Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cody The Hawaiian Beach Bum-Semi-Wordless Wednesday

"It's awfully sunny today
in the "Aloha State"
where's my Cabana Boy?
 I need  my shades"

"That bright Hawaiian sun is  hurting my eyes"

"Geeze I'm being blinded here!
Where IS that darned Cabana Boy
when ya need him?!"

"Ohhhhh YOU are my Cabana Boy?
Well, gimme my shades!!"

"This is  more like it!!
I'm feelin' the
"Aloha Spirit now dudes!
Pass me my "Nip-tini"
and be on your way boy!!!

The last photo is our entry for the
over at Bad Blair's blog!
 Read about the contest here


  1. Cody you is lookin' like one cool hula kitty for sure...we loves those shades. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. you had one to many Pina Coladas
    Benny & Lily

  3. Oohhh Cody! You're da man! har har har *evil laughs*

  4. @chancy thanks so much! "Hugs and nose kisses" back at ya!

    @Benny and Lily not yet, give me a few minutes MOL

  5. @Cat-from-Sydney, as a matter of fact...I AM! MOL!

  6. Oh, I'm just a wee bit envious of you being in Hawaii Cody! Uh, go easy on the Niptinis, theese ones sneak up on ya! Great pictures, though! You are definitely in the Aloha Spirit buddy! (We love your entry photo!) PS: I thought maybe Dakota was your Cabana Boy...

  7. Cody, I hope you remembered your sun screen!

  8. Don't you just look seriously cool. Could you send some of that sunshine our way, mummy says :)xx

  9. wow how fashion, you are adorable in all poses but my favorite is the last close up, adorable!
    purrs and ENJOY the party!
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  10. Funny!! I have 1 much is she paying you to do this,Cody?

  11. Codeh, you're 1 kool dude!

    Hope you win! >^,,^<

  12. Cody you are one Awesome kitty!! <3 <3

  13. Ku Ku'u Aloha !!! Mr. Cody
    What's a life Mr. Cody !!! MOL.. You Don't need to move at all , Just make romantic handsome eyes and mom will do everything for you.Did you put the spell on your mom ? : )

    PS : Really love your photos

  14. @Clooney lmao!!! Dakota SHOULD have been the cabana boy!!! MOL!! Glad you liked my shades! :)

    @KnottedFingers awww thank you!! xoxo

    @Caro thanks much! Surf's up dude!

    @Novroz MOL!! I got paid in TREATS! :) No joke!

    @Luna our favorite is the last one too! xoxo

    @Princess Jasmine sending sunshine right now sweet one!

    @Spitty I got it! come on over and we will check out the babes!

  15. he he - there's no way I'd tolerate having all that "stuff" handing around my neck. You have what they call courage to put up with that.

  16. Aloha look great!!!

  17. You're a lucky boy to have such a great vacation, Cody!

  18. Cody, you're purrfectly dressed for a beach bum. :-)

    The mom wants to know where *her* cabana boy is....

  19. Fank goodniss ur cabana boy finalleez showed up, Cody... u mighta hadda resort to-- (**gasp!**) N-A-P-P-I-N'!! --ta purrtect doz gorjus eyez uv urz, if ur sunniez hadn't gotten dere soon! (**strikez a dramaticat poze wif furpaw to furhead**) O, da horrorz *dat* wudda ben! (**gigglez**)

    Awl'z well dat endz well, tho... an u'z defnitleez wun cool, hang-ten kitteh by da end, mai man! :D

  20. @The Whiskeratti, we wish!

    @Fuzzy Tales thank you!! My mom wants to know the same thing...shhhh...don't tell DAD! MOL! Love, Cody

    @The Monkeys, naw, I am only on vacation in my brain. Believe me, we are still stuck in Michigan MOL

    @Cat, MAHALO!!

    @Mario, see my face? I wasn't tolerating it! MOL!!

    @Mr.Puddy awwwww thank you!!!! Did you see the hair on the arms in the photo? That is DADDY holding me!!! MOL!!! He had to hold me cause I run away from Mommy when she tries to take photos. I'm not good with the camera like YOU are! Mom was super busy yesterday and couldn't visit the bloggies but she hopes to be there tonight!
    Love you Puddy! xoxoxo

  21. @GlamKitty OMC!!! MOL! I know! I couldn't see a thing! Thank goodness he showed up!

    @Hilary awwww thank you!! Send some BIG ((((hugs)))))) to my buddy Alex!

  22. Aloha Cody!!!! Awwwwww you look stunning with your colourful lei and sunglasses!! Yay! take care

  23. Aloha Cody. We know you have to hide those lovey eyes behind shades or you'd put a spell on everyone!

  24. Look out Hawaiian boys! Looks like some handsome competition is padding over!

  25. Dear Cody,
    Me will be right over! Me wants a niptini but Kozmo wants a nipdaquari. Does your cabana boy know how to make one of those, or shall we drag along our Mommy?

  26. MOL OMC, Cody is loving the Beach Bum look! What a cutie pie, ALOHA CODY!!!


  27. Cody you just need some tunes and a glass of water and you are ready to party.

  28. Aloha, Cody! Way to keep your cool there and demand your shades!


  29. Love it!!!
    Hey...."book him Danno...murder 1 !!"

    (anyone out there remember Hawaii Five 0?)

  30. I don't usually approve of humans dressing up us cats but if'n it's for a contest, that's different. You do look tres cute but annoyed just the same. xoxo

  31. Good Luck in the contest Cody!

  32. LOL what a patient boy to put up with mom's silliness :) Halloween doesn't come frequently enough!

  33. @Old Kitty, thank you! Hugs to you and Charlie!

    @Stacy and Ellie yes I am pretty darned patient aren't I? Trust me, there were TREATS involved!

    @CatLadyDiary thanks so much!

    @CatWisdom101 Awww thank you! Yes! The "spell" I want to cast is sending anyone who meets my gaze straight to my food bowl!

    @Cathy my mom is with ya! She doesn't normally go for dressing up cats (or dogs) either. was super quick and I got treats! :)

    @wockley lmao! Love it! Of COURSE I remember the ORIGINAL Hawaii Five-O! Or, I should say, my Mom does! She is older than dirt! I think when she goes to BlogPaws she will be the oldest one there, albeit the most immature! MOL!

    @Bunny you got it!

    @Bailey I am with ya on the tunes, but the "glass of water?" Mom would go for that but I NEVER would! Pass my nip-tini!

    @Abi yeah I'm rockin' it! Thank you! :)

    @Nellie, so good to see you! I have missed you! Bring your Mom for sure! My Dad is helpless when it comes to exciting beverages :)

    @Art And Sew Forth lol!! Ohhhh don't think I have forgotten you! Mom is awful that she hasn't emailed you yet. She will be in touch soon! xoxoxo

  34. Love it Cody!
    WE hope you win!

    Abby purrs

  35. I love Beach Bum Cody! Now this is the real Cody! i just knew it.

  36. @Ann lmao!!! I love "Beach Bum Cody" too!!! Thank you!!! Yep, this is the real Cody! xoxo

    @Brian, YO! DUDE!! :)

  37. What a good natured cat, or is he ready to scratch you to bits...LOL

  38. Dearest Caren & Cody,

    Love the 'Cody' talk! Their faces alone do tell a story! They know quite well how to communicate to us.
    Enjoy the summer; Hawaiian style or not...


    Mariette & felines

  39. @Repositorio, Cody says "aloha" back! xoxo

    @Diane, LOL!! Actually we are blessed. Cody is a SUPER good natured cat. He never even bares his claws at us (no matter what) OR Dakota. Not bearing his claws at Dakota is the biggest proof that he is good natured. Dakota will literally stand IN HIS FACE and bark AT HIS FACE and cody just looks at him as if he has a mental problem lol. Bobo would have scratched the daylights out of Dakota. We are very lucky. They both have wonderful temperaments.

    @Mariette awww thank you!! Oh yesss! They DO know how to communicate with us! We are enjoying our summer, thank you so much! xoxo

  40. I found your blog through BlogPaws Blog Hop. What great pics! I'm surprised your kitty let you dress him up! :)

  41. Hi Amy! Thanks so much for stopping by! We love meeting new people! Are you going to be going to BlogPaws? I hope so! Thank you for your kind words! Yeah, Cody was rather reluctant but he was rewarded handsomely (with TREATS! lol). So nice to meet you!

  42. All Cody needs is a pina colada, I think!

  43. You are one cool cat in those shades Cody!

  44. These photos are just perfect!