Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday


  1. Cody, it kind of looks like you have a little bit to say.
    Thanks so much for helping our friend in Greece. We really appreciate it a lot. Take care and have a great day.

  2. Awwwww this is such a most atmospheric shot of you Cody - lovely!! Take care

  3. So handsome, if only I was single and a cat :-)

  4. Hi Cody - you look eerily contemplative....what are you conniving???

  5. @Sparkle thank you!

    @Art and Sew Forth, that was taken months ago while Cody was sitting next to my desk in our "office"

    @Hilary lol!!!

    @Old Kitty night time in Cody's world!

    @Ingrid King thank you!!!!

    @Marg you are most welcome. I adore Joanie, I can't believe that had happened to her and her cats. I have been following her for a while now and it broke my heart. I wish I could do more!

    @Angie thanks soooo much!!!

    @Princess Jasmine thankyou!

    @Bassetmomma thank you!

    @Rumblepurr you would know because you two are the CUTEST!

  6. Cody you are words needed!!!XOXO

  7. Oh Cody!
    Yous is gorgeous! Me could kiss yous all over.

  8. Hey Cody, you're Mom is into that picture pimping thing too, huh? But she's waaaaay more creative that TW. You expression is priceless.

  9. Cody - you look wonderful.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. @Carolyn "cuteness catified" I absolutely LOVE THAT!

    @Hannah and Lucy thank you beautiful girls!! xoxoxo

    @CK Hell yeah! She has to try and do SOMETHING to make the awful pictures that she takes look better!! I was eyeing something on Mom's desk in this photo :)

    @Kathy thank you!!

    @Nellie ohhhhhhhhh pleassssseeee do!! MOL!

    @catspoiler awwww thank you! xoxoxoxo

    @Priscilla I look great ANYWHERE!!! (wink)

  11. Beautiful! A picture truly worth a THOUSAND words.

  12. aawwww, just so beautiful!

  13. Well I had no idea Cody was a Supermodel!! What a lovely picture!!! Hope you are having a great week. :)

  14. That's a beautiful and very artistic photo!

  15. Dearest Caren,

    Lovely photo! Have you ever read this blog?
    I had a GIVEAWAY day before yesterday, don't miss out on it, still on the side bar at the top.
    Today I have rally for blogger love for poor MICHIKO in Australia...
    Love to you,


  16. Woof! Woof! Happy Wednesday! Oh what a great photo. LOVE it! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  17. What a fantastic portrait of you, Handsome Cody! :)

  18. Sunny side up! Pets always manage to find the sunniest/warmest spots in the house :)

  19. Looks like he's got a lot to say!

  20. You look like you have something to say???

  21. @Nerissa thank you!

    @Cats of Wildcat Woods I ALWAYS have something to say! MOL!

    @Patrice he sure does, ALWAYS!

    @Luxington awww thank you!! Just like YOU!

    @Stacy yes but that was NIGHT TIME! MOL!

    @meowmeowmans thank you!!

    @repositorio thank you!!

    @Sugar thanks so much!

    @Brian thank you!!

    @Mariette thanks so much! I hope to make it over. Didn't have time to read all of the blogs yesterday and not sure if I can tonight either...had running around to do, doctor's appts, etc. Will try and get over there, thanks so much! xoxoxo

    @Julia thanks so much!

    @Coupon Queen thanks!! I am! Busy but good, hope yours is good too!

    @Reneda thanks so much!

  22. Hello Caren and Cody! Thank you for visiting and following us! We're following you now, too! That's a beautiful shot of Cody!
    Cindy, Buster, Rudy and Sam

  23. @Cindy, Buster, Rudy and Sam thanks so much for stopping by and for following! We love making new friends! Glad you like the photo!!

    @Benny & Lily thank you!

  24. What a gorgeous photo! Thanks so much for sharing it at Wordless Wed at Create With Joy - I hope to see you at the launch of Friendless Friday this week!


  25. Too bad it's Wordless Wednesday cause you look like you might have a lot to say!

  26. Mr. Cody !!! I think you made all lady speechless and swoon ; )
    But I'm a boy and do talkative, Miss You !!!! My friend !!!

  27. I wonder what you would have said if it wasn't a wordless day. Nice photo anyway.

  28. Oh Cody what a great picture...very dramatic!!!

  29. Beautiful portrait!This is an artistic post! :)

  30. Great photo, Cody... Kinda dreamy...

    pawhugs, Max

  31. I am very glad to see Your comments in my blog!Thank You very much!!!

  32. Hi there,
    Love new friends!!
    I am so happy to have a computer again!!
    Thanks for your visit!! Do come again.
    xx, Happy(cat) Zoie(dog) & Fern(mom)

  33. Awwww, sweet Cody you are posing nicely for that super picture. Hugs and nose kisses

  34. What a Cool Cat! we are new to your blog and following along.

  35. You don't need words when you are as handsome as you Cody.

  36. Great picture! I was trying to use my photoshop tonight but got just a tad bit frustrated! Back to Photoshop for Dummies!

  37. @Ramona I stopped by and I think it is a great idea!

    @Au and Target awww thank you!! xoxo

    @Chloe and Cecil...switch to Picnik!!! If I can do it, anyone can! Doesn't do as much as PhotoShop but for my limited abilities it's fine lol

    @Eric and Flynn coming from 2 of the most handsome mancats on the Internet I am HUGELY flattered!

    @Christine THANK YOU!! It is such a pleasure to meet you and we thank you for following!!! There are A LOT of fun/informative things that will be coming up and we are happy to have you along!

    @Mumsy and Furkids awww thanks!! FYI Mom said to tell you she hasn't forgotten about you! She has to get to the Post Office one day next week, we are sorry!

    @animal lover hi and thanks!! We love new friends too! Thanks so much for stopping by!

    @Amin thanks so much! I try to get there as much as I can, I have been super busy lately! it is great to see you here!

    @Max that's me, the "Dream Police" MOL!

    @Luna thanks soooooooo much!

    @Cat thank you so much!

    @Jewel I guess we won't know the answer to that question!!! MOL!! Thank you!

    @Yvonne thanks soooo much!

    @Mr Puddy it is YOU my friend who makes all of the ladycats swoon!! You got it goin' on Puddy!

    @Spitty I sure do and NONE of it is good! MOL!

  38. Just trying to catch up! Our mom says she's been 'good' about not trying to comment every day. We have a different view of that. :-P

    Great shot, Cody. Picnik? PhotoShop? Other?

    Have a terrific weekend!