Friday, July 1, 2011

World's Best Cat Litter!!! I Heard Some Exciting News!!!! And...There Is A Contest!!!

Ohhhh Myyyyy CAT everyone! It's Cody here and I have the most EXCITING news!!! Ever since my Mom had me try World's Best Cat Litter there isn't another litter on the market that I will even consider using!  You know we mancats think quite seriously about what we put in our litter boxes (for that matter, the girl cats are serious about it too!) I am strictly a World's Best Cat Litter kinda guy!

Up until now there were only 2 places that Mom could purchase World's Best Cat Litter and it would sometimes make her nervous thinking that it would be out of stock if she needed it because it was so hard to find.

Well, those days are OVER!!! Guess what my fastidious and  furry friends!!??

Yay!!! This is the MOST EXCITING NEWS EVER!!!

In honor of this catabulous news there is a special contest being held!

World's Best Cat Litter is calling it the "Hit The Spot Give-Away"

Here's the "scoop"  (get it? "SCOOP!!!" HAAA! I kill me!)


Our Multiple Cat Clumping Formula is now available at Target stores nationwide and we are celebrating by offering a $1 instant coupon on all bags and a new "Hit the Spot" contest!
We're giving two feline owners the chance to win a one year supply** of our all-natural litter as well as a $200 Target gift card that you can use to pamper your cats – or yourself!


Check out our Store Locator and head to your closest participating Target store. Look for our black and red Multiple Cat Clumping Formula bags with the $1 instant coupons!

Snap a picture of your experience buying Multiple Cat Clumping Formula at Target whether it's at the store, in the parking lot or in the comfort of your home. Just send us something that shows you bought your Multiple Cat Clumping Formula at Target and you will qualify!

Submit your photo HERE, or follow us on Twitter and share your picture by including@bestcatlitter in your tweet.

Be creative and show us how World’s Best Cat Litter™ hits the spot for your household! Deadline to submit your picture is July 10, 2011. We will pick two winners, so have fun with this!

Good luck,
World’s Best Cat Litter™
*Twelve coupon vouchers, each for one 7lb. bag of either the Clumping Formula or Multiple Cat Clumping Formula. We will randomly select two winners from all the entries submitted.

You can see the official entry form right here or by visiting the World's Best "Clearing The Air_ Blog" right here!!!
Ok everyone! Get moving and enter this contest, no time for cat-napping right now, "ya snooze, ya lose!!!"
Good luck to everyone!!!!!

While you're all entering the contest, I have a DEPOSIT to make!!!!

In full disclosure Mom and I were not compensated in any way for this post. Mom and I LOVE  World's Best Cat Litter and it is our pleasure to help them spread the word about this exciting news! Now please give me my privacy. You ARE in my private litter room you know!


  1. oh if only I wear a kitty kat
    Benny & Lily

  2. We've been using it for years and can't imagine using anything else.

  3. @Benny and Lily yep!!!! You are absolutely right! :)

    @Vicky then get your butt over and enter their contest!!! Good Luck!!! :)

  4. And it's a box for the day-after-box day too!

    My Human worships at the Church of Target. Perhaps she will buy me some on her next visit (which will be soon since she goes there like twice a week).

  5. @Spitty you have NO IDEA how much I needed your comment right now lol. I was just finishing a really sad post that I am putting up for Saturday and I was about to go to bed and decided to check comments before I did. I am sooo happy that I did! I was feeling very sad and your comment just made me smile and laugh!!! So I guess I sort of did a "box day" post after all? lol. "The Church of Target" OMC I am laughing!! Now go and enter that contest!!! Nighty-Night!!! xoxoxo

  6. If we were in the States we might enter! Good luck to all who do! :-)

    BTW, across Canada most of our Zellers stores will be converted to Target stores, including the one in our city (our mom believes). She's excited, even though it'll take a couple of years!

  7. What a very smart litter room you have. I'm not going to let Winston see it - he's quite demanding enough;-)

  8. Ehem...another contest that I can't enter? WWWWAAAAAHHHHH!!!! I'm crying buckets here. Oh, there's no Church of Target here too. Mama used to attend that quite frequently in Australia. har har har *evil laughs*

  9. @Fuzzy Tales, then you might be able to get World's Best when that happens! HAPPY CANADA DAY!

    @jabblog thank you! The one box is gone, that is an old photo, Cody just uses the litter cabinet that he is crawling into in the photo. I bet Winston would love it!

    @Cat From Sydney, not my fault! Not my contest! I am so sorry! I am just helping to spread the word!!!

  10. Very interesting idea! Privacy!
    And I wish to all good luck in this context there!

  11. Beautiful Cody!! Me and Charlie love your amazing loo!!! Yay!! Take care

  12. Cody you're a very lucky guy - we could truly use some of that great stuff here. Oh and a whole years supply sounds just purrfect - what a scoop. Thanks for all the brilliant products you feature - now go tell them producers to sell it overseas as well :-)
    Have a great weekend!

  13. Thanks everyone!!! Hopefully one day it will be available overseas! Thanks for the compliment about the bathroom. The only litter box that is left there is the white cabinet...the litter box in the forefront of the photo is gone, it was just there til Cody got used to using the cabinet, it was there "just in case" Amin, thanks so much for telling me what that plant was, I had never seen roses like that! Beautiful!

  14. Thanks Caren and Cody- WILL DO!!! Sounds like a fun contest! : ) CC & 6GR8CATS

  15. Wow, what a great contest! That is the best litter, for sure!

  16. We're so glad you will have easy access now. Mom worries about our food sometimes - only one store in town carries it. Could be a problem some day.

  17. Woohoo - wush a neat contest too. M says she will go to Target this weekend and pick up a bag. Will be a good opportunity to try it now.

  18. ooooooh! We will go enter! As you know, we use a LOT of litter...

  19. @Katnip Lounge YAY!!! Good luck to you!!!!

    @Mario it is the BEST litter! You MUST enter the contest too!!! Good luck!!

    @The Whiskeratti OMG I know what you mean. Nothing worse than to go in the store and see the name of your item and an empty shelf staring you in the face!! This just gives me another option and I am thrilled!

    @Athena, hope you are entering!! Good luck to you pretty girl!

    @8GR8LOLCATS you are most welcome!!!!! Best of luck on the contest! Send my love to the gang!

  20. We use World's Best kitty litter too! It's the best!! How nice that Target will carry it now...and it's a great contest. Thank you for the info!!

  21. I guess I am the only human on the planet who doesn't have a digital camera. Grrrr. It's nice that you can buy it at Target now, but Petsmart always had WBL in stock.

  22. Love love love WB litter! Have been a convert for about a year now and wouldn't ever use another litter. Do you have to buy multiple or does either kind count (multiple clumping or regular clumping)? Just curious. I too worship at the House of Target (that was hilarious!) so I am beyond thrilled that they now carry WB!!!

  23. Cody
    Mom said *wow* your private loo is really great. She wishes we had something like that! You can't even tell it's a loo! And your litter mat is really neat too!


  24. I'm glad they have this at Target now! I wanted to share this with you since you are an avid cat lover :) You can get a free can of fancy feast cat food from petco using this link
    Please share with any local shelters etc! I have 2 cats and 2 dogs, I know how quickly food bills add up :)

  25. @Tamago you are welcome! I hope that you enter! We love WBL too!

    @crichman I am glad too! Thanks so much for the info about Fancy Feast, Cody doesn't eat it but I will let the rescues know for sure!! Thanks for sharing it with everyone here, I am sure they will be thrilled!

    @Abby ohhh we love it! There is less tracking, between using a better litter now (WBL) and having the litter enclosed, it is soooooo much easier!

    @Chrissy, if you visit the links I have marked above I am sure you can find out the answers to your questions. I am sorry but this isn't my give-away, I am just helping to spread the word so I am not sure. All of the info can be found using the official entry form which can be accessed by clicking on my links above! Good luck! :)

    @Julia don't feel bad, I have one but I never use it. I use my cell phone for photos (hence my "wonderful" photo quality lol. Did it say you can only use digital photos to enter? I didn't read that part closely. I bet you could use your phone :)

  26. Will definitely enter! I have a new Torch Blackberry with nice camera feature that I just email photo directly to anyone. This would be so ideal. With 5 cats (well actually 7 since I always have foster cats), this would save a lot of money. Litter is my biggest expense.
    Thanks again Cody and Caren!

  27. Cody!
    Me has to try this litter! Me hates the corn litter so much, Mommy and Dady had to go back to our old litter. Me has given Mommy instructions to get me some of this!!!
    Kisses (and happy 4th of July)

  28. @Au and Target, you are sooooooooooo sweet! xoxo

    @Christine you are welcome! Your camera sounds like a winner!!!! Best of luck!! I have my paws crossed! :)

    @Nellie YESSSSSSSSSS you DO have to try that litter!! Happy CANADA DAY (even if it just ended!) Thank you for our 4th wishes!