Monday, January 2, 2012

Did you know...?

It's the first Monday of the New Year! January 2, 2012,  1-2-2012 (which you should read as "one, two, two-oh-one-two")  or "one two buckle my shoe" (yeah I still haven't recovered from the nip in case you couldn't tell!)

Mom was going to do a different blog post today but didn't quite finish and while she was procrastinating, (obviously stopping that activity wasn't on her resolution list) she got to thinking (that in itself is a feat.)

What was she thinking about? (Not sure but I could smell the wood burning.) Actually she started to think about the word JANUARY, where it originated  and what it actually MEANS.

Mom found out from Wikipedia that January actually means "door to the year." Mom thought that was pretty cool! It is named after Janus (Ianuarius) the "God of the doorway", the name's beginnings comes from Roman mythology and comes from the Latin word for "door." (Ianua)

Speaking as a cat, I have no use for doors. In my house I am the "God of the doorway." If I see a door that is shut it will become my mission to open it or request (using whatever means are at my disposal, which might not be pretty.) to have it opened.

Here are some of my impressions of the doors in my house:

Kitchen Door-if you have a door that closes to this room, be sure it is removed NOW. (Notice I said REMOVED not OPENED) The kitchen is our lifeline! It is the land of noms and plenty!! Make sure it is a free zone at all times!

Closet Door- If this door isn't already open I use my pliable claws in just the right motion to release the door that leads to one of the best sleeping areas of the house. There are cushy towels, warm recently-washed sheets all pre-laid and ready for some "z-z-z-z-z-z-s", no "biscuit making" necessary in this area! This is a napping cat's dream!!! I also use it as my "deodorizing area", when I appear from the depths of the closet I smell like BOUNCE!! 

Bathroom Door- If your litterbox is in the bathroom as mine is, it could be quite a serious situation if the door were ever to be closed! I share a bathroom with my Mom and I have free access to it at all times!  I must say she is quite the considerate room mate! She has actually walked into the bathroom while I am about to "make a deposit" and said "Ohhhh I'm sorry! I didn't realize you were there!!" and has promptly exited...well trained my friends, well trained.

Dryer Door- I know it is warm and smells delightful, but kitties, this is one door that you do not want to mess with! Stay away from this door! You could get inside and find yourself permanently pressed for life!!

HIDEY-HOLE DOOR-if you are like me you have a variety of different "hidey-holes" or kitty houses to sleep in. I know they don't have doors and don't require opening, but they serve an important purpose. You can retreat to these havens to escape from the evil vacuum, get a little peace if you have a doggy brother like I do, or if you aren't feeling your best they provide a dark, hard-to-reach-me-to-put-me-in--the-PTU safe-zone (digging your claws into whatever soft blanket your pawrent put at the bottom of the PTU is a requirement) which will frustrate  them as they go through contortions to remove you, and could possibly buy you a cancellation at the V-E-T. If your pawrent is like my Mom, she must be ON TIME when she visits the vet, that is one of her many fixations. If we are going to be really late, voila, CANCELLATION!

So my friends those are just a few of the doors that are important in my world....what are your feelings about some of the doors in yours?

May  January, ("your door to the year") lead you only to good things!!!


  1. Cody...would love you and Mom at OUR DOOR any day!! Such a fun post to start this it:D Rosie and Sue.

  2. This is an inportant post. While the humans may find it funny or amusing, open doors are the portals to a cat's world. I require them open at all times. We have a closet-size laundry room and furnace room, both of which doors are always closed, against my better wishes. I'll have to protest. My peeps won't let me into the closets under the sinks, saying that's where they hide all the poisons. I wonder why they have poisons in the house anyway.

    Please visit me and read my New Year's Revolution for my peeps. I noted a couple of days ago how they did terrible with their 2011 revolutions. They better keep these.

  3. Great post! We hope that 2012 will permit us to open many doors for many homeless critters!

  4. you are right on Cody. I can't stand closed doors either - they are meant to be left open so we can come and go at will. And, we cats have plenty of "will."

  5. That was a great door post, and nope, we didn't know the meaning of "January." Very cool! (No pun intended for those of us who live in cold winter climates.)

    May January lead to only good things for you and your mom too!

  6. Dear Cody,
    Me is GLAD that your Mommy procrastinated and yous guys wrote about doors! My favorite door is the one that goes to the main hallway in the little house. Me LOVES to run out that door and up the stairs and watch my Mommy lumber up the stairs after me! She gets all red and she can't even talk she is breathing so hard! When she gets to the top of the 4 big flights of stairs, me loves to run back down and sit like a angel at the door to go back in! Me has done that once already today!
    Oh yes - Happy 1-2-2-0-1-2 to yous!

  7. @Rosie and Sue awww thank you! You never know! One day I could be there!

    @Fuzzy Tales THANK YOU!! lol about the "cool" it is quite "cool" here in Michigan today as I am sure it is everywhere in the north! :)

    @Mario ahhhhh yes we have a BOUNTY of "will!!!" MOL!

    @Brian I am sure knowing your track record that it will! We will try and help you accomplish that in any way that we can!

    @CK ohhhh yesss the cupboards need to be closed because of poisons, that is for sure! I am with you wondering why we keep them in the house too! On my way to read about your "revolutions!!"

  8. Thank you, Cody, from all the kitties here - you are making an important announcement on behalf of all of us! And speaking of doors...Rascal pulled his "sneak past ankles out the door" maneuver last night - not a smart move in this cold, January weather! He wanted right back in!! One door us kitties shouldn't mess with!

  9. What a great post to start the year! But don't get us started on what Bella has done to get to the other side of a shut door-yikes!

    Happy new year to you and yours!

  10. Cody we love this post!
    Your Mom did terrific and we had no idea of the meaning of January and had not even considered it.
    Thanks for the enlightenment.

  11. Closed doors are just awful. They really are. Thank you for bringing attention to this Very Special Issue for kittehs everywhere.

  12. @Kim boy is that ever true! I never pull the same stunt as Rascal, but my Grandpa Bobo used to do that a number of times! Mom thinks it is because she adopted me so young and I had never been outside. When she rescued Grandpa Bobo he had been LIVING outside. That is a super important concern!

    @The Whiskeratti lol!!! You are most welcome!

    @Abby and gang, thank you!!! My Mom thinks very strange thoughts MOL!

    @Bocci we are so glad that you liked it! Bella and I will have to get together and exchange notes some time! MOL! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU TOO!

    @nellie MOL! MOL!! Mom and I are laughing ourselves silly at your comment! Your poor mommy doesn't stand a chance with you guys! My Mom said she can totally relate to the "lumbering" but we don't have stairs inside...she just generally "lumbers!!!"

  13. I always want to learn knew stuff and I never knew the facts about Janusary, very interesting post. Kassey hates any closed bedroom door. But loves the closet door open.
    I was looking at the date and was thinking, God willing, we'll have 12-12-12.

  14. What is this door you speak of? I don't think a single cat in my house pays attention to them. ;)

  15. I did not know that January meant "door to the year". Interesting tidbit! I love your take on all the doors in your house. Ask Fred about doors and he will reply, "Doors? What doors!" LOL!

  16. Beavis's favorite door is the cat door leading to the basement, and safety from the mean doggies!

  17. Glad you warned evfurryone 'bout the dreaded dryer door.
    Me, Cecil, knows all about that nasty dryer cuz after taking a spin in it myself, let me tell you, it was the ride from #€!!..!

  18. Lovely Cody!! You are the Supreme Commander of all Doors in Your house! LOL! Yay!!

    May all doors be open or in the case of the kitchen door, REMOVED! to you!! Take care

  19. We would KILL to get out the Catio door and slaughter the pigeons!

    Sorry if that's a bit graphic.

  20. Austin insists we have the open door policy! It can lead to some embarrassing scenes. Embarrassing for Austin that is!!!

    Hilarious post Cody. You have it all sussed I can see!

  21. That is a very important message to all Humans that doors must be left open. We are lucky because mum doesn't like closed doors so we can go where we like. Sometimes when we play THoE across her head at 3 am, she is very tempted to shut the bedroom door, but she knows that she wouldn't be able to sleep then.

  22. @Great Granny OMG 12-12-12!! Yep we sure will! Then they are saying the end of the world will be less day to blog! (kidding!!)

    @Eric and Flynn my Mom tried the closing the bedroom door trick...never worked!! it is more annoying to have it closed than open because I make sure that it annoys her! MOL!

    @Carolyn thank you!!! Ohhhh yessssss Austin is quite good at opening doors or finding his way out! He is one brave kitty, that is for sure!

    @Katnip Lounge MOL!! I can see it now!! Wait! I don't want to see it now! MOL!

    @Old Kitty the only door in our house (other than closets) that MUST remain closed is the door to Daddy's bathroom. Mom said it has to stay closed cause it is a "deathtrap" MOL! xoxoxo

    @Chloe and Cecil OMC!! You took a ride in the dryer???!!! OMC!! Tell Mommy to blog about that...or did she and I missed it?

    @Janet Beavis is one smart kitty that is for sure! I hope the woofies can't follow him down there!

    @Bassetmomma, thank you!!!! Tell Fred he is one lucky guy that he knows nothing about closed doors!!

    @Clara as it should be my friend, as it should be!

  23. Well Cody, we never knew! Our view of doors is: so many, so little time!!!

  24. Happy New Year Caren and Cody, I am also a fan of doors. Did you know that if you throw yourself at them hard enough that they will eventually open?

  25. @Kitcaboodles love it!

    @Erika and Blair you are doing it all wrong my friends! You never cause yourself bodily harm trying to open a door! MOL!

  26. funny yet an important post
    Happee New Year!
    Benny & Lily

  27. I have a rule: ALL doors open at all times. What helps me out here is that this is 100+ year old building and so lots of the doors don't really close properly. The only doors I can't get through are the ones that lead outside!

    Happy New Year, furiends!

  28. @Benny & Lily THANK YOU!

    So glad you liked it!

    @Spitty same with me! I can get into any doors that I want except for outside! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU SPITTY! WE LOVE YOU!

  29. Cody looks so cozy in those pics. Happy New Year, and avoid Cat-astrophic door-collision injuries!

  30. @Troythulu HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU TOO!!! Will do my best to avoid that! Love, Cody

  31. Yappy Hew Near!

    We think this was a very cool repurrt!

  32. Aaah...Cody...what a philosopher you are. You'll love our home then, as there is no kitchen door here. What we call the open plan design. But I hate it when Mama closes her bedroom door...we all loooove that big bed of hers. purrr....meow!

  33. We can tell when a door is closed in the house; something to do with airflow, mum thinks.

  34. I love doors....although I do have to ask Mom to open SOME of them for me like the door into the garage so I can check on the cars for her. I can open cabinets pretty well and other doors around here are always open thankfully. The most important door is the door down into the basement....that's where my private apartment is. My litter box, hidey-hole for safety, one of my two toy boxes and several good nap spots are down there. Doors are long as they're OPEN!


  35. Thank you for educating us about doors, Cody.. and hey go easy on your Mum eh?! LOL!

  36. That is so interesting about the meaning of January. Never knew that. We love to open all doors possible. We even have managed to open the doors to under the sink and Mom says a lot of norty words so we don't do it very often. And the door to the outside is really off limits. The hooman gets crazy about that door. Take care and have a great week.

  37. @Nikita and Elvira HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too and thank you!

    @Marg glad you liked it! Oh yes the cupboard under the sink is off limits and I don't dare touch that or my Mom would say a lot of "norty" words too! You have a great week as well!

    @Alittlesprite you are welcome and I will try MOL!

    @Sammy I have to ask you, why are you checking the cars in the garage??? MOL! Are you a mechanic???? xoxoxo

    @blessingsgoddess you have a great year too!!

    @Au and Target...hmmm too cold?

    @Cat from Sydney ohhhh yessss quite the philosopher! MOL! Mom minored in Philosophy, could that be it? An "open floor plan" sounds like a PLAN to me!

  38. Caren, re blinking! I'm sure the particular blink he does is the one that says "What the heck?" The one that says "I love you" is with a much slower blink action lolol x

  39. YOu've delivered a truly important message, Cody!! I hope I've your wisdom but my mom and sis always say I've a pea brain. But why PEA brain? I thought it was something edible!!!

    My mom always opens her door widely to all her friends. She likes having friends around but this always keep me busy as my job is to guard the house and she opens ALL doors. : )


  40. Caren did my comment not go through yesterday? I shared this post on FB.

  41. @Layla...I never saw it! I approved everything that I saw...I am SORRY!!! Thank you soooo much!!!!

    @Eva you don't have a "pea brain" silly girl!!!!!! Ohhhh you are soooo sweet! Yes I know you and Dakota take your door guarding jobs very seriously!

    @Carolyn :)

  42. I love this post! It's interesting to see that's where January comes from. Here's to a great 2012 to you!


  43. @Macho and Nicole thank you sooo much!! I was happy to see where it comes from too! HAPPY NEW YEAR and may 2012 be EXTRA good to you!

  44. Happy New Year to you all! What a cute post -- it's nice to see Cody just being himself.

    Basically, I think cats just detest any door that is closed. I think it's an insult to their dignity.

  45. I know MY favorite door is the one to MY back yard. And the one to the car. And to my daycare. But I wish June Buggie would leave the cabinet doors alone.

  46. @Wendy...who else would I be??????? MOL!!! (kidding!!)

    @rumpydog I can't use ANY of the doors that you mentioned :(

  47. Sweet Cody we enjoyed this post very much. We like to follow Mumsy and Popsy every place there are doors so we can run in. They don't have to worry about one closet though, it has sliding doors that we can open by ourselves so we get in and out when we want. If any of us come up missing they check the closets first. One time Pooh was shut up in the food pantry and Mumsy saw her sticking her paw out from under the door and let her out. We do love to go through open doors and explore. Hugs and nose kisses

  48. @Mumsy and Furkids I KNEW you would get a kick out of it! lol OMG too funny about Pooh! If you have to get stuck somewhere the food pantry is the place to do it! Cody would think that he was in heaven if that happened to him! lol xoxoxo

  49. Oh I am SO unhappy with my newly closed door to my litterbox room. I much preferred it when mom propped it open for me. I think I'll continue to pretend that I don't know how to work it.

  50. Maybe Cody's favorite band is The Doors?

  51. @Cory that'll teach her! MOL!

    @alone with cats...lmao! I nearly died when I read that! Well...I love "The Doors!" lol