Thursday, July 7, 2011

Catnip Toys By KONG!!

When you hear or see the name KONG, if you are like me your first thoughts are that KONG creates and manufactures durable and fun pet toys.
KONG Misfits

You may also think of DOG toys, not cat toys because most of us are just familiar with the fact that KONG makes some of the best dog toys around.

You can kick the above mentioned, antiquated thought to the curb because KONG has added CATNIP toys to their itinerary.

Cody and I were excited to be given the opportunity of testing/reviewing two catnip toys by KONG.

The first toy that Cody and I  tested was called KONG Misfits (on the package the last "s" is written backwards, so cute!)
The two "Misfits" lol

From the description on the package: "The blend of textures on the KONG Misfits tempts cats to play. The long braided limbs allow cats to claw, paw, carry and kick the KONG Misfits, and the soft plush body invites snuggling and cudding. A generous portion of KONG's premium North American catnip helps entice play and gives the successful hunter an added reward."

Mom's review:
Colorful, adorable, clever, durable, darling name, unique. I was excited to have Cody play with it. Contained nothing that he could choke on or otherwise hurt himself with. To me it had WINNER written all over it.

Cody's Review:
I am less than enthused. There doesn't seem to be much of a catnip scent because I looked at it for about 2 seconds and walked away. It could be due to the fact that Mom likes it so much that I don't. It may also be a case where I won't be playing with it now, but 3 months from now when I find it in my toy basket it will be the hottest thing in town. You know how we cats are. You love it, we don't. Or, we will decide we love it when WE want to love it.
KONG Tennis Ball Fish

The other toy that Cody tested was the KONG Tennis Ball Fish.  Once again from the description on the package: "The Tennis Ball Fish combines a cat-sized tennis ball with soft plumes of feathers, tempting your cat to stalk and chase this toy." It also contains catnip.

Cody's Review:
I LOVED this toy! I actually played with it for more than 5 minutes. I could smell the catnip (Mom thinks) in this one because I played and played with it! I wrestled it, I chewed it, kicked it, I tried to keep eating the feathers!! We have a WINNER!!!!

Mom's Review:
Love the bright almost neon green color (the color makes it easy to find this toy  in a sea of other toys!), it is incredibly clever the way the "fish" is constructed out of the tennis ball and feathers. It is also highly durable. Downside, did I mention the feathers? Feathers make me nervous, at least with Cody. He EATS them. He doesn't just nibble them. He grunts, chomps and completely tries to inhale them.  He cannot be left alone with a toy that has feathers on them, if he is, the toy will be "de-feathered" in no time. I have concerns as to what feathers would do to a cat's digestive tract because this toy is QUITE feathery and the feathers are in long, wispy, thin strands. It could just be my personal paranoia, but they make me nervous. As Cody said, he LOVES this toy!
laser-eyed, feather-chomping Cody
loving on his KONG Tennis Ball Fish
All in all I definitely would suggest checking out these two toys. Every cat is different, what bores one may easily send another into a frenzy of feline frenetic fun. Each cat Mom is unique as well. What might make one Mom nervous, may have no affect on another. KONG has an excellent reputation for well constructed, creative products. With the name KONG behind the toys, I doubt you can go wrong.
Cody still chomping away
on the KONG Tennis Ball Fish

If you would like to read other reviews of these toys, please visit Pet Pitch USA, and if you would like more information, or wish to view the entire KONG Cat product line, please visit

In full disclosure, Cody and I received no compensation for this review. Cody benefited from receiving some FUN new toys to test/review and I reap the reward of relishing watching him play with at least ONE of them!


  1. Hey, these toys are great mainly the green ball fish!
    I'm sure you enjoy it!Beautiful pictures,

  2. They need to make itty-bitty versions of these toys for small kitties who like to toss things around... like me!

  3. Aunty Caren,
    Mama says she hasn't seen these at the shops here. Will give it a try. She's quite concerned about the feather too. har har har *evil laughs*

  4. It's wonderful to see you having such a fun time with Kong toys, lovely Cody! Yay! Take care

  5. Austin's mum here. I'm with you Caren on the feather issue. Austin devours them. He must think it's home delivered budgie or something.

    Austin says the only Kong he knows is the one with King on the front. So he's outta here!! lol

  6. These look so fun, by the glazed over look in Cody's eyes...LOL

  7. @Luna yep the green ball fish was definitely Cody's fave!

    @Diane, I love the glazed look too lol

    @Caro lol about Austin and the "home delivered budgie" lol!!

    @Old Kitty he had a blast! We hope you and Charlie have a great day!

    @Amin thank you!

    @Cat-from-Sydney, ohhhh you are soooo bad! xoxoxo

    @Sparkle, I am glad you mentioned that. I was thinking along similar lines but didn't mention it and probably should have. I am thinking that maybe they should be just a little bit least the Misfit one, I am thinking the size might be a detriment for some cats. It is a little larger (more like a dog toy) as you can see in the photo. Have a great day!

  8. Hmmm, I didn't even know Kong made cat toys. Thanks for sharing this info. Hugs

  9. That tennis ball fish looks like great fun... Love the feathers.

    pawhugs, Max

  10. M has looked at KONG toys in the stores, but always stayed away from them as she didn't think they would appeal to me. Maybe she'll try one some time just to see.

  11. We love catnip toys at our house, but the fevvers would make mama nervous too. Kit plays wif his purple fevver-butt mousie, but that has just a few, furry short fevvers.

  12. Bet our kitty friend would love that thing
    Benny & Lily

  13. @chancy yep they do! Good quality ones at that!

    @Benny and Lily I bet they would!

    @Athena yep your Mom sounds like my Mom for sure! I hope that Kit is feeling better!

    @Mario I would give one a try. Cody loves the green one!

    @Max OMG your boys will LOVE the tennis ball! I bet they would have a riot together!

  14. I'm not surprised the feathery toy was a hit. You know kitties love birds. Don't worry about the feathers. The only ones I don't like are artificially bright dyed ones. The other toy is cute but looks more like a dog toy.

  15. Jax and Max say, "Please ask our mama to look into the cost of these new toys. We've lost the mouse you were so kind to send to her other cat. She's still looking under furniture, but so far she hasn't found it. wish her luck!"

  16. I'm soooooo jealous that you and Cody get to test all these really cool things!!! I think the feather tennis ball toy would be a pretty big hit here.

  17. @Julia you silly!!!! We are very grateful when we are lucky enough to test things that we really like! :) I am sure the tennis ball would be a big hit there!

    @Scrappy Grams, I think they are $5.99 each? Something like that? I remember reading that...I am fairly certain but if you visit the website (I have the link in the blog) I imagine the prices would be there for sure, the price is also listed on the Pet Pitch USA blog (link is in the second to the last paragraph I believe)

    @Cat Wisdom 101 I agree about the Misfit toy. (Maybe that is why it is called Misfit lol, it looks more like a dog toy than a cat toy! lol). The feathers on this are also rather bright, a bright green....Cody LOVES them...I have to supervise him with it because no matter what, they are going to make me nervous. BTW I am LOVING your blog, it is SUPERB...a true GEM!

  18. Greaat reviews Cody. I didn't like my Kong duck that looks just like George the Duck either because I couldn't really smell the nip. I've always preferred Spot toys to Kong. That tennis ball fish does look interesting. I'll have to see if Nip&Bones has it cos I have a gift certificate there.

  19. Actually the look like lots of fun to me!

  20. Kong makes great toys. Ruby and Allegra are particularly partial to their pink Wubba!

  21. H'mmm. Bogey will be interested in checking these out.


  22. @Cathy Keisha thanks so much!! Wow Kong has a duck!? I bet Dakota would like that! MOL!! Yeah I couldn't smell the nip very well either. Just on the tennis ball. My Mom has never bought Spot toys before. She might check them out. We love Nip&Bones!! Tell them hi! xoxo

    @Brian ohhh they are! It is all subjective! It was just Cody who really wasn't into the Misfit one...doesn't mean other cats wouldn't like it. He LOVED the Tennis Ball Fish! Maybe Cody is just a "Misfit!" lol

    @Ingrid ohhh yes I completely agree! I adore KONG toys. Dakota has had his KONG treat ball for his entire life so far (he is 4)...he loves it (and so do we!) Hmmm...does the Wubba come in a color other than pink? Cody is kind of macho and I don't think he'd be groovin' on the pink lol

    @K9friend/Pat I bet Bogey would! Let me know if he does!

  23. Cody
    We would probably do the exact same thing as you that fishy toy look like a lot of fun!

  24. Mom just loves Kong toys for the dogs, in fact the rat has a puppy one that she just destroyed. I will have to send Mom to the pet store to pick me up some.

  25. We haven't shown a lot of interest in the few Kong toys the mom has picked up for us...Maybe she's buying the wrong ones. LOL.

    -Nicki and Derry (Fuzzy Tales), signed in under the mom's account because she's too lazy to sign into ours!

  26. Cody look so man catly with those arms all out and grasping the toy. Is it hot in here or is it me?

  27. Hi. Fun looking toys.

    Regarding growing an harvesting catnip: we aren't any experts, but we tend to trim it back, including the flowers, all through the summer to encourage it to bush out and not be too lanky. I know some people hang it to dry in bunches - we actually will stick the cut off pieces into a paper bag and just let them dry. But the kitties here enjoy it a lot fresh, so frequently get a small sprig to enjoy. At the end of the season, when it gets to near frost, if we don't want to bring the pot inside for the winter we cut off all the good stuff and dry it in the paper shopping bag. Interestingly, the dry STEMS seem to have more scent than the leaves to the kitties here.

    Casbah Kitten's human grew the catnip for all the toys she made - her blog is not active now, but you might go there and send an email (under contact us) to see if she can enlighten you better.

  28. @Abby I love that fishy!!!

    @Simba OMC thank you!! You gave me such wonderful advice! I so appreciate it! My nip is a little lanky and I had wondered how everyone's was so bushy. I have it in a not too large pot though. I didn't realize that Cody could eat the leaves without drying them out. I may have to give him on tomorrow and see. I also didn't realize I could bring the pot in in the winter. That would be great! A SAFE plant that if Cody ate it he wouldn't get sick. I may have to do that. I remember Casbah Kitten's blog, I think I used to read it occasionally. You were such a help! Thank you!

    @Admiral Hestorb ohhh you know how to flatter the mancats don't you!!!??? You are such a good flirt! You are so beautiful and the fact that you complimented my manly arms is making me turn into putty in your paws xoxoxo Send our love to your Mommy too!

    @Nicki and Derry, I hear ya! My Mom keeps replying for my brother Dakota on his blog but with MY avi!! She is too lazy to keep switching back and forth. I think if your Mom tries the Tennis Ball Fishy she will like it!

    @Erika and Blair, yes send your Mommy to the store and tell her to get the fishy tennis ball! You will love it! (((((hugs)))) from Cody

  29. Hmm, Cody, Man, you look pretty zoned out playing with that tennis-ball/fish thing. I think those feathers look darn tasty myself. I loves the feathers, but I don't really eat them; well, at least, not on purpose, MOL! Sometimes a ManCat just gets a little carried away and all.

  30. wellthanks for the review, we'll be on the lookout for those!