Monday, July 25, 2011

Mancat Monday-Me & My Quilt

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope it is a good week for all of us!

My week started off quite nicely!

Look what my Mom bought me!

It is a Ms Stella O'Houligan
Premium Catnip Quilt!
I must say that this side brings out the tiger in me!
If you look closely you can see my name on it
Look at how much fun this side is!
It reminds me of all of my
blogging furriends!
If you would like
your own beautifully handmade
Ms.Stella O'Houligan
Premium CatNip Quilt
please visit:

check out two videos
Mom took of me
I was pretty unaffected
by the catnip
but I still look
quite handsome just the same
don't you agree?

I was just having my "moment"
when  my brother Dakota broke my concentration

There! This video was much better! 
Any ladycats want to come over
 and loll away the time on my quilt with me?
 I promise I will clean up super nice before you visit!


  1. That is so cool Cody. Perhaps I'll have better luck with the ladies if I have one too. har har har *evil laughs*

  2. Wow !!! The quit look so purrfect for you !!! I like the Tiger side, That shows how genius of Miss Stella..Very Details, Very Neat and Have your name on it..Super Awesome !!!
    I guess you have to kiss your mom and Mrs Stella big time : )

  3. Awwww beautiful and very handsome Cody!! Me and Charlie love how you stare so dreamily at the camera!!! We jumped too when we heard gorgeous Dakota bark!! LOL!!!

    Your quilt is beautiful! Enjoy!! Take care

  4. You are on lucky cat, Cody. The quilt is beautiful!

  5. Wow, that is really beautiful. We hope you enjoy snuggling on it very much :)xx

  6. Cody - alex says if too many ladycats come over, and you need another man cat to help you, all you need to do is holler and he will come right over...

  7. @Cat from Sydney, it couldn't hurt! lol

    @Hilary wait a minute! Alex HAS a ladycat!! He has Gracie! Ohhhh you better not let Gracie see that! MOL!

    @Princess Jasmine yes I love it! Thank you!

    @Fisher and Staff I am lucky Mom bought it for me! I think she is going to put it in my bed

    @Old Kitty my Mom loved my "dreamy" stare too, about Dakota? I have to put up with that EVERY day MOL xoxoxo to you and Charlie!

    @Mr Puddy I like BOTH sides! I kissed and kissed my Mom for buying me that beautiful quilt! I would kiss Miss Stella too but I don't live by her :)

    @dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur thank you I love it!

  8. Cody looks quite content on his new quilt - very cute.

  9. Wat a pawsome quilt, Cody... and NO PINK!! (Plus, it haz da added benefit uv u not needin ta spend awl dat time gettin da 'mom' or 'dad' smell off uv it, teehee!). Now, if u can onleez keep Dakota off *ur* speshul quilt... ;D

  10. WOW a catnip quilt - we never heard of such a thing. But, you can be sure we're going over to check them out.

  11. Your quilt is pawscome, Cody, and you look very handsome and mancatly on it!

  12. What a beautiful quilt you have, Cody! Now you won't ever get cold during Winter!!

  13. What a great quilt! I have to get one for Nate. Love the videos, you're a star, Cody! :D

  14. OOOOH we love that quilt Cody and you are sooooo cute in your videos!! Dakota just had to get his 2 cents worth in too I hear LOL! He is saying get me one in doggy print and beefy bone scented!!Rosie would come over and hang witchoo anytime on your new digs!Hugs,Sue and Rosie

  15. Hooray Cody, those are so cool, but ours can't stay gets all slobbered up!

  16. Wow, your furry own quilt! You are a lucky cat! Handsome, too! I would love to come ofur and hang out on your quilt.

  17. Cody!!! How cool that you got your own nip mat! Mine makes me NUTSO! I have to kick it into a ball.

    Your friend, Zoe

  18. You are so cool, handsome & controlled Cody! When Charlie Coal gets a sniff of the 'ole Catnip he goes apeshite, out of control & rolling about the floor like a hypo-manic on Speed!

  19. Cody! You are SO photogenic. Anything for a chance to show off to the purrdy ladies. At least have a nice spot to offer them when they come!

  20. Wow! Cody that is a super cool quilt. Great place to bathe, did you get a good nap on it after you were all cleaned up. We 3 lady kitties would love to come share your new quilt with you. Hugs and nose kisses

  21. oooh Cody! We would LOVE to come over and cuddle on your fancy quilt! Leave the ears, we'll do those for you.

  22. What a beautiful quilt. How is Dakota handling this?

  23. @GlamKitty Dakota doesn't go near it because we have the back part of our condo baby gated so that Dakota can't get back there (aren't we mean? lol). We did that ever since we got him, it was go give Cody a "Dakota free zone" with his toys and all.

    @Bailey, see above, me, Dakota isn't hurting one bit in the toy/treat dept! He is Daddy's "golden boy" remember? lol

    @Katnip Lounge, that sounds like a PLAN! xoxo

    @chancy, nope I didn't take a nap on it but I sure do love it! Mom is thinking of putting it in my little bed. Oh wow! THREE LADY KITTIES!!??? I wouldn't know how to handle THREE! MOL! xoxoxo

    @Art and Sew Forth thank you!! Guess what Mommy keeps catching me with when no one is looking? My PINK toy!!! lol. Mommy laughs whenever she sees me playing with it!

    @wockley OMG your description was hilarious!! Cody usually does too, I had woken him up to come in when I opened the package. I think he was still sleepy

    @Cat thank you!

    @Zoe, I have to try that idea! I will have to kick mine into a ball too! xoxo

    @Athena thank you! I would be honored to have a lady cat as beautiful as yourself come over and visit! I will have to buy more quilts to accommodate all of the beautiful lady cats!

    @Brian lol, I usually do that too!

    @rosie yep! Come on over!

    @Julie, awww thank you! Yes for sure get one for Nate! He will love it!

    @The Whiskeratti, thank you! I do too!

    @Priscilla, well, right now it is so hot that Winter actually seems kind of nice lol. You are right though. Mom is thinking of adding it to my bed for the winter :)

    @Fuzzytales thank you!

    @mario, so happy you are going over to check them out!

  24. @GlamKitty again, MOL! I forgot to laugh at the part about NO PINK! lol

  25. Oh Cody that is a super nice quilt! Doesn't Miss Stella do great work? We think so too, Mom got me a quilt right after she saw Miss Admiral's and I started mewing about it. Gracie, Boo and I would love to come over and check your quilt out!


  26. That is such a cool quilt -- what a lucky kitty you are!!

  27. Beautiful quilt!
    Hahaha I love the second video! "Mom.... why are you filming. Stop filming, mom. Fine then, film THIS *licks self*"

  28. @Stacy and Ellie, yes the quilt IS beautiful! I am so happy my Mom bought it for me! You are sooo right, i wanted to tell my Mom "fine then, film THIS!!" MOL!!! Love, Cody

    @Pup Fan, yes it is!

    @Julia I love it! I am so happy my Mommy bought it!

    @Abby ok!! You and Gracie and Boo need to come over! There is plenty of room! Oh yes Miss Stella does AMAZING work!!! xoxoxo

  29. Cody! You are a lovely Tabby! That Woman was happy to put your name on your quilt! I haz one like it but it mainly stays wadded up in a ball somewhere next to my plague rat! So glad you like it!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  30. Wow. Very amazing cat.. I like it.. And the title was very interesting.. Keep it up

  31. We sure do like that pattern
    Benny & Lily

  32. Oh that is a lovely quilt. And your name looked very handsome on it. Artemisia & Scylla are coming right over to loll away the time on your quilt with you.

    We wishes they could bring the rain with them. First we had a drought now we has a flood.

  33. Happy Monday! We hope you had a wonderful weekend!
    Love the quilt and you do look mighty handsome on it Cody!

  34. @Ms.Stella OHHHH I LOVE MY NEW QUILT!!! Mommy and I are just thrilled with it! It is so unique! Mom's favorite side is the side with all of the kitties and my favorite side is the stripes like a TIGER!!! I am a jungle kitty! I love seeing my name on it! I don't have ANYTHING with my name on it! Ms.Stella you did an amazing job! xoxoxo Love, Cody

    @jen happy monday to you too! Thank you so much! I am blushing!

    @Artemisia thank you so much! Oh goodie! I will love having Artemisia and Scylla visit me! There is plenty of room on my quilt!

    @Benny & Lily, thank you! I do too!

    @Freight Audit, thank you!

  35. Oh Cody! You have almost 'zackly the same quilt as me! I lubz mine very much and nap on it all the time. It's got just the perfect amount of nip--not enough to really make me crazypants but enough for a pleasant dream or two.

  36. We lvoe this! It's pretty and so... "catly"! MOL, we will see if she does overseas delivery for Christmas

  37. @Lux thank you!

    @Natalie I just love it!

    @Spitty I agree it has the perfect amount of nip! Mom is gonna put it in my bed :)

    @Au and Target it is extremely "catly!" MOL! Hope you can get one!

  38. What a beautiful quilt - it will make snuggles so comfy.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  39. Cody, Pop said he was gonna get me one of those quilts for my birthday—the blue one, in fact, because blue is my best color. That dog scares you, doesn't she? Anyway, it's funny that you react the same way I do to the movie camera—stop all the action and stare at the camera person.

  40. @Hannah and Lucy I love my quilt and I agree that it is beautiful! I need snuggles, especially today :(

    @Cathy Keisha ohhh the blue one would be purrfectly wonderful for you! Actually nope, Dakota doesn't scare me, I was just serene on my mat and didn't expect his big mouth to go off right then. I actually scare HIM! MOL! I love to stare at the camera, it shows my beauteous green eyes :)

  41. Cody, that is a seriously awesome quilt! That sure was nice of your mom to buy it for you. Enjoy! :)

  42. Hey, Cody, our mama wants to know if you REALLY love this. She's also wondering if one mat would work for two of us. humph!
    Max & Jax

  43. @meowmeowmans thank you!

    @Scrappy Grams haaaa smarty pants! lol