Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday Photos Part II AND The Winner Of The Bissell Holiday Gift Bundle!

Here we go! I am thrilled to show you the remainder of the photos that were submitted! They are all so great that I am glad that I didn't hold a contest to judge them! Now without further adieu I bring you the HOLIDAY PHOTOS!! Thanks to all who submitted them!
"Baby thinks she is a present"
She is the kitty of Ann Marie Graff
He is the adorable doggie owned by:
Janette Gussler

"Johnny Walker"
He is available for adoption!
I love the contrast of his black fur and the flowers!
He was submitted by Christine Michaels.
From Christine:

"Shopping for Christmas is stressful and on top, recipients either return the gift or forget the next year. Well  this Christmas you will be remembered and make a difference. Please consider a small donation of $20 or even $10 to help homeless pets. They never forget and are always grateful."
Jack is an adorable elf!!!!
He was submitted by:
Cynthia Downer
Cynthia has a newer blog,
I happen to follow it and I love it!
It is called "My Household Zoo"
you can check it out here
with Rudolph and her stocking
submitted by Marg
from the  wonderful blog:
Margs Pets
you can check it out
How cute are these????
Both photos were submitted by
Cathy Keisha's Mom (aka TW)
from the blog:
"The World's Most Stunning Cat"
check it out here
it is hilarious!!
"Mickey and Smidgen"
I just love how Mickey is decorating the tree!
Sweet Smidgen crossed the Bridge last August
These precious babies were submitted by:
Reneda Baer
"Socks" with Santa!!
Look at that tongue!! lol
Socks was submitted by:
Alasandra, from the beautiful blog:
"Alasandra, The Cats & A Dog"
please be sure to check it out here!
How festive and ADORABLE is THIS??
This was submitted by Layla Morgan Wilde
the beauty and brains behind
the BRILLIANT blog:
Cat Wisdom 101
please take a moment
to visit Layla and her cats, here!
this is one of my favorite photos
I love the cozy warm feeling I get when viewing this
Percy was submitted by
my newest blogger friend:
Elaine Foley
you can check out

her wonderful blog, Cafe Chatelaine
right here!

What an incredibly FUN give-away this was!  Thank you to all who took the time to share your most precious photos with us!

I bet after looking at all of those adorable photos you just can't wait to see who won the Bissell Holiday Gift Bundle!!!

Well, I will end the suspense for you now...

The WINNER as chosen by was number 28
 (out of 76 entries)

The winner is:



please email me your complete name
and mailing address to:

cgittleman at mi dot rr dot com

If I do not hear from you
within 48 hrs
a new winner will be chosen!

Janet has 2 dogs and a cat so I am sure she will put the holiday bundle to good use!

Janet also has a blog called:
You can check it out here







  1. All the picture are great I love the one of Johnny Walker, what a handsome boy he is.

    LOL, I didn't even notice Socks' tongue was sticking out until after I had taken the picture. It was one of those lucky shots when the camera clicks at just the right moment.

    And I would love to curl up on the rug with Percy. Congrats to Janet. ~Alasandra

  2. Caren, these were adorable. Congrats to the winner.

  3. @Artemisia that tongue was hilarious!!! I would love to curl up with Percy too!

    @Diane thank you...if you didn't see the ones that were posted on Wednesday, please check them out, they are adorable too!

  4. Oh, Percy and the fire are terrific. Congrats, Janet.

  5. Congrats to the winner! Those are some great holiday photos.

  6. Caren,
    What a joy to see all these wonderful photo (and us of course ;-)) Congrats to Janet!

  7. Those really are cute pictures. We like Johhny Walker too. And Congrats to Janet. How exciting for her. Thanks for having the drawing. Take care.

  8. Concats to Janet. She is getting a pawsome gift!!!!

  9. Thanks all! Glad you enjoyed the photos! I sure did!!!
    Thank you for entering the contest as well!

  10. Great holiday pictures. And congratulations to Janet.

    pawhugs, Max, Bugsy and Knuckles

  11. Aww, I love all of them, especially Socks and that huge tongue! Lol!!

  12. Hi Cody and Caren,

    We just caught up with your last week of posts. Cody how are you doing? We sure hope that all is well and that you did your bathroom duties. Purrs to you from us. What sweet holiday pictures for the giveaway, we really loved them! Congrats to Janet.

  13. I was looking forward to seeing the rest of the photos and they did not disappoint!!
    P.s. I'm so glad to hear that Cody had a good diagnosis at the vets... hope he is on the mend :)

  14. How sweet they all are! bet it was really hard to choose just one.

  15. Congrats to the winner. Loved all the photos.

    And I am the blogger with Percy and the fireplace. My blog is

  16. Great Photos and a really great contest! Yous has the bestest ones!

  17. @Nellie, you think they are the "bestest ones" cause you win so much! lmao!

    @Elaine THANK YOU!! Going to edit that right now!

  18. Hi everyone! So far no word from Janet yet, just left her a message on her blog to stop by...if I do not hear from her by Friday morning a new winner will be chosen.

  19. That fireplace pictures is the best--it almost looks professional!

  20. Concats to the winner. We like the fireplace picture too. It looks so warm and inviting and cosy.

  21. These are all so good, but the fireplace one is beautiful. I love the one with the cat curled up with Santa.