Thursday, January 19, 2012

You're "It!"

Now THIS is unusual! THIS is a FIRST! We were just "tagged" by our friend Sammy from One Spoiled Cat and due to having NOTHING prepared for today, for the FIRST TIME- EVER we aren't going to take a gazillion months to respond!

The first requirement of this blog post is  that we answer TEN "BURNING" questions about us! We decided that since this blog is a joint venture, Cody and I would BOTH answer! Here goes!

1) Describe yourself in 7 words:
Cody- cuddly,  loving, determined, intelligent, adorable, lazy and fearless.
Mom- ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, funny, focused and stubborn.

2) What keeps you up at night?
Cody- my never-ending quest for food
Mom-playing "Words With Friends"

3)  Who would I like to be?
Cody- "King of the Forrrrrrrrrrrreeeeesssst!!!!"

Mom-  the next winner of either Mega Millions or Power Ball

4)  What am I wearing now?
Cody- the finest quality silver gray tabby fur
Mom- gray Lions sweatpants, gray and blue Super Bowl sweatshirt from 2006.

5)  What scares me?
Cody- the thought of  Mom's canned Royal Canin Veterinary Formula canned rabbit running out.
Mom-  the way that I look without makeup as I look right now while I am typing this!

6)  The best and worst of blogging:
Cody- all of the fun kitties, doggies and their pawrents that I have met!
Mom- best? The people and their pets that I have met along the way both online and in person.  Worst? Self-imposed deadlines which translates to pressure that I have created for MYSELF. Bottom line? "WHO CARES?"  As far as blogging goes, NONE of us are nearly as important as we think that we are.

7) The last website I visited:
Mom-One Spoiled Cat told ya! I literally came from there, directly here and started typing! It's a MIRACLE!

8) What is the one thing I would change about myself:
Cody- to be ALLERGY-FREE so that I could eat allllll different kinds of food!
Mom- to be less of a control-freak

9) Slankets yes or no?
Cody- What in the hell is a slanket???
Mom- ditto

10) Tell us something about the person who tagged you:
Cody- Sammy is the coolest cat. He is wise beyond his years. He has a really great blog that if you haven't checked it out, you sure should! He says he is "spoiled" but he really isn't, he is just treated the way ALL cats should be treated, as the Gods and Goddesses in furry little suits that we ARE!
Sammy as a baby,
his baby basket and his Mom! (Pam!)

Mom- Where do I begin? Sammy's Mom (Pam) is an incredibly talented woman. She is a writer (who I will be featuring on February 24th, save the date!), she is an artist, (she sent me the most BEAUTIFUL NOTE CARDS!!) , she is loving, kind, fun, warm and she possesses a quality that makes her a kindred spirit of mine, the quality of never ceasing to think like a child. If you maintain the untainted child-like quality of being able to be excited about things that you see and experience and never lose your ability to imagine, or have a laugh that starts from deep within your belly,  then in my opinion, you HAVE IT ALL!!! Pam also has another blog (The Magic Forest Chronicle) that features just those things:

Now....we must tag some other pressure...seriously none...if you don't want to do this then just pussyfoot on by as if you never have seen this post! (For some of you I KNOW that "pussyfooting on by" isn't a problem! MOL!!)








If  we didn't list you here no worries!!!! There are some of you who have jumped through these hoops so many times that the thought  of having to do one of these again would make you want to scratch our eyes out if you had to purrticipate, and since we value our eye-sight and our lives, we  neglected to mention you.

There are still others that  we could mention who we follow and comment on regularly that we KNOW NEVER visit, (we are observant and snide cusses...hehehe)  so what would be the point of listing them? MOL!, and still others whose blogs aren't set up for this kind of blog post and we respect that completely.

And...well, if you don't meet any of the above criteria....we're just plain tired of typing right now.


  1. LOL! Concats on being tagged; it was fun to read. Our mom, spoilsport that she is, really hopes no one tags us, she hates doing these. Loves to read them, hates to do them. :-P

    Maybe now that we're posting and commenting less we'll be ignored...that could be a good thing. LOL.

  2. That was so fun! We love learning more about our pals. :)

    And we agree ... what the heck is a "slanket?"


  3. Caren - you crack me up... Thanks for tagging me...I can't wait to play along. I hope you wont mind if I copy you and reply from both me & alex :)

  4. @Fuzzy Tales we hate doing them too...poor Pam! She DID totally luck out though...I seriously wasn't going to post anything today (remember I told you via email I am trying to cut down to just 3 or 4 posts per week? Well...I had a vacancy soooo while the time was right I decided to hop in!!) You know I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND how you feel...and you do visit when you can, as I do with you and I greatly appreciate it!! (and YOU!) xoxo

    @Hilary you are welcome to do whatever you like!! You're the boss!!! I am honored if you copy me! xoxoxo

    @meowmeowmans whew!! We are soooooo glad that we aren't the only "slanket knowledge deprived" people out there!! Can you tell that Cody and I are just a tad CRANKY today? So what else is new???? xoxoxo

  5. Hehehehe! You were well tagged! Great answers and quite illuminating!!!

  6. That was fun and yes, lots of typing, we did it once so we know. I really did enjoy your answers though!

  7. LOVED reading those Cody about you and mama! Oh, Cody, my starter blog is getting underway..and after mom can get some decent pics of me, it will be revised. But I need a start so soom. Hope I see you then. xoxox Katie

    We made mommy try to go to that page at work & security blocked it!!!
    *giggling uncontrollably!*

  9. Another adorable post from you too.

  10. @Carolyn lol! Thank you!!! (I think! lol)

    @Linda B awww thank you!

    @Ryker lmao!!! The site isn't real! I made it up! MOL!!! I KNEW someone would try and check it out! So glad you liked this!

    @Katie OF COURSE YOU WILL SEE ME (and MOM!!!) You know I can't always come by every day but I do my best to come by at least a few times a week!!

    @Brian you have done these ZILLIONS of times which is why I didn't mention you! You are ALWAYS doing these! That's cause you are so nice! I'm NOT! MOL!

  11. I just visited Pam and Sam and saw you being tagged and then came here and... don't you love synchronicity?
    Loved your answers!

  12. @Layla YES!! I do!!! My husband and I ALWAYS are talking about synchronicity! Glad you enjoyed it!! Thanks so much! :)

  13. We enjoyed all the answers from both of you. We didn't know what a slanket was either, so we googled it. It is a big baggy blanket with sleeves! We had a good laugh at the pictures of it.
    Thank you for tagging us. Mum isn't very good at getting these done but we will try and do it next week.

  14. Awww "who put the ape in the apricots" "Courage!" LOL!

    Me and Charlie love love love this clip!!! Lion and Toto are our favourite characters of the Wizard of Oz!! Yay!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS on being tagged!! What a fun tag too!! Thanks for sharing, take care x

  15. What a great blog post. I love all the questions and answers... Fun.

    pawhugs, Max

  16. These are some of our favorite kinds of posts. It's fun to learn a little more about our feline AND human friends. : )

    We like your "what scares me" answers. For me, it's a toss up between the doorbell and Glogirly trying to pick me up. For her, it's probably what's just about to happen in whatever scary movie she's watching. Especially if Gloman is there to nudge her unexpectedly.


  17. I now have a mental image of a Cowardly-Lion sized Cody singing "King of the Forest", lol!

  18. Me knows these are a pain to write, but they is so much fun to read! And yous guys has such entertaining answers

  19. @Eric and Flynn see how good you are? You googled it, I was too lazy to do so!! lol. You are welcome, but seriously, you don't have to post about it, I don't want you to stress yourself out, believe me, I understand!

    @Glogirly and Katie, ohhhh if Gloman ever nudged me during a scary movie he would get a reflex smack! lol

    @Max awww thank you!!!!!! Glad you liked it!

    @Old Kitty lmao @you and Charlie! I feel the same! The Lion is my fave too!!!! Your excitement made me smile!! xoxoxo

  20. @CatandTheCoffeeCup you got it! lol

    @Nellie thanks so much!!! lol. You get these A LOT!! xoxoxo

  21. What a great way to get to know more about you!! This was great.

    Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and warm purrs. I am back from the Vet, resting, still not eating but doing better. Momma is praying I will eat tomorrow so I don't have to go back to Vet Jail.

  22. Hello my friends! Always love to learn more about my favorite duo: Caren and Cody (which one of you is Robin?)

    Cody you gotta keep away from Have you tried:

    Don't say I didn't warn you.


  23. A big YAY! fur u gettin' tagged, coz dis waz so much FUN!! (Alfho, onleez 7 wordz ta describe why u'z bof so wunnerfulz? Dat hardleez seemz enuff! hehehe) Ennywayz, well dun! Sendin' big fluffy kitteh kissez ur way...

    Caren, it's really MOST impressive that you're such a considerate cat-mommy... you even color-coordinate your wardrobe to Cody's! Talk about showin' the love... ;D (Yeah, yeah, I know it's REALLY a fan thing-slash-hopefully-less-laundry issue, but still... work with me, here, LOL!) xoxo

  24. @Abby are you pooping???? I left a comment on your other post but I am not sure if you saw that one yet. I am hoping that you start eating precious girl so you don't have to go back to the vet. Thank you for stopping by to visit us! (((((hugs)))))

    @GlamKitty you know what? I didn't realize the gray thing until I was reading the post before I made it go live lol. OMG too funny...I do it quite a bit! lol

    @Ann lmao!!!! I'm Batman and Cody is Robin (he looks cuter in tights than I do lol) that site you are telling me about real???? The one I posted isn't! lol xoxoxo

  25. I was Tagged!!! So exciting! Loved your answers and what is a slanket? I don't know when but I will answer the call! Thanks!

  26. I loved you answers to the ten burning questions...I don't know what a slanket is either - LOL!!!

  27. What a fun tag! We worry about food too, Cody.

    Gong Xi Fa Cai!
    Wishing you a prosperous, auspicious and joyous Year of the Dragon.

  28. Aunty Caren,
    GREAT NEWS!!!! Guess what??? The package has arrived!!! And am glad you didn't list my name, Cody...or you'll be eyeless and furless for the rest of the year....we're just not good at these award/meme/tagging business...hehehe.... purrrr...meow!

  29. LOL! Congrats. We enjoyed reading your answers!

  30. This is great. I will share this one to my friends. I really love it!

  31. @Meg YAY!!!!! So happy you will do this! Be sure I get the link cause i want to read your answers! Glad you liked this!

    @Stem Cell thank you!! Glad you liked it!

    @The Chair Speaks so glad you liked it!!

    @Cat From Sydney...OMG THE PACKAGE FINALLY ARRIVED!!!??? How many MONTHS did that take???? OMG I am soooo happy! I kept thinking that you thought that I never sent it! Did it have my original date on it? OMG!! LMAO at your answer...I am not good at these either! xoxoxo

    @Au and Target HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR TO YOU TOO!!! What is the year of the dragon supposed to bring us?

    @Cat thanks soooooooo much!! We lived without a "slanket" this long, we can live without it longer! MOL!

  32. Well, Miss Caren and Cody Mom and I LOVED your TEN BURNING QUESTION responses!!! Woo Hoo! How way cool that you posted my baby pictures too. Shucks. Guess what? Mom and I had to google "slankets" too because she thought it was a TYPO and was supposed to be "blankets" !!!!! Anyway, it all turned out good huh? Thanks so much for saying all those swell things about my Mom - you're THE BEST!

    Tons of love....
    Sammy (and his Mom too)

  33. We caught the hint, we just get so busy reading and reading comments and reading comments on our page and then all of a sudden we oh no we are needed elsewhere. But we are trying have pre-posted posts and have all week to read and comment. We loved learning all about you. Cody hot cats for one night really?!!

  34. Fun! Loved your answers. :)

    Is it sad that I want an iPhone just so that I can develop a Words with Friends addiction?

    Also, I randomly know what a slanket is because I actually heard about it before I heard about snuggies. :)

  35. Love this post! Pam/Sam also "tagged" my blog (maybe I shouldn't have read your list before I posted mine!). I do like how both you and Cody answered the questions.
    Hope you don't mind: Sundae and I might just do the same thing!

  36. Caren, yes it's real! Check it out. It's safe and cute. :)

    Same bat-time, same bat-channel!! tee-hee!

  37. Loved this tagging bit! I cn see how it is amusing and can cause chaos too. Way to go Miss caren and Cody!!

  38. I always love when you and Cody team up together!! Great responses and thank you for introducing me to another cat blog that I look forward to checking out!! Sammy and Pam sound like a lot of fun!

  39. I think that's cool you want to be the King of the Forest, Cody!

  40. That was fun to read and I guess not so fun to do. We hate having to pick other blogs to pass it on to.

  41. Maybe a Slanket is like a Forever Lazy!

    My Mommeh won't be seen in public without make up. Ever!

  42. Hey... WE have a Sammy, too! We will have to go check out this new Sammy's blog!

  43. I'm so sorry... I read this post... honestly... but never noticed Nerissa's Life on the list. Talk about unobservant! Also, I guess I didn't really realize what it was all about... still blaming the newbie thing. So, now that you've brought it to my attention (and thank you for that... truly), I will do something about it. Promise! Gotta get more on the ball here. And by the way... what is a slanket? slanky? Oh, just what it is? Please tell.