Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Purrfect Stocking Stuffer! The "Litter-Lifter!!" Give-Away!!

This is such a fun time of year! I know that lately there have been A LOT of products featured on Cat Chat but when someone contacts me and I LIKE the product they represent AND I have a chance to share some goodies with YOU then to me it's all good!
What a great "stocking stuffer" or Chanukah gift for the cat owners/rescues in your life!

Look at how DURABLE
and COLORFUL these are!

I was contacted about the Litter-Lifters that I am featuring today after they saw my post last weekend about Kitty City. The individual that represents the "Litter-Lifter" was telling me that their litter scoops are great for multi-cat households as well as for rescues.


Because they come in 3 different sizes and are available in a rainbow of colors! Oftentimes a rescue has to separate cats for whatever reason and having multiple colored scoops makes it easier to "assign" scoops to be used in different areas.

"Aren't all litter scoopers alike?" The answer is NO!

I received a number of Litter-Lifters to test, review and to give-away! Unfortunately with Cody not feeling well I didn't have an adequate time period to really "test" the lifters, but I was enormously impressed with their sturdy feel in my hand and the fact that they look durable.  I kept two in purple for us (a large scoop for those "heavy jobs" and a small one for "petite poops!")

I promptly threw out my two old lifters because I could tell visually and by the feel of these that they are going to be great!

To give you an accurate idea of what they are like I have some information for you from the Litter-Lifter website:

It can be used with:

The Litter-Lifter® has parallel triangular tines that cannot pick up clean litter.  The other traditional scoops clog as they they fill with clean litter which needs to be shaken out to separate the waste from the clean litter.

The award-winning Litter-Lifter® provides you (and your cat) with:

Easier, Faster Cleaning
Less Dust
No Shake
No Clog
Fewer Passes
Traps Smaller Fragments
Easy on Wrist
Arthritis friendly

****We are dedicated to making life easier and happier for cats and their parents and look forward to partnering with cat rescue groups to promote cat welfare and education.

The Top Ten Reasons for Cat Relinquishment to Shelters

Too many in house
Cost of pet maintenance
Landlord issues
No homes for littermates
House soiling
Personal problems
Inadequate facilities
Doesn’t get along with other pets

The Litter-Lifter® facilitates more frequent cleaning which means that your cats can enjoy a cleaner litter box and as a result their owners will be happy!

The ease of use without releasing unnecessary dust into the home permits more frequent cleaning. The Litter-Lifter® is an exceptional advance in maintaining cleaner air, a clean scoop, and a clean litter box for a hygienic environment.

 Its strong leading edge allows easy scraping. The Litter-Lifter® is stylish, ergonomic, resilient, and easy to clean. Our users praise its sturdiness, ease of use, speed, work reduction, and cleaning ability. The Litter-Lifter® is an exceptional advance in maintaining a cleaner, hygienic environment, especially using clumping litter.

Cody is getting these ready to ship!
Could the winner(s) be YOU?

We received a number of Litter-Lifters to give-away to YOU!!

The GIVE-AWAY is open to EVERYONE (since I will be doing the mailing!).

All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post CLEARLY STATING THAT YOU WISH TO BE ENTERED (if you are vague and don't say that you wish to be entered, you will not be entered) by 11PM EASTERN ON MONDAY, DECEMBER 19th. The winner(s) will be announced WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 21st.

The number of winners will depend on the number of entries so it is going to be a surprise as to how many people will win.

Want to find Litter-Lifter on Facebook? Click here

To find out where you can purchase the Litter-Lifter click here

You're gonna love these!!!
They get my "pawprint" of approval!!

Good luck and happy scooping!!!!!

Cody and I were not compensated for this review. We were given Litter-Lifters to use/review and to give to YOU!


  1. I'd like to win a Litter Lifter. I may not live with a cat, but I do own two ferrets that use a litter box. I'm sure they won't mind if I clean their box using a lifter made for a kitty. BTW Cody, you look adorable checking out all the Litter Lifters. -Debbie R.

  2. I would like to be entered, please. My 5 save/rescue fur babies say it's about time someone designed a better scoop, especially for us use a lot households which include older kitties that pee a lot. Thanks for the chance.

    humanecats at gmail dot com

  3. These look SUPER-cool!!!! Please enter me, Katie, in the drawing for the litter lifter. : ) Maybe it will be so fun to use that Glogirly will improve her litter maintenance schedule. ...one can only hope.
    xo Katie

  4. Those litter lifters look very good. Ours have little square holes in and they do clog up. They are nice and colourful too. Can UK kitties enter? If so, would you please enter us. Thank you
    Eric and Flynn.

  5. Are you doing the eeny mini mynie mo, Cody? Don't enter us as we already have more scoops than poops, or so my Mama said. Oh yes, ours are in many colours too. Pink for my box. purrr...meow!

  6. @Debbie not a problem!! Ferrets can most certainly enter too!!! Good luck and Cody says thank you!

    @Eric and Flynn you can most certainly enter and it is our pleasure to enter you!

    @Thank you to all who entered!!!

  7. Poor Cody... what is a matter buddy? Alex & I are sending healing purrs your way

  8. I wish to be entered. This would definitely be awesome to clean up after my nine cats!

  9. Oh Miss Caren and Cody I'd LOVE to win a brand new litter lifter so please count me in! My Mom is really good about keeping my box nice and clean and this new design lifter would make her job a whole lot easier. What a nice Christmas present that would be for me to give to her! Cody - I hope you're feeling better???

    Hugs, Sammy

  10. Joey the red tabby and I would LOVE to be entered to win one of these super-cool cleanup tools! Thanks for hosting yet another great giveaway!!

  11. We would love to be entered! Mom complains about our scooper sometimes.... MOL

  12. @onespoiled cat, thanks so much for asking about Cody. He is at the vet right now. I am worried but not as worried as I was earlier this morning. I feel better that he is being watched. Will keep you posted and thank you so much for your concern!

    THANK YOU to everyone who is entering!!! I wish you the best of luck!!!

  13. Mom says we sure would love to scoop one of these up...she hasn't had her coffee yet..what I put up with LOL!!We love the kitty on the scoop and all the great colors! MOSTLY we want Cody to get all better soon and use his box!! Paws crossed you get him all better with Dr. Smiley today, Love ROSIE.

  14. Sure we would love to be in the drawing. It would be great fun to have a different colored scooper. Thanks for having this drawing. They are pretty litter lifters.

  15. How generous of you Caren! We are good for scoops here at our house, but they look great, such fun colours :-)

  16. @Cat thanks so much but it is the Litter-Lifter folks who were super generous! I am thrilled to be able to give a little something, something to everyone! They are super colorful and look and feel super durable!

    @Marg you are welcome!

    @Rosie THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! Cody thanks you too!

    EVERYONE!! Thanks for entering and good luck!!!!!!

  17. We would love to win a Litter Lifter. They sound like they work great and we love all the colors and the kitties on them. Popsy we think would enjoy using one of them. Hugs and nose kisses

  18. Dear Caren,
    Wes uses a Litter-Lifeter already, wes stopped by to sees how Cody is doing and to send him more purrs.

  19. Hi Nellie, thanks so much for asking. The vet just called, they did bloodwork that didn't show anything. They just asked for permission to do X-Rays and said they should be calling back soon. Please keep your paws crossed and thank you for the purrs!!!!!! xoxoxoxo

  20. We would love to be entered too please, and thanks for the scoop on a great product!

  21. We would love to be entered, these sound so intriguing and we are purrin for Cody. How is he doing?

  22. We would love to be entered! With 2 cats in the household, they make double the work for me, or should I say double dooty haha. These sound great and would love to try them out!

  23. Sokay, I have one cat and one litter lifter of indeterminate size :) Just wanted to say that Cody looks a bit overwhelmed lol

  24. We are Pepi and Xixo.
    And are friends of Brian.
    We are from Brazil and liked your blog very much.
    Purrs and Hugs from
    Pepi and Xixo

  25. Wow, those litter lifters sure sound great!

    How is Cody doing?

  26. Enter me! Mom's been using the same scooper forever. I don't think it works very well. She seems to fight with it sometimes to get the litter scooped up.

  27. We would like to be entered in the drawing for the amazing sounding Litter Lifters! Yea! We hope we win! and we love green and pink!
    Thanks! Bettina, Vinny, and Sonny


  28. @animal prayer thanks for entering and good luck!!

    @Pumpkin Puddy it is our pleasure to enter you!! Good luck!

    @meowmeowmans happy to enter you! Cody is home!! I am thinking of either doing a quick post about Cody or posting on Facebook...probably just Facebook. He is home (thank goodness!) but he had quite the ordeal!! Thankfully they do not think anything significant is wrong...just a bunch of poop accumulated by his colon...they are hoping he passes it on his own. He is full of you-know-what!! Thanks for asking!!

    @Pepi so nice to meet you! Any friend of Brian's is a friend of mine!!! We hope you will be coming around to see us all the time!!!

    @Carolyn no problem! Will enter you! Cody was rather overwhelmed at the vet today to say the least!

    @CRichman I am super happy to enter you! Good luck!

    @Abby happy to enter you! I think I am going to do a quick post on Cody...he is home!!

    @Brian it is our pleasure to enter you!!!!! Good luck!!!!!!!!!

  29. Hehehe!
    Great stuff really!
    Marilia & Bavarescats

  30. I'd like to enter the giveaway. I haven't checked your Facebook since earlier today so I'm not up to date, but I hope Cody is doing fine at the vet's or at home!

  31. @Cynthia our pleasure to enter you! I just posted an update on Cody on the blog. It was easier to do that rather than to answer everyone individually on Facebook. I am BEYOND GRATEFUL for everyone's caring messages and concern. It deeply touched me! THANK YOU!

    @Repositorio ohhh THANK YOU!!! Glad you liked it! Are you entering?

  32. What a lot of poopers scoopers and Cody hasn't given you anything to scoop. TW has the purrfect scoop. It has a hole and she just slides it right into the bag the newspaper comes in.

  33. These scoopers with the triangular tines are the best! My picky felines would really appreciate them very much.

  34. Please enter me in this giveaway contest as I didn't read the fine print yesterday.

  35. We would LOVE to be entered into your drawing >^.^< as we are a Cat Rescue in Mesquite Texas! :)

  36. I would like to be entered into your giveaway!
    ykatrina at hotmail dot com