Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Cards, "When You Care Enough To Send The VERY BEST" (Thank you Hallmark)

This isn't the post that I was going to put up today but when I opened my mail I realized that this just HAD to take precedence over anything else that I was going to post on Cat Chat today.

Cody and I  LOVE all of the Christmas cards that we have received and we THANK YOU ALL  for thinking of us ...we have them all displayed in "our office".
If you don't see your card here
some of them are
being displayed in the kitchen!

Then THIS arrived
 it is the card of 2011
 that had me doubled over with laughter.

The card was sent to
Cody, Dakota and I
If you don't know Cathy, (how could you NOT??)
She is the author of the blog:

"The World's Most Stunning Cat"
Check it out HERE
As I said  above, the card looks innocent enough. It was definitely "Awwww-worthy"  Looking at Cathy Keisha's stunning face, totally made my day.
 I thought to myself, "What a sweet kitty"





Cathy Keisha may be the world's "Most Stunning Cat" but her "PEEPS" (or should I say FEMALE "PEEP")  is DEFINITELY ONE SANDWICH SHORT OF A PICNIC!!!!

In full disclosure: we did not solicit this card, we were merely the THRILLED recipients. I am sure that no cats with the name of "Cathy Keisha" were harmed in the making of this card.


  1. ha ha- I've heard about that. Leave it to that Stunning Keisha to leave us all with a good laugh. I'll have to be sure to watch for mine.

  2. You are lucky to have so many wonderful friends. Cathy Keisha's card gotta be one of THE most jolly X-mas cards I've seen for a long time - such a clever idea!
    Hugs from Greece,

  3. Terrific card! Our mom's sent our whiskers in cards before. But not our fur. She did send a wee bit of Annie's fur to Felix last year, though, or maybe it was 2009.

  4. @Mario I thought I would DIE LAUGHING!!!

    @God Little People, OMG yes I AM extremely blessed. You as well as all of the others are definite lights in my life! This card had me ROLLING!! lol. I am so sorry I haven't been around consistently...I was without the internet for over 24 hrs (my fault), I accidentally disconnected it! I am sooo backed up on things I need to do and then the holidays and all, I am hoping you will forgive me! I hope to be around as soon as I can!

  5. Dont you love all the cards. As they drop through our door or into our in box we love them and feel blessed to have so many friends.. Hugs GJ xx

  6. I'm glad you enjoyed my card and got a laugh over my DNA in there. I wanted my furrends to be able to get my scent cos every time I receive a card, TW makes me smell it to see if I can smell the cat on the other end. BTW, it was actually Pop's idea.

  7. OMC... what a card... both the card and the cat are cards...hee hee... Have a great evening.

    pawhugs, Max

  8. Tee hee great feline humor!!!

  9. @Abby lol!!!! I loved that card!

    @Max I couldn't agree more! BTW, I received your card today and I LOVE IT!!! It is now hanging with the others! The boys are just adorable! xoxoxo

    @freddiethek...lmao!!! Don't make me have to edit the post cause i'm not! lol. Your Dad is a hoot!! He and your Mom are purrfectly matched then! I screwed up, AFTER I did the blog post I gave the hair to Cody to "smell"...he did...then he promptly tried to EAT IT...

    @GJ YES, YES, YES!! I was making fun but I am grateful to have ALL OF YOU in my life! I would love nothing more than a giant PJ party with everyone AND our kitties! xoxoxo

  10. That is a great card, and there is no denying that it has the personal touch.

  11. Awww and a snippet of festive cat furrs! Yay!! LOL!!

    Awwww it's a great display - love it!! Yay!! Take care

  12. If I put fur in Christmas cards, I'd worry that someone might try selling it on eBay!

  13. OMC, we're doing the same thing for our post tomorrow. We didn't send snail mail this year and did a video instead. But like you, I was so moved by real cards we can hold in our hands and hearts.

  14. @Layla actually I was hilariously LAUGHING from finding CAT FUR in my card!!! lol. It was DEFINITELY a first!!! BTW your idea of a video is a great idea!

    @Sparkle too funny!

    @Old Kitty me too!!

    @Eric and Flynn yep there is no denying that it IS personal! lol

  15. That is why we all love that CK! What a hoot!!!

  16. I'm in luv with the bootiful Miss Cathy... now that you have her fur you could CLONE her!!!

  17. What a fabulicious Card!Me hopes my secretary sent yous one of ours!
    BTW, stop by and wish Kozmo a happy gottcha day!

  18. @parkerSKat sniffed and sniffed and sniffed. Then he licked and tried to chomp the fur. I would say the card was a hit at our house!

  19. Greetings,
    Yes indeed and lucky you, tis I, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star!
    The human Gary who I so kindly allow to live with me, gets very few cards. So he now buys cards and puts them around the house so that way, he can pretend that he has friends :)
    Of course, I am bombarded with cards from all my adoring fans.
    I shall now go and look at the 'world's most stunned..sorry stunning cat..'
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, your way, Penny xx

  20. HAHAHA!
    We LOVE CK. And we're not surprised.

    xo Katie & Glogirly

  21. That's one special furry Christmas gift! LOL!
    Merry Christmans and Happy New Year!

  22. @The Chair Speaks it sure was! lol. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too!

    @Glogirly we love her too and frankly as hard as I laughed, I wasn't surprised either! xoxo

    @Penny your human reminds me of a woman I used to know who I thought used to get BEAUTIFUL bouquets of roses ALL THE TIME. Turned out she used to buy them for herself but she always wanted people to think they were from her Dr. Boyfriend lol!!! Send Mom your addy, she will send you a card!

    @Kruse Kats that is EXACTLY what Cody did! lol

    @Nellie I did stop by!! Happy Gotcha Day Kozmo!!

    @Rumblepurr "Clone her?" Hell, we love her too but not quite THAT much! lol

    @Brian "hoot and a half" I would say!

  23. Haha that did make me giggle! Did Cody enjoy a good whiff?? =^..^=

  24. OMD!!! What a terrific card?! It's stunning!!!

  25. Wow that is such a creative kitty Christmas card! Have a great Christmas Caren and Cody!! From everyone at SureFlap Head Office.

  26. Oh my goodness... seems I should be saving the mountains of cat hair we sweep up in our house!!

    Great cards - it sure is wonderful having so many cat friends, because you just know you are going to get so many cat themed cards (which you never can get too many of).

    Happy Holidays to you, Cody, Dakota, and Lenny!! We love you all dearly!

    Deb, Dan, Zee, Zoey, Mia, Peanut, Rolz, Harley, and Jazz

  27. Furiends is da spice of life & warming & good for da soul, like a plate of Spaghetti & meatballs

  28. What'd you mean, you wouldn't CLONE me cos one is enough and you don't love me that much? Huh, Woman! *crossing you off next year's card list* HAH!

  29. I should get that fur DNA tested!!! lol

    Cat people are crazy for sure. Except me I'm totally sane ;)

    Happy Christmas :)

  30. Brilliant idea!! I never thought of that before and not quite sure what "sentiment" it sends (MOL) but it's brilliant nonetheless.

  31. Oooh, I hopes I'z in ur kitchen (coz I dun see mai card)! :)