Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fetching Leads Widgets Workshop at BlogPaws 2011

 Fetching Communications is pleased to announce that Interactive Account Manager Lauren Spencer will be speaking at the 2nd Annual BlogPaws conference on August 25th in Vienna, VA.  Spencer’s session, “The Wonderful Widgets of Oz,” will lead bloggers in hands-on exercises designed to add an additional level of interactivity to their websites.

“The Wonderful Widgets of Oz” will teach bloggers how to seamlessly integrate social media content into their websites via badges, buttons, and plug-ins. “These bits of plug-and-play code offer a quick and easy way to transform the landscape of a website from the black and white prairies of Kansas into a Technicolor Land of Oz,” says Spencer. “Social media widgets give website visitors the freedom to share blog posts across multiple social media channels, view tweets on a specific topic, or ‘Like’ a Facebook page without opening a new browser window.”  In addition to widgets for Facebook and Twitter, the session will showcase options for YouTube, LinkedIn, and Flickr.

True to the blogger community’s spirit of cooperation and collaboration, Spencer’s main goal is to provide attendees with additional tools to share and distribute content, the same tools she uses to strengthen product awareness and brand identity for Fetching’s stable of pet industry clients. Whether it’s a veterinary specialty practice or an up-and-coming pet product manufacturer, it’s Spencer’s job, and passion, to craft engaging content, increase brand recognition, promote social interaction, and build and strengthen a client’s online presence.

Although BlogPaws originated as an online community, it has quickly developed into a real world phenomenon. The annual BlogPaws conference provides pet bloggers, manufacturers and industry insiders with the chance to meet face-to-face and partner on a variety of projects, including product reviews, awareness campaigns, contests, and focus groups.

While the opportunity to network is definitely a huge draw, the educational opportunities are the foundation of this two-day event. Spencer joins a line-up of BlogPaws speakers including Rescue Ink, FIDO Friendly Magazine, Petsmart, Petfinder, StumbleUpon and others in the pet community.

About Fetching Communications: Fetching Communications, founded in Tampa, FL in 2003, is a marketing communications company that focuses exclusively on veterinary, pet and animal-oriented products and services. Representing companies and organizations stretching from the United States to Australia, Fetching Communications has entrenched itself as a leading agency for the $50.84 billion annual pet product and pet supply industry.

About BlogPaws: BlogPaws is an organization created specifically for the online pet community. They focus on bringing pet bloggers together for education, networking and creating worldwide change for animals in need.

Founded by pet bloggers, Caroline Golon, Yvonne DiVita and Tom Collins, BlogPaws is both an online resource for pet bloggers and an annual event where pet bloggers can network with pet product manufacturers and industry insiders, attend educational sessions, and spend time with their peers -- like-minded people who are passionate about their pets and spend inordinate amounts of time online blogging, tweeting and networking with other pet lovers.


  1. See, this is why I can't has a fancy blog because the Human kept reading this and shaking her head and saying things like, "Huh? What's that? Widget? Stumble-what?" I think it would be cool to have neat stuff, but my Human says, "Spitty shut up and be thankful you have a blog AT ALL!"

    She thinks she's soooooo high tech because she can upload a picture and make colored font. Ha! I try to tell her that all that colored font and italics and stuff makes me look like an 11-year-old girl. Sigh.

  2. Hope you come back with lots of ideas to share with those of us who can't be there.

  3. this sounds like it will be very helpful and interesting. Wish I could get away for it. Hope you enjoy it and pick up a lot of good pointers.

  4. Hello! Thank You very much for this information...

  5. You are really going to have a blast at this conference! I can't wait to hear what you bring back to share with us. Does Cody get to go? LOL - I can see all the pets sitting in seats next to their moms and dads listening to the speakers!

  6. What a cute name! I hope you enjoy going to this shindig and I shall look forward to reading about what you come away from the conference.

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    Your friend,
    Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
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  7. @Spitty MOL! My Mom thinks she's "high tech" too for the same reason, until of course something happens and then she has no clue as to what is going on MOL

    @Cathy I am greatly looking forward to it and am sure there will be posts about it in my future!

    @Art And Sew Forth, neither Cody nor Dakota are going. Had it been close by I would have considered bringing one (or both!) it would have had to have been really close by for me to do that though. I am greatly looking forward to it!

    @Amin, you are welcome and thank YOU for caring!

    @Chris i wish you could go too. I am hoping that I do learn a lot and I am certain I will!

    @Mario, I certainly will share and thank you! You can count on it!

  8. I could totally use this session! :) So glad I'm going this year!

  9. @Pup Fan I can use this session and sooo many others! I am thrilled to be going also and can't wait to meet you! We should all never stop learning!

  10. This sounds like a worthwhile venture. Hope you will pick up lots of new ideas.

  11. @Team Tabby thank you! I am sure I will! It IS definitely a worthwhile venture!

  12. Interesting! We're always interested in widgets but we aren't in the US so meeting up... is kind of difficult!