Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blog The Change-The Wildcat Sanctuary

"They will never know freedom, but with your help they can know compassion."
 Learn more at


  1. That'a a pawesome addition to Blog The Change Day! Thanks for posting!!

  2. What a wonderful program to help these beautiful cats. I'm going back over to their website to read more. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh dear... what is it that possesses humans to think they can keep a wild creature as a pet? Thank God for this sanctuary and thank you so much for sharing this video.
    Caren... my dear dear friend. What can I say. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generousity and your words. I still don't feel the solid ground underneath my feet even though we're half way through January. Another of my young cats (although a feral) has caught the virus and right now it seems unending. It's unnerving with 35+ cats. And in the midst of it all I just so terribly miss Lilly.
    Thank you again Caren,
    you are such a true friend,
    xo Joan

  4. Awww how lovely!! Love these big wild beautiful cats!! Take care

  5. That is a great video. I didn't realize there were so many Tigers etc. that are in private homes.That is just amazing. What a great place that looks like. Happy Tigers there. Take care.

  6. @Ryker thanks so much!!! Also thanks a million for stopping by! Hope you will visit us often!

    @Marg i like that people aren't allowed there to view them, etc....these poor babies! Glad they have a place to go to.

    @Old Kitty I love them too!

    @Joan my heart is breaking. I soooo wish I could do more. I am so deeply sorry...35 cats......I so wish I were there. It is frustrating to be so far away...I just don't know what to do! :( You are welcome, I wish I could do more!

    @Brian, yes they sure are

    @SquirrelQueen I am glad you liked it...for this one, I felt that the video spoke all of the words that I needed to say.

  7. Caren and Cody,

    THis is heart rending in a way. I wish I could just rescue them and take them to where they can live in peace and freedom. BUT they are safe where they are and that means the world to me as well.

    My new girl who will be home with me late tomorrow or early Tuesday will have her own blog with a link back to Admiral's blog so Admiral can blog from the Rainbow Bridge occasionally. We hope you'll come and visit her when she does start her own blog.


    Mom Carole

  8. Dear friends,
    This video is wonderful, thanks so much for sharing!Mammy Léia didn't know about this special place!
    They are doing a fabulous work there!
    purrs and love

  9. That's a super program Thanks for the Blog the Change post.. Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  10. Not linking up because I only have a selfish self absorbed blog.

  11. @Carole/Admiral...YAY!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooooooo excited!!!! OF COURSE I will be following you! That is a no-brainer!!! I sooooo can't wait to meet your new baby and I will be happy to read about how Admiral is doing with Bobo on the Bridge! xoxoxoxo

    @Mrs Tuna, you have MY kind of blog lol xoxoxo

    @Max thanks so much and you too! xoxox

    @Luna we loved it too when we saw it, glad you liked it! xoxo

  12. This sanctuary sounds like heaven on earth for our wild cats - how heartwarming. It's such a sad comment on our society today that this kind of place is even necessary, but thankfully it exists and does such great work. A great organization!

    Thank you for making a difference, and blogging the change for animals!
    Kim Thomas
    CindyLu's Muse

  13. Caren,

    Thanks for sharing this video. One of my first encounters with the plight of captive, large cats was when we began following the story of Tony, the tiger caged at a loud, fumy truck stop his whole life. Thankfully, he'll be transferred to a sanctuary since the ALDF won it's case against Louisiana Fish and Wildlife for permitting this animal's captivity. What I love about this sanctuary is that spectators aren't allowed. These animals finally have the freedom to be who they are without performance expectations.

    Thanks for sharing this amazing place.


  14. Hiya,

    Just coming by to let you know that I started back the 'I Love My Online Friends Monday Hop'.

    Figured it would be nice to bring it back after all this time. Feel free to link up if you'd like.

    Hope you are doing well. I finally have time to blog often again, so I'm taking full advantage of it. :)


  15. What a great video and wonderful organization. They are wild in heart and I am happy to know they get a great care and stay safe. Thank you for sharing this.

  16. Great Blog for the Change!Me would live to cuddle with a couple if those big cats!
    Mommy of course was too busy (she has to work this weekend cuz we is driving to Calgary next week) to do my BLOG FOR A CHANGE! Me is giving her the back of disrespect!

  17. Great video Caren! You can tell just by watching that they really do have the cats best interest at heart - providing large areas to roam, toys for enrichment, areas to lounge in the sun, and warm dens to escape the rain & snow. One can only hope that one day it will be illegal for people to own big cats and the need for such sanctuaries will no longer exist.

  18. @Kim Thomas thank you and you are welcome! I was thrilled to learn about this wonderful place and when I did, I had to share it!

    @Vicki AMEN!! I couldn't agree with you more!

    @Nellie your Mom is so busy doing soooo many blogs every week that you have to cut her some slack!!! xoxoxo

    @Tamago you are most welcome and thank you!

    @Tami Hi! I just might do that!! Thanks so much for stopping by as well!

    @Kim at BTC THANK YOU! You loved the thing that I LOVED the most as well. I was thrilled when I watched and saw that spectators weren't allowed and that is what "sold" me!

  19. That's an incredibly powerful video, Caren. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. ...I had no idea they were right her in Minnesota!
    : ) Glogirly & Katie