Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Freak Out & BlogPaws!!!!

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  1. That expression is exactly how I feel like being on the phone for 2 hours. Perfect!

  2. Did she really fall off her chair - if so, is she okay?

    Cody and Gracie

  3. Talking to Hewlett Packard for two and a half hours! Sheesh, Cody, she could have watched The Cat From Outer Space and some cartoons with you and that would have been a MUCH better use of her time!

  4. Aunty Caren,
    Did you really fell off the chair? oooohhhh.....((((((HUGS)))))). We were out somewhere in the boondocks and broadband signal was very weak. But we're back now...and missed Cody's Gotcha Day. So we'll say HAPPY BELATED GOTCHA DAY, Cody! har har har *evil laughs*

    Brad & Brood

  5. Sweet Cody!! Big hugs to your mum!!! Hope she is ok and will be back soon!! Yay!! Take care x

  6. 2 and a half hours!!!!! What tenacity, what patience!! Great drawing of Cody lol.

    Not sure if I'm a serious enough blogger to join blogpaws! xx

  7. Ah.... Cody, I feel your mom's pain... She probably would have rather had root canal!

  8. @Abby Normal lol!! Actually HP was great, it was a printer problem!

    @Hilary um, my Mom is terrified of HELL NO! MOL

    @Caro yep! Mom said thanks about the drawing! lol. Of COURSE you can join BlogPaws! C'mon and join!

    @Old Kitty yep she is ok! Actually Mom apologizes because she couldn't come around to the blogs last night because of HP, then she was a wedding today and will be gone, so she can't come around and read them and then tomorrow she is helping one of her step-daughter's move so the soonest she can come around is tomorrow night. She is sorry!! love to you and Charlie!

    @Cat-from-Sydney, yep!! It was hilarious!! You know how you are on the phone w/customer support forever and the product you are working on and everything pertaining to it has a short cord??? are talking on a cell that has to be charging while you speak or you will lose the tech rep and have to explain ALL OVER AGAIN? Mom was going through all sorts of contortions trying to find the model number of her printer...she was on her big office chair and everything tipped over and she fell. It was hilarious, she didn't miss a beat! By the time she got off the phone it was late, she was in no mood to blog. So she drew that :)

    @Sparkle, AGREED!!

    @Cat Wisdom 101 yep it is catabulous news! So glad you are members!!

    @Cody and Gracie, yep she sure did!! I also kept getting under food staring at her so I was banished from the office MOL! She is ok! She said THANK YOU!! xoxoxo

  9. Speechless!!!

    But I love the card and you, Cody!!!

  10. Everyone should check out Blogpaws! It is a wonderful community and it is growing by leaps and bounds each day!

    Your picture made me laugh! I hope you really didn't fall off the chair:)

  11. OMC - Dat's a good one. Sure hope mom didn't get hurt.

  12. AAGH! I am ready to roll offa my chair because of my keyboard this morning. Try this one more time.... Hope your HP/chair mishap wasn't too traumatic and I LOVE YOUR SKETCH!!! The look on Cody's face is priceless....looks like he sketched it LOL! Have a safe tech headache free you need an ark in FH yet!! One extreme to another here in Mich!!

  13. We are very impressed with the drawing!

  14. I think one of the purposes of tech support is to make you so crazy you'll run screaming into the night before they have to help you :)

    Enjoy your blog-free day!

  15. What a great fun photo! We hope your mommy is ok. We've joined the Blog Paws community.

  16. Well, I certainly hoped she fixed whatever was the problem after all THAT time!!! Cody, you expressed your disdain so perfectly, MOL.

  17. Caren,
    You simply have a way of making me laugh like no one else does. I honestly don't know how you do it. You never cease to crack me up. Laugh out loud funny.
    Thanks for the comic relief. ;)

  18. Oh Cody, it looks like you're laughing!!

  19. BlogPaws!!!!!
    I get to meet Caren in person, who's jealous?!

  20. Oh dear we hope that doesn't mean computer problems

  21. @Abby nope, printer problems from when I had computer problems a few weeks ago. One of those situations where they have you looking up model numbers etc, with a cord that is too short, you also have your cell plugged in and can't reach everything at once. The chair tipped over on top of me, I am fine! lol. Actually HP was marvelous to work with!

    @Stacy and Ellie awww you are soooo sweet! Can't wait to meet you!

    @Weetzie Cody IS laughing!

    @Dawn oh Dawn you are way too nice! lol! I AM happy to make you laugh though! I love to make people laugh!! I was cracking up when it happened!

    @Julia Williams, yep I am hopeful that it is fixed! Thank you! It was a printer problem but wasn't solved til late and I didn't feel like writing ANYTHING!

    @Tucker thanks!

    @Knotted Fingers, yep Mom is ok and she said thank you!! YAY!!! Sooo happy you joined BlogPaws!!!

    @Vicky actually HP was a zillion times better to work with than DELL!

    @The Whiskeratti thank you! lol Mom did it!

    @Mario, nope! Mom didn't get hurt, it was FUNNY! lol

    @Jen sooo true about BlogPaws!! Yep I did fall off of the chair, it fell on top of me after it tipped over (one of those big office chairs lol) it was hilarious!

    @Priscilla thank you!!!

  22. Wow that's a loooong chat!

    BTW, we gave you an award.

  23. 2 1/2 hours! That should awarded SOMEthing! The HP Phone Marathon Award, The Flat Ear Award, The "I Can Do All Things with One Hand" Award...something for sure!

  24. 2 and half hours? What happened! I guess you had a problem with your PC...whatever the problem was, I hope everything is working well now.

  25. back in my drinkin' days HP made me cry and hyperventilate on the phone!

  26. @Au and Target thank you!! I have been running like crazy all weekend, wedding, errands, had to help my "bonus daughter" move today, I haven't been home at all! Haven't had a chance to read the blogs for days now and I am so sorry! I will stop over! Thank you!!

    @CatLadyDiary lmao! Are you gonna share the story?

    @Tamago actually it wasn't a PC problem, my printer is HP also. It was no longer connected due to my battery on my laptop having been burned out a few weeks ago and I had to ship it to HP. They couldn't get it to connect either but all turned out fine!Been crazy busy, have to try and visit everyone tomorrow!

    @Art and Sew Forth, omg I laughed at the "I can do all things with one hand award" that is how I fell and the chair landed on top of me! lol!

  27. talking to tech support can do that to you. Computers are wonderful except when they get a bug. What a pain! Hope you have a good weekend

  28. What a fun photo! Thanks for this information...(Excuse me,Yesterday I could not read this post!

  29. Wow! Two and a half hour chat. The ears must be tired! You are quite an artist!

  30. @wildcats actually HP had a super good support team, it just took a while to fix the problem. It actually wasn't with my computer, it was with the printer :)

    @Amin thanks Amin! That is ok! I haven't been able to visit hardly any blogs this weekend because I wasn't home most of the time! I will start reading them again tomorrow night.

    @The Chair Speaks yep! Ohhh yes they are! Thank you! lol