Saturday, October 22, 2011

What Do Cats Really Think? 250 cat owners asked and Sonya Fitzpatrick answered. Check out the insights.

The TEMPTATIONS® Brand joined forces with
Famed Animal Communicator Sonya Fitzpatrick
to help cat owners understand and create a better
relationship with their pets by uncovering the truth
about what cats really think.

Out of 1,171 entries, 250 photos were selected for
this survey. Sonya drew insight from looking at the
cats’ photos and answered the four most popular
questions asked by cat owners. The results are
presented here.

What Do Cat Owners Really Want to Know?

250 cat owners asked and Sonya Fitzpatrick answered.
 Check out the insights.

What is your favorite thing to do? Hobby?

Over 50% answered that their cat's favorite thing to do was roam!! A close second at 20.88 % was napping/sleeping.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

48.97% said getting wet.  The second biggest pet peeve? 27.98% said being woken from sleeping or napping.

How often do you like being treated? (As in getting treats to "nom" on!)

45.2 % said right now!! 27.60% said ALWAYS!

What is your favorite thing to do with your human companion?

At 52.02% taking naps together came in first, followed by, sitting and talking with me on the couch 28.23%.

Sonya Fitzpatrick
As seen on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Sonya

Fitzpatrick aims to help pets and the people who love them
become closer. Her intuition and animal expertise has
rendered her famous as both an author and communicator.
Her clients include pet lovers like you and celebrities. You
can learn more about her at
“People are starting to understand that pets do have a
language and are always trying to communicate with us,
just like in any interpersonal relationship. This survey gave
me the opportunity to connect with many cats at one time
to get a better understanding of how they think and give pet owners the real scoop"

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  1. I am an intuitive also! I intuitively know when June Buggie is on a tear and get outta the way!

  2. My goodness. I love routine..I love seeing that mommy adhers to routine where I'm concerned and I love to nap and sleep near or on her. I detest getting wet too. Ewwwww, and don't do that again, please and thank you, Mom.

  3. I think Charlie agrees with these survey results! LOL! Take care

  4. Cute stuff! It's funny that kitties hate getting wet so much, yet they LOVE to dip their paws in my drinking glass, play with the water in the toilet, sit in the wet sink, and stir their water bowl with their paws and make giant waves that end up as a puddly mess on the floor... is there any answer as to why they do that?!!

  5. I think I've heard her show on Sirius radio.

  6. Great idea and great post, CatChat! Bocci claims that he can't figure out what the heck Bella is thinking-especially when she swats him!

  7. At The Lounge, "Irritating Your Siblings" would prolly take first place!

  8. thanks everyone for stopping by! Sorry I haven't been around for a few days, the birthday celebration continues!! I should be back around visiting everyone on Monday (I hope!)

  9. I hate it when Mom purrposely flings water drops on me if I'm behind her at the sink. That was NOT in her training. pffffssst
    xoxo Kassey

  10. Oh we have Temptations over here too, Sookie and Mr Darcy come running for them! Hope you are enjoying our birthday celebrations :)

  11. I enjoyed reading this Q & A! I think my boys definitely want to be treated right now! And they like to talk with me :-)

  12. Caren, I rescuedan abused/neglected cat from a shelter. When I brought him home he hid under the bed and I had to feed him on a paper plate and slide it under the bed same with the water in a tupperware thing. He only came out to potty and went right back. It's been several years and now he is confident and cuddly. I look at him sometimes and it brings tears to my eyes knowing he finally feels safe. I often wonder exactly what he went through, and I'm just so lucky to have him be part of my life and family.

  13. I like to be CLOSE TO but never ON my Human. Also, I am definitely a main meal guy--I never met a treat I would eat. I really enjoy the fact that the Human has spent half her 401k buying different ones for me to try, MOL!

  14. Hmmmmm! It's Temptations that Austin goes literally crazy for! I had to stop him eating them lol

  15. We love to nap, eat and play in that order. We do love to go outside. Great post. Thanks for that info.

  16. I really take my hat off to Sonya - I admire anyone who takes the time to try and sense/feel/translate what an animal is trying to communicate. And they so obviously do. I love taking time trying to sense and register what a given cat might want to communicate. I guess it's been a lot of trial and error but they for sure have their own subtle ways of letting us know - if only we want to listen. Great feature!!

  17. My boys would probably agree with the survey, although Sammy would say his biggest pet peeve is being combed and brushed.
    Deborah Julian

  18. Interesting! We don't roam; we snitch! LOL!