Monday, October 3, 2011

No More Store Bought Cards For Me! Not Since I Found Greeting Card Universe!

I was first contacted by a lovely woman from Greeting Card Universe back in September. Before I visited their site I was skeptical, that didn't last long. After one visit, I was sold!

When I first agreed to do a review of their cards I was given the opportunity to select five free greeting cards. Four of these in this photo were what I selected. I chose the Holiday Card Category featuring Cats because whenever I would search in the stores for holiday cards that featured cats,  they were few and far between.

When the cards arrived I was so pleased that when it came time to order my Jewish New Year cards, rather than purchasing cards from the store, I chose to order my custom cards through Greeting Card Universe! Those were selected and purchased by me.

Also, when I first agreed to do a review of their cards I was not an affiliate for Greeting Card Universe. Guess what? As of Sunday, I am! I chose to become  an affiliate because I am more than satisfied with the selection of cards, the number of various card categories, the quality and the price. (If you wish to purchase any cards check out the widget on my side bar.)

I had become tired of purchasing cards at mainstream venues such as drug stores and grocery stores. My husband and I had a running joke of seeing how many cards we could purchase each year that were  duplicates of what we had given each other in the past!!
Thankfully those days are long gone!

You can "find any card imaginable!" on Greeting Card Universe. You can search or click through their categories. You can buy your cards "as is" or customize your cards with your own photos, verses, etc.

From Greeting Card Universe: "Producing high quality custom greeting cards has been Greeting Card Universe's goal from its inception in 2000. Greeting Card Universe is the world's largest online greeting card store. Personalize your own card and we'll ship it to you or directly to the recipient. Over 1000 new custom cards are added each day!"

Check out some of the categories of their cards! Within each topic you will find some of the most unique cards/categories that you have ever seen!


Festivus Cards

Diwali Cards

Persian New Year Cards

Ramadan Cards

Nurses Day Cards

and more!


Military Welcome Home Cards

Adoption Announcements

Surgery Get Well Cards

Divorce Announcements

Congratulations on your Boob Job Cards

Congratulations on Losing a Tooth Cards

So what are you waiting for? Start exploring Greeting Card Universe today!


  1. Aunty Caren,
    No more store bought cards for us as well as iPhoto has this gadget where we can design our own cards, using our own pix and then print it ourselves. Aren't we clever? purrr...meow!

  2. I like the last one...Made me LAF !!! HA ! HA ! HA!
    Thank you : )

  3. So cute!!! Me and Charlie are tittering (LOL!) at the "congratulations on your boob job cards" in the uncommon card bit!!

    Take care

  4. Sounds like theey have a great selection there and you soundd so happy to have found them. Hugs GJ x

  5. @cat from sydney, yes you ARE clever! Not everyone is as clever as you! :)

    @Ginger Jasper they do and I am!

    @Old Kitty LOL!! I loved that too! xoxoxo

    @Puddy so good to see you!!! I loved that too!!!!! xoxoxo Glad to make you laugh!

  6. A beautiful set of cards, they are wonderful!
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  7. Looks like some really first class stuff! I will check them out too!

  8. They have great Solstice cards! It's so hard to find them, everything is Christmas. I'll have to explore the site further, thanks!

    -Mom Kim

  9. what a great selection..seriously, and I love the kitty Menorah. :-)))

  10. Great review Caren!!!
    The cards look great! I really like this company, their cards are unique and better than any retail cards that I have seen!

  11. OMG...these cards look adorable. I love the Kitty Menorah.

  12. @Luna thanks much! We love them! I forgot to mention that I had ordered a TON of extras of my original 5 because I liked them so much!

    @Diane lol! Isn't that menorah just too hilarious? I love it too!

    @Jen thanks so much! I wish I had been like you though and used my own photos! Your review was FABULOUS!!! I have to agree that they are BETTER than any cards I have seen in the store. These are so unique, I love that they won't be duplicated too. The next ones I have to order are ones like you did w/my pet's photos on them! xoxoxo

  13. @Admiral Hestorb, I agree and I love the menorah too!

    @Kim, that is what I like about this site. Everything isn't the same "run of the mill" stuff. You can get hard to find things here and I just adore that. Let me know what you think once you check it out!

    @Brian so glad that you like them! They ARE first class! I LOVE to send cards and the cards on their site make me want to send more and more! You could even frame them if you wanted to!

  14. I send hand made photo cards. And I always wonder if I end up sending the same photo to the same person over and over. I should keep track!

  15. I will have to check this out and see what other wonderful cards that they have. Thanks for the information and also changing to pop up comments so I can visit.

  16. Love the kitty menorah! HAH! We may have to check out the surgery get well cards since Pop is going to have elbow surgery in 2 weeks.

  17. @Sharon handmade cards are great!!!!

    @Gracie oh they have the BEST cards!!! You are welcome! Glad you were able to comment without difficulty this time, nice to have you visiting! Thanks for bringing the problem to my attention!

  18. Hi Cathy! (and everyone who mentioned checking them out) I have a widget right below the PetFinder widget, you can check them out there if you would like to. I bet you could find a hilarious card for your Pop. I hope his surgery goes well! I love the Menorah card too!

  19. There is nothing like a personal greeting card rather than one of those generic ones from the store that you've seen/received a dozen times over. Plus my birthday is 3 days before christmas, so growing up my parents had terrible trouble trying to find me good cards as the stores were completely emptied out for xmas cards! At least buying online you get a good selection all year round!!

  20. Congratulations on your boob job cards? People actually send those? I have to go and look just to see that!

  21. @kitcaboodles I never thought about that with birthdays by Christmas, birthday cards being hard to find. That is a good point!

    @houndstooth, I know!! Do you believe it? I guess there is a card for everything!

  22. The cat menorah is just hilarious!!!

  23. Yay, Caren & Cody, we can comment! Thank Cod! Those are such cute cards, sounds like an amazing site we will have to go by.

  24. Those cards look great!

  25. Oh my goodness..the 'kitty menorah' card is hilarious! I'm going to have to check this site out!

    I stopped buying holiday cards years ago. May have to start getting some again :-)

  26. @Clooney YAY!! I changed to pop up comments and that seems to be helping everyone out! YAY!!

    @chocolate angel I used to feel the same, either I was sick of what I was getting or stopped completely. These have me buying them again!

    @Abby and gang, they are!

    @Cat lol!! I know! I can't wait to give those out this year, should be interesting because I am giving them to DOG PEOPLE! lol

  27. Ha ha ha @ the Kitteh Menorah. I do not think *I* would volunteer for THAT duty! Ha ha ha!


  28. These are really cool! I love that Kitty Menorah one.

  29. Very cool! We'll have to check these out!!

    (FYI...The PAWS Clinic is in Taylor. They worked so hard getting it up and running!)

  30. I shall check these out! Thanks Caren!
    Nellie's Mom

  31. What a fabulous find!! I'm definitely going to be ordering several of these... :) xoxo

  32. @Spitty, MOL!!

    @GlamKitty YAY!!! You will have to let me know what you think! xoxoxo

    @Nellie's Mom I think you will love them! You have a great sense of humor and I know you can find some funny ones!

    @The Island Cats, ohhh darn, Taylor is a little far from me, we got Dakota in Taylor. I think that PAWS clinic is a WONDERFUL idea!!

    @Pup Fan me too! They have doggie ones as well which I bet you already noticed! :)

  33. Hello Caren & Cody! What a wonderful blog by a fantastic tabby cat and their delight human companion! I'm a fan, having a silver tabby myself :-)
    I am one of Greeting Card Universe's artists and just wanted to stop by and give a cheer as I'm always happy when we manage to convert another cool cat over to our greeting card store! Thank you for sharing Cody with all of us!

  34. Doreen I first want to say how your comment totally made my day! Thank you! You ARE a kindred spirit having a silver tabby yourself!
    It is a complete pleasure to meet you!
    Your work is wonderful and I am proud/honored to feature Greeting Card Universe as a permanent fixture on the side of my blog. I am completely smitten!
    Cody and I send lots of love!