Tuesday, July 19, 2011

INNOVA Holistic Pet Food: "Pet Food Made Right So You Can Feed Them Right" Give-Away!

I was excited to be contacted by INNOVA and afforded the opportunity to tell you about their pet food and treats that are made with natural, high-quality proteins, whole grains and farm-fresh fruits and vegetables.

"INNOVA was launched in 1993, based on the philosophy that including whole, natural and fresh ingredients is better for pets. INNOVA originated from a deep commitment to improve the lives of pets through superior nutrition."

INNOVA pet products are made under strict manufacturing standards at their plant in Fremont, Nebraska. The plant has been awarded with third-party food safety and quality accreditations every year since it opened in 2003. They also have their own standards of quality that must be met.

The package they sent to me surpassed my expectations, my mouth literally fell open when I saw the stunning/professional  visual presentation. The presentation was so clear, crisp, vivid, appetizing and inviting that it made ME want to eat the treats!

This is what arrived in the mail (please ignore my messy desk in the background):

This is how the box looked
BEFORE I opened it
to find the goodies inside
This is some of the most
inviting and appetizing
packaging I have ever seen

I delved deeper into the box and continued to be blown away by their presentation.

The goodies
inside the box
They even include a measuring cup
to ensure proper measuring of their food
 I was candid when I explained to the nice woman that contacted me from INNOVA  that Cody is on a limited ingredient diet which would make it impossible for me to honestly say whether or not he liked the treats that were mailed to him.

The cat treats that we received

  • Rich in essential fatty acids
  • Preserved with Vitamin E, an important antioxidant
  • Incorporates turkey and chicken, cottage cheese, vegetables and fruit, along with whole ground grains to create a cat treat with exceptional nutritional benefits

They also mailed Dakota dog treats which he DID  eat and LOVES! The folks at INNOVA were super compassionate about the fact that I did not want to switch Dakota from his regular dog food in order to try the  INNOVA dog food.

The tasty (according to Dakota)
dog treats that we received


  • Rich in essential fatty acids
  • Preserved with Vitamin E, an important antioxidant
  • Baked to ensure a more uniform and evenly prepared treat

Why Feed Innova Holistic Pet Food?

Innova holistic pet food has been formulated using only fresh, natural, wholesome pet food ingredients from each of the five food groups. And our innovative cooking methods ensure pet foods unequalled in healthful, nutritional benefits.

Innova cat food and dog food recipes are based on the most advanced research in animal health. The latest findings in orthomolecular medicine (the study of substances found in the body to achieve optimal health) are mirrored by the enhancements in our natural formulations.

  • Enhanced levels of EPA + DHA help with brain and eye development
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate help improve joint health in older pets and large breed dogs
  • Pumpkin, a "SuperFood," is a fantastic source of antioxidants
  • Live, naturally-occurring microorganisms found in a healthy digestive tract are included in Innova to improve overall digestive health
  • Vitamin E acts as a natural preservative and protects cells and tissues from oxidative damage

Innova offers different products for each stage in a pet's life, but also has a number of formulations ideal for all life stages.

Here comes the super fun part! We are having a GIVE-AWAY!! Our wonderful friends at INNOVA sent us 3 coupons to give to  3 readers of CAT CHAT (that's one coupon each! I apologize to our overseas friends but this contest is open to U.S. & Canada only) Guess what? WOOFIES can enter too! This give-away  isn't just for the kitties!

But... since Cody can't eat the kitty treats I have decided that one lucky kitty winner will receive the pouch of kitty treats that Cody cannot eat.

Entering is super easy, just please leave a comment telling me you would like to be entered. That's it!



In full disclosure I was not compensated in any way for this review. I was given the INNOVA kit which contained the items photographed above. 

Also, I have worked with a number of companies and I have to commend INNOVA again for their professionalism, understanding  and consideration. They are a complete and utter joy to work with. Kudos to their marketing department for the superior display of their sample kit (which INCLUDED STAMPED envelopes for me to mail the coupons to my winners! A FIRST!!)  AND their in-store displays.

I went to PetSmart last weekend and saw their display and was greatly impressed. I had also mentioned them to my vet when I saw him last week and he mentioned that a number of his clients are eating INNOVA and are thrilled with it!

I sooo wish Cody could eat INNOVA, I'm not done investigating to see if there is a way that he can!


  1. Aunty Caren!!!!!! I soooo no friend you...or should I move to US/Canada? har har har *evil laughs*

  2. We would like to enter the contest :) My babies used to eat California Natural before our Carmine had to go on prescription food, but the vet said they are still allowed to eat treats :)

    Sierra, Carmine, and Milita

  3. Dang!! We are neither in Canada nor the US....we would love those treats....do you know if that Innova food is sold in Europe??? Maybe Mom could find us some over here. Looks really good, tastey and healthy!! Mom is so surprised at how much 'cr*p' is sold under the label of cat/dog food...always good to find another good brand and one that isn't Hill's again because it seems that Hill's is everywhere and that they aren't as good as they say. Grrr. Purrs and thanks for the heads-up....maybe some day the competition will be open to us is far-away lands... :o) Lautrec, Tiny and Ellwood

  4. I could't get past the cottage cheese in cat food!!!??? But sounds like they know what they are doing xx

  5. Joey the red tabby has requested that I enter this giveaway on his behalf!

    skkorman AT bellsouth DOT net

  6. We didn't got this brand here ! but it sound so good for diet : )

  7. They do look like they give a good presentation. I'd be willing to try some of their food, so you can enter me in the contest. Thank you - what a great opportunity.

  8. @Mario thanks for entering and good luck! You are most welcome!

    @Mr Puddy you know I did see food by an affiliate of theirs (Natura) in Australia...if you click on where I bolded it takes you to their website and you can click on where to buy xoxo

    @skkorman tell Joey he is entered, good luck!

    @Caro I saw that too lol, I was going to get some but Cody can't have dairy :(

    @Cat go to their website (I have linked many places above in bold)...I think one of their affiliate foods is sold out of the country, just not this one yet. They have a place on their site that is called where to purchase or something like that. If you don't find it let me know and I will post the link in a message.

    @Sierra you are entered! Best of luck!!!

    @Cat-from-Sydney, I know, I know...you HATE ME! lol. I can't help it! lol. I was giving bumper stickers to EVERYONE many times (even out of the country), you didn't ask for one...so you lose! xoxoxo

  9. You have definitely done a thorough review! We think that this food sounds like it's great quality and very delicious!

  10. Rosie says that is one fancy kinda package!! Very nice and looks very healthy and appealing.She would love to enter the contest. She would also like to enter mama Sue in a popsicle eating contest here in Mich this week..WHEW it is HOT!! Stay cool and thanks again! Sue and Rosie

  11. I'z ben eating dere EVO line uv food (it'z dere grainz-free stuff) fur seberal monfhs now, 'n I liek it! (Neber tried enny treetz, tho...) Mommy sez it'z made uv good stuff, so dat'z a pawz up frum bof uv us!

  12. Someone will sure enjoy that I'm sure!

  13. We would LOVE to enter!

    We eat ANYTHING, even stuff that's not food...leaves, lint, etc.

  14. @The Monkeys, you didn't say if you want to be entered or not, I don't remember where you live, if you want to be entered please let me know :)

    @Katnip Lounge thanks so much for entering!! Good luck! OMG I am laughing at the eating "leaves, lint, etc." lol. Your babies are just like Cody and Dakota!

    @Brian yep they will!

    @GlamKitty I am so glad you like it! Do you want to be entered? I don't remember where you live either. (sorry) If you want to be entered please let me know. Thanks!

    @Sharon Wagner, do you want to be entered? For your cats I mean lol

    @Sue and Rosie, okey doke, you are entered and good luck! OMG your popsicle eating contest is a great idea! lol

  15. Oooh! Thank you so much for the opportunity! We would LOVE to enter!!!

  16. We agree someone will indeed love this!
    What a great review Caren! And we are sorry Cody couldn't try it.


  17. WOW... that product really does sell itself, remarkable what a good presentation can do. And it's just brilliant that there's so many healthy/proper options when it comes to food for pets. It sure looks impressive.
    Big hug from Greece

  18. I spent several years working at a pet store and Innova was always one of the main brands that I would recommend. I'd love to get Lux on their Evo line (grain free) when we switch him from the kitten food he's been eating, but surprisingly we haven't seen it around any of our local pet stores.

  19. Kit and I would love to enter!

  20. @Abby thank you! Well actually Cody might be in luck. The rep from Innova was kind enough to email me and told me they have another line called California Naturals, I checked and their just might be a limited ingredient food there that Cody can eat! I am going to check it out in more depth.

    @Athena, my pleasure to enter you and Kit! Good luck!

    @Lux I am soooo happy to hear that! YAY! If you click on many of the words I have bolded in the post it will take you to their website. They have a "where to purchase" area and you can check by entering your zip code to see if there is any in your area. Did you want to enter the contest? You didn't say, so I am not sure!

    @Gods Little People it DOES look impressive, my vet said a number of his clients pets eat their food and love it! Big ((((hugs)))) back at ya!

  21. My feline sister Tiger would like to be entered in your contest! As luck would have it, we live in the U.S. and she is not on a special diet.

  22. always heard good stuff about that food. Sounds awfully yummE
    Benny & Lily

  23. Hi Caren!

    Now THAT was a comprehensive review! Dakota totally sold us on those dog treats. We are sorry that Cody was not able to participate, though. :(

    We would love to be entered!

  24. Innova sounds like a great company...so nice to hear of their compassion and understanding. I'm pretty finicky...but always open to trying something new. I've got gingivitis, so the crunchier the better. And as for treats, I'm kind of a freak. Really don't care much for them. Maybe Glogirly has never found the right ones though. Thanks for the thoughtful information.
    : )
    (Glogirly's Cat)

  25. @kefrith it is my pleasure to enter you! Good luck!

    @Glogirly and Katie I am very impressed with Innova. I am glad you stopped by. You didn't mention if you wish to be entered in the contest. If you would like to be entered please let me know. Thanks!

    @meowmeowmans Cody is very upset that he couldn't have a say but he is happy that is brother did. We are more than happy to enter you! Good luck!

    @Benny and lily it does sound yummy doesn't it? I don't remember where you live! If you want to be entered please let me know. Thanks!

  26. We've never liked anything holistic so we'll give this a miss. We're hooked on chicken and our fave cat food. That's just the way we are: difficult!

  27. Cloon's Human: You know what Caren, I just picked up a smaller sample bag of Innova 2 days ago in hopes that I can get Clooney & Neytiri onto it. Inka (my cat before) loved it and she always had an excellent digestive system her whole life. I have always loved the company and the products. We won't enter so as to give others more of a chance, but great post.

  28. I have been giving our older cat Max the senior food for about a month now. He seems to like it and I also just bought a couple of the Innova canned food too.

  29. I only eat holistic food, so this is definitely a brand I want to try. Don't enter me for the giveaway though, because I'm a European kitty :)

  30. Thank you for stopping by our blog. Cody - you look almost like our Cody except he's a bit lighter than you. He's also a gray tabby. We are going to add you to our blog roll so we can keep reading about you.

    We would like to be entered into your contest, please. Mom would like to see if we like those treats as she's always looking for healthier stuff for us.

    Cody - it looks like you really enjoyed your snouse. We need to see if Mom will get us one of those - they look like fun.

    Cody and Gracie

  31. I wonder if my picky Alice will eat this? I sure would like to find out! Please enter us and thanks for the giveaway. =O)