Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's So Much Fun Being "Green!!"

Hi Everyone! It's Cody and it's Thursday and you know what that means!
It's time for another tour of our garden! Wait til you see how it has GROWN!

Mom didn't let me take you on a tour last Thursday but I am here now! As most of you know, I am an indoor kitty so the tour is conducted through our patio window.

I hope you enjoy the tour!

Catnip!!! I can feel a nip frenzy comin' on NOW!

Cherry Tomato Plant

Greek Oregano
Mom goes insane for Middle Eastern food!

One day these will be
Red, hot peppers!
Hey that almost sounds
like the name of a band!

Another Cherry Tomato plant

Two Roma Tomato plants
to the left are assorted
sweet peppers
they will turn red and yellow

Future yellow pepper

Sugar Snap Pea
Isn't this just too cute?

Romaine Lettuce
Mom has already picked some
and had a salad
She said it was the tastiest lettuce
and so buttery soft!

This is Mom's lettuce
She is nuts, but she likes
how it looks in this photo

Mom  likes how
the lettuce looks in this photo
She put it in a plain glass bowl
in our stainless steel sink
Mom loves this photo

Well my friends, that concludes our tour for this week! I hope you enjoyed it! Please be sure to visit Jonesie and all of the other kitties who have gardens.  We all work hard snoopervising our gardens! It means a lot when you take the time to visit!

Purrs and kitty kisses!



  1. We like your lettuce pictures too ;-)
    About the smoking: I quit cold turkey in 1991 (I was 41 & had been smoking since I was 16) and then in the stupidest move imaginable started again in 2000 (I thought I could have "just one"--yeah, right). So then I smoked for 9 more years. The one day two years ago I just got so MAD at how much money I was spending I decided to quit again. This time I used nicotine gum and I was shocked at how much it helped. I still have gained a ton of weight (30 lbs. or so) though so the next major project is a HUGE diet. Sigh.

  2. Cody, Your mom is really good with the plants, All look Awesome !!
    My Mom never grown anything beautiful ( Whisper : Let's me tell her secret ! She will take a photo when she first plants and if one week still alive, she will take more photos and then that's it ! Like my nip you never seen it again, it's not dead but it look creepy because the snail got it )
    We are Bravo to your mom : )

    PS : Thank you so much to put the badge " Don't Mess Your Kitty " on your side bar : )

  3. @Spitty I didn't realize we are almost the same age! I admire you so much for quitting, not only once but TWICE!!! You did it TWO times which is way more than me! I started at 20 and the longest I have ever quit has been for 2 weeks. I did cut waaaay down and then in the past month I have increased (but am less than a pack a day but it is still horrible!!!) I did lose 41 lbs so far and that is my fear, that I will quit and gain it back. I lost with Weight Watchers which I am planning on staying with for the rest of my life. When I quit I was thinking about doing the gum and I think since it worked so well for you I will give that a try first. Do you work out at all? I have been walking on the treadmill for about a month now. I wanted to get all of that in place before I quit. I am BEYOND PROUD OF YOU!!! Only a smoker really understands what you went through. THANK YOU for coming by to tell me too! xoxoxoxo

    @Mr.Puddy OMC you made me laugh when you said your Mom takes the photos when she first plants and maybe one week later and that's it lol!!! You made me laugh so hard! You have snails to worry about and I don't, if I had snails I am sure they would eat the nip! Thank you and your Mom Puddy! I am surprised that everything is growing! Ohhh you are welcome about the badge! It is my pleasure! I forgot about Cody when he used to rip the carpet, I only remembered after someone else said it. He doesn't do it anymore because we took the carpet out. I am PROUD to have your badge on my blog! You know I love you!
    I am so tired now, it is 1:15 am, I better get to bed!
    Love you!!!!!!!!!!! ((((hugs)))) to you and your Mommy! xoxoxo

  4. Cody,
    You did a very good job snoopervising your mom's garden. I just wish the nip is indoor with you. Won't that be swell? har har har *evil laughs*

  5. Cody those looks super nommy! We only have flowers here but maybe I can let my kitties give you guys a quick peek at our Garden too :D

  6. Your garden is looking great! We unfortunately have slugs (yuk) and snails so we have to flick the pellets around. Austin and Tigger are very eager to help our gardener chappie with his endeavours, so might get some pics.

    PS I think "Slightly Warm Yellow Capsicums" would be a terrific name for a band!?

  7. Very impressive... I tried to grow Basil once... It was NOT pretty!

  8. You have beautiful plants... And you eat them too.

    Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  9. @Cat From Sydney, Mom will start "harvesting" the nip soon and will store it in baggies in the fridge...kinda takes her back to her college days, ya know? "EVIL LAUGH" MOL!!

    @Max thank you!! Mom eats em and I will get a buzz :)

    @Hilary thank you!! You are so funny!

    @Caro love the name for the band! Also would love to see Austin and Tigger around their garden! I think one of the good points about having less space for a garden and using containers is that many of the bugs that would normally be there, can't get in on second floor :)

    @Knotted Fingers would LOVE to see your flowers!!

  10. Oh Cody!!! Your mum is doing brilliantly with her pot plants!! There are lots of good things to eat here and nip for you!! Yay!!!! Me and Charlie are so excited for when the peas and peppers will be all ready to be picked and eaten! Well done your mum!! Yay!! Take care

  11. @Old Kitty thank you sooo much! Mom is excited too about the peas and peppers and I am super excited about the nip!!! Wish you could come and eat some with us!

  12. Cody, that is one very impressive garden your Mom has created. Oooh, and catnip too... swooooon :-) Tell your Mom that I'll share a Greek salad and a tzakziki with her any day! ;-) Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  13. WOW, things sure look good, love that pepper!

  14. Cody you are quite the gardener. You are going to have quite the harvest.

  15. @God's Little People thank you!! Yes, i am still waiting for Mom to give me some catnip! MOL! Mom says she would LOVE to enjoy Greek food with you! She said she has a recipe for a Greek marinade for chicken that she makes ALL the time and it is sooo delicious! I can't have it because it has garlic in it :( You have a great weekend too! xoxoxo

    @Brian thank you!! Mom is so excited!

    @Bailey, thank you! I am a great snoopervisor! We are excited!

  16. Cody, buddy, there is going to be some good eating at your house wiht all those fresh greens. I'm especially eyeing up dat catnip.

  17. Dear Caren, Cody, and Dakota
    What a pawsome garden! And your nip! WOWIE ZOWIE!!
    Mama quit smoking quite a few times. She and Dad quit for 3 years once. Then they was plumbing a house that had a small crawl space. They was sitting having a breath of fresh air (Acetone Fumes) and the electician came over and lit up a cigarette and they stole his cigarettes! They both started again.
    The last time Mommy quit (exactly 11 years, 10 months, 16 days and 9 hours ago) she was homicidal! She chewed gum, had patches and even took drugs to quit!
    PS watch our blog tomorrow, our new baby sisfur is coming home today!!

  18. Oh YUM! I am a big middle eastern foodie fan, too! And I want a salad now - with a few snips of that oregano!

  19. We've had bad luck with our garden this year. We just have tomatoes left, but we're hoping they'll be good! I think it's cute that you're growing your own catnip, Cody!


  20. Cody, you and your mom's garden looks awesome! You have green paws and thumbs, respectively! Snap peas and catnip are two of our most favorite things. :)

    Have a great day, friends!

  21. @Mario, when my Mom "harvests" the catnip she should mail it to the kitties, but then again, maybe she can't they would think it was something else lol

    @meowmeowmans thank you! My mom loves snap peas too! And you know about me and catnip! :) You have a great day too!

    @houndstooth Bunny what happened to your garden? Why do you have just tomatoes left? I bet they will be yummy though! xoxo

    @Art and Sew Forth, my mom said to come on over!!

    @Nellie thank you! My Mom said thanks about the smoking thing too. So you have quit? Mom was confused as to whether or not you started smoking again. Ohhhh we can't wait to see your new sisfur!!! xoxoxo

  22. Wow so bright green and healthy looking, your mom is a wonderful gardener! Those plants appear to be thriving!

  23. Cody
    Your garden looks so lush and yummy!
    Mom is in awe!
    If only we could grow veggies, but she has tried and failed so many times. Well maybe she'll try again you give her incentive!


  24. Oh, my goodness! Everything is looking fantastic. Those plants are just beautiful. You are going to have some yummy nip and veggies to enjoy soon. Mumsy wishes she had a green thumb so she could grow nip for us and Romaine lettuce for the guinea pigs. We enjoyed seeing your flourishing garden. Hugs and nose kisses

  25. That's awesome you're going to BlogPaws!!! Just know you're thrilled - woohoo!!
    Thanks for thinking of lil ol' us for this wonderful award. There are some fabulous blogs listed, plus some we MUST visit stat!
    Thanks again, and congrats!

  26. @Kim thank you!!Yes! I am thrilled! You are most welcome! Don't feel you have to post about it, I know how that is! The awards are wonderful but slightly irritating at the same time lol. You are welcome!

    @chancy thank you! Oh I know I can't wait for the veggies and cody can't wait for the nip! C'mon over and I will share some romaine for the piggies! xoxoxo

    @Abby if my Mom can do it, ANYONE CAN! xoxo

    @Stacy and ellie, we attribute it ALL to Miracle Grow potting soil!