Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bring On The POOP!!

Yep! That was me yesterday. It happened. I was happily resting on my favorite blanket when Mom came over to me and said she had to have a "talk" with me. She told me that because I wasn't eating or pooping I was off to the V-E-T... AGAIN!

You guessed it. I had the "Big E"...they should call THAT the "Big Easy" cause not long after "Dr.Smiley's" gang (he was off yesterday planning his next assault on me) invaded my private spot....things began MOVING!! Boy did they MOVE!!! I HAD A HUGE POOP!! IT WAS SUPERB!  EPIC!  You would have to travel far and wide to find a more perfect poop!! On the "poop-o-meter" it TOPPED THE CHARTS!  So fine in fact, that the nice female doctor said she was so EXCITED that she was gonna TEXT "Dr.Smiley!" (If you ask me, that's pretty sick, wonder if she photographed it. Sure hope it doesn't turn up on Facebook!!)

Not long after the "poop that rocked the world" I came home. I ate a hearty dinner, snuggled alllll night on the couch with Mom, let my Sheltie brother kiss me and kiss me and even had my usual rabbit nightcap before bed!

This morning when Dad got up to feed me I was READY and WAITING! I ate EVERY BIT AND I WANTED MORE!

You are NOT gonna believe this my friends, Mom just got up to check and see if I have pooped yet this morning (boy does she ever need to get a LIFE!) and so far there isn't a poop in the pot!

If you excuse me, I think I better get my butt moving and get busy producing my next epic poop!!!

 I have had ENOUGH of the V-E-T for one week!

Stay tuned....

Thanks for all of your love, concern, advice and messages! Mom and I really appreciate it! We are sorry we haven't been able to visit many of you and hope to start visiting everyone again soon!!


  1. Cody, hurry up and make #2.. don't delay, because you don't want to give your mom any ideas for future road trips if you know what I mean....

  2. Hurrah for poop! The mom sure knows how it feels when we *go*.

    Tell her not to expect any more poop for 24 to 36 hours, though, since you were cleaned out.

    Here's hoping your system will be back to normal now, on its own!

  3. he he - at least you haven't lost your sense of humor thru all this. Still purring for you pal. Now get busy and poop!

  4. Come on Cody, you can do it! We're purring that everything comes out okay...and soon please!

  5. OMC! Never Thought I would say this, but thank Cod for the poops, Cody or else....hmmmm.....your mom will take you to the vet over and over again. You take care, man-friend! purrr...meow!

  6. Hope you've already made your second epic poop, Cody!

    We're so happy that you finished all your food and you WANTED more, that's a really good sign that you're back to normal.

    Please keep us updated about your poop!!!

  7. Sweet Cody! Me and Charlie have everything crossed that you do many more epic poops!!! Awwww please please get better and POOP Cody!! Big purrs and hugs to you! Take care

  8. glad you are feeling better....but we suggest you try this without v-e-t intervention from now on!!

  9. @hilary "future road trips" OMG I love it! lol

    @Random felines "v-e-t intervention" hehehe! Another good one!

    @Old Kitty and Charlie, I am doin' my best!!! Nothin' yet but maybe most of it came out yesterday! xoxoxo

    @Priscilla, nope not yet! I will keep you posted for sure! xoxoxo

    @Cat from Sydney well if it wasn't for Dr.Smiley insisting that we come in yesterday Mom wouldn't have. Lucky she did because they had taken XRays yesterday before the "E" and I had gotten considerably worse in just one day!

    @Brian, I'm workin' on it pal!!! xoxoxo

    @Mario you know if you keep laughin' it sure helps! xoxoxo

    @Artemisia thanks I was pretty proud myself!

    @Fuzzy Tales (((((hugs)))))) and THANK YOU for that info!!! I didn't think I was completely cleaned out but maybe I was! THANK YOU!! xoxoxo

  10. Hip hip hooray for epic poopies Cody.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  11. The truth is, we're all anxiously waiting to hear about every poop, and crossing our fingers for more and more poop!

  12. Thank goodness for epic poops
    Benny & Lily

  13. Cody! Way to goes!
    Keep letting the good times roll!
    Me was dancing the happy dance when me heard that everything came out OK

  14. @Hannah and Lucy you soooo made me laugh! Thank you! lol

  15. @Jenna...lmao! Only "cat people" can relate to that comment! I love it!! Your catball was a Godsend when Cody first became ill, that was his "go-to" napping spot! xoxoxo

    @Nellie well we aren't sure if "everything" came out but we are "moving" into the right direction! xoxoxo

    @Benny & Lily amen!

  16. Ohhh my, I had no idea anything was going on (or not going on as the case may be) with Cody. So glad to hear he is better and eating again, now for the next 1/2 of the battle. Give him a nice little chin scratch for me. Keep us all in the poop loop so we know all is well again. :)

  17. Oh, sweet Cody that was great but you got keep that poop going so get with it sweet boy! Hugs and nose kisses

  18. Yay Cody! I knew everything would come out all right. MOL Come out all right. Get it. *giggling* Anyway. Hugs to you pal. Hope you don't have to go back to the v-e-t for another 'E'.

  19. @Pumpkin Puddy thank you! I hope so too!!

    @Mumsy and Furkids, yeah Mom is getting nervous again cause I haven't pooped yet today. I'm too "pooped" to "poop!"

    @Coupon Queen, thank you! I won't feel better til he finally poops on his own at home! Thank you!

  20. Alright Cody - you better work something up there buddy or you might wind up having another "BIG E" and I just know you don't want that! Come on - you can do it - we all just KNOW you can; perhaps if you just scratch around in your litter box you'll get "inspired" !


  21. Glad to hear things are moving again. =O) Eat plenty of ruffage!

  22. It sounds like things are getting better, let's hope your next poop comes soon so that you don't have to go back to the vet!!

  23. O Cody you poor thing! Still its all over now (?) The indignity of it all talking about your poops all over the globe! Its all for the best though baby, trust yer mom

  24. Phew!!! Bet that was a relief Cody. Hope the next one soon follows on or you might end up like I did. The dreaded V E T sent me home with a box full of the E's for mum to administer. I put up a good fight let me tell you.

  25. Cody, with all that "input" there just HAS to be some output soon!! Let's hope it is Epic Poop #2. MOL. Or maybe we should just hope for normal??

  26. Cody
    We are so glad you are doing sooooo much better bring on da poops!

  27. Dude! Way to GO!!!!!
    Mommy was laffin' her fool head off. She is so embarrassing sometimes.
    Keep those trains rolling!

  28. I poop every other day so tell your Mom not to get upset if you don't poop today. Boy, talk about toilet humor! (at least you didn't have to have 4 E's like Herbie!)

  29. @Cathy Keisha...Cody's XRays were quite bad. Had we not had the enema yesterday it would have been quite a serious situation. It was a major backup (I was just making light of it). The vet thinks that not all of it came out, they are hopeful that whatever did come out will move the rest out. Hey if we can't have potty talk with our fellow cat lovers, who CAN we talk to?

    @Katnip Lounge....roflmao at YOU!!! "keep those trains rollin!" lol. Sorry I haven't been around all week. I have so much catching up to do (emails, etc.) If I can't get caught up in the next day or so I will for sure be back next week! I'm not deliberately ignoring anyone!

    @Abby I am eating real well but not pooping yet! Vet said if no poop Mom has to call Saturday... I better get poopin'!!! Love, Cody

    @Julia, Mom is PRAYING for "normal"...I barely ate since Sunday. Today was the first day I ate close to normally. Mom is hopeful!

    @Eric and Flynn OHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOO!!! What did your Mommy do??? OMG your Mommy is brave! There is no way in heck that my Mom could EVER do that! How did your Mommy do that? What caused yours? OMG!!! Mom and I are soooooooo sorry!!! xoxoxoxo

    @wockley, "global poops!!!" I love it!

    @CRichman we need more poops...otherwise it's back to the vet!

    @Stacy and Ellie, AMEN!

    @Michelle, not completely but we are hopeful!!

    @Sammy that is the BEST "Poop talk" or "pep talk!!" I have ever heard!!! I'll get poopin'!! Thanks pal!!

  30. Mom laughed out loud. Cody, I'm so glad you pooped, keep pooping for Mom. My Mom got excited when my poop got better after changing my food. Sorry we got behind here.
    xoxo Kassey

  31. I can only imagine how much better you must have felt once you got all that out of your system, Cody! I hope you get things moving on your own from now on!!

  32. wowzers! what poop-tastic post! sorry couldn't help the excitement over poops!
    glad your sheltie sibling missed you & was helping you to feel better. hope #2 is going better:)

  33. Oh please keep up the good work Cody buddy! We are happy you are eating again and we will continue to purr that everything will normalize and that you won't need any more vet trips.

  34. @Clooney I am trying to poop!! Well, actually Mom hasn't even seen me try. I am eating and eating but so far (as of Friday morning) NO POOP!! Mom is getting antsy again!

    @Grannymouse Tails so happy to make you laugh! lol. As of 7:20am Friday poop but he is eating like a little piglet!

    @Natalie...yeah but I still need to poop at home!

    @Sparkle...I think all of it isn't out...grrrr...the vet thought that too but thought that enough came out that he should start going on his own. So far, no poop yet :(

    @Kassey/GreatGranny don't feel bad! Mom hasn't been able to visit all week. She hopes to start visiting soon! Once she catches up with everything and if I would poop that would help. So glad to give you a laugh! xoxoxo

  35. Our mum used to be a veterinary nurse many years ago so she was able to do the dirty deed with help from dad holding me still. For some reason peristalsis stopped and I couldn't poop, I kept being sick and didn't want to eat. After 2 or 3 days of the evil E's things started moving on their own again so mum didn't have to use the complete box. It wasn't very nice and I was ill for 2 weeks. They never knew for sure what caused it. Possibly a viral infection or I may have eaten a sick mouse, may even have started with a hairball. I used to eat a lot of mousies but rarely do now.
    This is one of the posts made over the 2 weeks if you are interested.
    Purrs Eric

  36. @Eric and Flynn i am going to check out your post right now. No poop here yet. Just gave Cody about a teaspoon of pumpkin in his food at 4:30 praying that that works. Thank you for sending me your post xoxoxo

  37. Good job on your massive poop. Keep it coming! More poops please!!

  38. Oh Cody. I fear I am, too, officially one of those evil people. I just learned how to inflict the "E" on poor kitties and puppies on Thursday. Get better, poop more!

  39. Sometimes a good poop can make all the difference. Congrats!!! We are glad everything "worked out." hehe!

    xo Katie & Glogirly