Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Kitty Toy Paradise!! Compliments of The Moderncat Studio Etsy Shop "treats and toys for stylish felines"

Today is "Thankful Thursday" and I have to send a HUGE THANK YOU to Kate Benjamin of Moderncat and the Moderncat Studio Etsy Shop!  A few weeks ago I received the most catabulous box of goodies from Kate, I just couldn't believe my eyes!

Mom is captivated by the color/quality of all of the toys and the fact that they are made out of materials that aren't harmful to me.

I love them because I can swat 'em, chase 'em, carry 'em, put the bitey on 'em,  bunny kick 'em and just have a catabulous time with 'em!

Look at all of these great toys!
They are all available on the
  Moderncat Studio Etsy Shop!

Moderncat's own
super potent catnip!
You are gonna LOVE this one!

My Modkicker!!
"ModKickers are a must-have in any moderncat household. These designer toys are a favorite with the felines. Perfect for bunny kicking, attacking, and snuggling, these cat toys are stuffed with organic catnip and polyfill for extra kick. Made with sturdy designer fabrics in mod patterns and colors, you won't mind seeing these scattered around your house.

This listing is for one small ModKicker measuring approximately 2.5" x 4.5" in aqua, chocolate, and cream striped fabric with cream felt trim."

Designed and made by Kate Benjamin

has a super cool natural look
this is one of my favorite videos
because Cody grabs the Bamboleo
and makes a get-away with it!
" Bamboleos (Spanish for rock, roll, and wobble) turn recycled wine corks into stylish little toys that cats love. Each one is handmade using natural cork, sturdy cotton twine, and felt endcaps stuffed with fine-grind organic catnip. Babmoleos are the perfect size for chasing and carrying"

Designed and made by Gerda Lobo exclusively for Moderncat Studio.
The Atomic Flyer
Wait til you see me grab this! MOL!
Cody's reaction to this great toy
is priceless!

"Only for the coolest cats, these hip little toys will be a new favorite! Cut from thick 100% Merino wool, in vibrant non-toxic retro colors, each toy is the perfect size and shape for zipping across the floor. Merino wool is an eco-friendly, all natural, renewable material that appeals to cats"

Designed and made by Kate Benjamin.

Jingle Jute Bomb!
Is 'da BOMB!!

"If your kitty prefers a little jingle with his jostle, then our new Jingle Jute Bombs are just for him! We took our popular Jute Bomb and added a little silver bell inside so when kitty shoots this toy across the floor it's extra fun.

Just like our regular Jute Bombs, these little textured treats will have kitty leaping and pouncing all over the place. The kitty-sized spheres are the perfect size for tossing and carrying around."

Designed and made by Kate Benjamin.
Lynks Felted Wool Cat Toys

"Lynks felted wool cat toys are a favorite with finicky felines. Crocheted from 100% Peruvian Highland wool and felted several times to get the perfect texture that kitties love. The ideal size and shape for carrying and batting around, we guarantee that these toys will mysteriously appear in different places every time you turn your head. Choose from a variety of rich color combos. The best thing about these cat toys: they don't hurt when you step on them in the middle of the night!"

Machine washable in cold water, tumble dry.

Designed and made by Gerda Lobo 

Felt Roller

"Perfect for chasing, pouncing, and flinging, these hip little kitty toys will please both you and your cat. Made simply with sewn felt, each sphere measures 2 inches in diameter and comes in a cool two-tone color combo."

Designed and handmade by Kate Benjamin.

I am so tired from playing with
all of these great toys
I think I need a nap
See my Lynk Cat toy
that is going to take a nap with me?

I brought my felt roller
with me to take a nap too!

Please be sure to visit the Moderncat Studio Etsy Shop. Each month a different cat related charity is selected to receive 5% of the total sales for that month.

That's kitty toys for a good cause!

Thank you Kate for allowing Mom and I to have such a fun playtime together!! Dakota was at the groomer so we had the living room all to ourselves to enjoy Kate's toys!

You can see that I loved these toys and now that the camera isn't "rolling" I can play with them with complete and total abandon!

We were not compensated for this review. We received toys from Moderncat Studio Etsy Shop to test/review. 


  1. Wow Cody! You really went nuts over those toys! And I don't blame you - we have a selection of Moderncat toys and we love them too!

  2. Whoa! Cody, you must be in kitty toy haven! purrr....meow!

  3. @Sparkle aren't they just the BEST!? The colors are just wonderful too and Mama loves how safe they are for kitties!

    @Cat from Sydney yes I am!!!

  4. Great review. I love all the pictures so I can see the products in action. Thanks for the heads up on all that new stuff.

    pawhugs, Max

  5. @Max thanks so much. You know how hard it can be to get cats to cooperate! lol. I really put a lot of time into my reviews and when I read comments like yours I deeply appreciate it! You are most welcome! xoxoxo

  6. Good review Cody. There are a couple of things there that I told M like like to have. (hint hint M!) Maybe for Christmas!

  7. Great toys and it was nice to see Cody enjoying them!!! I absolutely love Etsy and am on the site all the time! You can find anything there, it is an amazing collection of artisans and creative things!!!

  8. Those look like terrific toys. Cody you sure did a great job showing us how much fun they are to play with. Have a great day.

  9. Wow! you've a huge toy collection, Cody. Those toys look so interesting and fun. I'd go crazy if I got a chance to play with them.

    I hear that Dakota was at the groomer, hope he was safe and sound. Guess he smells like flowers and perfume now, LOL!

    Eva xxx

  10. @mario thank you! I should have put prices on this, they are super reasonably priced! I bet Santa will bring them for you because you are such a good kitty!

    @Eva you know what? Dakota didn't come back smelling from here to high heaven with perfume this time! MOL! Lucky he wasn't home for my review, we can't play in the living room with him here, he would EAT the toys. MOL! xoxoxo

    @Marg thanks so much! Mom said yesterday I have to "earn my keep" case of Royal Canin Rabbit from the vet was over $50!! Mom wasn't happy MOL!

    @Cat I couldn't agree more! They have wonderful items there! I could stay there all day!

  11. These are the best made cat toys I've seen anywhere. Ruby and Allegra go nuts for the Bamboleo and the Lynks, and they're having fun training me to retrieve the Atomic Flyer from underneath furniture after they've shoved it under there!

  12. Those toys look fun and different.

    Re your comment about Jack: I also read on the facebook page about the vet saying he had a 50/50 chance. However the person posting on facebook felt the vet was being cautious and believed his chance was better than that. Can't imagine what it was like for him for 2 months. What a miracle he is even alive at all. We will purr hard for him to pull through.

  13. Wow Cody you had some great toys to try out.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  14. My cats are more casual than stylish. But they said that they would love and play with any new toys.

  15. @Amin thank you!

    @Sharon I think these toys ARE casual AND stylish! :)

    @Two French Bulldogs yes I know! I am a lucky kitty!

    @Hannah and Lucy wish you could come over and play with me!

    @Simba I soooo pray he pulls through! I think with everyone purring and praying, he will!

    @Ingrid lmao at Ruby and Allegra training you! I think Cody took their class because he swats everything in the most hard-to-reach places! I agree with you about these being the best made toys anywhere. I am super particular about cat toys and these are superb. BTW THANK YOU again for posting those springs on your blog, Cody ADORES them!

  16. Cody,

    What great kitteh toys all of dem is! :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  17. I am so purring for Jack. Thank Heaven he was found at last gnat poor baby! I hope the airline is paying for his care!!

  18. Aww, great post! That picture of you all tired from playing is totally adorable. :)

  19. That is one amazing haul of fun stuff!

  20. Looks like you had a fun time with the new toys, those are great!

  21. Hi Caren & Cody,

    I want an Atomic Flyer for Christmas! Meanwhile, happy Halloween to you both!

  22. Wow!! Cody!!! You've hit the jackpot with all these amazing toys!! Me and Charlie love how you give them all your full concentration!! Yay!!!

    Enjoy your nap! take care

  23. Cody, you are the best and luckiest toy tester ever! We like all things natural, so these would be a hit with us.

  24. Aw, we LOVE all of the videos of Cody in action! Some a handsome man cat.

  25. we really like the Modern Cat toys but alas we don't have any. Maybe Santy Paws will bring us some. They look fun and there are a lot of options for different kitty play styles. Cody, just be sure and keep yours away from Dakota :D

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  26. @Maggie Mae I am so lucky and yep these are great toys!

    @Cara you are right! My Mom waited to bring them out til Dakota was at the vet! We couldn't have played in the living room if he had been home :)

    @Luxington thank you! My fave is Cody running with the one toy in his mouth and grabbing the other :)

    @Layla thank you sooo much! Mom liked these too for the same reason. Nice and safe, no plastic thingies, beautifully made, you would love them!

    @Old Kitty, My Mom liked your comment so much because she says that ever since I was a kitten I focused on and stared at EVERYTHING and I still do! xoxoxo to you and Charlie!

    @Quasi hope Santa brings you one! Happy Halloween to you too!

    @Stacy and Ellie thank you we loved them!

    @Brian thank you! I was thrilled!

    @Weetzie thank you soooo much! Mom liked the video (the last one) where I drop the toy and don't even bother to pick it up. MOL!

    @Admiral Hestorb hell YES the airline had better be paying for Jack's care! I also pray he pulls through this. What a tough kitty!

  27. Those are some wonderful toys you got to play with. We love the videos of you playing. I love to play, but as soon as Mom picks up a toy to play with me (except for the wand toys) I refuse to play with it again, and Cody will only play with Mom under the cover of hiding behind the couch.

    Cody and Gracie

  28. these toys are so lovely! Love ModernCat, the Jute Toy looks like a must have!


  29. MeWowZa...People say us CRex are energetic, but you and those toys top our enthusiasm big time! You are a great spokescat for those toys!

  30. I got some Kate's toys before and weee love them too! they are the bestest!!!

  31. Holy Moly, Cody! You hit the jackpot on theese one! No wonder you needed a nap! We enjoyed seeing all those incredible toys and your demonstrations of them. They are really high quality and creative toys that's for sure.

  32. @Cody and Gracie, I understand because I am very much the same. You notice how short the videos are? lol

    @Clooney yep they are high quality and creative! I am STILL tired from playing! MOL!

    @Natalie yep, they are!

    @Goma yes they are! Mom & I love them!

    @Teri awwww that was soooo sweet of you! I am rarely energetic! I am a lazy boy!

    @Abi yes they are!! We love Kate!