Friday, January 27, 2012

Cat Fanciers' Association All Breed Cat Show In Allen Park, Michigan, January 28 & 29th

The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) will hold an all breed and household pet cat show on Sat. January 28 & Sun. January 29, 2012 at the Allen Park Community Ctr 15800 White St.  Allen Park, MI 48101 from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
"White Owl"

The show will feature two days of judged competition, as well as exhibitors and breeders providing information and offering close-up views of their cats.  Breeds represented will cover a wide variety, including Persians, Maine Coons, Orientals, Birmans, Tonkinese, Ragdolls, Siamese, Bombays and more.
The show is sponsored by the Midwest Persian Tabby Fanciers, a local non-profit cat club. Internationally qualified CFA judges will evaluate the cats.

The show offers a variety of interests for all people, from cat enthusiasts to families with small children.  Judging will take place throughout both days, so you can be in a ring watching the judging, or walking the exhibit hall looking at the beautiful cats.  You can ask questions of breeders and exhibiters.  It really is great fun for everyone.
Admission to the show is $5 - adults, $4 - seniors, $3 - children and no charge to children under age 5.  Parking is free.
Founded in 1906, The Cat Fanciers’ Association has been devoted to the promotion and protection of all cats.  CFA as a whole, as well as individual member clubs and individuals associated with CFA, have together made outstanding contributions in feline health, feline health research, animal welfare and disaster relief over the years.

Contact:  Cathy Hawley



  1. I've only ever been to one cat show. Are you going to this one? Hope you have a nice weekend Caren & Cody!

  2. Hello! We are using our new google reader and it's fantastic! Have a great weekend.

  3. We're hoping Cody is going to be in the show. We will watch the national news for work of how he does.

    Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  4. @Clooney I have only been to one myself, can't go Saturday...not sure about Sunday...I WAS at the dog show last week! A lot of good that does on Cat Chat huh? lol You have a great weekend too!

    @Max don't watch too long cause Cody isn't in it! lol! You have a great day too!

    @Milo and Alfie I may have to try and check that out! I don't use Google reader! Have a great weekend!

  5. Oh M is getting excited. She's ready to go to another show. And I'n ready to have her go cuz she always bring home a new toy for me. She said it's the best place to buy something new and different.

  6. Wish I lived close enough! Went to this YEEEEEARS ago in Lansing and sure enjoyed all the unique kitties...still think Cody is cuter:D! Safe and Happy Weekend to you!!

  7. Mom loves those shows, nutty
    Benny & Lily

  8. We have never been to a cat show either and won't be until they have a Feral class and guess what, that won't happen either.
    Our blog has been hacked so we are on blogger for the time being.

    Have a great Friday.

  9. @Mario your Mom is extremely smart! I have been to a cat show before and YES it is a GREAT place to buy something new and different for a kitty! Especially for a GOOD kitty like YOU!

    @catspoiler thanks!!! I think Rosie is cuter as well! YOU have a great weekend too!

    @Benny and Lily, you are so silly!

    @Marg this is an ALL BREED and HOUSECAT CAT SHOW...which would include Feral cats that have been adopted. The purpose of my blog is to feature events, products, stories, videos, information, photos, books etc., that appeal to a variety of people. I have featured the feral topic before, I have featured rescue, etc. My blog isn't geared towards any one topic other than ALL THINGS that pertain to cats and the people who love them. Both of my cats were rescue cats, both of them would have been eligible to enter an "All Breed Cat Show" which includes "housecats, feral cats, etc" had I chosen to enter them. I am super sorry to hear that your blog was hacked. I am on Blogger for this blog and love it. I hope you experience much better luck with it! Have a great day and a delightful weekend.

  10. What! Cody is NOT in the show? He woiuld win everything!!
    Has a great weekend

  11. Ohhhhh, I so want to go to a cat show! I have been to a couple and had a great time. Now that I am thinking more seriously about getting a dog, I want to go to a dog show too. But I haven't seen any notifications for either around here, which means I may have to travel. Well, it would be fun!

  12. Glogirly has never been to a cat show before. But long ago, way before me or even Glogirly, GLOMAN went to a cat show (remember he hates cats) and fell in love with a Persian kitten. Even though it was against the rules, he bought the kitten! Named him Max. Says he was the best cat ever. And now I have to live up to that. Whatever.

  13. @Nellie, but I would have to stay awake first and that would be hard! lol

    @Julia dog shows are so much fun too! Went to one last week (will be featuring that soon on Dakota's blog!) Don't know if you want to travel to one but yes it sure would be fun!

    @Katie I LOVE that story about Gloman and Max!! I am sure you are MORE than living up to Max's legacy! You are a "Killer Queen!" remember? xoxoxo

  14. I love cat shows! Will you let me know if they have an agility course?

  15. OMC! Is White Owl a real kitty or a stuffed animal!?!? Or maybe he just has a lot of hair spray on? Ha ha ha!

  16. If I lived nearby I would definitely go to this show. I have only been to one cat show and that was years ago. White Owl and Aby are both adorable.

  17. I love being a vendor at cat shows, hoping to do more of them in 2012. Madison and Abi stay home though, they are NOT cat show kitties hee hee (too lazy)
    xoxox have a fun weekend.

  18. I love being a vendor at the Cat Shows and hope to attend more of them in 2012. Madi and Abi are NOT cat show kitties though, way too lazy hee hee. Have a fun weekend.

  19. I have never been to a cat show.. one of these days I have to go

  20. I have never been to a cat show.. one of these days I have to go

  21. Our mombean went to a cat show a bazillion years ago, and long before we found her and moved in.


  22. I don't like these cat shows with these special breeds ! I pity the poor things sitting in their cage, but they are so used to it that they mostly sleep. I would never do that to my cats ! I prefer to "expose" them on my sofa !

  23. FaRADaY:" Mommy Quick! There's still time to catch a flight & enter me in the show!

    Maxwell: *slaps paw down on Faraday* There is NO WAY on this earth Allie & I are gonna let Momma do that. You're Obnoxious enuf as it is.

    Allie: *snif* Not that he'd win anyway. it's not like he's a handsome mancat like Cody or anything ....

  24. Ooh my mom person wishes she had known about this sooner.

    Thanks for offering to visit her in the hospital. She didn't get the e-mails until she finally got home.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  25. I've never had the pleasure to see a cat show. I know I'm missing something great.

  26. I would LOVE to go to this.

    I've never been to a Cat Show...but it's on my list.


  27. Hello! Very interesting all these...Thank You very much for sharing!

  28. If you are going, have fun. I have always wanted to go to a dog and/or cat show. Maybe someday there will be one closer to me! :)

  29. I know I got nothing to do with da show , but I have to laugh with the white kitty's name "White Owl" ! Ha..Ha..Ha...Me and Mom just think she look like one before we saw her name !

    By the way, The white Owl : ) remind my mom about when she went to Thailand for holiday. She went to do shopping and she said this time is wicked ! she met lots of cat pawson , and they don't let her out of the shop very easy because they talked about " Cats " and one shop even offered my mom a kitten for free !!! ( Persian mixed with American short hair )

    By the way, Me and Mom miss you and Cody so much