Wednesday, July 20, 2011

If Real Men Can Wear Pink, Real Mancats Can Play With It, That's My Story & I'm Sticking To It!

A package! It's for ME!!
I wonder what it could be?
It is from my Mom's bloggy friend Patty
She writes the bloggy "Art & Sew Forth"
Mom says she makes catnip toys for kitties!
Did she send one to ME???

It's a "Mousey Wiener Link?"
What is that?

"Oh No!! It's PINK!
I'll NEVER live this down!
It's a "Mousey Wiener Link?"
I call it a "Snouse"
Half Snake, Half Mouse
There's a PINK "SNOUSE"

At first I didn't want to play with it.
 I would be the laughing stock
 to end all laughing stocks
 among my Mancat friends.

Mom didn't care for my ungrateful attitude
She started rattling off her trite cliches:

"It IS a present after all, blah, blah, blah"
"Who cares what color it is? Blah, blah, blah"
"It's the thought that counts!" Blah, blah, blah"
"There are starving and homeless kitties
all over the world
that would be GRATEFUL
to play with this toy!
So what if it is PINK?!"

That's easy for HER to say
She is of the female "purrsuasion"
I hate to tell her but
I had an image of someone else
who was given something pink:

Mom was still upset with me.
In an effort to restore my
mancatliness she looked up
the meaning of the color pink

Here is what she found
"Emily Gems, Joyful Crystals & Gemstones"

"Pink provides feelings of caring, tenderness, self-worth and love, acceptance.

Put some pink in your life when you want:
  • calm feelings
  • to neutralize disorder
  • relaxation
  • acceptance, contentment
Reading that definition made me happy
Now that's a horse,  wiener,  "SNOUSE"
of a different color!

I decided to mancat up
and grin and bear it
I would play with my
wiener "SNOUSE"
with abandon!
(on a carpet emblazoned with PINK ROSES no less!)
 I would embrace
the fact that I 
pussyfoot to a different  drummer!
I'm secure in my

NONE of you
really saw
ANY of this


I repeat...




 Let's keep it that way.
It will be our little secret

If you would like your own
"Mousey Wiener Link"
visit MewMart
right here

But don't tell them
that Cody sent ya.... ok?


  1. cool gift, those things make ya crazy, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  2. That looks like a really fun toy! And I admire your confidence in your masculinity for playing with it, and doing so on a flowery carpet. Atta boy!

  3. Oooh, Cody, u'z defnitleez da MANcat... showin dat girly snouse how a reel mancat playz! I givz u high marks fur da bunneekickin, da chin-rubbin, an da full-body-wrap moovz, hehe!
    I may hazta put mai rekwest in fur wunna deez, too, now dat u'z shown us how pawsome it iz (jus maybeez not so, erm... PINK. *gigglez*)!

    (By da way... Miss Caren'z gettin reely GOOD wif dat video-cam! :D) xoxo

  4. Haha! Remember, Cody, that the Pink Panther is a MANcat! And a cool one at that! You needn't be ashamed - be a trend setter!

    Thanks so much, Caren! I loved it!

  5. It looks like fun to me, Cody! But then, I am a girlkitty.

  6. Oh my delightful! :-)

  7. Aha! I won't mind that linky thingy. We even made Dad wear a pink shirt to work. No harm, Cody. har har har *evil laughs*

  8. Ha!!!! A weiner-link sounds awesome!!! I'd be rasslin' that thing all week no matter what colour it was!!

    It's all good!

    Purrs, Goldie

  9. MOL..Cody, If you visit me today, you will see Real Man Wear Pink, and of course you can play with your toy which is....Pink + Rosy = Massive Sweet !!!!..heh..heh...heh

  10. LOL! I believe that these color 'prejudices' only relate to humans since dogs and cats can't really see colors :) So don't worry! I think your mancatliness is still intact!

    Enjoy your prezzie!

  11. Looks like Cody took a liking to the weiner link...LOL

  12. Cody - pink is cool. Don't worry about those old time prejudices... Besides, it is very metrosexual :)

  13. @Benny and Lily, they sure do!

    @Diane I was teasing above. I LOVE MY WEINER LINK!

    @Priscilla, welcome back! My mom and I have missed you!! I always heard that cats and dogs can see RED, who really knows though? Ohhhh I was kidding about the pink, my Mom and I agree about color prejudice. Yep I am still a manly mancat!

    @Puddy I will be over to see you today for sure! My Mom was so busy yesterday that neither of us had any time to visit the bloggies but we are going to do that later today or tonight (or both). Can't wait to see about YOU and pink! "Great minds!" We didn't even know! Oh and I am NOT "Massive Sweet" lol!!! xoxoxo

    @Goldie I soooo agree and I love to "wrassle" mine!

    @Cat from Sydney, my Dad likes pink shirts too!

    @chocolate angel, thank you!!

    @Sparkle, lol, good point! :)

    @Art and Sew Forth, touche'!!! You got me! Now why didn't I think of the Pink Panther???? That is the BEST example of PINK being "cool" EVER!!!! Thanks for being such a good sport!!! I LOVE MY LINK!!! You could tell from the video that I do! My mom and I love YOU! xoxoxo

    @GlamKitty I am sooo happy that you noticed my "moves" I worked very hard at purrfecting them and YOU noticed!! My Mom said to thank you about liking her video. She still doesn't know what she is doing! xoxoxo

    @Natalie, yep like Art & Sew Forth said, I gotta be a "trend setter" but it looks like Puddy is one too! :)

  14. Pink is "technically" not the predominant color of your sausage links, so it's perfectly okay.

    Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  15. Caren, in reply to your comment on my blog, those were the goodies I bought (or got from my friend, Lian) when I was in the UK!!!!!!

    Eva loves her foxy toy too :) It's great because it's small, and light so she can fling it around!!

  16. I think your pink wiener link looks awesome!!! Enjoy :-)

  17. Cody, I think you're mancat enough to enjoy the pink toy with no worries!


  18. What a great toy! Pink is the new blue for men Cody! Think Pink!

  19. Bailey's trick is to get it a bit dirty and nobody will notice. Now that Katy is here he claims all the "pretty" toys are hers until he happens to have one in his mouth.

  20. CONCATS on your win on Deb's Blog!!! Cody will love his dish, I saw it at Mackinac City and it is sooooo cute!!!. Also, tooooo funny about the pink and that pink nightmare scene from A Christmas Story is one of my all time faves!!! That movie never fails to crack me up. Cody you could make any color great!!! Hugs, Sue and Rosie

  21. Cody - someone needs to blaze a trail on behalf of other men kitties who surely have had to deal with a pink toy or two in their lives, but have never had courage like you to just "man up" to it! Lets face it, that is one irresistibly pawsome toy! You sure did look like you were having fun and we want a SNOUSE too!!!

  22. Nope, nah hah... ain't seen nothing!
    Mmmm... but Cody what happened - you're lying on a carpet with pink roses too???
    Oh, forgot.. ain't seen nothing :-))) Promise!

  23. Hey, not to worry pal, real Mancats can do pink whenever they want. My favorite sleeping spot is in MY PINK bed!

  24. @Max, ok if you say so! :) ((((hugs))))

    @Brian OMG you sleep in a PINK bed??? I didn't just read that...JUST KIDDING!!! xoxo

    @Pup Fan...EXACTLY MOL

    @Gods Little People, let's keep it that way! xoxoxo

    @Deb yep I "manned up" as I should! Plus I should learn to be grateful for the wonderful toys I have and for how nice Patty was to send it to me! I DO play with it (where noboday can see me) MOL xoxoxo

    @Sue and Rosie OMC WE WON!!??? OMC! I have to get over to Deb's bloggie later today! Mom and I didn't get a chance to visit any of the bloggies yesterday at all and we are going to go and visit later. OMC WE ARE SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!! Mom and I LOVE that bowl!!! Oh and about that scene? That movie is one of Mom's ALL TIME FAVES!!! It was filmed in Cleveland and Mom used to wait for the bus to go to work right outside the store window where they filmed the store scene! xoxoxo

    @Bailey, get it dirty! That's pure genius!! See? I can tell you are a Sheltie, you are so darned smart! xoxoxo

    @Jen, Mom loves Dad in pink shirts. It IS the new blue! xoxoxo

    @Bunny awwww thank you! xoxo

    @Cat it is and I love it!

    @Priscilla WOW!! Your friend sure got Eva so many wonderful things! Now when Dakota plays with his Fox Baby we can think of you! Yep he loves to fling his around too! xoxoxo

  25. LOL, how cute!! Your secret is safe with me, Cody. :D

    What a great toy! I want to get one for Nate now.

  26. Hahahah! I love this post... I don´t doubt that you are mancat!!! =)))

  27. Haha Pink and Mancat dont go in the same sentence :) Your toy looks awesome!! We would have fun tugging that!!

    Thank you for the kinds words to Fred on our blog.

  28. Do not worry, Cody! You were playing with the pink snouse in a very manly way!

  29. See what? BOL
    Hey Cody - I just read the other day that pink is the new blue for're HOT in fashion! What a stud! Move over, movie stars...

  30. Hahaha, yes I saw it, but I don't think any less of you now than I did before! Pink is cool. A toy is a toy no matter what color it is.

  31. @Julie I bet Nate would love one!! Just don't get him pink ok? lol

    @Julia Williams I agree and so does my Mom! A "toy is a toy no matter what color it is!"

    @Kim lol!! Yep PINK IS the new blue for men! I'm a "hot" kinda guy! :)

    @Daisy awwww thank you! xoxo

    @Hound Girl you are most welcome!! (((((hugs))))) to Fred!

    @Repositorio thank you! I am so glad that you liked it! Thank you for visiting us! Yep I am 100% mancat through and through!

  32. Wowee, that looks like a fantastic toy, even if it is pink. I don't think that should slow you down one bit!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  33. Oh Cody you surely dealt with that pink errr ... sausage!

    Caren, I love that rug!!! :))

  34. Awwwww Cody!! You are a true mancat!!! You weren't playing with that pink toy you were pummelling it to submit to your will and showing it who is boss! Yay!! LOL!!! It's so lovely to see you in action! Take care

  35. @Oskar yep it is a lot of fun!! Nope the pink didn't slow me down at all!

    @Caro lol I sure did! Ohhh my Mom said THANK YOU SO MUCH about the rug! It is older and she is trying to remember where she got it! MOL!

    @Old Kitty yes I am a true mancat and you are right my friend that I was pummeling it!! Thank you for enjoying the video!
    xoxoxo to you and Charlie!

  36. MOL, we love pink too - as long as it's ribbons or feathers!

  37. @Au and Target no pink ribbons or feathers for me! Nooooooooo way! :)

  38. Sasha the wiener dog here, real ManCats like whatever color the dog likes. I like pink and a few other colors so you are good. Also, I wished there was a dognip snouse for me. :)

  39. that looks like quite a fun and niptastic toy, Cody. It's not efurry mancat that can pull off pink, but you done good :D All the same, we won't spread it around.

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  40. i loved seeing Cody play ing in a manly fashion with his snouse!Very manly..I almost felt fainty watching...

  41. Ok Cody, I'm with you on theese one! Excellent "snouse"! I thinks real Mancats like pink (cause I has a pink nip cigar which I really like). So I'll back you up buddy, no worries. Cool toy you got there, congrats.

  42. Yo, Dood, you got nothin' to worry about from me. Half my freaking KITCHEN is pink (no matter that Human says it's "raspberry").

  43. @Sasha WOW! My "snouse" came to life in the form of YOU a doxie!!!! lol. I am so happy to meet you! I just stopped by your blog and told Mom I wanted to follow it so now I am! Yes you have to go and get one of these for yourself...after all, it DOES look like you! :)

    @Spitty MOL!!!! Your Human sounds like mine! "raspberry" we'll give THEM "raspberry!!" Hey let's give 'em some "raspberries!!!" lol

    @Clooney you have a pink cigar? What did someone have a baby girl and they left it for you? MOL!!!!! That's the only reason you should have a pink cigar my friend! (kidding!!!) MOL! Oh and Mom said to tell you that you are more than welcome to enter the contest for the Innova food if you would like to! We would love for you to enter but we do understand if you do not want to! xoxoxo

    @Admiral Hestorb you are one very observant ladycat my dear. You noticed I was playing in a very manly fashion and that touches me to the tip of my tail. I find you to be quite exquisite and I love your adventurous ways! I like seafaring ladycats! Thank you for brightening my world, Love, Cody

    @Cara N Crew, thank you for that kind compliment!! You know I love you guys! xoxoxo