Sunday, July 10, 2011

An Award By Any Other Name, Wouldn't Be As Sweet! AND I'm Going To BlogPaws!!

Happy Sunday Everyone!! It's Cody! My Mom and I don't usually blog about the blog awards we have received around the blog-o-sphere. The reason for that is mostly because we have been lucky enough to have received some numerous times and we just can't keep straight who has given us what. We don't want to leave anyone out by not mentioning them so we decided we will only blog about ones that we receive for the first time.

This is our FIRST "Irresistibly Sweet" blog award!!!!! We were given this award a few weeks ago by our friends Lars and James at Bengal Business.  We were waiting to blog about it because we knew that James hasn't been feeling very well and we were hoping that by the time we post this he will be feeling much better.

The requirements of this award are to tell you 7 unknown facts about me (US) that you may or may not know:

1) Blair  from Bad Blair Cat told me I was handsome the other day! I melted like butter in a griddle when I heard that! I think Blair is quite a beautiful lady cat!  Please go and visit Blair on her blog right here

2)  Mom was an "extra"on the HBO show "Hung" in 2010, she had a non-speaking part and her face was actually on that episode THREE times! She was also an extra on a movie that will be  released this fall, "Salvation Blvd" <<<<<click to see the trailer which will be in theaters July 15th.

3) I needed no adjustment time at all when my brother Dakota came to live with us. My Mom introduced us to each other by spraying perfume on herself, me and Dakota. I took one sniff, hissed at him once, and he learned right away who is the boss around here. ME. We never, ever had to be separated or gradually introduced to each other.

4)  My Mom was born in Long Island, NY, she also lived in Pittsburgh, PA, various suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio and now lives in Michigan.

5) My favorite toy in the world is my Neko Fly. I even know what drawer my Mom keeps it in. All she has to do is say "Cody do you want to play with TOY?" and I go to the proper drawer.

Cody looking for his Neko Fly

He found it!

6) My Mom is FINALLY going to go to BlogPaws!!!!! Mom is sooo excited  to be  one of BlogPaw's "Paws On The Ground, Ears In The Wind" insiders for the BlogPaws convention that will be held August 25 thru August 28th.  Are any of you going? If you have never been to BlogPaws (and even if you have!)  you should try and go! If you have questions Mom will be happy to answer them for you! If she doesn't know the answer she will find out the answer and get right back to you!  If you want to register you can do that here, if you want to read about who will be speaking at BlogPaws you can do that here!

My Mom wants to meet you in "pawson!!"

7) BlogPaws has a special SmartPhone app that will be introduced in a few weeks! Stay tuned for more info!

Now, we are supposed to give this award to 15 bloggers who we think are "Irresistibly Sweet", some of the ones we selected may not be pet blogs, but we love them just as much as we do the pet bloggers! This award has gone around the pet blogosphere quite a bit so most have had it, I just wanted to share the love with some others as well! If your name isn't here, we still love you! We are trying not to duplicate those who have already received this award!

 Soooo, in no particular order, here they are!


The final blog on the list happens to be
 my Mom's  brother's blog, (my Uncle!)
he is a superb writer who used to write for
and who runs rings around me
when it comes to the written word
please show him some love!


  1. OMG Caren, I didn't know you were a TV movie star..that's pawesome!! :) Concats on your sweet award, it looks yummy!!

    Now that I have a smartphone, I will anxiously be awaiting the new BlogPaws app! I can't wait to meet you there!!!!!!!!

  2. @Catsparella, LMAO!!! Ohhh yeah I'm a STAR!! "NOT!!" lol. Yep it was a blast!!!
    I am excited about the app too, I bought that phone that you had on your blog :) I am soooooo excited to meet YOU there too!!! It will be sooo much fun to laugh with you and I HAVE to give you a HUGE hug! :)

  3. My human can't wait to meet your human at BlogPaws, Cody!

  4. Congratulations on the award! I'm taking notes about your favorite things because we're on Dirty Harry duty for the next two weeks. He's Aunt Julie's kitty and she's on her way to Australia for vacation. We're hoping he doesn't hide the entire time she's gone.


  5. @dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur I soooooooo wish you could go too! It would be great to meet you!

    @Sparkle I showed my Mom your comment and she gave a HUGE smile! She said she will be THRILLED to meet you!!! She may have to have your pawtograph! :)

    @houndstooth thank you! Ohhh you are cat sitting?? What fun! Is the kitty used to dogs? Could be interesting! Keep me posted! :)

  6. Congrats on your well-deserved award! Fantastic! Oh, you folks got it going on over that your Mom has been in movies and that she will be an Insider at BlogPaws... congrats! Cody you are such a smart guy with your Neko Fly! It's cool that you showed Dakota who was boss pronto...gotta love that! (Thanks for your purrs, I'm finally getting those Niptinis out of my system!)

  7. Conscat. for this Award, Mr. Cody : )
    Love the way your mom introduce Dakota to You...Intensive Introducing..ha..ha..ha

    PS : love your photos ! I really love to see ya !

  8. Pawesome post, Cody!

    My mom is very excited to meet your mom, Sparkle's mom, and Catsparella!! This is going to be some pawty! (I think there may be drinking involved.) =^..^=

  9. Gasp - Cody - Thank you so much for that lovely award. That is so very sweet of you. I'm so happy you will get to go to BlogPaws - what a great opportunity. No, Unfortunatley M isn't going, although she really wishes she were. She really can't travel by herself anymore and it's a long ways from home. Enjoy it friend.

  10. OH wow!!! Your mum is a movie star!! How lovely!! Yay for her!! Aww sweet beautiful Cody!! Huge congrats with your award!! Yay!!! Me and Charlie hope you have lots of fun with your Neko fly!! Hugs to Dakota and yay for your mum going to blogpaws!! How exciting!! Awww thank you too for nominating our silly blog! Yay! Take care

  11. I love the picture of Cody finding his Neko fly! Counting down the days for BlogPaws - congratulations on your assignment - I can't think of anyone better suited for the job! Is the world ready for you and I at BlogPaws together?!!!
    xoxo - Deb

  12. wow you can open drawers!Impressive! Very well done my sweet friend and CONCATulations, for so deserved award!
    Love your blog

  13. Party at Blogpaws! You'll have to e-mail my mom person & tell her all about it!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  14. Hooray for a sweet award, y'all are sweet & I enjoyed reading more about you. We were planning on going to BlogPaws, well, my Dad was, but now it isn't going to happen. Oh well, there's always next year.

  15. @Brian, I am soooooo sorry..OMC how I wanted to meet you! I am hoping that maybe something will change and you can still go xoxoxo

    @Mr Puddy, My Mom starting answering you and got blown off the are powerful Puddy! lol We didn't give you this award cause we know you are busy campaigning for your Pettie, plus we think you already had this are waiting to win your "Oscar" and we are sooooo happy for you! xoxoxo

  16. Ohhhh nooooooo!! Mom answered every one of you individually and then hit a wrong key (she is on a temporary laptop) and lost ALL of her responses! Grrrrr...

    @Oskar yep it will be for sure! I know you are flying down Wed right? I am flying down Thurs. Are you staying extra days or flying home on Sun? Pretty pitiful that you LIVE in Michigan too and I have to finally meet you in Virginia lol. SHAME ON US!

    @Luna thank you so much! I will have to video how Cody knows the right drawer BEFORE I open it! xoxo

    @Deb awwwww THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! We are thrilled! OMG LUCY AND ETHEL IN THE HOUSE!!!! 2 wacky Libras!!! But you are the sweet Libra and I am the evil one...we are YIN AND YANG lol!!! I will have to email you to find out your arrival time and all! Can't wait to HUG YOU!!! xoxoxo

    @Old Kitty AND MARIO, you are MOST welcome! You are always so supportive of us and we love you and appreciate you. Mario you are one of the most gentlemanly mancats ever (next to Brian of course!!) You help humans and their animals and I think you aren't noticed enough and I wanted to be sure to do that!

  17. @Cokie my Mom said OMC, OMC and was soooo excited to read that she is FINALLY going to meet you!!!!!!! It is looong overdue and Mom is so happy! Don't you and Mom share the same birthday or are a day apart or something like that? Yep there are Niptinis in our future for sure!!!! xoxoxo

    @Clooney we are sooooo happy that you are feeling better!!! At least we are taking that comment to mean that and we hope that is true! We had written a better comment but Mom hit the wrong key and all was she can't remember what she said. DUH!! xoxoxo

  18. You totally deserve any great award for your wonderful blog and Cody what fascinating info on you and Momma...I know someone famous now :D!! I will watch for her in the movie since I don't get HBO. Rosie has a toy similar to the Neko fly too that makes her batty!! She is busy helping nurse her Daddy back to health. He got very ill up north and we had to cut our trip short and come back to the Dr. Missed reading you while I was gone;Hugs, Sue and Rosie.

  19. Congrats on your sweet award! We gotta get a Neko Fly. We feel so deprived!!

    And cool that you are going to Blog Paws. We want our mom to go too so she can meet some of our other blogging furiends, but it just hasn't worked out for her. We hope you have fun!

  20. congratulations on your purrfectly wonderful award. You are very deserving of it. Have a great Sunday all

  21. Congrats on your very cool award Caren!

    How cool that you were an extra!
    I hope you have a great time at Blogpaws and I hope you give a full report when you come back!

  22. Oh no Sue!! I am sooo sorry! You poor thing! Is your husband doing better now? OMG I hope he is ok! (((((hugs)))) and thank you for your kind words!

    @jen thank you! I will have a great time and hopefully learn A LOT! Yep I will give a full report when I return. I will miss you though :(

    @wildcats thank you so much! You have a great Sunday too!

    @The Island Cats thanks so much! Oh yes you MUST get a Neko Fly you will love it! I wish your Mom could have gone, Oskar (Pam) and I are representing from Michigan and we wish you were going to add to the Michigan contingent!! We will miss you! Maybe next time??

  23. Congrats on your award and on you going to BlogPaws! You'll have to tell me all about it when you get back.

  24. Vicky thanks so much! I will for sure! I will tell everyone about it!

  25. O mai goodniss... u'z won anuvver award! Dat'z absolootleez fantasticatz, Cody!! (I noes dat Miss Caren helps u wif it, uv cors... but, az a fellow kitteh, I'z purrswayded dat u wudn't need her help so much... if only u had sum fhumbz! molmol!)
    And wat'z dis abowt ur mom bein' a faboolus moovee star? Come on, Cody... spill! Which ep uv "Hung" waz she in?? (We wotchez dat show, so we'z gonna hafta look up da best ep, ever--da wun starring ur mom, uv cors--so we can admire her!)
    Good on u fur knowin' which drawer haz Toy in it, by da way... showz how smart u are, eh? (And I bet it getz u sum xtra play-time, coz u'z so cute abowt it! ;))
    Finalleez, fankoo so much fur da Sweet Blog shoutoutz, mai frend! Dat'z just... well, da sweetest fhing, everz! **mwah!**

  26. Congrats on the blog award. I think you both are stars.


  27. @Glamkitty yes if only I had thumbs!!! lol. Mom was in the one (oh shoot she is trying to remember the name!) It was like episode 8 or 9 of 2010 and it had fat people protesting outside of a gym!! lmao!! This was before mom lost 40+ are welcome about the shout out! You are always sooooooooo supportive of us and we really appreciate it, plus you have a WONDERFUL blog for all of the Literate Kitties out there!

    @Linda B. thank you!! Emailing you slight problem :(

  28. That was great - Mom wishes she could go to blog paws. Sigh. Mom's sister is a vegan too so we will have to check it out.

  29. Congratulations on the award. HH isn't going to Blog Paws, but we'll be anxious to hear how you like it. What a wonderful thing.

    pawhugs, Max

  30. @Max thanks! I am so sorry you aren't going to BlogPaws, would love to meet you one day!

    @Fin I wish you could go too, I would also love to meet YOU!!! I am so glad your Mom's sister will check out my brother's blog. It is brand new!

    @Denise, thank you!!!! I hope you saw my shout out!! xoxoxo

  31. Oh Cody you make me blush! Congrats on the award!

  32. First off - congrats on the award! I love the 7 things listed, esp. how Cody 'finds' his Neko Fly- so cute! And Blogpaws? I am clueless! But not for long as I will go read all about it!
    And then...Thank you! I feel so honored to be a recipient! I will do my best to follow the rules and post soon! You are truly "Irresistibly Sweet"!
    (Cody - a goodie is on the way for you!)

  33. @Erika and Blair, thank you! I am glad you are blushing! :)

    @Art and Sew forth, thank you!!! Please do NOT worry about posting about the award, trust me I know how these things can be a little annoying lol (albeit flattering!!!!) Please, please, if you are busy don't even worry. I waited to post mine for a few weeks. Also, you are most welcome!! xoxo

  34. Hear hear... and so very well deserved! Cody I just think you are yummy and you are so cute looking for your Neko Fly - how clever are you!?! The Blog Paws convention is just too far away but it sounds very exciting. I would love to meet your mum but that'll have to wait until one day she comes to Greece. Although she should really stay at home with you and Dakota :)
    Hugs... and thanks so much for extending the award to God's Little People - we are sweetly humbled ♡

  35. @Gods Little People thank you!! One day it is Mama's dream to go to Greece and if that ever happens you know my Mom will want to see you! Don't worry about posting about this award, my Mom just wanted to recognize you (at least a little bit) for all of the good that you do, my Mom and I adore your blog and all that you do for the kitties of Greece! We love you!

  36. Caren.....learn something new everyday... I never knew you were a, movie star... I need your autograph :-)

  37. My Human is so disorganized I never know WHERE my toys might be! But that does mean I find they laying around in odd places sometimes, MOL! She sometimes hides my nip cigar or even Mr. Nippy himself in my tunnel for me to find. I liked seeing those pawsome pictures of you Cody! Hope your Mom has fun at blogpaws, though it doesn't quite seem fair that the kittehs don't get to go. Grrrr.

  38. lol... congrats on the award. interesting post.

  39. Congratulations on the award, and I can't wait to see you at BlogPaws!

  40. @Ingrid thanks so much!! I can't wait to see you too! I want to give you a HUGE hug!!!

    @Au and Target thank you!

    @Amin thank you!

    @dane thank you! Glad you liked it!

    @Spitty, oh my Mom hides other stuff too! She keeps my Neko in the drawer because I decide to EAT the mouse! Ohhh yesss kitties CAN go to BlogPaws! I can't go cause my Mom is afraid to take me on the plane and she thinks I am too fat to carry around, the NERVE! xoxoxo

    @Hilary lol! You silly woman! I will send you my pawprint lol xoxoxo

  41. Congrats on your award. Enjoy Blog Paws. Perhaps Mom will go one of these years.

    -Bailey & Katy

  42. Awww Caren thank you so much for the award!! I love that you can add femme fatale actress to your resume, that is so cool! ;) I love the Neko toys, I think I should get one for my girls, the only problem is that my corgi loves those kinds of toys, I think he was a cat in a previous life. Hope you are having a beautiful week!

  43. YAY BLOGPAWS! I officially got my tickets/hotel/flight just a few weeks ago so I will officially get to meet you! Can't wait!

  44. Aww! How cute! I love the photos!

  45. Thank you so much for the award!!! That Neko toy looks pretty cool! Lux learned how to break into the closet after he found out that's where we keep Da Bird... and if he hears me open the drawer that contains the laser pointer he immediately goes crazypants looking for that red dot. Smart cats!

  46. Caren, thanks so much for thinking of me. I appreciate it., Those pictures of Cody in your drawers are too cute.

  47. Congrats Cody and Caren! I can't think of anyone sweeter! Well-deserved!

    Cody you are hilarious! You're looking at that Neko-Fly, like I'm looking at the dessert on your award! Yum! :)

    So your Mom is definitely going to BlogPaws! We have to talk at some point! :)