Monday, January 30, 2012

Book Revew: I'd Rather Be A Cat, The Official "Better Than Dogs" Cat Book By Allia Zobel Nolan's Cody!! Do I have your attention? Is your Mom or Dad reading this with you? If they are, please ask them to leave the room, I'll wait.

Are they gone? They are? GOOD!

You know my kitty friends, there is a holiday coming up on February 14th and it's called Valentine's Day! I know most of you know what this holiday is all about, but for the one or two of you who don't, you can read about it here.

Valentine's Day is a day when the humans like to show their love for each other. You know what that means? That means that for one day there is a chance albeit a SMALL CHANCE that their attention might be diverted from bestowing affection, treats and presents on us and instead, they will give them to the HUMAN object of their affection!

Kitties! We will have NONE of that!

To make matters even worse, those of you like myself who live with a doggy, are always in a constant battle for supremacy.  Mind you this competition is not of our own making, but those jumping, barking, drooling attention hogs known as dogs, force us into proving just who is a better companion for our humans. I know, I know, don't get your furballs all in a bunch! I KNOW as well as YOU DO that it is CATS! Sometimes our humans need a reminder though.

Well, HERE IT IS! The purrfect little present for Valentine's Day that kitties YOU can present to your HUMAN! like a DOG would EVER think of giving their human a present on Valentine's Day that wasn't covered in poop or drool! It's a  bible book for your humans, I'd Rather Be A Cat,  The Official "Better Than Dogs" Cat Book,  by Allia Zobel Nolan, written with the help of her three cats and cats from all over the world! This book will end the controversy once and for all as to WHO is better, and it will cease the time-wasting activity of the humans focusing on each other for Valentine's Day and put their focus  right back where it belongs, ON YOU! Sometimes ya just gotta mix a little dose of reality in with their hearts and flowers ya know? 

Here are a few kibble-sized pieces of the gems you will find in this pocket-sized book:

  • A cat's breath doesn't smell like a mixture of a dumpster and an old locker
  • Cats would never cling to a guest's leg, nor slobber all over them
  • Cats wouldn't dream of rolling in the mud. Ewwww.
  • Cats don't have self-esteem issues. They don't live for human's approval.
  • Cats don't beg. It's not their style.

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Kitties, you and I have known these points all along, but sometimes those less gifted in the cerebral department which translates to humans, need a reminder.  As Allia Zobel Nolan says, "I hate to put the kibosh on dogs, they do have some fine points. But, taken as a whole, cats just have more of them."

 "So, sorry Fido, there's just no contest-o. Cats have dogs licked, paws down."

From Harvest House Publishers
64 pages
for all ages

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Allia Zobel Nolan is an internationally-published, award-winning author of seven cat books and over 150 children's and adult trade titles with 2 1/2 million books in print. She lives in Norwalk, Connecticut with her husband and their three better-than-dogs cats.

For more information about Allia Zobel Nolan, visit her at:


  1. Oh my! This is certainly my kind of book. Will have to go check the bookstores ASAP. We don't order books from overseas anymore as our orders kept "disappearing". Cody, are you getting any for your mommy? purrr....meow!

  2. Oh goodness I have already spotted some flaws in the book, but then my cats are WEIRD.

    A cat's breath doesn't smell like a mixture of a dumpster and an old locker

    Well it depends on what they ate. Sometimes they have very bad TUNA breath.

    Cats wouldn't dream of rolling in the mud. Ewwww.
    Arty rolls in the mud, but then I suspect she thinks she is a dog. Fenris on the other hand does not like to get dirty, I suspect he thinks he is a cat.

    Cats don't beg. It's not their style. Somebody forgot to tell Scylla this, she begs very nicely for raw chicken.

  3. @Cat From Sydney took my package MONTHS to get to you. I am thinking the problem isn't with things getting "lost" on THIS end lol, I think they are getting "lost" on YOUR end! I don't have to get my Mom anything...she has ME! That's enough of a gift! xoxoxo

    @Arty I think the rolling in the mud thing has to do with the fact that you live with Fenris and Fenris has tried to corrupt you!!! MOL! xoxoxo Oh and I "beg" TOO! BIG TIME!

  4. Nice post Cody... I'm gonna take a look at that book.

    pawhugs, Max

  5. Wowsers...this sounds like a really fun book and of course I totally agree with the whole "cats rule" thing. Totally. Cody I agree with you though about getting something for my Mom for Valentine's Day because I'm the BESTEST present of all!!


  6. Thank you for this fantastic review, Cody! Allegra and Ruby love this book, too, and have been urging me to post a review. I guess I better get with the program :-)

  7. Ewwww - rolling in the mud -- how gross! You are right, I'd never do that - I'd get dirty.

  8. Charlie would like this book asap! LOL!! Awww but seriously lovely Cody!! You have a beautiful woofie brother in Dakota! Yay! But maybe you RULE! LOL! Take care

  9. Well, I am in a dog hatin' kinda mood today Auntie Caren!! This book is just the thing for Mom...Lulu thought I actually would want her slobbery yucky dog treat..and growled and barked real loud RIGHT when Mom was going to take a gulp of she is WEARING her morning java and I was startled outta my poor kitty head!!!Yep, cats rule,dogs druel... and it's NOT begging when you're a's clever baiting LOL!!! Monday hugs...going to hide from ole meanie now...Lulu not Mom :D

  10. @Milo and Alfie it is and it is so small (in size) that it is just too adorable, the photos are precious as well!

    @Old Kitty "Maybe" I rule? Ohhhh Old Kitty I DO RULE!!! I love Dakota but when he gets out of line, all I have to do is give him the "look" and he little Sheltie frame quakes in fear! MOL! Love to you and Charlie! xooxxo

    @Mario exactamundo!!!!

    @Ingrid King this is too sweet of you to stop by when you are going to be reviewing this book as well. (You will just love it!) I am awful, when I see that someone is reviewing a book that I haven't reviewed yet I wait to read their review til AFTER I have written and posted mine...strange, I know, but that is what I do! I never want someone else's thoughts in my head! I think the only book I didn't do that with was Deb's book. Thanks so much also for your kind words!

    @Sammy see? You know! What else do they need if they have US???!!! Well, this book is a handy reminder so they could use this as well!

    @Max thanks much! You will think it is just too cute! (and true!)

  11. But I'd still rather be a dog. BOL!!!

    I'm THE doggy princess at home and I don't think any other kitties except you, Cody of course, can come near my territory.


  12. @Eva BOL!! Hey!!! You are HERE!! YAY!!! So good to see you! Hmmmm if you would rather be a dog then I suggest you read Dakota's blog will be HAPPY!!! Ohhhh I know you are great at keeping those kitties away Eva! You must protect your territory! Thanks for telling me that I can come in though! Love, Cody

    @Rosie, shame on that Lulu for scaring you and causing your Mom to spill her coffee!! Dogs are soooo reactive aren't they? Geeze! They just can't take things in stride like we can! "Clever baiting" I love that! Have a great day Rosie! Love, Cody and Mom

  13. Hey, guys....Thanks so much Caren and Cody....We are so grateful and honored to be on such a popular website. What's more, we know how busy youze guys must be. So we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time out to do this awesome review. Headbutts and purrs to you. Hey and if anyone feels lucky, my publisher, Harvest House Publishers, will be giving away copies of this book on their Facebook page on Friday. So why not pad on over. Meantime, thanks again a gazillion million times.

  14. @Allia thank you for such a wonderful comment/compliment. It is Cody and I who are HONORED to have been afforded the opportunity to review this adorable book! We THANK you!
    we are gonna spread the word about the Harvest House give-away thanks for sharing this with us and our readers! Headbutts and purrs back at ya!

  15. Dear Cody,
    What a great review! Me knows that cats is better than dogs. Especially in our house! Me thinks my pawrents should get this book for me for Valentines!

  16. @Nellie Hi pretty girl! Thank you! Ohhh I KNOW that YOU KNOW that CATS are BETTER than dogs! I feel your pain my friend! Yes your pawrents should get this book, also, if you"like" Harvest House Publishing on Friday on Facebook they are having a contest where you can win a copy! xoxoxo

  17. Sounds a great read. Though not sure about the cat breath!! Austin’s sometimes smells like toxic waste!!

  18. Caren, great review for one of the most prolific pet writers. She's amazing! Will share.

  19. Cody & Caren, this sounds like a WONDERFUL book!!!!! So clever...This is one we will definitely add to our list. Thanks for such a fun review!
    xo Katie & Glogirly

  20. @catachresis, "TOXIC WASTE" OMG too funny!

    @Layla I am deeply flattered! THANK YOU!!! I am STILL not receiving your blog via email :(

    @Glogirly and Katie, once again I am deeply humbled! Coming from one of the most "clever and fun" people that I know this made my day! :) xoxoxo

  21. That really does sound like something fun to read!!!

  22. Gosh Cody thanks for telling us about that great sounding book. Maybe we should get one. What a good review you gave. Good job Cody. Take care.

  23. Well, thank cod there is a book that speaks the truth!!!

    We are going to Amazon right now and buy it for Winston!!! MOL

  24. @Marg thanks so much! I think you would love it! Hope you had a great day!

    @Chloe and Cecil YAY!!! lol. Ohhh there will be one for Winston on Dakota's blog tomorrow!

  25. This sounds like such a fun book! I love the line "Cats don't have self-esteem issues." Ha ha ha it's true and is a wonderful thing :-) I hope my boys will get this book for me for Valentine's day!

  26. @Tamago oh it is! if only my self-esteem were as good as Cody's! Crossing my paws that your boys get this for you!

  27. MOL. This book sounds brilliant! We will have to check it out for sure. :)

  28. That looks like a very good book.
    I am embarrassed though. I have been known to roll in mud on more than one occasion, and ermm, I don't know that I should be admitting this, but I do have a liking for rolling in pheasant poop. Mum says I smell worse than a skunk when I do that. Never having met a skunk, I don't know whether that is true or not, but I have to admit it is possible.
    If she catches me doing it, she shoves my head in the horse trough to wash it off before it dries in. She should be reported for cruelty!

  29. @meowmeowmans it truly is! You will love it!

    @Eric and Flynn, my how you made me laugh! OMC! Too funny! Pheasant poop???? You are gonna give cats a bad name doing that MOL! OMG your Mom putting your head in a trough? That's animal cruelty for sure! lol (kidding!)

    Sorry I haven't been around for a few days everyone. I am going to be away for four days in February and I am trying to get things together here, I am trying to get blogs organized for when I am gone, trying to get lists for the pet sitter...and I am working on a wedding shower for my step daughter so things have been crazy! Going to try and come around soon!!!!!!!