Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Winner! "I Am Tama Lucky Cat" And Martha Stewart Pets At PetSmart!!

The Winner of
the "I Am Tama Lucky Cat" book give-away is:
Old Kitty and of course CHARLIE!!
from the wonderful blog
Ten Lives And Second Chances
Please email me your complete address to:
cgittleman at mi dot rr dot com
Don't I look totally handsome
in my new shirt?
Mom brought it home for me from BlogPaws!

I AM "The Leader Of The Pack!"
The nice people from PetSmart
gave Mom this shirt and a few others.
Now I have a rockin' wardrobe!
This shirt is part of the
Martha Stewart Pets line at:


  1. Cody looks a tad underwhelmed at his new sartorial splendour. Brilliant expression

  2. Love your T-shirt buddy !..You look so handsome and ready to be kiss ..Mom send big kiss for you Cody !!!! We love you and your mommy : )

    and Concats for Charlie !!!!

  3. @Caro I know! lol, doesn't he? Thank you! That face cracks me up lol

    @Mr.Puddy tell your Mom she can kiss me shirt or no shirt! I love your Mommy! I love you too Puddy but since we are mancats you can spare me a kiss MOL! Love you both! xoxoxo

    @Max thank you!

    @Amin She will be happy!

  4. I had forgotten about this particular giveaway. Congrats to Old Kitty and Charlie :-)
    Cody looks handsome :-)

  5. Concats to Old Kitty and Charlie! We know they'll be thrilled to have won!

    Cody, man, we cats were never meant to be dressed up. Seriously. We suggest putting the bitey on your human for that.

  6. Pawsome shirt! It makes you look so stylish.

  7. We love that expression on your face, Cody! LOL! Nice T-shirt!

  8. Dear Caren and Cody
    Concatulations to Old Kitty and of course CHARLIE!!!
    And Cody! Yous looks soooo handsome!
    Me could come over and kiss yous!

  9. @chocolate angel, thankfully it was on my blogging calendar or I would have forgotten about it too! lol. Cody says thank you!

    @Nellie you are welcome to come over and kiss me any time that you would like to! I think you are a beautiful girl and I am honored that you want to kiss me!

    @The Chair Speaks lol!! I love it too! :)

    @The Whiskeratti thank you!! It is a little snug so Mom said we might give it to the Chihuahua across the hall :)

    @Fuzzy Tales, trust me, it didn't stay on long at all lol. Mom took it off of me rather fast but she just loves it! :)

  10. That shirt is pawsome, Cody!

    Concatulations to Old Kitty and Charlie. We bet they are going to enjoy that book. :)

  11. Beautiful Cody!! That is an ADORABLE t-shirt and it is so you! You are so the leader of the pack - yay!!!

    Awwww Caren and Cody and lovely Dakota, thank you so much for the giveaway! Yay!!! Awwww wow, thank you!!!! We are doing a little happy dance, thank you!

    Take care

  12. @meowmeowmans thank you!! Yes Concatulations to them! I KNOW they will enjoy the book! I am so happy!

    @Brian Hooray is right!

    @Old Kitty lol thank you!! I am the leader of the pack at my house! You are most welcome and I was thrilled when your number was picked by I knew you would be delighted and I am happy that you are! xoxoxo

  13. He doesn't look as happy as you'd expect to be wearing that... :) I'm writing stories about one of my past cats over at my blog: The Story of an Unusual Cat: A Trilogy in Nine Parts. Feel free to take a look!

  14. I bet you and Dakota are glad to have Mom back. Great looking shirt.

  15. I missed that giveaway but I'm probably not allowed to win anything from you for at least another 6 months, MOL. I do like the Maneki Neko/Lucky Cats though so I might have to pick up that book. Did you read it?

  16. congratulations every buddys
    Benny & Lily

  17. Cody, duz u meanz ta tell us dat ur mom went ta BlogPawz... leavin u awl alone (sssh, ur dad 'n Dakota don't count)... 'n awl u got waz dis tee-shirt?!? Pfft... dat'z jus not rite, mai frend! **gigglez, coz mai mommy'z da same way**
    U *duz* look kwite hansumz in it, tho, so... hmm. Maybe momz *do* noes best. ;D xoxo

    (Oh, and Concatz to Charlie! :))

  18. Cody - all I can say is that you are one cool cat!!

  19. Nice shirt. Can't say I'd let TW put any clothes on me. PetSmart gave her a shirt but she has to buy some industrial strength gloves first. heh heh