Friday, December 23, 2011

"Be The Change For Animals": Meet Blogger/Animal Advocate, Kim Thomas, Of "CindyLu's Muse"

FROM CAT CHAT- Today Cody and I are honored to have Kim Thomas, author of the blog CindyLu's Muse here as a guest blogger.
Visit Kim & CindyLu Here

 If you don't know Kim or CindyLu please stop over and visit. Kim has devoted her life to helping animals and is tireless in her efforts. I have become good friends with Kim and am in constant awe of her never-ending energy, razor sharp humor and devotion to both her friends and animals. Kim's blog primarily features dogs but Kim has a secret, read on!!!

Hi! If you aren't familiar with us, let me just say - it's great to meet you. And, of course, a big shout-out to you who have been our readers. Our blog began it's humble beginnings back in August of 2010. I was looking for a way to work on my writing skills and to get some of it out there on the public highway of the internet.

I had no clue what I was doing. Seriously. I didn't even know what "blog" referred to! It's been a steep learning curve since then, that's for sure. Yet, a glorious adventure - filled with so much to learn and so many wonderful people to meet. Caren and Cody's blog was among the very first sites I became a regular reader of (and still am). Little does she know, I learned just from visiting her site daily.
CindyLu  donning reindeer antlers

CindyLu has been the perfect spokespet for the welfare of animals - something I'm very passionate about. Through the blog, I've been able to highlight the good works of many working ceaselessly to make the world a better place for our fellow creatures. It has also served well to inform and enlighten others on issues they might not be aware of.

I became an avid advocate for animal welfare only a few years ago. My neighbors joined a pet rescue organization, later becoming the cat team coordinators. They asked me if I would help out - I had no idea just how much I would be involved until my four kids and I were up to our ears with foster cats in our home and weekend adoption events to attend.

Yes, cats. It amuses me sometimes that people assume my blog is a "dog blog", because it features CindyLu. Dogs are only a part of what we represent, and that CindyLu herself speaks on behalf of, on our site. Admittedly, a larger portion of our posts tend to be about dogs. That's just because there seem to be more issues about dogs than cats. Okay, and more people wanting to read about dogs.

Am I biased? Yes. But not the way you would think. I'm an admitted cat freak lover. All things feline. As I type, I have a foster kitty snuggled up against my chest and shoulder, one of my own curled up alongside my hip. I spend my days online - leaning against a cushion, half-stretched out across the sofa, laptop on my thighs. Nuts, right? Maybe. But it affords the cats the most comfortable positions to snuggle with me. And that's my top priority each day. Serving them well.
"Chandler & Sophia"

After I joined the pet rescue group (Almost Home Foundation), our house filled with litters of foster kittens and the occasional adult. Over 60 cats have found their forever homes after staying with us. We then were invited to assist a foster team created for special needs cats. I would spend two nights a week tending to the care and nurturing of these precious animals. Over the course of 4 1/2 years, I helped care for hundreds of cats, loving every minute of it. Each and every one of these has left a pawprint on my heart. Guaranteed.

To this day, I feel I know much more about cats than dogs, even though I've had both as pets, written about both, and become a regular reader of both types of blogs. As for what matters, though, I love them both and want to see a better world for pets and all living creatures.

That's why I jumped at the opportunity to join the team at Be the Change for Animals - an amazing website that enables people to do what they can for animals, even if they are limited on time and resources. The founders, Kim Clune and Amy Burkert, had the most wonderful idea for what has become an amazing community of those caring about animals and promoting animal welfare causes.

So if you don't find me around town, doing something to benefit animals - you'll undoubtedly find me around the web, doing the same. If there is one single message CindyLu and I wish to convey, it's that we have within our power, each and every one of us, to do something positive for animals. Caring about them is the first step, but with just a little effort everyone can find some way to make our world a better place. Caren, Cody and Dakota do this every day. We love them for it!


  1. Great blog and it's nice to meet you CindyLu and family! It's wonderful to meet so many people who love animals and so things every single day to make OUR lives happier.....some of us can't say it well, but ALL of us appreciate it!

    Meowy Christmas...

  2. Great post.. I love Kim, and of course Cindy Lu!

  3. So great to see Kim and Cindy Lu here. Her message is one that I've been trying to hold myself more accountable to lately.

  4. Cindy Lu, nice to meet you. We'll stop by. And we agree 110% with Caren: "it's that we have within our power, each and every one of us, to do something positive for animals."

  5. That's wonderful! We didn't know that about Cindy Lu's mom - it's so nice to get to know other bloggers & twitter friends better, so thanks for sharing!

    And we think it's PAWESOME that you're a cat frea--- err, lover. HIGHPAW!

    And THANK you for all that you do for the kittehs and puppehs!

  6. Hi, onespoiledcat, and thank you very much! It's great to meet you :)

  7. Hi, Hilary, dear friend! We love you , too!

  8. Thank you, Caren, for the wonderful opportunity of being a guest on your awesome site. Having been a fan of yours, it is truly an honor - even more so to call you Friend!

  9. @Layla thank you for crediting me with that amazing comment but it was actually KIM who said it!!! You know I don't say ANYTHING that profound!!! (lol!!!) xoxoxoxo

    @Kim Thomas, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for being my guest blogger today! You know I ADORE you!

  10. @Kim Thomas, you are welcome but I am the one who is TRULY HONORED!!!! THANK YOU MY FRIEND!!!! xoxoxo

  11. Hi, Tucker the Crestie! Simply by having the desire, and caring, leads you to do things for animals without even realizing it. Bet you do more than you think!

  12. LOL...Caren, I think we may agree on something! Mutual, my friend, mutual :)

    Thank you, Layla!

  13. HighPaws right back atch, Ryker's Boyz 'n' Allie!

  14. Oh, Kim Clune, my dear friend...there honestly aren't words that accurately convey what I feel about the honor, privilege, supreme opportunity - and sheer joy - of pursuing our passions with you! You open doors for so many people, bring together all who care about a cause, and without a doubt provide a much better world for our beloved creatures. You've offered me the platform to do what I love doing for animals. It is thanks to you. That simple. And that awesome. You rock!

  15. Kim is a hero to critters everywhere, and we are so glad she is out there doing all that she does!

  16. Great post Caren! Thanks for introducing us to Cindy Lu and Kim!
    Animals are an important part of my life and I love reading about otheres who have opened their hearts and doors to them too.
    Nellie and Mommy

  17. I'm hopping over to visit Kim's blog right now.

  18. Kim does amazing work, thank you for featuring her today. She is an inspiration!

  19. Hi Kim and the variety of stars that grace your wonderful blog site.
    My human and myself, yes that would be Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star, have had the great pleasure of such positive interaction with you all.
    And Kim, what you do for the welfare of us loving yet vulnerable creatures in the animal world, is testimony to the thoroughly decent human being that you most assuredly are! :)
    I'm delighted to see you do a guest posting on this wonderful site. And to those who have not yet discovered your pawesome and profound blog, I highly recommend they check it out.
    Blessings to you and your family, human and otherwise.
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, your way, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star! xx