cos you remember what poor Herbie went through when he needed 4 of those E things.

  9. Cody, I had one of those "E" things and let me tell you...you're much better off pooping yourself!! YIKES!!


  10. thank goodness youare home!!
    Benny & Lily

  11. Cody you scared da poo out of us and now you need to get da poo out of YOU! please push hard and dirty up your box.

    lubs you guys, keep smilin' even if it iz a S***T eatin' grin.
    Madi and Abi

  12. Glad Cody is home and feeling better. Hope the litter box is full in the morning so he doesn't have to go back for another visit

  13. @Dawn thank you me too! OMG I am praying he doesn't have to go back. I am thinking I will never get him in the PTU and up until this point he was soooo easy to trick! lol

    @Lisa, Madison and Abi, "sh-t eating grin" I love it!!!

    @Benny & lily thank you!!! Once things calm down and I can catch up with my blog posts I have to come back and visit everyone again!

    @Zoey from The Island Cats OMG you had one of the "E" things!!!?????? Ohhhhhhhh noooooooooo!!!! I am sooooooooo sorry!! I don't want one! xoxoxo

  14. Hi Caren, I feel like such a terrible friend, I did not know that Cody was poorly and had to go to the vet!!! Sometimes I wonder who these episodes are more traumatic for...us or our cats (I think us). I am very relieved to hear that all of Cody's blood tests were clear, we have our fingers crossed for some serious poop action soon!

  15. Signore Cody - I can FEDEX youza EyeTailYun meatballs and Holy Cannolis that will knockaroo that ShhhhhhhEEEEEts stuff right outta ya, da nachural way - the EyeTailYun way!

  16. I have NO idea how I missed all this, Cody! What an awful experience you had with the vet, and I am not surprised you were growly and hissy, considering that you were backed up like that. I really, really hope you get rid of all that stuff on your own - Binga has had to have that E procedure, and you REALLY want to avoid that if at all possible!

    I am sending you poopy purrs!

  17. Dear Caren and Cody,
    Whew! Me has been so worried about Cody! Me has not even sleeped!!! (Well OK, I did).
    Me hopes that everything comes out OK (if yous knows what I mean).
    PS - Me is still purraying

  18. Oh, pal, I'm so glad you're okay and back home!

  19. Oh, poor Cody! That sounds like a very traumatic day indeed.

  20. I'm sorry we missed that you were under the weather, but I'm glad you're back home! I will keep my paws crossed that you don't have to get wet and wild with the big E!


  21. @Sebastian thanks so much!! I am glad to be back home too!! I am a lucky kitty to have such great friends! Love, Cody

    @Nellie MOL!! I was thinking "you didn't sleep????" and I was thinking "that is a TOTAL LIE!!" MOL!!!!! Thanks for the purrs and prayers cause I sure don't want an "E!!!" xoxoxo

    @Sparkle, don't feel bad for missing it! Mom didn't post it on the blog, only on Facebook when she was losing her mind!!! She didn't post about it on the blog til today but that is the reason she hasn't been visiting all week. She was nervous and trying to get things done and then watching ME!! She hopes to start visiting again soon!
    The vet said the same thing as you...he said he REALLY wants to avoid it too. Poor Binga!!! I feel so bad that Binga had to go through that!! I sure hope that I don't! Love, Cody

    @Guido that sure sounds good to me! That's the way to get everything moving!! xoxoxo

    @Cat what a sweetheart you are! Noooo you are NOT a "bad friend!!" I didn't post about it on the blog AT ALL until today. I only posted on Facebook because I was flipping out and wanted help/support/suggestions there...everyone was wonderful, as they are here! I decided to post about it on the blog because I had to follow up with so many people that had seen it on Facebook and it was easier to blog about it rather than to reply to each person individually and repeat the whole thing over again. So you didn't miss anything! You are right, I think it is just as hard on us...and as you said, "if not worse!" Thank you soooooooo much! xoxoxoxo

  22. I've got to admit that I'm really curious about cat enemas. It's got to be a two person job.

  23. Jenna you are NUTS!!! lmao! (but in a GOOD way!)...actually I think it would be a FOUR person job! lol. Have to tell you...when Cody was feeling really bad this morning (and when he got home) guess where he went? Yep...you guessed it! xoxoxo

  24. Glad he is doing better! I had to take misty into the vet for the same thing, she wouldn't eat and just sat in a corner. Totally unlike her. They did some tests and she was completely blocked up. They gave me some stuff to put in her food to soften her "poo" and then she got better. Vet told me to make sure I give wet food once a week or so in addition to the dry food. They said they dry food was making the problem :) Keep us posted on cody!!!

  25. Ooohh...Cody...what an ordeal you had to go through...and to be tricked into the PTU by Daddy....eh, how come the revenge is on Dakota? Anyway, am glad you turn out OK man-friend!
    Aunty Caren, you take good care of my friend Cody there, OK? purrr....meow!

  26. Awwww lovely Cody!! Me and Charlie are so sorry to hear you've not been well! Awwww! :-(

    We are so happy that your vet is wonderful and has made you well again! Please rest now!! Extra purrs and hugs from us! Take care

  27. Oh Happy Day! I hope everyone is much calmer now. Cody, Cody, Cody.

  28. OH,we feel rotten that we didn't know you had to go to the vet Cody. Our help isn't what it should be. We hopes you are feeling better, sending some healing purrs. If you likes Pumpkin it is good for your digestion. Our vet recommended it for Scylla. You has to get the 100% whole pumpkin without any of the spices and stuffs. Mommy has lots of it in the pantry for cooking stuffs the humans eat and now we gets a spoonful of it every time she makes something. Yummy.

  29. @Artemisia thank you! Yep I know about pumpkin. There are a few problems, Cody has allergies, not sure if he can have it AND he isn't eating again as of this morning. He has an appetite stimulant I can give him but right now he is sleeping and I don't want to wake him up. The vet is supposed to talk to me this morning. I am going to suggest the pumpkin. xoxoxo

    @Fisher and staff, nope not quite "happy" yet. Cody ate before bed last night but didn't use the litter box again and didn't eat yet this morning. Will keep you posted.

    @Old Kitty and Charlie, he isn't better yet but I thank you and keep sending purrs and prayers! xoxoxo

    @Cat from Sydney, it appears to still be continuing...grrrrrr....

    @CRichman THANK YOU I am hoping there is something we can just put in his food. He eats wet food and dry every day. He only gets dry in between the wet. If there is something I can put in his food that would be ideal!

  30. So happy that you're on the mend Cody - even if it means you're going to need to visit that litter box BIG TIME!! We hope everything comes out OK (tee hee) but mostly, we're just glad nothing worse than a major back-up is wrong with you!! Hope you won't need the BIG E...that wouldn't be fun!

    Love and Kitty Hugs
    Pam and Sam

  31. Cody - you poor brave guy... What a day(S) you had.... there is nothing worse than being abandoned, I mean having to stay at the vet, is there.. but you were such a brave man, and I am glad you are on the mend...

  32. Poor Cody, I'm so sorry that I didn't know that you're fairly poorly earlier. It was my fault that I didn't check the blogs frequently and I was a bit (quite) overwhelmed because of Rosie is home.

    I'm so glad that you're home at last. It's the most important part that you're AT HOME with your mom and dad and Dakota. It's so sweet of your mom slept on the couch as she wanted to be with you at night. It might be really tough for her as she has to take care of you at night and she has to work in the day time. But I'm sure she will do anything, everything for you because you're her Cody boy.

    So happy that you're feeling much better now.

    Life is a bit upside down and hectic over here but we are so happy to be together. With Rosie around, Eva and Mika have more treats and entertainment too. I'm sure they are happier than I'm.

    Take care, Cody.

  33. I must have missed this on facebook! I'm so glad you're going to be fine Cody. It'll definitely turn out all right in the end! xox

  34. Boy, we're WAY behind and feel awful that we missed this.

    Cody, we hope you've done your business. You don't want the "e," as poor angel Annie can attest.

    However, when Derry was stopped up (due to a change in food), he was given a baby enema, just a syringe squirt up the butt and within minutes that worked. Not sure it would with Cody, if he needs it, but it's something to keep in mind.

    There's also RestoraLAX, sold as MiraLAX in the US, that can be added to canned food, just a wee bit, maybe a 1/4 tsp or a bit more daily, short term. Something else to look into.

    Good luck! Purrs for Cody and paws crossed he'll be okay.

  35. Sweet Cody we are so sorry to hear about your ordeal, but we are certainly happy to hear that your problem can be taken care of and you are gonna be fine. We hope you get to poopin' and don't have to get the "E". Hugs and nose kisses

  36. Oh dear - we missed this but we are glad you are OK! Hope you know what happens and you don't have to go back to teh VET!

  37. OH CODY!!! Whatta day you had! Rosie is still quivering and waving her paw threateningly at me if I ever get any ideas of a PTU anytime soon. She is praying kitty prayers that "nature" kicks in soon so the dreaded "E" word can be avoided!! I love your laser eyes and whatta sweet brother Dakota is. Hope your mom has calmed down and is back from the edge. Hope both of you have a better Wednesday>Hugs,Rosie and Sue

  38. Oh my goodness, Cody - I never got this post in my e-mail yesterday, so I had no idea what you went through! So glad it was "only" constipation, and nothing more. Psst: tell your Mom to add some canned pumpkin to your canned food. It helps keep you regular and might help prevent future episodes like this one. I know you don't want a repeat of this, and I'm sure your mom wants it even less!

  39. @Ingrid thank you. Actually it is too late for the pumpkin right now. Cody is at the vet as we speak having his enema. I feel awful. I couldn't bear to bring him so I made my husband take him. I feel so guilty because I NEVER, EVER don't go to the vet with my babies. I couldn't stop crying and thought I would do him more harm than good. Haven't heard from the vet yet. I pray my little guy is back to his ravenous self soon. xoxoxo Yep I know about the pumpkin...I have to check and see if he can have it with his allergies and all.

    @Rosie and Sue...nope...read above...Cody is at the vet having his enema :(

    @Cat of Wildcat Woods...Cody is at the vet right now having his enema. I am praying he will be fine after it.

    @Mumsy and Furkids...sadly Cody is having the "E" right now :(

    @Fuzzy Tales THANK YOU and please do not feel bad!! We all get so busy that there is no way that we can keep up with everyone. I feel awful because with all of this going on I haven't visited any of the blogs (except those that I subscribe to via email) at all this week so far. It is looking like I can't visit tonight either. I hate missing a whole week and never do but right now I just don't have the time with Cody being ill. Thank you for the most valuable info! xoxoxo

    @Carolyn we are hoping so. he is at the vet as we speak.

    @Priscilla PLEASE DO NOT WORRY!!! Give Rosie a special hug from us!! Of course you are busy!! Enjoy your beautiful and wonderful daughter!! Cody is back at the vet...hopefully he will be ok. He is having the enema and Dakota is there being groomed. One is having fun and the other is having a pain in the BUTT! xoxoxoxo

    @Hilary thanks! cody is at the vet as we speak :(

    @Pam and Sammy THANK YOU! Sadly, Cody is at the vet having his "E" I am so sorry I haven't had much time to visit this week. Hopefully things will be better soon!!! xoxoxo

  40. I must have missed your post about being sick! I hope everything gets better soon! Macho just went through an awful vet experience 2 weeks ago for an ear infection, so he feels your pain.


  41. Oh Cod! Sorry you had to go through that Cody... we hope ya get the poop out soon!!! We'll be purring for ya :-)

    PS, LOVE the picture of you chatting with Dakota :-D

  42. Oh dear - I had no idea all this was going on or I would have been purring for you pal. I'm going to purr for you now that you get rid of the shhhhhhhhhhit! purr purr purr purr purr purr M says you poor baby!! She sends you smooches.

  43. Sounds like we had similar fun at the Vet. Hope you have a better week buddy!

  44. Caren, how are you? I've been knocked out by a cold, but wanted to check in on you and Cody. Sending love. So sorry you and Cody had to go through all this. Thinking of you. And sending warm, healing thoughts. xo


  45. Whew! I missed this! I am glad that Cody is on the mend, and hope that he continues to feel better. Cody is the life of the party--he can't be sick!

  46. Poor Cody! What a day you had of it. We hope the poo has started to move. I had to have the dreaded E word when I was bunged up and ill a few years ago, and IT IS NOT NICE!!!
    We are late catching up but we want to read the posts in the right order.
    We are purring for poop!