Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Cat, An Office, A Give-Away- Semi-Wordless Wednesday

"Joey" Sheila Korman's Baby

For those who mentioned they wanted
 to see my office when it was finished...
come on in but please excuse the mess!

My laser eyes are willing YOU
to enter the Cascades Boutique
You could win a Teepee or a Chalet!
Didn't enter yet?
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  1. thank you Julia! I have a few more things I should put up but don't think I have room, the room is SMALL!

  2. Aunty Caren,
    Catmasutra? ROTFLOL!!!!! Awesome office though the live mascot wasn't around during the tour. purrrr *giggles*

  3. Oh, trust me, your desk is nowhere NEAR the nuclear disaster on my humans desk!

  4. Your office looks great, Caren !
    Actually look like Cody's office..ha..ha..ha
    I love the little pictures you put all together ( in the black picture frames ), and your photo with your husby..very sweet !
    Thanks to share with us : )

  5. Loved the tour :)) My kind of office! I like to hear your accent. It always surprises me how different everyone sounds in real life to what one imagines! lol

  6. Meant to say, Caren, your drawing of Dakota is brilliant. You're very talented xx

  7. People are very creative there, the cat art is adorable!
    purrs and love

  8. Thanks, Caren & Cody—Joey and I were absolutely thrilled to come to your site this morning and see His Highness's photo, though the boy always knew he would be a star!

  9. Awww!! I'm at work at the moment so me and Charlie will watch your clip when I get home! Yay!! Can't wait!! Take care

  10. Love the peek into your world!

  11. @Cat-from-Sydney "catmasutra" isn't that just genius!? lol. I love it! I should have gone back to Catsparella's blog to look up the name of the artist. I bought those prints immediately when I saw them on her blog. I just love them! Yep Cody was nowhere to be found!

    @Hilary thank you!

    @Old Kitty you are so sweet, it isn't very exciting! lol

    @skkorman YAY! You saw it! I was going to email you first thing this morning to tell you Joey was there! I am so glad you saw him! He IS a star, he is simply adorable! Have a great day and thanks for allowing me to share him with everyone!

    @Luna I love that cat art too!

    @Caro thank you! I used to draw quite well but I NEVER do it anymore so I am not very good. "ACCENT???" lol...what kind of accent? I am dying to know how you thought I would sound lol. It is funny to meet people and then they sound nothing like we thought they would. Thanks so much for enjoying the tour!

    @Mr Puddy thanks buddy! Those photos in the little black frames are collages I put together of Bobo right after he passed. I felt a compulsion to have photos of him around immediately so I made that to help me feel better. The photo of me and my "husby" is one of my faves...that was made for our wedding and everyone signed it. I love it! xoxoxoxo

    @Sparkle I have to say you were the FIRST person I thought of when I put this up. Glad you came by. I remember when I first showed a video and the room was brand new w/no decorations and you had commented about how "neat" it was (which at that time it was!) I thought you would appreciate how it has changed. OMG it is a disaster!!! It makes me nervous! When I was working in an office I NEVER had a messy desk like that! lol.

    @Benny and Lily thank you!!

  12. Loved the tour of your office—it's great to be surrounded by all things kitty, and you are so gorgeous and a fine artist, too! I would love to see other drawings you have done up on the wall with the other art!

  13. what a beautiful boy Joey is. Your new office looks great and it looks like Cody has his own little teepee office too. So cute!

  14. What great pictures you have on your wall
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  15. Joey is cute! thats also the name of one of our humans!

  16. Rosie and I will gladly hang out in that super cool office if Cody isn't using it today:D!! LOVE all the art work and LOVED your pic of were as great as a brunette as you are a blonde!! Cody definitely has some cool hiding spots when he wants to chill!! You are a wonderful artist and that sketch of Dakota is GREAT!! Enjoying our cool down...I sure am. Your office inspires me to KEEP DOWNSIZING my decor. I have been sorting for 3 days and I occasionally have my son throw a granola bar down or a gatorade and call for me to make sure I haven't died under 600 totes of crap LOL!! It looks like an LTD catalog exploded down there :D!! Happy Wednesday,Sue and Rosie...who is enjoying NIBBING in all 600 totes:D

  17. @skkorman you are too sweet! I forgot to mention on the video that Shelties are in there too because of Dakota and my second blog (which is sorely hurting right now because I don't have the time to update it like I should). Gorgeous? Hell no! I wish! That photo was when I was in my 20s...far from gorgeous THEN or NOW but thank you!! ((((hugs)))) If I ever start drawing again, maybe I will!

    @Rosie and Sue would love for you both to come over and "hang out" with us, if you could handle the mess! Thank you! Yeah I was a natural brunette. I have since darkened my hair from my Avi pic here. It is considerably darker and I love it! Yep Cody has some cozy retreats in my office and in our bedroom as well. Thank you about the drawing! OMG I LOVE the "cool down" it is loooong overdue! Hope you enjoy it too. My husband and I are going to take a walk OUTSIDE later this afternoon instead of going to Planet Fitness. Will be nice to be outside for a change. You are so funny! I was forced to downsize when we put in the new floor and painted. I have to start downsizing my office again too before it gets out of control. Have a great day and kisses and hugs to Rosie!

    @Fage Joey is just adorable for sure! Love his coloring. Too cute you have a "human" named Joey, we have a man named Joey that lives across the hall from us!

    @Hannah and Lucy thank you! Catsparella's blog has cost me A LOT of money! lol

    @wildcats thank you soooo much!! Yes Cody loves his teepee!

  18. Nice office, we could all have fun in there!

  19. Caren,I love your new office which has inspired me to declutter(and to think I was an interior designer in my first career!) The walls are the same color as my dining room making it cozy. Being surrounding by pet stuff is pawsome, but I have to agree with Ms. Sparkle. Your messy desk is as neat as mine ever gets and I have two desks for overflow. Now I want to see every cat bloggers office :-)

  20. It looks FABULOUS, Caren!! Love all the artwork; you've really done a wonderful job integrating all the themes and turning your office into a cozy space that says "you"! :)

    Miss Caren, just ignore mai mommy. Wat'z reely COOL iz dat da offis sez "Cody" awl ober it!! :D

  21. First of all...Joey is cute.

    Second...I love you office. It looks so comfy with all those cute pictures. I wish I had a room for my self with lots of turtles pic.

  22. Wonderful job on the office. It looks great.

  23. Joey is adorable. Thanks for sharing him. Also, your offie looks great.

  24. @Brian thank you! you sure could!

    @dlhaley Joey IS adorable! You are welcome! Glad you liked the office!

    @The Whiskeratti thank you!!

    @Novroz yep Joey sure is cute! Thank you so much about the office. Frankly my favorite time to be in there is night. It is dark, cozy. I also like to be in there when it is raining or snowing. I like it dark with just a few lights. Can you take part of your bedroom maybe and turn it into an office? I didn't want the 2nd bedroom to be an office but my husband insisted because he was tired of my mess on the kitchen table lol. Now I don't know what I would do without it. Except right now I am at the kitchen table because I am watching TV while I am typing! :)

    @GlamKitty, I love it!! TWO comments in one! The Mommy's and the kitty's!!!! You both are adorable!! Thank you soooo much!

    @Cat Wisdom 101 Awww thank you! Coming from YOU that is a HUGE compliment! The snippets of your home that I have seen I am BEYOND in love with. I could tell that you decorate in a way that I would adore. Homey and cozy. That is what I love. I can tell you used to be an Interior Decorator, you are so talented! Isn't the dark paint just great? I have half the room in "raisin", everyone made fun of me when I picked it and said it would never work. I knew it would. The other half of the room is the lighter color. I wanted it darker by me so that it would be soothing. Sometimes it is a tiny bit too dark but I love it. Like I wrote above, especially at night or in bad weather. It is a small room and I don't have fancy things but it is filled with everything that I love! You have two desks? You are sooo lucky! I think you are on to something! I think we SHOULD see everyone's office! What fun!!

  25. What a cozy corner you have! So comfy and homey looking. Oh, what I would give to NOT have half a bedroom for a work space! You and my DH would get along superbly - he is a massive Lennon and Indians fan! Enjoy!!

  26. Oh wow!! I love your drawing of Dakota!! It's really good!!! Yay!! You talented woman!!

    I think your office is much too neat! LOL!!

    Awww it's a lovely comfy office - yay! I also like your wall paint colour - plum/purple? It's striking!!! Thanks for sharing! Take care

  27. Caren
    REally nice office we do love all the kitty art!

  28. Caren - so much wonderful in that video that I couldn't possibly post a short and sweet comment!!! Thank you for sharing - I am still smiling at all that I saw!! I love your office and now when I read your posts, I can put them in better perspective!! Great drawing of Dakota too!

    Meows and purrs to you!

  29. @Art and Sew Forth, Ohhh I know believe me! Up until a few months ago I was working in the kitchen. This was an extra room and it was my husband's suggestion to turn it into an office for me. Do you believe I was opposed to it at first? Now I am so spoiled I can't be without it. OMG I sooo miss the Indians and I have adored John Lennon since I was 7 yrs old. I always thought I was going to marry him lol

    @Deb you are BEYOND nice! With all of the beautiful things in your home this looks like a slum! lol. THANK YOU! The bits and pieces of what I heard your office is like sounds completely amazing! I am glad you enjoyed it though! Thank you about Dakota, I need to start drawing more regularly.

    @Abby thank you!! xoxo

    @Old Kitty thank you so much!! The wall is actually called "Raisin" thank you I adore it! Everyone made fun of me when I picked it saying it would never work. Our living room/dining room is extremely neutral...I wanted this room to be super warm yet kinda bold and I wanted it to be cozy. It is cozy and that is what I was aiming for! Thank you so much! I am praying that you and Charlie are safe. I don't think I have time to go to the blogs today to visit, it has been a crazy day. I will try and catch up tomorrow. xoxoxo

    @Oskar thank you! ((((hugs)))

  30. Love the cat-themed artwork in your lovely office. What mess? It is a much-loved well-used office space.

    Carolyn & the Blues Brothers (2 Russian Blues)

  31. That is a very cool teepee!

  32. I love your office-so interesting & personal. Please don't beat yourself up Caren, your desk is not untidy...a tidy desk is a sign of a sick mind! so I'm told!
    I adore the painting of the cat walking down the blue stairs-I'd die for that! It reminds me of Charlie Coal tip- toeing down our stairs.
    Thanks for sharing your home with us.

  33. @Carolyn thank you! oh yeah it is "much loved, well-used" you should see it right now lol!

    @jenianddean thank you! You should go over and enter to win one!

    @wockley, thank you!! It is definitely "interesting" lol. Hmmm...when I was working in offices I must have been pretty "sick" lol. I hope you come back and read this comment, here is the link to the wonderful artist's blog where I won the print of the cat coming down the stairs. Her name is Sharon Wagner and here is her blog link If you go over be sure to tell her I sent you! If I don't hear from you I will try and post the link on your blog :)

  34. That teepee may be the cutest thing I've seen all day!

  35. What a great little sanctuary to get away, do a little work and get some quality time with Cody and Dakota. Very cute Caren! I am sure the Chalet and Teepee get used a lot. :)

  36. Loved the tour of your office, it is fantastic! Your desk is not messy! Love your wine-colored wall with the special cat prints! They're all gorgeous.

  37. @Pup Fan thank you! We love it!

    @Coupon Queen thank you but actually my office is a "Dakota-free" zone lol. Aren't I awful? Seriously, he isn't permitted in there because we had to have a "safe-zone" for cody and his toys. I don't want Dakota eating Cody's toys and trust me, he would!

    @Amin thank you!

    @Clooney thanks so much! OMG yes my desk IS messy lol. Thank you I love that wall too!