Friday, December 16, 2011

Guess What???


  1. Mom's laughing out loud at her desk and everyone's looking at her like she's nuts.

    Concatulations on pooping! Hopefully you'll never again have the dreaded 'E'.

  2. Yay Cody!! We are very proud of you.

  3. Hooray Cody! It's always good to have a good poop coz it makes our Mom's happy.
    xoxo Kassey

  4. Yipeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

  5. @Pumpkin Puddy...OMG I was screaming when I cleaned the litter box I was soooo excited! I had given Cody a teaspoon of pumpkin (too funny, you are Pumpkin Puddy and I gave him PUMPKIN!! lol) at about about 5:50 he was missing...I went to his litter box and found THREE HUGE ONES!! i called the vet right doctor was laughing his head off!! At the suggestion of a friend I had also put some warm water in his canned food today and when I gave him about 12 pieces of dry kibble today I soaked that in water first. Whew!!! I am soooooo relieved!!!

    @Dawn, you should have seen Cody's face when I found them. He was sitting in the hallway and I had screamed to my husband to look at the litter box. I was cheering and telling him what a good boy he was...he was looking at me as if I had lost my mind. lol...I think I have!

    @Kassey these were the BEST of his life lol (and mine!) xoxoxo

    @Debbie YOU were the one who suggested the warm water AND the pumpkin I believe...your messages kept encouraging me and I THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH for your support, caring and patience (((((hugs))))))

  6. Oh Cody, I'm so glad everything came out okay!!!

  7. WE KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!

    Mommy is humming "Train Kept a'Rollin'"...

  8. I never have been so happy to hear a poop update as this!! I am sure Cody thinks we are all certifiable and that whatever was in his enema made US crazy LOL!! But I am sooooooo relieved over him relieving himself LOL!! NOW you can relax! Rosie has finally stopped urping up too WOOWOO!! Yet ANOTHER great pumpkin use... not quite as cozy as pie..but we'll take it:D!! Have a BETTER weekend...dare I say "be regular":D...Long day+ new girl making espresso on steroids= silly cat lady!! Sue and Rosie.

  9. Yippee!! Sweet Cody we are so happy to hear that you pooped. Keep up the good work sweet boy! Hugs and nose kisses

  10. Ooohhh...the excitement over poop. Only cat people understand this. Aren't we special? purrrr.....meow!

  11. I'm coming to this dilemma a bit late....but I'm glad Cody pooped!

  12. Good deal! Funny graphic. Keep up the good poop!

  13. @Cathy Keisha lol!! Thank you!!

    @Natalie thanks so much!

    @Bocci omg it was the week from HELL!! It started last Sunday and FINALLY I think all will be fine!

    I apologize to everyone for only being able to read the blogs that I am able to follow via email this week. It was so crazy with Cody having been ill all week and with the other stuff that I had to do that I may not be able to start visiting everyone else til later this weekend or early next week. I am sorry!! I'm not ignoring you!

    @Cat From Sydney, lol...I was thinking the same thing the other day. No one else would "get it" lol

    @Mumsy and Furkids...THANK YOU!! I am sooooooooooo proud!!! lol. They were THREE HUGE ONES!

    @Sue and Rosie, you know what? I think Rosie was coughing up furballs out of sympathy for Cody lol. Thanks for all of your suppor throughout the week!

    @Katnip Lounge "train kept a rollin'" LMAO!! God I love you!

    @Brian me too!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!

    @Sparkle thank you!! I am quite proud!

  14. Yippee! no more trips to the vet guy!
    I know it sounds funny to celebrate a poop, but even us humans no the misery of no poops can bring (like me!) now try not to pig out with the coming food-a-rama in the next week. hugs, ~Faythe @ GMT~

  15. yay for cody poops! glad he's going, must be feeling better now that he's "lighter" :)

  16. Oh Cody! We is sorry we hasn't been visiting so much this week--the Human's been slackin'.

    I am sorry you've been feeling poorly, but it sounds like you're on the mend now. My Human used to give The Kitty Who Came Before pumpkin all the time--he LOVED it and it helped him poop, too!

    Glad your litter box trip was, uh, *successful*!

  17. @Spitty thanks for stopping by! it was one HECK of a week I'll tell ya! Enemas are NO FUN!

    @CRichman you have no idea how happy I am! :)

    @Faythe you are so right! If humans can barely handle the discomfort, imagine poor kitties!!

    @hilary roflmao!

  18. OMG!!! I am laughing at the picture, and I am happy that everything ended well, if a little stinky!

  19. Yay, Cody! Trust us, the mom knows how exciting that can be. LOL.

    Keep it up so you don't need a return v-e-t visit!

  20. Woohoo! That's great news!!! That is a big relief for everyone, especially you Cody.
    WELL DONE!!!!

  21. yeah Cody. Good boy. You sure made your Mom happy. Way to go. Take care.

  22. Yay... for you. Pooping is a good thing.

    Have a great day and so glad that is behind you (so to speak).... Seriously, glad you're doing better.

    pawhugs, Max

  23. @Max "glad that is behind me" hilarious!!! ((((hugs))))

    @Marg thank you! I am quite proud!

    @Eric and Flynn YESSSS!!!! It happened right as my mom was reading the post that you sent to her!!! It was a MIRACLE!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

    @Fuzzy Tales, we KNOW that you understand as well!! xoxoxo

    @Au and Target, so glad you liked it! We liked the poop even more! lol

    @TMW Hickman lmao!!!!!!!!! We were thrilled and we are happy you are laughing!!!!

  24. OMG, I just spewed coffee all over my keyboard! That's hysterical.

    But I can totally relate. I'm thrilled for you and Cody. Probably even more for you than for Cody...LOL...

  25. Awwwwwwww beautiful Cody!! Me and Charlie are opening a bottle of champers in your honour! Well done you!! Yayayyayayayayayy! Take care

  26. YIPPEEEEE!!!! Atta boy Cody - I just KNEW you could dooooo it! Now, don't scare your Mom like that again - ya hear? Remember: A poop a day keeps the big "E" away!

    Your Buddy Sam

  27. YAY, Cody-cutie—keep up the good work!

  28. Well done Cody! If any non-cat person come across this post they will think we're all mad, but I remember when we first got Darcy and he didn't go to the toilet for two days, we practically had a Poop Party when he finally went hahaaa!!

  29. I'm looking around here for a trophy, and I don't see anything..... WAIT! I could spray that gold and glue it on a base and....No. You don't want that.

    So happy to hear this news!

  30. Hooray! Glad everything came out in the "end".

  31. Cody, Mom had not been visiting all our friends, so we didn't know about your poop "issues". We hope all is properly fixed now!!!! Poop on!

  32. That's awesome Cody! I'll bet that's the best present Mommy will get this Christmas!!! Everyone is SO proud of you! Keep up the good work!

  33. @Ingrid LOL!! I am also drinking coffee and YOUR comment TOTALLY made me laugh out loud! Ohhh how I KNOW that you can relate! We pet parents have a way to go don't we? lol. YESSSSSSSS it was much happier for me than for Cody lol. He was looking at me when I was screaming telling him what a good boy he was as if I had lost my mind lol

    @Carolyn FINALLY!

    @Reneda you couldn't be more correct! It is the BEST present ever! It didn't happen til yesterday. I am sorry I haven't had a chance to answer your email yet but with Cody having not been well I am super behind on so many things and we are going to a friend's this afternoon and I have a book to read for a review for Monday...I PROMISE I will answer it soon!

    @Simba ohhhh yes it was the week from hell lol, it started last Sunday. I understand about not being able to visit everyone, I haven't been able to either. I am trying to catch up a little bit along the way. I completely understand!

    @Mrs Tuna lol, it sure did!

    @Jenna LMAO...I should have had them bronzed lol

    @Kitcaboodles you are sooo correct! That is what I love about all of you that have cats AND dogs...we "get it!!!" Only pet lovers can understand!!

    @skkorman thank you!!

    @Sammy "a poop a day keeps the big E away" I love it!

    @Old Kitty, drink some up for me too! Oh how I could use a drink! lol (and I barely drink!) I love how you said "Well done you" that must be a British thing. I ADORE Simon Cowell and he says it all the time! "Well done YOU!!!" ((((hugs))) to you and Charlie

  34. Hooray! Congratulations on poopering!!!!!

  35. Oh, yaaaay! This is the occasion to celebrate! I always say "good boy" to my kids when they poop :-) It makes me so happy when they eat well and poop well!

  36. Hello! Beautiful...
    I have problem with my account...
    Please,check if it is impossible to write the comment in my blog or not...I can not..

  37. Oh you darling! That is SO good to know.


    Mom Carole

  38. thanks so much for tweeting about the candy cane slippers and happy holidays to you!!

  39. Cody! Yous Rocks! Who knew we could get so excited about cat fewmets (turds)

  40. Concats, Cody! We had been away and hadn't known you weren't feeling well. We hope things will get..or keep...moving for you ;-/ Purrs,

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  41. @Glogirly and Katie lol!

    @Cara and Crew thank you! No poop today but mom isn't that worried since I had such big ones and three of them yesterday! If no poop tomorrow then more pumpkin for me!

    @Nellie and GIANT ones at that! xoxoxo

    @Terri you are most welcome and thank you and the same to you!

    @Carole, sooooooooooo good to see you and that is sooooo sweet of you to stop by!! We are thinking of you and we love you!! xoxoxoxo

    @Amin I will check! I haven't been able to visit everyone lately because of my cat having been sick but I hope to come around again soon. I will check your blog in a few minutes.

    @Tamago that is sooooo true!

    @Daisy THANK YOU!! Let's hope I keep it up!

  42. Ohhhh that is I mean EXCELLENT news Cody!! We are all happy things are moving along nicely for you again! :) Merry Christmas!!!!!

  43. Hey Cody,
    Lucky you, for tis I, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star. I have taken over my ridiculous human's keyboard so I could delight you with one of my eagerly anticipated comments.
    Now then, first of all, thank you for sharing this 'moving' information with all your adoring fans.
    Second of all, did you ever notice that cat droppings in kitty litter look very much like 'Ferrero Rocher'?
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, your way, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star! xx

  44. @klahanie, who in the hell is Ferrero Rocher? (Ok you can stop thinking that I am ignorant) lol

    @Coupon we aren't so poop since Friday. Hoping that because those were HUGE and there were 3 giant ones that there is just nothing else to come out. Merry Christmas to YOU!

  45. Very pleased with your... output!

    Thanks so much for your comments at the old and new blog. You can imagine it's so hard to make such a decision and your friendship really helps.

  46. Oh Cody! Hope you are going to give your Mom an early Krissymouse present and poop again!

  47. Good news!
    I'm proud of you sweet friend!
    purrs and love to your heart,

  48. How did I miss this momentous event! So glad it turned out okay and that you're back to your other litter.

  49. thanks everyone!!! We just had a minor little "scare" the past 2 days but as of 1:30 today everything is "rollin', rollin', rollin'!!!!" YAY!!

    Thank you ALL for your kind words and support!!

    Love you all!

  50. Glad to hear this! We was purring for you. Mm puts pumpkin in our food and gives us furball stuff once a week so we will be regular!