Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Black Cat Appreciation Day: Le Chat Noir: Breaking the Myths About Black Cats (A Video) And Cascades Boutique Teepee And Chalet Give-Away Winner(s), Yes, I Said "WINNERS!"

Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day On Facebook and in honor of this event I wanted to repeat a video that I had previously shown in October of 2010. I don't think many of you were readers of Cat Chat then, so enjoy!

For more information and to adopt black cats that are in dire need of adoption, contact Christine Michaels at Riverfront Cats or The Cat Network thank you Christine for sharing your superb video with CAT CHAT!

Now....on to some extremely IMPAWTANT NEWS!!


 I had asked all of you to choose whether
 you would like to win a Teepee or a Chalet
In my Cascades Boutique Give-Away

There was a total of 38 entries

26 people entered to win the Teepee.

12 people entered to win the Chalet.

Cascades Boutique said I could have one winner.

I am a Libra. One of the things Libras strive for is balance, equality and all things being fair. Because I featured TWO products on my blog (the Teepee and the Chalet) I wanted there to be TWO WINNERS...sooooo....Cascades Boutique is going to ship a Teepee to:
Cody will NOT
be included with the Teepee
when it is shipped :)


I am going to pawchase a Chalet and have it shipped to the second lucky winner who is:


I  need both of you to please email me
 your complete name and mailing address to:
  cgittleman at mi dot rr dot com

Thanks so much to all who entered!!!


  1. Concatulations to the winners!!!

  2. Aunty Caren,
    There's no black cat in my house, everyone is a tabby. I know Mama is wishing for a tuxie like Mr Puddy. Oh yeah...the teepee and chalet thingy, am seething with jealousy, wallowing in misery. purrrrrr *giggles*

  3. I missed the giveaway. =O( But had to stop by because we're celebrating Black Cat Appreciation day big time at our house since Alice is a black cat. Time to spoil she isn't spoiled every day anyway. LOL!

  4. I love the black cat video !!!! Do you know my mom love black cat ? and my dad love white cat ? That's why they got me !!!! heh..heh..heh

    And Concats for the winners !!!!


  5. Congrats to the winners!
    We had TWO black cats one time. Zeus (who is still alive) my parents cat and Celest, who was my lovely girl but sadly she got hit by a car and died.

  6. Congratulations to the winners. Pawsome prizes and so nice of you to run the contest. Oh, this past week I got the Science Diet cat food dat I had won awhile back too. There is going to be good eating at my house.

  7. Huge congratulations to the winners!

    And yay for such a fab way to celebrate black kitties!!! I'm at work so can't watch the clip but will do when I get home.

    One of my first kitties was Happy - all-black with a tiny white dot on his chest. He was so big and beautiful and laid back and just lovely. I miss him so much and don't understand this prejudice against black kitties. They're so gorgeous!

    Take care

  8. @Old Kitty, I wish you would post photos of your first kitty "Happy" I would love to see him. I don't understand the stigma myself. xoxoxo

    @Mario thank you! OMG I never knew that YOUR PRIZE had been late too??? 3 people had contacted me and I was going back and forth with emails with the Hill's people and they came through. Thank you for your patience. It appears it was a warehouse problem. Thank you!! Glad it finally arrived!

    @AlittleSprite I am so sorry about your dear Celest...that is why I believe in cats staying indoors. Cars scare me. xoxo

    @Mr.Puddy I LOVE the story behind why your parents got you! I never knew your Dad likes white cats and your Mom likes black cats, that is a cool story! xoxoxo

    @Michelle I am so sorry you missed the give-away but I hope you have a wonderful Black Cat Appreciation Day with Alice! Give her extra scritches from us.

    @Cat from Sydney I am a tabby girl myself (but I adore cats!) and...since Puddy I am also crazy about Tuxedos (and of course Mario is a Tuxedo kitty)...there are so many I love now as a result of my viewing other blogger's babies. They are all so beautiful and so unique in their own way! No need to be jealous!!! There will be other give-aways!! xoxoxo

    @Sparkle, yes concats to all of the winners!!

  9. Wow, we should have mentioned that Charles I was a black cat lover in our blog post from a couple days back! (We went to visit the oldest medieval house in Machynlleth, Wales and apparently, Chuck used it as a hotel.) Interesting tidbit! Congrats to the winners of the contest. You did a good thing selecting two winners instead of just one! Take care, Fluffy and Heather xx

  10. Congrats to the winners! Thanks for posting the video. It's good to celebrate black kitties!


  11. My black cat Billy is a delight. I'll have to treat him to something extra special today!
    Deborah Julian

  12. Meow, Meow, Meow—Heartiest concatulations to the lucky winners!

  13. @Fluffy & Heather thank you so much and yes that was interesting about Charles!

    @skkorman yes Concats!!

    @Deborah Julian Billy most certainly is! Give him kisses from us!

    @Pat I am glad you liked it! Yes we can't forget our black kitty friends!

  14. Congratulations to the competition winners.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  15. Wooohoooo... concats to the winners and their new houses.

    pawhugs, Max

  16. it's sad how maligned black cats are and that the humane societies etc have to be so careful who they adopt them out to especially around Halloween. My black cat Kitty was one of my most memorable kitties so sweet and gentle. It's wonderful you are highlighting how great black cats are.

  17. YEY for da winners!! HA! Bet they wish pretty little Cody came with....he looks so cute in there! I LOVE ALL CATS and feel so worried on Halloween for the little black ones...they are so misunderstood...I was born on Halloween and I am misunderstood LOL!!! Seriously though.. I love 'em and think the CHAT NOIR cat poster is super cool and have always loved the ornery look on that cat's face!! Happy Wednesday and prayers for your bro Cody...saw he is not feeling well. Blessings,Sue and Rosie..who sports the black in her calico coat proudly today:D

  18. @Hannah and Lucy thank you! I know they sure are happy!

    @Sue and Rosie Sue YOU are born on Halloween or Rosie? Are you a Scorpio? Thanks for the prayers but it is Dakota who isn't feeling well (I think you meant to write Dakota) should know something soon. Thank you!! I love that Rosie is "sporting" her black, too cute!

    @Chris I so agree about how sad it is that humane societies have to be so careful about who they allow to adopt black cat. So sad. Thank you!

    @Max thanks!

    @Fage, yeah, contrary to popular opinion I am just an old softie lol

  19. Awesome awesome video! And you'll never believe this. About three days ago I was standing at my computer and out of the corner of my eye a movement occurred. I looked, and lo and behold, a black cat had walked into my house! He strolled right in, checked out the whole place, let me pet him then moseyed on out. So fun! I was indeed lucky!
    Congrats to the winners!

  20. I absolutely love black cats!!! I don't know why some people are so silly about them. Believe me if I had the room I'd have a black cat in my group :-)

  21. Congrats to the winners! Happy Black Cat Day! We are getting back on track with visiting - after Chica was sick, we got company..Mom has been very busy!

  22. Black cats totally rock!!! Hooray to the winners too!

  23. Oops, I forgot to send kudos to our wonderful Caren for awarding TWO amazing prizes—you truly are SUCH a generous person; one might even say that you are THE cat's meow!

  24. concatulations to the winners, that's a fabulous prizwe

  25. Awwwww I love this clip - I love the song too!! Yay! Black is Beautiful!!!!! Awww, thank you for sharing this here!! I love it so much I'm going to play it again! Yay! Take care

  26. Concatulations to the winners! They are going to love those prizes for sure! :)

    Thank you for posting that great video ... black cats are awesome. Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day!

  27. @Art and Sew Forth, how in the world did he get in?

    @Meowmeowmans thank you! you too!

    @Old Kitty I am so glad you enjoyed it! Hope Charlie liked it too! xoxo

    @Julia, let's hope they come forward :)

    @skkorman you are so funny! Thank you! Have to try and contact them both...they aren't stopping by :)

    @Brian yes they do!

    @Cats Of Wildcat Woods, trust me I totally understand! :)

    @Cat I think I would have a Tuxedo kitty if I could!

  28. Here lives Ébano, my black cat with only three legs. He´s a cute boy! I love black cats!

  29. Black cats are so beautiful and elegant, they should be appreciated all the time! Congrats to the winners!!

  30. Concats to the winners. I can't think of anything more fun. Oh and mommy thought she would wait and see what happens tonight before I go to the Dr.

  31. Oh yay! I just got back from an unplugged day at the beach and came to this happy news of winning the teepee. Thank-you. The kitties are already planning camping with weinies and roasted marshmallows or maybe a pow wow.

  32. P.S. love the clip. I've never met a black cat I didn't like.

  33. Concats to the winners!

    Thanks for reposting the video. We hadn't seen it before. The slide show was cool! Our mom's first kitties were black :-).

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  34. Yay for black cats, and yay for the winners! :)

  35. Minuit and I thank you so much Caren & Cody! She will love it. And thanks for sharing the video, Minuit is my first black cat.

  36. Ah...! I missed the giveaway too! Charlie Coal would have loved the chalet.
    The film about the black cats is wonderful-but there again, I'm biased Caren-having my Charlie Coal with his lovely green eyes! The Yorkshire fisherman thing is abit like the story of the Mousehole Cat in Cornwall.