Tuesday, January 24, 2012

SureFlap Microchip Cat Door As A Kitty Weight Loss Tool?

As January draws to a close there are some of us  who are faced with the reality that our resolution or intention (whichever terminology you prefer) to lose weight is beginning to fall by the wayside. Often we need the "help" of a "friend" to  keep us from mindless eating.

Did you know that the SureFlap can also be used to keep a kitty like this:

"Rosie" used with permission by
"Rosie Larger Than Life"

from having an "all-you-can-eat" banquet as a result of pilfering food from the bowls of every other pet in your home!  You can feed the offender in another room (SureFlap also works on INTERNAL doors, NOT just EXTERNAL!) and because a larger animal cannot fit through the opening of  SureFlap,  the kitty food-napper could just possibly shed some unwanted pounds just from being denied free-feeding from everyone's bowls!

Here is some more info about SureFlap:


Allows only cats whose microchips are stored within the product to enter a home.

It is powered by 4 AA batteries and only powers up when a cat tries to enter/leave a home.

Once a cat's microchip number is stored it will stay in the memory whether the batteries are in place or not.

SureFlap is available in white or brown.

SureFlap works with a cat's existing FDXA, FDXB or Avid Secure/Encrypted microchip (these encompass the vast majority of microchip types).

SureFlap will work even if a cat wears a collar with a metallic bell or tag.

SureFlap stores the unique identities of up to 32 cats.

SureFlap is compact and suitable for most cat breeds with its 5.59" wide by 5.39" tall entry door.  (Some large breeds of cat, such as the Maine Coon, may have difficulty using it. They are currently working to develop a larger version of SureFlap, which is appropriate for small dogs and larger cats and it should be available during the first half of 2012.

SureFlap is easy to install in doors, (INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL),  windows and walls and glass mounting .

To read more about SureFlap click here

SureFlap may be purchased  at www.sureflap.com

In full disclosure we were not compensated for this blog post. We were offered a SureFlap when we first blogged about it a few months ago,  but with our living situation there was no need for us to have one. We opted on our own to feature SureFlap because we liked its features and benefits and feel that it is a useful product. All opinions are strictly our own.


  1. Ha! Most things you feature I haven't heard of before, but this flap I actually do know! But reading about it caused me to smile becuse the cats here are so naughthy that they simply will put a paw in their friends bowl (even before they've finished their own!!) and pull it toward themselves.
    Sending you a big hug from Greece,
    xo Joan

  2. Aunty Caren,
    Mama's asking if it works on hoomans too.....she needs one... purrrr...meow!

  3. It seems like a great idea! But we are very glad neither of us needs to lose weight hehehe :)

  4. Ha..Ha..Ha...I never heard Cat Flap help Kitty Weight Loss !!! But it's really make sense !
    For me, This is the most wanted !!! but I'm not sure mom and dad love to have it because they can't sleep without me : )

  5. Hmmm - never heard of that before either. Sounds like a good idea tho.

  6. That's one of the nicest looking cat doors I've seen - has a great "mechanism" too. Weight loss control aside, it looks nice and neat as an entry/exit for a kitty and might be just what we're looking for with our Sam and the "envisioned" screen porch in our next house! Thanks for the info Caren....

    Pam (and Sam)

  7. I'm so glad you mentioned using a cat door to keep overweight cats away from the other cats' food, Caren! We used to recommend this to our clients at one of the clinics I worked at. Too few people are aware that this is a valid option in a multi-cat household.

  8. I've been promoting the Sure Flap for exactly this use for over a year now! I have 2 of them to use with my all indoor cats and they are absolutely wonderful!

  9. Gee, having it register the microchip is a great idea. Of course, better yet is keeping your cats indoors where they're safe, or making a cat-safe outdoor enclosure. But that's another post. LOL.

    Pretty cool what technology can do these days, though. (Showing my age here....)

  10. LOL never heard of a weight loss cat flap before!! Have to say that I think Tigger is too large for the one in the summerhouse now!! Austin still will not use :(

  11. If anything - it looks like a fun way for kitties to get fit!! Yay!

    Take care

  12. Well I think I look pretty spectacular with me big BELLEH but Mama is wanting me to shed my "mudflaps" for health reasons too. Thank you Auntie Caren for featuring me as the Fat kitty model:D Mom wants to know if they make a model to keep bottomless pit teens outta the fridge LOL!! Happy Tuesday!! Yours Truly,ROSIE the sureflap girl.

  13. @Joan I am super happy that you have heard of this and am not surprised that you have! From what I can tell it is super quality and a great idea! Sorry I haven't been around lately (again), have been extremely busy but hope to come around soon!

    @catspoiler/Rosie THANK YOU (and your Mom) for allowing us to feature your big belleh!!! LMAO! I LOVE YOUR BELLEH but yes, for health reasons you should lose a little weight girlfriend! Love your idea about SureFlap creating a model for teens! lol Have a great day! xoxoxo

    @Old Kitty sure does! xoxoxo

    @Carolyn well, if Tigger eats Austin's food this might be the solution!

    @Fuzzy Tales I agree with you but for those who do have inside/outside cats or who want to segregate for any reason, INSIDE, this is a great idea. When it comes to being old...I have you BEAT by a MILE girlfriend!

    @Kytti you are one smart COOKIE (hmmm maybe since this mentions weight loss I should say "one smart KITTY?" MOL)

    @Ingrid King THANK YOU for validating that! I think many people (as you said) aren't aware that these types of flaps can be installed INSIDE for internal rooms, not just on doors that lead OUTSIDE. I am so happy to hear that a vet recommended this as an option to keep greedy kitties at bay!

    @Pam and Sam I am so happy that you are going to check this out! I believe the price is approx $149.99 (Or something, plus shipping/handling) Let me know if you purchase one.

    @Mario it is for sure!

    @Mr Puddy you are so silly! Your Mom and Dad can still sleep with you but since you are an indoor/outdoor kitty, it will help keep SMUDGE out of YOUR food bowl!!! MOL!!! Sorry I haven't been around in a few days, I have been super busy but am hoping to come around soon!!! xoxoxoxo

    @Abby Normal, Mom wants to get one to keep her OUT of the kitchen. MOL, Love, Cody

    @Cat-from-Sydney my Mom says she needs one too! Love, Cody

  14. Alex has a flap door to go down our basement.. he loves it... Check out how I used Cody's pictures...

  15. It seems like an interesting device, although ,like that lovely ROSIE, my cats are all well endowed and would not be able to fit through it. We will wait to see of a larger one is ever constructed , have a blessed day. :D

  16. I need to put one of those on the fridge door! I wonder if these would work well for a heavey snow climate such as we live in in the great white North.
    Nellie's Mom

  17. That is one cool door and a great review
    Benny & Lily

  18. @Hilary I will be over! Sorry I have been AWOL...been working on my step-daughter's shower and have been crazy busy! I will pop by!

    @Benny and Lily it sure is and thank you for the nice words about the review!

    @Nellie I need one on the fridge too!! lol. Hmmmm I wonder how well they work in snow...obviously no door would open well if it is full of snow! lol

    @Pommie, that is the point! if you have a fat cat that you want to keep away from the other pet's food...you feed the other pets in a room that has this on the door so that the smaller pets can go in and out but the fat one can't get in to eat the food! :)

  19. That looks like such a good idea. It would cost us a fortune for all the chips to let everyone in and out of here. Thanks for the info. Take care.

  20. You guys read my mind. I recently entered a giveaway for one of these.. I won't dare let any kitty that lives with me out of the house since my first cat Bobby went missing, BUT I wanted to use it so that our cats could have free access to their food and naughty ZORA wouldn't come eat it all :) What do you do to keep Dakota out of your food, Cody?

  21. Looks like a good idea.. Does it open automatically? Moby doesn't use the one he has now as he has to push on it.

  22. @Marg yep it is a good idea.

    @Alittlesprite to you I also say it is a good idea, I am fairly certain the cat has to push the door open.

    @Cynthia that is an EXCELLENT idea and I sure hope you win one!! What my Mom does is has half of our condo baby gated so that Dakota can't come back. We have a door way into the kitchen but it isn't a traditional door, it slides and we keep it open. Then in the hallway on the other side we have a babygate. I eat in the kitchen and Dakota eats in the hallway :)

  23. Such a good idea! I think that is really helpful.

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  24. I have a cat that looked EXACTLY like that first picture! She is afraid of everything, so she would just spend all her time under the bed, and would only come out to eat. She was huge. She is just now back to a healthy weight, thank goodness. For awhile I thought we would have to get her a little treadmill or something!

  25. Hey that is a good use of it for sure!

  26. How did I miss this!!! What a cool product! Probably not a good idea in sub-zero climates, but as a weight control aid, FABULOUS!

    I need one for my salmon cupboard so I can self-dispense any time of the day or night.

    ; )
    yes, I have a salmon cupboard.

  27. This is the first time I have heard about this door, it is a great idea. Cindi Lou and The Kitty Krew don't really need it for weight lost but I would like to put a cat door to the outside. My hesitation was I was afraid we would have raccoons inside too but the microchip would take care of that problem.

    Speaking of weight loss, we had a 20+ lb. cat (not a breed that should be that big) at the spay/neuter event this week. That big boy could benefit from this door.

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  29. Hi Caren,
    I loved reading this piece! Well written! :)

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