Friday, October 28, 2011

Thank You "Doggies and Stuff" and Calico Dragon!

Yep you read that correctly! I said THANK YOU to Doggies and Stuff!!

I know, I know this is a CAT blog but I spend many hours trolling around the Internet, between helping Mom with this blog and sticking my whiskers into my brother's business on his blog, so occasionally I stop by the woofie websites to give 'em some paw hugs, an occasional whack and also  to do some general catting around.

I was doing just that when I found a great contest that was sponsored by Doggies and Stuff. For those not familiar, Doggies and Stuff is:

"Doreen's digs and disses, reviews and give-aways on doggie products, eco-friendly and organic products, health and beauty and more!"

The give-away I entered was:  Calico Dragon, Bags With A Mission:
Mom was blown away by the quality of this bag

Mom said to tell you that  the photos do NOT do this bag justice! When Mom opened it she said she was delighted by the quality as well as the roominess of the bag (there is one zippered pocket and 3 open pockets inside and a zippered main enclosure)

Each of Calico Dragon's bags send a powerful message about various causes. In the case of the bag Mom won, the front says "Love Me, Love My Cat" the back says "Peace Love Adopt"

From Doggies And Stuff: A portion of the profits for each bag that is sold is donated to the following select charities, which are also listed on their website:

Take a moment and check out Doggies and Stuff AND Calico Dragon  and tell them that the "Codester" from Cat Chat sent ya!


  1. The bag is so pretty! I'll make sure my mom check Doggies and Stuff out right after this.

    I think I should have one and it has to say 'Love me, Love my Sheltie' LOL! Just saying...

    ~ Eva

  2. hello, thanks for visiting us. We love the bag and will go over now to visit the site...Love Darcy and Bingley xx

  3. WOW - that is quality work isnt' it. Thanks for sharing that with us.

  4. Whoa! Even Nikki can fit into that bag. Errr...could she? purrr....meow!

  5. Oh wow! It's pink, it's got a beautiful kitty, it's gorgeous!! Yay for your mum, lovely Cody!! Take care

  6. Oh Dog! What a really cool bag. And pink is just June Buggie's color.

  7. @Eva I agree with you...ohhhh...I have something coming up next month that DOES say "Love Me, Love My Sheltie" but you have to wait for me to tell you! xoxo

    @rumpydog you need to check them out for June Buggie!!

    @Old Kitty it is purrfect! Thank you! Love to you and Charlie!

    @Cat from Sydney if Nikki could fit in (Which I think she could) it would be even more purrfect!)

    @Mario it is and thank you!!

    @Purrfect Haven thank you!!! Thank you for visiting us! You are welcome we loved visiting you!

  8. Move over kitties here comes Doggies & Stuff
    Benny & Lily

  9. What a great bag! Mommy has a bunch of artist made bags and she loves them! Wes looked a these and Mommy has one on her christmas wish list, now she can send your review to my brother about how good theys is!
    PS, Daddy loves all the messages people has been leaving. Mommy says he is feeling a little better, but he will be in the hospital for a while yet

  10. Being a lady who loves bags, cats and pink, I HAVE to have that bag!!!!!! lol

  11. That bag looks awesome! Congrats to your Mom, Cody!

  12. Those Calico bags are really cool!

  13. @Pup Fan we think so too!

    @Cynthia thanks so much!

    @Caroscat go for it! You will adore this!

    @ Nellie (((((hugs)))) we know how busy your Mom has to be and it is so sweet of you to stop by and say hi! I think Santa should bring your Mommy that bag for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sending (((((hugs))))) to your Daddy! and to all of you!

    @Benny and Lily roflmao!!!!!! Good one!