Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cody & The Vet Part I & Innova Winners! Pretty Darned Wordy Wednesday!

What a day yesterday was! As many of you know, due to food allergies, Cody has been on a limited ingredient diet since last summer.  (If you are a newer follower you may want to read about it here

A couple of days ago I had caught Cody pilfering some of Dakota's dry food from the closet where it is stored, by the time I had nabbed him he had already eaten at least one piece, possibly more. 

Last night I noticed a rather large and bloody lesion on Cody's head near his right ear, after checking him thoroughly I also noticed the beginning of more lesions by his left ear.

Afraid of possible infection I decided to take Cody to the vet today to have him checked out and put on meds.

What happened before we left not only completely baffled me but caused me to laugh so hard I could barely contain myself!

We all know how hard it normally is to get a cat into their carrier for the dreaded vet trip. In the 20+ years that I have been owned by a cat I have NEVER had this happen.

 I walked into my office and Cody was ALREADY IN HIS CRATE! He had put himself IN THE CRATE!  I was beside myself with shock! 

I know none of you will believe this, I was so stunned at my good fortune that I called my husband to run in and see what I had found. Cody also removed "Dr.Smiley" from the crate himself, as the Cat Gods are my witness, I had NOTHING to do with this! I even told everyone at the vet's office what had happened!

There was no need to entice trick him with food, nothing! He was ready to go! I gingerly walked over to close the carrier door certain my good luck would end with Cody darting away. Nope. The poor little guy must have been feeling even worse than I imagined. It was as if he was sending me a message "Mom I need to go to the vet and I am ready to go! I will be a brave boy!"  I cannot begin to tell you how proud I was of my boy! Here is the story of what happened, from Cody's eyes;

Cody is doing fine! He received a shot of an antibiotic and he is now on Prednisone for the next few weeks. To those who sent messages of goodwill and concern on my Facebook Cat Chat With Caren & Cody page we THANK YOU!

Now, on to what this blog was supposed to be about today. The WINNERS of the INNOVA PET FOOD GIVE-AWAY!!

I went to and used their:
Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2011-07-27 00:02:24 UTC

Number 2 was SKKORMAN

Number 8 was KEFRITH

Number 10 was CAMIE'S KITTIES

Thanks to all who entered! Please email me your mailing address to cgittleman at mi dot rr dot com. If I don't hear from you by the end of the week another winner will be selected in your place.


  1. Hilarious!
    Congrats to the winners
    Benny & Lily

  2. We are so happy that Cody is better now.
    Lots of love from Bella and Ollie.

  3. @Benny and Lily, thank you!!! Poor Cody, we are laughing at his misfortune!

    @Bella and Ollie thank you! He isn't healed yet, it will take a few days but we thank you!!! "lots of love" to you both too!

  4. Awww Poor Cody, you must have been feeling poorly to get in there like that. We hope you are feeling much better very soon sweetie :)xx

  5. That Cody is one bright puss! I think if Austin ever did that I would be very worried lol.

  6. Oh Cody, dear friend, I hope you are feeling better today.
    I'm thinking of you my sweet Cody!When I'm not feeling okay, I also like to go to my "cage"and stay there for a while.

  7. Awwwww sweet Cody!!! Awwwww!!! Me and Charlie's hearts are melting at the pics of you all cuddled up to mum at the vets!! You poor sweet brave kitty!! Awwwww!!! We are so glad you are ok now and so so amazed just how clever you are getting in your carrier!! Yay!! Well done you!!! We hope you have a nice relaxing day now! take care

  8. OMC !!!! Cody, you are a Smart Boy and Smart moved in the Crete ! Ha..ha Ha..Sorry ! But it was funny in some way and Cody, you did the right thing. Nothing to be shame of !
    And I'm glad you are doing well. and I hope you healing up so well, Fast speed version ! and I do super purrs for you, buddy
    Love you Cody

  9. We hope you feel better, Cody! Prednisone always helps my allergies!

    Congratulations to the winners!


  10. That is so very cute. I told M this morning - don't expect me to do that!

  11. Poor cody! I didn't know... I am so glad he is feeling better. That shot works wonders! Isn't it funny how smart they are, and how they really do know... I never will forget how Alex just let me hand him over to the girl at the hospital when he needed his tail removed. It was so out of character, but I felt the same way you did. He was telling me he needed to do it... Hugs...

  12. Awe Cody! You were so smart and brave to get in that carrier by yourself! We are purring you feel better soon! purrs from sage and fizz!

  13. That spot looks painful. Poor Cody. I'm glad he's feeling better!


  14. Good boy Cody!!! You definitely made your mom happy the whole day and I'm sure she is so proud of you!

    Congratulations to the winners!!

  15. @Priscilla I have to tell you, he IS one good boy! He totally amazed me. He is always so good at the vet too! This morning, when I had to give him his meds and couldn't find him I started singing this song I sing when i give him meds and he came right in from wherever he was (because I mix the meds with his food! lol)

    @Pat yes it does the poor baby, I'm sure it was

    @Sage and Fizz thank you! I am starting to feel better already!

    @Hilary you are so right! It is as if they totally know. It was out of character for Cody to be in that carrier too. Don't feel bad for not knowing. Sunday when I filmed the video of him with his quilt he didn't have any sores at all, then, Monday night, BOOM! The vet said they just spring out suddenly like that. I felt so bad. ((((hugs)))) to brave Alex!

    @Mario you are so silly!

    @Samson yep you and I are the allergy boys!!! It isn't fun is it?

    @Puddy it is ok to laugh! Mom and i wanted everyone to laugh! MOL! Mom and I think it is pretty funny ourselves! I am hoping my sores go away soon too! Love, your pal, Cody

    @Old Kitty and Charlie, thank you so much! Mom really liked those photos too (Daddy took them) Thank you for your good wishes! ((((hugs)))) to you and Charlie, Love, Cody

    @luna thank you so MUCH! Yes you do understand! Mom is happy that she keeps the carrier out all of the time so that I don't associate it with going to see "Dr.Smiley"

    @Caro lol, we understand! Mom thought it was funny cause I did it right after she got off of the phone from "Dr.Smiley"

    @Princess Jasmine, thank you! Your kisses are making me feel better already! xoxoxo

  16. Poor Cody! We hope you are feel much better now! That is one serious food allergy!!!

  17. Cody is so smart, he knew he was going somewhere that would make him feel better! What a good boy!

    I hope the antibiotics and steroids kick in fast, poor guy:)

  18. Cody you are so very smart. I love the Dr. Doll. We need a vet doll for Bailey and Katy.

    You made the day so much easier for Mom.

  19. Cody, you are very wise and know what to do! Hooray for the winners all!

  20. Glad Cody was such a willing patient. I've yet to experience a cat who was so ill that they'd willingly climb into the carrier. Glad you caught it on film as proof it can happen :)

  21. Poor Cody! We had no idea food allergies would cause lesions. Ouch! We're glad it's all taken care of - and those pictures are adorable. Especially the ones with you and Mom. Those are very touching. It's easy to think of our feline furriends as self sufficient, but they really do need us.

  22. Congrats to the winners. Im so glad he is feeling better and I am truly amazed that he went into his carrier. I have a friend that has a cat and its like a 2 hour ordeal to get the kitty in the carrier!! This is a great post!

  23. @Clarissa yes it is. It makes me sad. I am feeling somewhat better, still have my lesion but it should go away in a few days. Thank you! Love, Cody

    @Hound Girl OMG I was soooo amazed that Cody was in there! I didn't know whether to be shocked (which I WAS) or laugh, (which I DID) or grab the camera (which I obviously also DID!) I knew no one would believe it! Bobo was the WORST getting him into his carrier. He couldn't even be enticed with food. Cody can always be enticed with food lol. Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it!

    @The Whiskeratti yeah they sure do. They get worse because they are so irritating to the cat that they scratch them and that causes them to bleed. They are awful. So glad you liked the pics. I love the pics of Cody and I too :) Ohhhh yesss our babies need us!

    @Vicky I had NEVER experienced it either. I leave that carrier open under my desk ALL the time. Cody rarely (if ever) goes into it. The funniest part was that I had just gotten off of the phone with the vet finding out what time to bring him in. When I walked around looking for him that is where I found him and I couldn't believe it. I knew NO ONE that knows cats would believe it either. Even with the photos I don't think anyone believes it but it truly happened! I looked up at the sky and said "Thank you God!" Made the trip soooo much easier!

    @Brian, yep I sure am! Your pal, Cody

    @Bailey Mom is trying to remember where she got that doll. That doll is actually OLD. She had it when she had my Grandpa Bobo. He passed it down to me :)

    @jen he sure IS one smart guy! I always feel so bad that I brag so much about how Bobo was, and just take poor Cody for granted sometimes. I told Cody he TOTALLY surpassed Grandpa Bobo with this one and I told him how proud I was/am of him! Thank you! I hope his meds kick in soon too!

  24. Oh my gosh poor Cody...what a bad reaction!!! I hope the shots work immediately and that he feels better very soon. My boys are sending healing purrs over to him :-)

  25. This is almost cry-worthy! I am not sure whether to laugh or cry! But I AM Glad that Mr. Cody is on his way back to health. Sending purrrayers for a complete recovery!

  26. Oh Cody, you are so smart and so brave! I hope your ear lesions are all better soon!

  27. OMG, that is amazing. "Yeah, I messed up, please take me to the vet so I'll feel better soon." Wow! So glad Cody is on the mend, that's one smart boy!

  28. What a good boy!!! Sometimes the fur kids surprise us!

  29. Cody! You are one smart kitty for sure. Poor sweetie, though! I am glad the v-e-t made you all better! Purrs!

    (Note: For some reason, --my old creaky laptop is probably the reason -- your site takes forever [4-5 minutes to load, another several minutes to go to the comments page, and another several minutes to load the verification word and and and--well, you know :-( So if we have been a bit scarce, it's because of that!! We still loves you guys! The Human is contemplating a new computer as soon as the green papers become available. Till then, we'll do the best we can)

  30. Oh we gonna tell our mommy to buy us a Dr. Smiley, we's HATE going anywhere esp. in that horrible box. We's very very happy that you's alright Cody, good job!

    Miss Bella and Sele

  31. Oh Cody, I'm so glad that you are OK. Don't do that anymore, or you could REALLY get sick.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  32. This just proves what I've known all along -- cats are far smarter than humans!! He knew he needed to go, so he got in there to be ready. Or...he just thought it made a cozy place for a nap. MOL. Glad he is okay. I cannot store my cats FELIDAE dry food in my house because nowhere is safe from the food-obsessed Rocky. I fill a tupperware container and keep the bag in the garage.

  33. @Cat thank you so much! The lesion seems to be drying up already so I am grateful for that and I am sure Cody is too! Thank you!!

    @Oskar I know! I am a greedy kitty! I better not do that again! ((((hugs))))

    @Wendy, Miss Bella and Sele, the funny thing is "Dr.Smiley" really looks like our "Dr.Smiley"...(which isn't really is name but I want to protect him lol). We LOVE HIM!

    @Spitty I am so sorry!! I wish I knew what the problem could be. I have heard that from one or two other people. What browser do you use? Are you using IE? If you are using IE I am wondering if that is the problem? Cody and I THANK YOU for your diligence in trying to reach us! We deeply appreciate it! xoxoxo

    @CatLadyDiary they sure do! He sure was a good boy, I am so proud of him!

    @Weetzie I cannot begin to tell you how shocked I was, you are exactly right, he KNEW he was in trouble lol

    @Amin thank you! He seems to be! Thanks so much!

    @Daisy thank you pretty girl! I wasn't very smart to eat that to begin with but at least I was a good boy for mom and put myself in the crate to spare her aggravation MOL!!! My lesion seems to be starting to dry up! YAY! xoxoxo

    @Art and Sew Forth, it is DEFINITELY laugh worthy! MOL! Mom was laughing when she was helping me with the blog and she laughed at how pitiful I looked in my photos. xoxoxo

  34. I'm a big fan of Cat Chat and always look forward to reading your posts. Recently, I started my own cat blog and would like to list a link to your blog as one of my "favorites." Please let me know if you would allow me to do this. You can view my blog at

    Thank you

  35. @djm181 I just left a comment on your blog, I am thrilled to meet you and just LOVE your blog!

    I am honored that you wish to add Cat Chat as one of your favorites and I am more than happy to add you to my blogroll as well!

    It is a pleasure to meet you!

  36. Oh Cody I am so sorry you had to go to the Vet. But we are glad you are OK>
    I have to go tomorrow.

  37. Oh no we hope Cody is feeling better!

  38. @Erika and Blair, thank you! His lesion seems to be turning into a scab so that is good!

    @Abby I am getting better! I hope you are ok! xoxoox

  39. Ah poor Cody! That is great he got right in the crate!!

  40. Cody - we hope you feel better soon. Our brother (at the bridge) loved his PTU* - if Mom picked it up, he would come running and jump up into it while she was carrying it.

    Thank you for picking our name - we sent you an e-mail.

    Cody and Gracie

  41. Oh my boy Cody you must have been feeling bad to get into the carrier on your own ready to go to the vet! Poor guy. We will be sending you purrs for you to feel better ASAP and for everything to heal quickly.

  42. OMC Cody! Weese know how sickey you awe iifin you get in da PTU all by youwself! ewes hopes you feel bettew weal soon. Sending purrs, purrayers, woffie licks and all paws cwossed!
    Cecil, Chloe and Winston

    I hope things turn around for Cody soon. It is not fun having a sick kitty!
    BTW, yes my grandkids think I am nuts and I wouldn't have it any other way! Can you imagine the stories they will tell their children about Nutty Nana!!!!

  43. Awww poor Cody, but I'm so glad that he will be feeling better soon! I have never seen a cat just go into their carrier, either. Poor little fur baby must have been feeling pretty bad.

  44. Cody must have really wanted to go to the vet's! Maybe he didn't realize you'd already made the appointment, and this was his way of telling you he needed to go!