Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Another Year Is Almost Gone...

It is hard to believe that in less than a week we will be saying our good-byes to the year 2011 and will be ringing in 2012.
Cody checking out
The Cats of Cat Wisdom 101 Calendar

When I was young I used to laugh and make fun of my parents when they would say that time goes by so fast, now that I am older I find myself echoing their sentiments more than I should probably admit.

I actually get excited when a new year is upon us. I think I can equate my excitement to the same reason that I am a "morning" person.

A new year is a clean slate, as is the dawning of a new day. It is 365 days that lie before me that are pure and untouched. No mistakes have been made.  You can either dive in and rip the decorative paper off of the gift you know awaits, or you can take your time, lovingly and leisurely unwrapping first the bow, then the tape and finally the paper until you reveal the pleasure that is inside.
Layla's calendar (desk version)
the wall version is the same
only it is obviously larger

Another reason I love when a new year is beckoning is that I ADORE calendars!
 I actually have a number of them, in my office alone I have four.  One is a wall calendar,  one is more of a photo calendar that you can't write on and I have two more that I use as blogging calendars.

My favorite of the calendars I have bought for 2012 is The Cats of Cat Wisdom 101 Calendar by "Award-Winning Photographer" Layla Morgan Wilde.

Anyone who reads Layla's blog, Cat Wisdom 101 knows that Layla is not only a talented wordsmith, she is also a perfectionist.   Layla is also an artist. She has a knack of capturing cats as they go about their day, be it cuddling with a stuffed animal, or communing with nature and turning it into a work of art. Her use of lighting,  the scenery already present in the woodsy expanse of her yard, and light bouncing off of the fur of her beloved cats are indeed a delight! Layla then makes use of her love of words by adding captions of her own creation that are sure to make us pause, think and smile.
Layla's calendar, back cover
with a view of the photos
that are inside

I ordered two of her calendars,  a wall-sized version that is hanging in my office, (which is solidly made and offers large squares for writing important appointments, etc.).  I also purchased the desk-sized version of the same calendar that functions as an editorial calendar for Cat Chat. (If you are a blogger I can't stress enough how important and useful keeping an editorial calendar is!)

The calendars are everything that you would expect them to be coming from Layla Morgan Wilde's loving mind and hands. They are a cat lover and quote lover's delight.

Everything that Layla does is the epitome of "purrfection."  You will find these calendars to be utterly delightful.  I have had mine hanging since it arrived a few weeks ago just so I could keep looking at the snowy splendor captured on January's photo.

Begin the New Year on the right "paw" by purchasing one, or a few! (they make great gifts!) of these stunning calendars. You can purchase them here


  1. Happy New Year to you and Cody! May your paw and footprints make every day a lovely one.

  2. @Au and Target thank you and the same to you!!! I absolutely LOVE that sentiment! xoxoxo

  3. Now you are sounding like mom, new year, new calendar...
    Benny & Lily

  4. Oh no, it means Rosie is leaving home again soon :(

  5. We enjoy the new years too. Time sure does seem to go by faster each year. Love the calendars. Hugs

  6. They look like very nice gifts!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  7. I find myself doing the same thing more and more- wondering where the time went!

    Have a Happy New Year!!

  8. Caren what a lovely post - I certainly do unwrap my presents as slowly as possible as I want to savour it - drives my hubby mad! Hopefully I can be as patient with the new year and not dive in too fast :)
    And aren't Layla's photos gorgeous? I always enjoy visiting her blog to see what her cats are up to!

  9. Oh I know what you mean about time and about time going by so fast (seems the speed increases with each year!). Layla's calendar looks really sweet. I received a cat calendar for Christmas a few years back which I have to admit I threw straight in the bin. It was full of cats in awkward postions, which doesn't amuse me very much. They're such beautiful creatures and I appreciate someone who really tries to capture their beauty and sweetness (should be enough of an incentive for me to make my own next year!!).
    Well, here's to a crisp and clean start to the New Year - and I shall remember Bobo on New Year's eve!! (oh, that moved me).
    Take care Caren, and thanks for your lovely comments on GLP.
    Big hug,

  10. Lovely Caren and gorgeous Cody!! Me and Charlie love calendars!! We are surrounded by them!!

    AND!!! Next year is a LEAP YEAR!! We get an extra day!! Hoorah!!

    Take care

  11. We love this calendar, too. Even though I don't like snow, the January photo of Odin plowing through the snow is my favorite!

  12. Old? What's that? Another year comes and goes and yet here we still are, laughing, loving, and enjoying life. Sammy and I hope you all have a super 2012. As for Layla's incredible artwork - she's just amazing and I look forward to her words of wisdom and beautiful photography every day.

    Pam (and Sam!)

  13. Happy new year. Usually I approach the holiday with mixed feelings, based upon how the current year went... this year I am counting the days until new years eve. I have had enough of 2011...bring on 2k12

  14. @Hilary I can certainly understand, you had MORE than your share this year, that is how I was with 2010...I am weird and only like "even" numbered years...however 2011 for me was a good one I still am looking forward to 2012!!! ((((hugs))))

    @Pam and Sam beautifully stated and I couldn't agree more!

    @Ingrid I love it too!!! I don't adore snow but the season doesn't seem right so far without it. We are getting a little today!

    @Old Kitty I didn't realize next year is leap year!!! Ugh!! Another (extra) day to blog!! Grrr (kidding!!!!!) xoxoxo

    @GLP omg YES you should make one as well, your photos are stunning!!!! Thank you for remembering my precious Bobo! Happy, healthy New Year to you!

    @kitcaboodles thank you!!!! I eat my food the same way which drives MY husband nuts! :) I am the same with presents! Layla's photos are just beautiful and I adore her quotes as well!

    @dawn, yep!! Happy New Year!!!

    @Oskar they would make wonderful gifts!!! I bought these but they are great to buy for others!

    @Mumsy and Furkids ((((hugs)))) and happy New Year to you and we LOVE the calendar!

    @Priscilla ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!! ((((((((hugs))))))))))))

  15. That is such a great way to think about the new year :) We love calendars here too and have found many through different kitty blogs and rescues. Our mom may need to find a place for one more!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  16. We sure wish you and Cody and Dakota too a very Happy New Year. It should be a good one for everyone. Take care.

  17. Have a great day.... Love all those calendars....

    pawhugs, Max

  18. We didn't realise it was a leap year next year - mum says she'll use it for a day in bed reading!!
    What about our brekkies????!!!!!!??
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  19. I love this:
    "It is 365 days that lie before me that are pure and untouched. No mistakes have been made."
    I am at this moment contemplating my 2012 goals and love the excitement!

  20. Yes, time flies, but not as much as fur! Nice calendar, but everything Layla does is first class all the way!

  21. Caren, what a lovely surprise! Thanks so much for doing this! The first photo with Cody looking at the calendar is priceless. P.S. All calendars including mine are half price this week. Sending lots of headbonks & purrs for a great week!

  22. I'm purrrrchasing the 2012 "Morris the Cat & Friends" Calendar cuz all da sales moola goes to his former shelter AND i'ma on da November '12 page! Life is Catzowey!

  23. Thank you for this post.
    We were just going to look for a calender!!!

  24. I love calendars too! One of the best parts of the New Year!

  25. @Tucker I couldn't agree more! I hate when I get them all marked up lol

    @Abby YAY!!! "timing is everything!!" Hope you get this!! You will LOVE IT!

    @Guido that is too cool!!!!!! That is for a great cause! Concatulations for making it on the calendar!!!

    @Layla I TOTALLY lucked out with Cody looking at the calendar lol! I meant to post about this as soon as I received the calendars but you know me "The Queen of Procrastination!!" Glad you like it! I LOVE my calendars!

    @Brian, yep! Layla is the "Martha Stewart" of the cat world only in a much more FUN way! :)

    @Art and Sew Forth, I agree, it is soooooo exciting!

  26. Every year seems to go by more quickly, it's so crazy! I love calendars too - especially the day ones where you rip off a sheet each day. It's like an advent calendar all year long! :)

  27. What! Another year is gone! OMCod! Where did it go? What did me do? Me will has to read my blog to finds out!
    We has lots of calendars of Me! Glorious Me!

  28. Mum says thatb too that time goes so fast but it is true that it does seem to be so. Mum also loves calenders and her diary has a photograph on every page. Hugs GJ xx

  29. I do agree about every year going faster than the last. It only seems a few years since we were celebrating the new Millenium. Can it really be 12 years ago??? We haven't visited Layla's blog so we are going over to have a look.
    You asked about the programme with the horse in the video. It is Deal or No Deal, and over the Christmas period the presenter, Noel Edmonds, and all the contestants are dressed as pantomime characters including the panto horse.

  30. @Eric and Flynn glad to introduce you to Layla! I am sure you will love her blog! Ohhhh we used to have Deal or No Deal here too...I used to love that show! Thanks for telling me! :)

    @GJ oh I think it is so lovely that your Mom keeps a diary, I should too! I also think it is cool that it has a photo on every page! xoxoxo

    @Nellie you have to read your blog to find out! OMC too funny!!!!! I think a calendar of YOU is a glorious thing! lol

    @Stacy and Ellie you reminded me of a calendar a former work buddy used to get for me EVERY year. It was a horoscope calendar and it was just the kind you mentioned. I loved it!

    @Angus thanks and to you too!

  31. I love a good calendar, too, although I'm not sure the dogs would forgive me if I got one with cats in it! :)

  32. Happy New Year! You definitely want a Brookes Legacy calendar. TW got one for Christmas. Such cute animals.

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