Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"Toy" Tuesday!

Hi everybody!  It's Cody again wishing you all a Terrific Tuesday! I am one lucky kitty! Mom entered a contest for me over at Katie Mitchell's "The Pet Lady's Blog" and I WON! If you haven't visited Katie's blog, by all means do! She always has something exciting going on!

The contest that I won was a give-away by Creme de la Cat.   Creme de la Cat has a vast selection of reasonably priced cat toys,  cat beds and gifts for cat lovers!

I won a $25 gift certificate to purchase anything that I wanted in the store!

The item I chose was the Leopard Den Puzzle:

Isnt' that just the coolest puzzle ever? When I chose it I immediately thought of Zee & Zoey and their Mom, Deb Barnes who ALWAYS wears leopard print! She definitely needs to pawchase this for her kitties!

This is the most fun toy ever! It is super soft and cozy and comes with those cute balls above. Mom puts catnip in the holes and drops the balls in and I go to town! I swat those balls and use my paws like scoopers! I scoop those balls up, run down the hallway and tease my Sheltie brother, then I drop one ball by my food bowl as a thank-you to my pawrents for the stinky-goodness they provide for me.

Ordering was a breeze for my Mom (I can't type so I don't know). The customer service provided by Terry Walker-Coleman (who owns Creme De La Cat) was superb and boy did my toys arrive FAST!
I barely had time for a cat nap and they were here! Now THAT'S SERVICE!

 Here are some photos:

Here is a listing of everything else that Mom bought with the $25 prize:



Here is Cody having a ball with his Cat Catcher!

We also bought a  few other little toys and Terry was super nice and gave us a special surprise!

Mom and I would like to once again thank Katie Mitchell from The Pet Lady's Blog for hosting this give-away and to Creme De La Cat for their adorable and affordable toys and superior customer service!

Mom said we will definitely be ordering from them in the future!  Check out their website for special items for Valentine's Day!

Mom and I were not compensated for this post. We won the above listed items and wanted to thank the appropriate people. All opinions are our own.


  1. Concats on your win, Cody.
    Leopard Den Puzzle looks awesome. Bet you will spend many hours on it!

  2. Wow! You got some great toys! Cody sure can jump!

  3. The Leopard Den Puzzle is so cute, we would love to have one of those. We're gonna tell our mom to visit this store. We agree that Zee & Zoey would love this too!

    Cindi Lou and The Kitty Krew

  4. Wow! Lucky you Cody! Hmmm....I wonder how long it will take if Creme de la Cat were to mail me anything! har har har *evil laughs*

  5. Oh what fun! Go, Cody!! Take care

  6. Congratulations! Those are some cool prizes. I'd even like to play with some of those toys.

  7. Oh Cody how way way cool your new toys are! Love that puzzle....that would be a whole lot of fun and nice and SOFT too! I might have to get Mom to order me one of those ASAP (that means as soon as pawsible). Have fun with all your new stuff.

    Your Pal Sammy

  8. @The Chair Speaks, the Leopard Den is a blast!

    @Sammy you will love it my friend! Your Mom could put treats in it for you too! Loved "as soon as pawsible" MOL! Love, Cody

    @orbit thanks! come on over and you can play with me!

    @Old Kitty thanks, they are! xoxoxo to you and Charlie

    @Cat-from-Sydney OMG we won't even go there! MOL!

    @Squirrel Queen let me know if you get one! You will love it!

    @Bassetmomma I can jump even higher than that! I had limited space in that video MOL!

  9. Congratulations! Very cool puzzle toy!

  10. That toy puzzle looks awesome! Allegra and Ruby would love that!

  11. YEY!!! Soooo happy for you,Cody! You have some pawesome goodies to pass the rest of winter with my kitty friend. You look so cute chasing the dancer toy!! I am partial to catnip toy mice myself!Happy Tuesday! Rosie

  12. Wow, that leopard puzzle looks great!!! I bet you will have hours of fun with it :-)

  13. M has seen those round thingies with the balls to chase before, but she's not sure I'd get into it. (shhh, don't tell anyone, but she says I'm so lazy!!)

  14. Concats Cody - what a great bunch of toys you got - that soft puzzle with treats looks pawsome.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  15. Glad you love your toys Cody! The video of you playing is too cute!

  16. Cody,

    You are really going to like the Cat Catcher wand!

  17. @Sue thanks so much!

    @milo and Alfie, Yep I thought this would be a good one and he loves it!

    @Jennifer I will have to check that out if it is new :)

    @Katie thanks sooooooo much and thanks about the video!

    @Hannah and Lucy thank you!! Mom didn't put treats in it yet but she is thinking about it! xoxoxo

    @Mario I am lazy too! (but we won't tell!) Mom puts catnip in it to get me going

    @Cat thank you! I will!

    @Rosie wish you could come over and play with me! We would have so much fun!

    @Ingrid King YES Allegra and Ruby WOULD love it! It is soooo soft and cuddly!

  18. OMC, OMC, OMC.....CAT CATCHER, CAT CATCHER, CAT CATCHER! That is my FAVORITE toy!!!!!!! gotta go find mine RIGHT now....

    Thank COD Katie was so distracted by the Cat Catcher that she did not notice you have a comment from a DOG named Katie. Let's just keep this on the down-low.

  19. @Glogirly and Katie, STOP making me LAUGH!!! OMG you kill me! Hope you got your Cat Catcher!!! Now, now, don't make the doggie feel bad! xoxoxoxo

  20. You sure did win a bunch of cool things Cody!!!

  21. @Brian thanks!! My mom always donates what I don't play with after a couple of months or so, we believe in paying it forward!

  22. Whoa! Cody, you're not a fighter, you're a jumper! I wouldn't have thought so. That want looks pawsome! I wouldn't give a second look at the others. MOL! Never heard of Creme Da La Cat but if you got all that for $25, I'll quick tell Pop about it.

  23. You really love your cat catcher don't you Cody. The Leopard's Den looks great fun too.

  24. What a great prize! Looks like you're gonna have tonnes & tonnes of fun with it. And your video was marvelous! You're very photogenic.

  25. @Cathy yeah, yeah I know I look lazy but you should see me jump even higher than this! I am pretty darned good at it! Yep you have to check them out, they are quite reasonable!

    @Nerissa, awww, you have me blushing, thank you!

    @Eric and Flynn oh i love it so much!!

  26. Congrats on your win! I love watching videos of you. That leopard print toy looks like fuuun.. Honestly, I didn't even know that you could buy interactive toys for kitties. The closest thing mine have is a toy mouse that makes a very realistic squeak when they bat at it, but they love it. I will have to look into this.

  27. congratulations..we would love that toy too
    Benny & Lily

  28. You are so sophisticated, Cody! We think shredding newspapers is a classy game MOL!

  29. Concats Cody! you got a whole lot of pawsome toys! Isn't the Cat Catcher fun? It's our fav'rite 'cept the mouse is so realistic, we try to eat it, mol!

    Have fun!
    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  30. My Human loves those striped mousies. Maybe I'll order some for her so she can bat them around on the dining room floor.

  31. @Cynthia thank you!! But this isn't the post i wanted you to see...lol....it is TOMORROW'S on Dakota's Blog! This site is extremely inexpensive and super worth checking out!

    @Spitty now THAT I gotta see! MOL!

    @Cara N Crew, I try to eat it too! MOL!

    @Au and Target, I want Mom to let me shred newspapers but she is too afraid that I will eat them cause I eat EVERYTHING!

    @Benny and Lily thank you!! You know what? that is the perfect size for you!

  32. That's a funny toy, reminds me of the little wooden cubes of my grandson ! I don't think that my cats would play with that. I noticed that they play more with household things, like paper balls, cartons, boxes or even earsticks (Arthur this morning)

  33. I can totally see why you went with the Leopard Puzzle! what a neat toy. Enjoy!

  34. Very cool! And that Cat Catcher looks like it is made by the same people who make Da Bird, so it must be awesome!