Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"Calico Girl"-Wordless Wednesday

"Rosie & Her Bear"
Rosie is Sue Scott's "Calico Girl"

Have you entered the Bissell Giveaway?


  1. Cute picture!

    When I saw 'Rosie', I was looking for my Rosie, LOL!!!

  2. @Princess Jasmine isn't she? She is adorable!

    @Priscilla omg!! LOL. I didn't think of that!! lmao! Love it!!!!

  3. Awwww Rosie is so cute cuddling her bear! Awww! Take care

  4. That is one cute calico kitty and love the teddy bear. Love the picture. Take care.

  5. Oh how beautiful a girl she is..and with her stuffie. Reminds me of me with mine. xoxoxox

  6. @Brian isn't she just too adorable? I love how "chubby" she is! lol

    @Admiral Hestorb I bet she would love it if you came over and played with her! xoxo

    @Marg thank you! Me too! I messed w/the photo to highlight her more, it came out pretty good! Have a great day!

    @Mario yep she is a cutie!

    @Old Kitty she is a sweetie!!! Have a great day! Hugs to Charlie! xoxoxo

    @Angie me too! It was a calico who was ultimately responsible for starting my cat obsession!

  7. THANK YOU Auntie Caren for my special post and to everyone for the sweet comments...I do work hard at maintaining my gerth errrr cuteness:D!!!XOXO PURRRRRRRosie

  8. That is a sweetie cat! We will leave the giveaway entries to other cats who like to celebrate more than we do. We prefer to be nekkid cats, and our mum don't decorate for us. But maybe should could get us a Bear, too?

  9. Teddy bear snuggles, very sweet :)

  10. Rosie, you look so adorable with your bear. Snuggle on, sweet girl! :)

  11. @meowmeowmans awww so cute!

    @Janet I do too! Wait til you see some Calico photos that I have for Friday, OMG!

    @Kitcaboodles she sure is! If you are "squeeing" now...wait til you see Friday's post...OMG it is "Squee Heaven!!!!! (the photos are)

    @Stacy and Ellie she is ADORABLE!

    @Abby you should enter!! You don't need to dress up for the holidays! Give it some more thought, we would love to have you enter!

    @Rosie you are a LOVER GIRL!! You aren't "fat" you're "fluffy!!!" xoxoxoxo Thank you for sharing your photo w/us! How do you like the crazy frame I put on it? lol. I highlighted you also in the photo, I am happy with how it came out :)

    @Benny and Lily yes she is adorable!

  12. AAAAA-dorable!!!!


  13. Aww, what could be cuter than cuddling up with your very own little bear.

  14. Oh Rosie ,you the cutest ebber n me n Dabbo jus lubb U ta pieces MUAH ur Buffykins n mommies to XOXOXOX <3

  15. Well she is quite the pretty girl thats for sure!

  16. Gorgeous!
    love calicos, and Bissell! hee hee

  17. OMC cute! I think entered but will check it out again.