Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mr.Chewy, Our New "Go To" For Pet Products!

Like many others that I have noticed in the great cat blog-o-sphere I was contacted by a representative of a website called Mr.Chewy

They offered me $50 that I could use on any products of my choice from their website. I was skeptical at first (notice that says "at first") until I visited their website and saw the bounty of name brand pet products that awaited me!

They have name brand dog and cat food, dog and cat treats, cat litter, etc. I was amazed and thrilled that they are all name brand, high quality products. They even have a page on their website where you can literally SHOP BY BRAND (click to check it out.)

The product I chose was (3) 17-lb bags of World's Best Cat Litter Multiple Cat Formula (yes I don't have "multiple" cats, but I like the multiple cat formula.)

I placed my order on the super easy to navigate website and figured I would be waiting for some time for it to arrive.

I thought wrong!

I placed my order on December 15th and it was delivered on December 17th! I was shocked!

( I didn't photograph my order because the bags arrived in 2 giant boxes that I have yet to open, I know, I am awful!! I didn't open them because I am still finishing another bag of litter.)

I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am with Mr.Chewy  I am DEFINITELY going to be a regular customer. Here are reasons you should check them out as well:

Hold on, it gets better. Today my husband brought in the mail and there was a card for me.

 Here is the front:
too cute isn't it?

Here is the inside:

It was from none other than Mr.Chewy!! 

This company "gets it." They fill their website with high quality products at great prices, they have an easy to navigate website, the order is delivered efficiently and FAST,  then they follow up with a "thank you" note after I had agreed to blog about them?

They are not only a "class-act" they understand the concept of making someone feel special.

To win my support, have a great product, deliver on that product and make me feel special.

 Mr. Chewy has done all three!!

In return they will have ME as a customer for the foreseeable future!


  1. Wowsers! Sounds like Mr. Chewy knows how to please their customers and hey - isn't that what business is all about??? Mom and I have "SAVED" that link for Mr. Chewy. Looks like a GREAT spot to shop!!

    Sammy and Pam

  2. Hi Sammy and Pam, yes it is nice when a company functions in an efficent way and then appreciates your business. I will definitely purchase from them again and am happy you are going to check them out!

  3. Sounds like you got a great deal on that one!

  4. It's been great to read everyone's positive reviews about this company. We'll have to check them out for sure! Thanks for the review!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  5. FaRADaY: oooh dats PAWESOME! We uses dat litter too...hmmm....Mommy gonna hafta go check it out!!

  6. That is some fast shipping! I love the card too, sometimes it's the little things that really make a difference :)

  7. We reviewed them today, too! I was thrilled with our entire experience!

  8. We really like them too.We were please when our stuff arrived in two days too. We got a card too. They sure do a great job in promoting their products. Great review.

  9. @Erika and Blair we were super pleased!

    @Marg they most certainly do and I thank you!!!

    @houndstooth I have to try and get over there, I have a book to read tonight for a review so if I don't get there today I will try to get there tomorrow (unless you want to email me the link!) :)

    @Stacy and Ellie soooo true!

    @Ryker I think you will love them!

    @Cara yep everyone is on the same page with this one! We think they are just great! Hope you do check them out!

  10. What a great delivery! Me shall has to has a look. Living where we does, getting some stuff is hard as the nearest pet store is a hour and a half away. Delivery to our address, Wowwie Caren!
    Thnx for telling us

  11. We were asked to "review" the Mr. Chewy site too...we haven't done it yet because of the holidays and stuff. But seeing others that have reviewed it, we're gonna check it out for sure!!

  12. I hope I dodn't delete my email! With the name Mr. Whewy, I thought it was spam. I'm glad that someone was brave and tried it. Gotta go back & took through the trash.

  13. @The Cat From Hell (Nellie) I am sure you are going to LOVE them as much as the rest of us do!

    @CK you gotta get the name straight my friend, it's "Mr.Chewy" not "Whewy!!!" lmao!

    @The Island Cats you will LOVE THEM!!!

  14. I'm making Glogirly go there RIGHT now!!!
    With a name like Mr. Chewy, it HAS to be great!
    xo Katie

  15. Awesome review of Mr. Chewy's. It sounds like a fabulous site. I'm so jealous of all you bloggers getting to try it out for free.

  16. Mr Chewy sounds great. We wish he was in the UK too.

  17. Thank you so much for the PAWSOME review! We're glad that you enjoyed your experience with Mr. Chewy, and very glad you liked the card! Please let us know if you ever have questions - we're always here and happy to help! Thank you again!