Tuesday, August 9, 2011

GIVE-AWAY!! Your Choice Of A Cat Teepee Or Cat Chalet From Cascades Boutique!!

Hi everyone! It's Cody, and I am super excited to tell you about my new Teepee and my Cat Chalet, which were both sent to me to review by Cascades Boutique!

Cascades makes Pet Homes made from recycled cardboard! How "green" is that? All cats love playing in cardboard boxes, well the great people at Cascades took that concept a step further by creating Teepees and Cat Chalets for your kitties to hide in, sleep in or just plain have a good 'ol time in!

A number of bloggers were sent a Teepee or a Cat Chalet (or both!) to review and to conduct their own give-aways,  my Mom and I were just a couple of the lucky recipients!

The first item that we received was the Cat Teepee:

This photo is directly
from the Cascades Boutique website

The easy to assemble instructions
are written right on the box

When I saw all of the pieces
I had my concerns.
I felt this was a job
that Mom would need my help with.
I chose to supervise
the entire construction process.
I was shocked at how easy it was
for Mom to assemble the Teepee.
The Teepee is designed
so that you can decorate it the way you would like to
have it decorated.
It comes with six decorations
that can be installed on the front:
a dream catcher, a feather,
a tomahawk, eagle, a bull's head
and a banner.
Mom & I felt that the Teepee
needed a little color.
Mom pulled out some markers
and I chose what colors we would use.
"Here Mom!
How about this black marker
to put my name over the door of the Teepee?"
Mom colored the cardboard feather red
and she put my name on the front of the Teepee
It was impawtant for me to inspect
the interior sleeping area
This is one terrific Teepee!!
I love it!
I hope the Cowboys don't find me here!
Mom re-arranged "our' office
and put the Teepee right next to her desk.
This is so I can keep a lookout
for Cowboys and dangerous animals
that might come into "our" office!
Then, Saturday we were surprised to receive yet ANOTHER package from Cascades Boutique! We were shocked to find that they had sent us their Cardboard Cat Chalet!

Mom didn't take many photos of the setup on this one because she found the Chalet to be much more of a challenge to setup than the Teepee had been. (That could easily be because Mom is all paws when it comes to putting things together). From what I could see on other blogs no one else had a problem setting it up except for my Mom!

She did it!
Mom's house doesn't look as good
as some of the other blogger's houses
she has seen, but for her limited skills,
 she did quite well!
She said when she was assembling this
she wondered if the recycled cardboard
that was used for this Chalet
came from old pizza boxes because
she could swear she smelled pizza
as she was putting it together!
Here is how it looks
when a "normal" person
puts it together
This photo is from the
Cascades Boutique website

Now..on to the BEST PART!

THE GIVE-AWAY!! One lucky Cat Chat reader is going to win their choice of either the Cat Tepee or the  Cat Chalet. (U.S. & Canada only please, we apologize to our faithful readers that are in other countries!)

HOW TO ENTER: Just leave a comment saying whether you would like the Teepee or the Cat Chalet if you should be lucky enough to be randomly chosen as the winner,  by Monday, August 15th at 11pm Eastern. The winner will be announced on Wednesday, August 17.


Mom and I received no compensation for this review. We were sent a Cat Teepee and a Cat Chalet for review and to conduct a give-away for our readers. Our opinions are strictly our own!


  1. What a neat idea. Cats do love to play in cardboard boxes. In fact, I have several siting around the house that Little One and Gum Drop play in all the time. Thanks for the review of these. The teepee especially looks interesting.

    Thoughts in Progress
    Freelance Editing By Mason

  2. My kitties would love for me to win the teepee!! Fingers and paws are all crossed. Oh by the way, I never did get the "No Name" cat food I won for my sister's cat harem, but I know it wasn't your fault so don't feel bad. My opinion of that company, however, is less than favorable. Of course, it wasn't that high to begin with, MOL.

  3. Cody,
    Please tell Cascades felines in other countries should be exposed to the American way of life...for example the teepee. I'm a mother so I should know these things. I want one...no, I demand that they send me one too. The teepee's "door" looks kinds small. I wonder if Ms Nikki aka Koala or Tom can enter. purrrr *giggles*

  4. I like the cat chalet! Very cool!

  5. Wow, Cody... doz are absolootleez PAWSOME!! (Da fact dat dey'z 'green' jus makes 'em dat much better! :))
    U noes, I'z pritty shur ur mom cudn't hav put dat soopa-cool teepee togefher without ur soopervizhun 'n artistics direkshunz... (so purrhaps u shud suggest to da nice peeplz at Cascadez Boutique dat dey add dat bit to da instrukshunz... "Must hav cat nearby fur help", or sumfhin... hehehe).
    O, I lieks da teepee, by da way... :) xxx

  6. These are so cute!
    Moby is very much loving his "Kitty Penthouse" Hubby built for him.

  7. @Mason thanks! I will enter you for sure! Good luck!

    @GlamKitty, you silly!!! You are entered!! Good luck!

    @Deb thanks so much, you are entered and good luck!

    @Cat-from-Sydney I know and I feel sooo bad! I truly do! The first thing I ask when I get these give-aways is if they are open to everyone. One of these days I will have one that is. I feel so bad and I am sorry! Actually the Teepee door is fine, Cody got in with no problem at all. Actually the cardboard hole is 2 sizes. I have it at the smaller size because Cody is a smaller framed cat. You can punch the cardboard hole out larger than what I have it as.

    @Julia OMG I am gonna tear my hair out! If you want to re-email me your info, please do. I spoke with them about 2 wks ago (2 other people didn't receive their coupons). I made my displeasure quite obvious. The only good thing (if there IS a good thing) is they think it was a "warehouse" problem. I do know that they are going to be hitting the blogs w/another promotion that you will see going around and I am going to be quite candid by telling you that if they contact me to participate in this one I am going to respectfully decline. I have you and two others (that I know of) who are still waiting. I have had other pet food give-aways since and everyone has their prizes. To say that I am disappointed is a gross understatement. Are you going to BlogPaws? They will be there. I will have to control myself lol. Thank you for entering this contest and good luck!

  8. Concatulations! Those look like so much fun. We aren't going to enter because we won your last auction. We hope you have fun with your new houses.

    Cody and Gracie

  9. That's Awesome !!!!! and you are great, Cody
    Watch mommy make it every steps : )
    And she has done a great job !

    And It's O.K. Cody ( Bite my claws ), No Australia
    I think I can get mom to make me one, But don't know what it's going to look like.... May be a Cave ...MOL


  10. Well done mum and well done Cody for snoopervising! What a great teepee!! Me and Charlie love how you can get very creative with this - how wonderful!! Good luck everybody entering this brilliant giveaway! Thank you Caren!! Taek care

  11. Cody - how much fun is this? I don't know about Alex, but I would like to play with the chalet :)

  12. @Camie's Kitties, it doesn't matter if you have won a give-away before, you are still welcome to enter if you would like to! It's your call!

    @Hilary lol! I would like the chalet too, a properly put together one! lol

    @Old Kitty thank you as always for your enthusiasm! I wish you lived in the U.S. or Canada! :( Love to you and Charlie!

    @Mr.Puddy, you should have seen Mom putting together the Chalet, It WASN'T pretty! MOL!! She did a GREAT job with the teepee though! I bet your Mom could make you a beautiful one! I also wish you lived in the U.S. or Canada :( Love you Puddy!

    @A Little Sprite that is so cool!

  13. Mom says her Cherokee side is coming out seeing the awesome job you and your Mom did on that teepee Cody. Please enter me for that one :D. The chalet is awesome too and your mom still did WAY better than mine would. She has CDD...cardboard dysfunction disorder:D.Enjoy both and keep them cowboys at bay yeehaw! Rosie and Sue.

  14. My 5 save/rescue fur babies would be fighting over the Cat Chalet. I have the perfect place for it. Thanks for another great giveaway.

    humanecats at gmail dot com

  15. Oh my kitty! We would love to win the teepee for a kitty friend Phoebes
    Benny & Lily

  16. In my case those would be edible houses. The best kind.

  17. @Rosie and Sue OMG you made me laugh!! "CDD" cardboard dysfunction disorder, hilarious! My mom has it too! YEEHAW!!! You are entered! good luck!

    @Benny and Lily, you know you don't have to give it away if you win, you could keep it for yourselves, you would fit in there perfectly and I would LOVE to see you both in Indian headdresses! xoxoxo Good luck!

    @humanecats awwww sooo cute! You are most welcome, thank you for entering and best of luck to you!

  18. Cody, you did a great job instructing mom how to put the teepee together! LOL!

  19. That teepee is cool, what a fun invention. Hope the lucky cat who wins it enjoys it a lot :)


  20. We would love to have a Cat Chalet that smells like pizza!! Us Canadian kitties love pizza! ;]

  21. Whoa! They figured out a way to have cat owners pay big $$ for a cardboard box! Now that's the American way! I'm gonna enter just so I can sell tickets—and make my own dough—to watch my peeps try to put it together. If'n I win, I want the one with the most pieces that's the hardest to assemble. This should be fun.

  22. @Sharon lol!

    @Cathy Keisha lmao! you are sooo right! Why didn't WE think of this? Well I think the one with the most pieces is the teepee but...the one that is harder to put together is the Chalet. I will say if you win you will get the Chalet, if you win and you don't like that let me know!

    @Fage lmao!!! Ok you are entered!

    @Macho and Nicole, I think small doggies would fit in this too! If you think your doggie would like it you are welcome to enter! Just let me know! Or...you could enter and donate it to a kitty friend or a rescue :)

    @The Chair Speaks, thank you! I sure did!

    GOOD LUCK to everyone who entered so far!

  23. We'd love a teepee and it's a good idea to purrsonalize with Cody's name!

  24. Cody! That TeePee was absolutely made for your handsome face. Love love love it! That is the one I'd pick! Plus...there's so much you can imagine with that. Put bandanna on one kitty to be Cowboy. Put feather band on other kitty to be Indian. SO fun!!

  25. @Cat Wisdom 101 fantastic! You are entered! Thank you for entering! Thank you! I also colored the feather and the tom-a-hawk...it was a little drab and needed color. I wish I had had a bevy of markers, I would have gone to town with it! I still may go back to it and decorate more.

    @Art and Sew Forth awww thank you! You are entered for the teepee!! That is Mom's fave too!


  26. I saw the teepee on moderncat.com and have been begging mom for one! So if I win, I want the teepee. Now, how do I keep my bratty brofur from taking it over?

  27. @Pumpkin Puddy okey doke! I am entering you and if you win you shall have a teepee you will have to get in it first to keep your "brofur" away and then you will have "squatter's rights!" :) Good luck!

    @Amin thank you! My kitty loves it!

  28. Oh wow! They are just too cool! Me thinks we would like the Teepee! Do yous think the door is small enough that Kozmo or Cinnamon could not get in and leave me in peace!
    Cody, me thinks your Mommy is very handy!

  29. @Cat From Hell Hi Nellie! So good to see you! (((hugs)))) Ok! I will enter you and if you win you will win the Teepee! You would look wonderful in that! Hmmm...I am sure Kozmo could get in but I am not sure about Cinnamon. You could always put a door up! Ha!! Oh and "mommy is handy???" HAAAAAA!! MOL!! I am holding onto my belleh with laughter! Not MY Mommy! MOL! (((((hugs)))) Love, Cody

  30. Squeeeee!!! We think the teepee looks very nice and would love to be part of the contest :-)

  31. Oh sweet, our ladies would love a teepee! It's so cute! And cardboard is one of their top ten favorite sleeping surfaces.

  32. Oh my gosh this is cute! I would love to win the teepee for my 2 cats! They like to snuggle in :)

  33. OH we thought these were so cute and you're right Cody cardboard is a cat's BFF!
    We would love to be entered for the teepee.

  34. My cats Love Cardboard boxes.. I think this is a great idea!!!! I love the Chalet and know they would too!

  35. Those are both so cool, but I'd like a Tee Pee if I win, it is totally me!

  36. Me me me! I want a cat teepee (or even a cat chalet! I'm not picky.

    I dunno though. If the Human has to put it together, even if I win, I might not get it till Christmas, MOL!

  37. Cute photos! Don't enter me in the giveaway, as you know, we got our own teepee and are doing a giveaway over on our blog, too.

  38. @Cat you got it! Good luck!

    @Ingrid thank you! This is a blast, they can enter on both blogs to double their chances of winning! Good luck to your entrants!

    @Spitty trust me if my Mom can do it your Mom can DEFINITELY DO IT! You are entered! Good luck!

    @Brian thanks for entering! Cody's fave is the Teepee too! Good luck!

    @Dom's Mom thanks for entering and good luck!

    @Abby a ladycat after my own heart! It is my pleasure to enter you to try and win the Teepee! Good luck! xoxo

    @CRichman awww that teepee would be cute for your babies! Good luck to you! I will enter you!

    @weetzie's you are entered too! Cody loves his teepee! Good luck!

    GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE WHO HAS ENTERED! Keep your paws crossed!

  39. Wow! What amazing toys! We love it!

  40. I bet Tiger would love to explore the teepee! Please enter us! Also, I noticed that the top of the teepee is open, which could allow for a toy to be dangled inside!

  41. @Repositorio we love them too!

    @Kefrith oh yes Tiger would love it! My pleasure to enter you. Yep you could definitely dangle a toy there, also the Chalet is set up to put a dangly toy in too! I just wasn't talented enough to do it.
    Good luck!

  42. My cats would LOVE the TeePee. COdie is a lucky kitty!
    Deborah Julian

  43. Gizmo told me his like the Cat Chalet, because he is tired of having his grandma throw away his cardboard box houses...

  44. @Deborah it is my pleasure to enter you for the Teepee! Good luck!!!

    @Vanessa I am more than happy to enter you to try and win the Cat Chalet, what fun it would be for Gizmo!


  45. Wow, I'm not sure which one Bazinga would like, though that chalet is awfully cute! So I guess that will be the pick then =^.^=
    Thanks for inviting me to enter :-)

  46. That teepee looks great. We would like to be entered please!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  47. Wow, how cool! I would love to win the teepee!

  48. @chocolate angel yay! You are entered to possibly win the chalet and thank you for entering and good luck! You are welcome!

    @Florida Furkids my pleasure to enter you for the teepee, good luck!

    @Athena okey doke pretty girl! You are entered for the teepee! Good luck!

  49. The Blues Brothers (2 Russian Blues) would love the tepee!

  50. Yes Snowball will take the teepee!
    Just find you're blog and its really cool .Snowball likes ,the blog also.

  51. @Carolyn I will enter you! Good luck!

    @millie32 I will enter you as well! good luck!

  52. @Carolyn love the name of your kitties! You are entered good luck!

    @Milie 32 you are entered as well! good luck!

  53. My cat Chloe would love the Chalet. I think she might be afraid of going in the Teepee because she's wary of unusual things she's never seen before. They're both cute though.

    jhbalvin at gmail dot com

  54. Too cute! I think my kitty would love the teepee. She would spend all her time in boxes if I left them around the house :) Thanks!
    januarywins at hotmail dot com

  55. I, and my cats of course, would LOVE the Tepee!

  56. Great giveaway—Joey the red tabby would love to win the adorable cat chalet—thanks for the opportunity!

  57. Alice and her sisters Daisy and Jo would LOVE LOVE LOVE a teepee. They are the sweetest girls ever and they love to play cowboys and indians together...hahaha

  58. @Chey you are entered for the teepee! Good luck! Cowboys and Indians sounds like a blast lol

    @skkorman thank you! Joey is entered to try and win the chalet, you are welcome and good luck!

    @Desiree you are entered to try and win the Tepee! Good luck!

    @Ruby good luck! I am entering you to try and win the teepee!

    @jhitomi that was a cute comment lol. I am wary of unusual things too lol. Ok, your baby is entered to try and win the mild-mannered Chalet! :)

  59. I would love to win the tepee for Yoshi Kitty who would love a place of his own.

  60. These are neat looking! I would choose the Chalet for new kitty Minuit to sit it.
    affurmation.blog @ gmail.com

  61. @cstironkat thanks for entering! You are entered to try and win the Teepee...good luck! Love the name "Yoshi" so cute!

    @dawn you are entered to try and win the Chalet! Good luck to you and Minuit!

  62. I think if I took a vote of my three trouble makers 2 would want the restful Chalet and 1 would like the teepee for play, so because I prefer the quiet (usually) I will vote with the "adults" and go with the chalet. These look great Caren, you did a great job putting them BOTH together. :)

  63. Ok, we would like to enter the draw for the tepee please. I think you did a good job on both!

  64. @Coupon Queen you are so silly!! Will definitely enter you for the Chalet! Thanks so much! The teepee was super easy to put together...Good luck!

    @Clooney you are entered and good luck!! Thank you!

  65. You have a great pet! I also love cats. In fact I have a three cutie cats at home. I am thinking of creating also a teepee for each of them.