Friday, August 5, 2011

Cat's Pajamas 48-hr. Adoption Marathon In Bloomfield Hills, Michigan August 12-14:

It’s “The Cat’s Pajamas” 48-hour adoption marathon;
Pet Supplies Plus in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
 is serious about finding homes 
for 200 homeless cats & kittens, Aug. 12-14

 Retailer to run midnight specials for shoppers who wear their PJs!

The staff at Pet Supplies Plus in Bloomfield Hills wants to find homes for hundreds of homeless cats and kittens and is willing to give up two nights of sleep to do it.

The retailer has organized The Cat’s Pajamas 200-cat, 48-hour adoption marathon, taking place from 4 p.m., Friday, August 12 through 4 p.m., Sunday, August 14 at Pet Supplies Plus in Bloomfield Hills.  The event will feature 200 cats and kittens of all shapes and sizes from Oakland Pet Adoption Center in Auburn Hills which is experiencing an overcrowding of felines.
"Ozzie" Adopted by Pet Supplies Plus

Cats and kittens will be available for adoption all 48 hours of the marathon and adoption counselors will be on hand with the goal of finding homes for as many pets as possible.  Adoption fee of $59 includes spay/neuter, health checks and vaccinations.   All adopters will receive a free wellness exam for their cat courtesy of The Cat Practice veterinary hospital in Birmingham. 

The lucky kitty that is the 100th to be adopted will go home with a $100 shopping spree for its adopter; likewise for the 200th kitty adopted whose adopter will leave with a $200 shopping spree, both courtesy of Pet Supplies Plus in Bloomfield Hills.

At midnight madness from midnight to 4 a.m. on August 13 and 14, customers who wear their pajamas will get 20 percent off all non-sale items; plus the store will pay sales tax.   They will also be treated to free donuts and coffee and of course, lots of purring and snuggling.

"Ozzie" Adopted by Pet Supplies Plus

“People are sometimes surprised by how intelligent and loving cats really are,” said Addy Shattuck, owner of Pet Supplies Plus in Bloomfield Hills.  Our events attract a lot of first time cat adopters, but we also see a lot of families that want to bring home a companion for their existing cat.  We highly encourage providing pets with same species playmates.  It keeps the pet occupied and they are so much fun to watch together!”

To enable ongoing high-volume cat adoptions, Pet Supplies Plus in Bloomfield Hills is building a Kitty City cageless adoption center.  Customers will be able to preview this new habitat at the event. 

The Cat’s Pajamas will take place at Pet Supplies Plus in Bloomfield Hills at 2057 Telegraph, north of Square Lake Rd.  Sponsors include The Cat Practice veterinary hospital in Birmingham and NOOTERS Club®, a national designer of apparel and gifts promoting pet spay and neuter and responsible pet guardianship.

 For event information, go to or call 248-333-7545.

AND...I am planning on being there Saturday afternoon and early evening (not sure yet if I will spend the night!)

PHOTOS:  Store cat Ozzie who was adopted by Pet Supplies Plus.  Photos courtesy of Pet Supplies Plus.


  1. What a lovely and sweet marathon for a good cause!!

    Hope "Cat's Pajamas" is a great success and most
    kitties and cats find their furever home during this event.

    Sweetie Caren, have a wonderful time there too!!

  2. i do hope that is a successful adoption thon and dat all those anipals find forever homes.

  3. Good luck to all the catas and kittens. I hope they all find furever homes. I didn't like those adoption events cos I had to behave myself.

  4. @Priscilla I hope so too!!! Gonna do my darndest to get there! Would love to stay all night but I am thinking I wouldn't be able to handle it lol.

    @Mario me too!

    @Cathy lol!!!

  5. That is such a wonderful and fun event. I just love adoptions!

  6. I sure hope and purray that hundreds of kittehs can find loving homes!! =^..^=

  7. What a GREAT thing!! Good luck to all the kitties and kittens and new mommies and daddies!

    If it was a little closer than 5 hours away I'd come by and see you Caren and all the kitties and cats!

  8. Oh hurray! I hope all these sweet furriends find good homes. I'll be purring hard for an excellent result!

  9. Aunty Caren,
    How I wish am not thousands of miles away...would love to help out. purrrrr *giggles*

  10. That's great deal for a great cause. Will share.

  11. @Brian me too!

    @Cat Wisdom 101 it sure is a great deal! Thanks much for sharing!

    @Cat-from-Sydney I wish you weren't thousands of miles away either!

    @Spitty me too!

    @Knotted Fingers ohhh I wish you were closer too! That would be so nice!

    @Julia, me too!

  12. I think this is really fantastic. We have a local cageless cat shelter here in Denver and I think it is so much better for the kitties who are waiting for forever homes than being stuck inside cages!

    Please let us all know how the event goes. I'd love to go if I lived in the area.

  13. wow, this sounds like such a great event. I hope all those little guys find homes!

  14. What a creative fun event! I wish I could go just to be there and watch! Many prayers for lots of adoptions to happy homes!

  15. I hope the adoption marathon will be a big success!! I like the idea that people in pajamas will get discount etc. It sounds such an exciting and fun event! I hope many kitties will find a forever home!

  16. what a wonderful I wish mom could go so she'd quit squeeing over kitties in MY presence!!! ooxx

  17. Dearest Caren,

    First thanks for your comment on my breakfast tray. You're more than welcome to join but please shut the door as our SEVEN felines want to join in... Hard to do these kind of things with furbabies around! But I would not want to miss them.
    This Pajamas 48-hour Adoption Marathon is a great idea! Super and such a neat idea from Pet Supplies Plus. That will build a lot of goodwill at this time of downward economy difficulties.
    Have a great weekend!
    Love to you and Cody,


  18. The adoptathon looks great!!! We hope lots of kitties find good homes :-) What a gorgeous boy Ozzie is !!!

  19. Fun with Puns with a good cause of helping all of our animal pals find home. Here's to some good news on the success of the event.