Monday, October 10, 2011

Book Revew: Grady the Gray Cat Gets Adopted AND Grady the Gray Cat Gets a toy Fire Truck, Written by Lori A. Moore, Illustrations By Justin Stier

I wish Grady would come
out of this book so we
could play!

Happy Monday everyone! It's Cody and I am so excited to tell you about a book that I read this weekend with my Mom! Actually the COOL THING is it's "TWO, TWO, TWO BOOKS IN ONE!!" Wait a few and I will tell ya!
I love you Grady,
you are GRAY like ME!

One of the reasons I was excited to read these books is because the star of the books is, what else? A GRAY KITTY!! A gray kitty named "Grady!"

The first book I read was Grady the Gray Cat Gets Adopted
Hey!  I'm gray and I was adopted!!

"Grady is a little gray cat,
Whose home was a cage in a store where he sat.
He wanted to live with a mom and a dad.
'Cause living alone made him very sad."

I remember when I lived
in a cage and was sad too.

Mom and I loved this book because it reminded us of the day that Mom adopted me and I went to live with she and Daddy. The story is about Grady being adopted and going to live   with his new Mom and Dad and his kitty sisters and realizing just how much he is loved. It talks about all of the fun things that he does during the day which is shown in beautiful illustrations done by Justin Stier.

Then, when you finish that story you see:

And...look on the bottom right corner of the cover!

See? I told ya it is TWO BOOKS IN ONE!

The second book is Grady the Gray Cat Gets a toy Fire Truck, it also has catabulous illustrations created by Justin Stier.

"Grady's uncle is a fireman, and he brought him a new toy.
His uncle liked to bring things for his little nephew boy.
His uncle's name was Andy, and he was a fire captain.
He would tell Grady stories about the fires that had happened."

Grady learned all about what fire trucks do  and he would pretend he was sliding down a fire pole!

I loved these books because of the gray kitty Grady, but Mom especially loved them because they both have a distinct message about kindess, being good and feeling loved. They are written for children ages 5-8 and make the pawfect bedtime story because they are a super fast read. Don't let the "fast" part fool ya though, they are fun, thought provoking and charmingly engaging!

Here is a special treat for you! This is the ACTUAL Grady that the books were written about!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Lori A. Moore lives in Kentucky with her husband and their three cats. She never imagined she would be a published author. She worked 25+ years in "Corporate America" and she serves as an adjunct professor for several universities, both online and in the classroom.

ISBN: 978-1-61739-048-7
Cover and Interior Design by Chris Webb
Published by Tate Publishing & Enterprises, LLC

In full disclosure, my Mom and I were not compensated for this review. We received a copy of the book to read/review. All opinions are our own.


  1. Cody! Aren't you lucky to have a Mom that reads you such books!!? How cool. That looks like a brilliant book (I just know how much I as a child would have loved the surprise book inside the book) and what lovely stories. I love the fact that someone would think to write that for children - so important. They should be distributed everywhere in this country (Greece) to change the mindset of children and adults (most importantly). Happy Monday to you and Mom too Cody.
    Hugs from all your kitty friends in Greece.

  2. Great Book! Thanks for the review!

  3. That's cool Cody ! Two Book in One !
    and I'm so happy for you and your mom found the book which brought up your good memory..That's sweet : )

  4. Hi Caren, it's me Imoe!! ShanQ fur visiting my blog and leaving your comment! It's my turn to visit your blog!! that children book(right?) about cat is great info for me, we have a child purrson at home, and she needs books, she likes me, Imoe the cat, mom always wants to teach her about homeless cats/dogs, so I think I am going to get the books fur her.

  5. such a cute book!! Awwwwww and Grady is even cuter!! Yay!! Thanks for the intro to this wonderful fun book, Caren! Take care

  6. @Gods little people you are so right! What fun for kids to see a book within a book! Our love to you in Greece as well! xoxoxo

    @Old kitty hi and thank you!!! Hope you and Charlie have a great day! xoxoxo

    @imoe thanks so much for stopping by! Glad to see you! Yes this is a children's book (it is two books in one!) I think your child purrson would love it! That is so sweet of you Imoe to get it! have a great day!

    @Mr Puddy thanks my pal! I was also happy cause there are no gray cats in books, til this one! xoxoxo

    @Nellie thank you!! I hope you have a great day! xoxoxo

  7. Thanks for the book review. It looks like a great book... Gray cats rock!

    pawhugs, Max

  8. The two books in one idea is a great one!

    Julie daughter always loved her animal books (she now has three cats!) and carried them with her everywhere. If there are two books in one volume, then there are always two stories to keep close!

    Hugs and hooray for Lori! Thanks for sharing the book, Caren & Cody!

    Tom & Julie

  9. Well now there's another book M is going to have to get for me. Thanks for the recommendation Caren.

  10. What a sweet theme for a book, I'm curious now!
    Thanks for the review!
    Luna and mammy Léia

  11. My mom has been so lazy lately. I do hope she can read me books like your mom does to you, Cody. You're so lucky!!!

  12. That sure looks like such a cute book. Thanks for telling us about it especially since you were adopted too. Being in those cages is not any fun at all. Have a great day. Take care.

  13. Mommy says SHE wants to review books--it looks like TOO MUCH fun!
    Grady is a wonderful story.

  14. Am sticking my head in hoping Caren is still talking to me after my Beatles revelation???

    Just wanted to say that Grady should be called Linus as he loves his blanket so much lol. Sweet :)

  15. Those look like great books. I love that they are all in one!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  16. @Max so glad that you liked it! Yes! Gray cats DO rock!

    @Oskar my Mom and I loved that too! We thought it was so clever!

    @CATachresis lol! Of course I still am talking to you! lol!!! I just won't think about it! (kidding!) OMG I know about Grady! Didn't you just love that he had the blanket in his mouth!?

    @Katnip Lounge, it is fun!! Just time consuming depending on the book but my Mom and I really enjoy it!

    @Marg so happy that you liked it! My Mom and I loved that one of the stories focused on adoption, so clever and so cute! You have a great day too!

    @Priscilla/Eva my Mom is the QUEEN of lazy!!! She barely plays w/me but yeah she does read books with me! :)

    @Luna and Leia, Mom and I loved the theme too! They truly are adorable books!

    @Mario we hope so!! It is a great little kids book! :)

    @Father Tom and Julie I just loved your story! So cute about your daughter carrying her animal books with her everywhere and now she has 3 cats! She was a true animal lover from the very beginning! Have a wonderful day! xoxoxo

  17. Oh Grady is adorable!! I just sat and watched the whole minute and a half of him kneading that blankie... and with it in his mouth the whole time too... squee =^..^=

  18. @Kitcaboodles I know isn't he? I love how he had that blanket in his mouth! lol

  19. Wow! How cool! I like that Grady kitty.

  20. What an adorable book, we like the two books in one idea. This would be a great book to help teach children about having pets.

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing the smiles. Looks like we are already following you.

    Purrs & Kitty Kisses,
    Cindi Lou and The Kitty Krew

  21. What a cute book! I wish I had been more in touch with sweet cat books when my kids were little. I don't even think we had internet til they were a little older...

  22. cody - sounds like you had a great ole time... Quality time with mom & a good book? Does it get any better?

  23. We loved your review and gray cats. Turning the book upside down fro a surprise is clever since young kids love doing that.

  24. thanks so much everyone! I am sorry I am behind on responding to your wonderful comments (they are MOST appreciated!)

    Was at the Lions game last night and didn't get home til after 1...I am soooooo behind!

    THANK YOU!!!

  25. What a sweet book. I have read about it and now I actually think I may get it simply for myself (well, mommy, really...she is easily pleased..)

  26. Looks like a sweet book, and I knew Cody was smart but reading already is just very advanced....LOL

  27. That sounds like such a sweet book, love the flip-around and the illustrations look great.