Monday, August 22, 2011

TEMPTATIONS® Treats For Cats And Sonya Fitzpatrick, Animal/Pet Communicator, Join Forces at BlogPaws 2011


Sonya Fitzpatrick  and "friend"

It is hard to believe that BlogPaws 2011 is just a mere 3 days away!  Along with a program that is chock-full of interesting/fun events, TEMPTATIONS® TREATS FOR CATS and famed animal communicator Sonya Fitzpatrick have teamed up to help you find out what your cat is REALLY thinking!

Sonya Fitzpatrick is widely regarded as the most experienced and trusted animal communicator in the world.  Her extensive work helping animals handle adversity has distinguished her as an expert in the field of animal communication.  Sonya’s passion for animals and her understanding of the critical role they play in our lives provides a unique perspective on the way we need to interact with all of the animals in our world.  

Sonya is the author of two books on animal communication and behavior,
The Pet Psychic: What the Animals Tell Me and Cat Talk: The Secrets of Communicating with Your Cat.  Sonya is currently working on her third book on animals passing over.  The Pet Psychic, a television series hosted by Sonya, aired on Animal Planet and a new pilot, Pet Psychic Encounters, aired on the same network last year.  Sonya also hosts Animal Intuition, a radio show on XM-Sirius, on Tuesdays from 6pm-8pm ET, where listeners can call in and discuss their animal issues.  In addition to the various lectures and seminars Sonya conducts throughout the year, she also does private readings for clients who want to have a better relationship with their animals.

Over the past ten years, Sonya has worked with thousands of animals and their human friends to work through issues and overcome obstacles.  Her clients include everyday people and celebrities alike, including Tori Spelling and Ellen DeGeneres. 

About the TEMPTATIONS® Brand
TEMPTATIONS® are America’s favorite cat treat*, with 20 flavor varieties, many that offer health benefits specific to cats’ needs. TEMPTATIONS® have a one of a kind, patented treat that’s crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. In addition, TEMPTATIONS® MixUps were awarded Product of the Year in the 2011 Consumer Survey of Product Innovation. Look for TEMPTATIONS® cat treats at your favorite pet food retailer. For more information, please visit and

About Mars Petcare US
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  1. Woof! Woof! Definitely GREAT BOOKS to read. Enjoy your time at BlogPaws. We wanted to go but we have a scheduled "show". It will be both work n fun. Will blog about it. Looking forward on reading your posts about Blog Post. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. Sugar hi! I have to check out those books, haven't read them yet. Thank you for your good wishes about BlogPaws! I am looking forward to everything but flying! lol. I don't like planes! Good luck at your show, I wish you were coming to BlogPaws but I hope your show goes well! I am hoping to have LOTS of photos from BlogPaws! xoxoxo

  3. Yay for BlogPaws 2011!!! Enjoy this fab event Caren! I love the idea of a pet psychic and yay for Ms Fitzpatrick for helping animals and their humans!! Wonderful! Take care

  4. Oh our mommy wanted to go so much to the confurrrance but she's just too busy so it's really fun for her to hear you talk about all the good books, treats and people you'll meet. We hope you have a great time at the confurrrance and lots of purrs to all of you...

    Miss Bella and Sele

  5. @Old Kitty thank you so much! I am so excited to meet Sonya, it should be a blast! ((((hugs)))) kisses to you and Charlie!

    @Wendy thank you sooo much! I sure wish you were going too :( Will hopefully have LOTS to report when I get back!

  6. you are so fortunate to be meeting all these wonderful oomans of our pals. Have fun.

  7. @Brian, I know! I can't wait to meet her!

    @Mario OMG yes I know! I am completely grateful. I sure wish you were able to go that would be the BEST!! xoxoxo

  8. This is going to be such an awesome event! Great books
    Benny & Lily

  9. @Benny and Lily it most certainly will be! Wish you were going to be there!

  10. Oh I wish I could go to Blog paws for networking opportunity!!! But alas a slight emergency has prevented me from going. There's always next year. I just pray Hurricane Irene does not strike. Right now it's projected to hit us Thursday. I hate to be away from my cats during hurricane season. NO ONE is going to care for them like me during this hard time. They come with me no what matter what! Christine for

  11. My Nate LOVES Temptations! This reminded me I haven't bought any for him for a while. He will be happy when I come home with a bag or two!

    I hope you have an amazing time at Blog Paws Caren!! Can't wait to read about your experiences. Have a wonderful trip!!

  12. Oh how exciting! BlogPaws is just 3 days away!! Sonya's book sounds very interesting. I want to have better communication with my kitties.
    I hope you will have a lot of fun!!

  13. There's gonna be a Temptations booth? TW better bring home some samples for me! (or else)

  14. @BlogSisters, I wish you could go as well. I am rather nervous about the hurricane too (I have a brother and sister-in-law in Miami and another sister-in-law in Plantation. Also, if there is a hurricane it will mess up flights all over the country. Some will even be canceled. I am hoping Irene changes course. I also pray you and your babies will be safe and sound!

    @Cathy Keisha yep there sure is! Be sure TW checks it out!

    @Tamago thank you so much! Yes Sonya's book sounds great! BlogPaws should be a blast!

    @Julie thank you sooo much! I am looking forward to it! Will keep you posted! ((((hugs)))) to Nate!

  15. This is beautiful...Very interesting books...