Saturday, August 6, 2011

Thank You Deb At "Just Cats (In-Home Cat-Care)

Many of you that are readers of Cat Chat are also readers of a superb blog called
 Just Cats (In-Home Cat-Care) written by a  immensely talented woman named Deb.

Deb has written on her blog:

"WELCOME to my blog. I hope this is a calm & relaxing place to visit."

It IS "calm and relaxing but is oh so much more than that!"

Here is a little about Deb:

From Deb's Profile:
"I have 3 wonderful adult children, a patient husband & I am a nanna to little Riley. I own a business called Just Cats - professional in-home cat-sitting service so it goes without saying that I love cats and spend most of my time caring for them. I also have a passion for white dishes and every china-cabinet catches my attention. I live with my husband, 4 senior cats and a rescued Sheltie named Kane. I love walking my dog, walking alone, photographing my cats, hiking, earthy colours, the purity of white, pink grapefruit, silver and turquoise jewellery, bracelets, licorice and a cup of hot tea. James Taylor is my #1 favorite." 

If you aren't already following Deb, please strongly consider it. Her blog is full of heartwarming and captivating photos and stories of the cats she so lovingly cares for and the family (both 4-legged and 2-legged) that are the core of who she is. Deb  is a caring, talented, creative and passionate woman who elegantly portrays in her blog all of the things in life that she holds dear.

Back in July, Deb held a give-away for an adorable pet food dish by Petrageous US and my Cody was the lucky recipient of this wonderful prize! Cody and I  wanted to take a moment to thank Deb and to tell her how lucky Cody was to win such an adorable dish!

"I have a package! It is from Ontario Canada!
How cool is that?"

"Deb had taken one of the exquisite photos
of her kitty named Sierra
and made it into this gorgeous card
that Mom said she is going to eventually frame
because it is just too beautiful to ever part with!
Mom and I think that Deb should
seriously consider starting her own greeting card line
with the gorgeous photos that she takes"

"What a lucky kitty I am!
Deb took the time to write a beautiful note
(Mom said "even her HANDWRITING is GORGEOUS!")
All of Deb's babies signed the card,
 as well as Deb herself!"

"There were even delicious kitty treats!
(please excuse Mom's big feet,
 she needs to take photography lessons from Deb)"

"The adorable dish from Petrageous US
came wrapped in this
oh so beautiful bag!!
I told Mom since I am a mancat
I would gladly share that with her
That is the least I can do
since she entered me in the contest"

"Here is my adorable dish!
Isn't it just too cute?"

Mom took a video of me taking my medicine in my new dish. Please excuse the darkness of the video and get some ear plugs so you don't have to tolerate my Mom's awful singing!!! There is actually MORE to her "Medicine Song" be grateful you don't have to listen to it in full like I do!!


  1. Dunno how to say this but isn't getting a bowl for a gift sort of like a kid getting underwear? It is a nice bowl. How embarrassing—you took your meds but at least she didn't sing that song from Mary Poppins. HAH

  2. Hi Cody
    Glad you like the new dish. Let's just pretend that silly bone is a big green bow. OK!
    You are so adorable. Thank your mom for the really nice post. She's a sweety, too. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

  3. Congratulations, Cody for winning dat gorgeous blue bowl! Now, we are curious, are you still eating up dat pill wif your foods?

    We are real experts at spitting dose yucky pills out. Now, our mom has to crush them in the pill crusher and mixes wif some stinky goodness, the kind wif da extra gravy.

    Purrs from all of us!

  4. Cody, we can't believe you can eat with all the racket! Also, we're amazed you'll eat the pill...we would pick around that every single time.

  5. Cody - that is very nice dish. Thank you so much for the mousies that you sent. We are having so much fun with them. You must really like that food - you were eating it with such gusto.

    Cody and Gracie

  6. @Cathy Keisha OMC what a GREAT IDEA!!! lmao!!! OMC poor Cody! I may have to start singing that! BTW are you kidding? A dish for a gift is FABULOUS! You can never have enough, I am notorious for having them in the dishwasher and I don't have many nice and wide like this for Cody's whiskers. We are thrilled!

    @Katnip Lounge MOL!! Do you believe it? Thank your lucky stars you didn't have to listen to the rest of that song! There is another verse!! MOL! Mom is amazed that I do that also. My Grandpa Bobo used to do what your kitties do and would either eat around it or push it to the side of the bowl. Mom says I am "food obsessed" and that I will eat anything, even if it isn't edible. She thinks I might have an eating problem MOL!

    @Team Tabby THANK YOU! I was so happy to win! Yep I am taking my Prednisone but now I am down to one pill every other day. I am not allowed to use a pill pocket because of my allergies. Mom just started putting the pill in my food and "hiding" it and I gobble it right up. She doesn't crush it. She just puts the whole thing in! :)

    @Deb MOL! Mom was kidding about the bone (but between you and me we can't let Dakota see it or he will want it!) Mom loves your "bow" idea! MOL! Thank you for calling me "adorable" I am blushing through my furs! Mom says THANK YOU TOO! She was so touched and happy when she helped me open my prize! She has loved your blog for quite some time now (she doesn't always comment on all of the bloggies that she follows, but she stops by most of the time!) She thinks you are so talented! Thank you so much again!! xoxoxo Love, Cody and Mom

  7. Aww !!! Cody !!!!! You are a lucky boy and You are fantastic ! You ate the med. !!!! I couldn't believe my eyes !!!! Well Done , Buddy !
    Yep, I guess you must hiding your beautiful plate from Dakota, he may claim it's for him because it have the bone on the plate : ) I love your plate. It's really cute !!!

  8. Dude, that's a pretty cool bowl. Good choice on letting your Mom have the bag. It was a little too girlie for my taste (well, you COULD have ripped it up--that would've been fun).

    P.S. The Human has to go back to work pretty soon (school's starting :-( ) and she discovered the other day that she has no problem getting on your site from her computer there. Hooray!

  9. Beautiful new dish! Congratulations!
    Now I follow that blog...

  10. Whoa! Aunty Caren & Aunty Deb in one posting? I should a special prize for loving both of you...just kidding! purrrrrrr *giggles*

  11. What a fancy bowl you have there, Cody. You are very good about taking that pill! I can't believe how easy you make if for mom to give it to you--what a nice cat you are!

  12. Luckily I'm at work so cannot use the sound!! LOL!! Awwww what wonderful pressies from lovely talented Debbie!! Enjoy it all sweet Cody! Take care

  13. Congratulations! That's one of the prettiest bowl in the world.

    We have read Deb's blog too. She is so creative and talented and her blog is super interesting.

    What a good boy you are! I'm sure your mom is very pleased with herself as you take your pills because of her singing. Eva and Orah have no trouble of taking pills but Mika is a big trouble. He's so rebellious and he refuses to open his mouth, once we manage to pry open it and drop the pills in, he spits everything out the next second. There is a war time whenever he needs his meds!!!

  14. Deb is way cool and so is that bowl!!!

  15. @Mr.Puddy THANK YOU PAL!! My Mom is always amazed too!! I eat all of my medicine all the time! Oh yeah I have to hide that bowl from Dakota, he would want it too! xoxoxo Love ya Pal!

    @Priscilla thank you! Yes you are so right about Deb's blog! My brother Dakota takes pills quite well too because he also eats anything MOL. Ohhhh poor Mika! That is so sad, that has to be hard for you!

    @Old Kitty, boy oh boy did YOU get lucky! MOL! Love to you and Charlie!

    @Karen and Gerard thank you sooo much! Thank you for stopping by too! It is so good to see you! Yep I make it pretty easy for my Mom, she is lucky. My Grandpa Bobo wasn't like that, that is for sure! He used to push them out of the way.

    @Cat-from-Sydney awwwwwwwwwww now THAT was sweet!!! If we had you on there too w/us it would be a TRIFECTA! xoxoxo

    @Amin thank you! You too!! I am so happy you are following Deb's blog. Since you are so good at photography I am certain you will enjoy it!

    @Spitty OMC you made me laugh about ripping that bag up!!! Ohhh Spitty I love ya pal! OMC your human has to go back to school already? I remember when my Dad had to go back to school so early too. I am soooo happy you can visit us from school! YAY!!! ((((((hugs)))))) for your devotion and persistence in coming to visit Mom and I. We sooo appreciate it! Love ya!

  16. We are going to head over and check out her blog RIGHT NOW! :D Thanks for sharing!

  17. You are such a good boy, Cody, to take your pills happily! We would never do it as we would eat all the food and leave only the pill behind! :D

  18. @Brian thank you! We think so too!

    @Fage YAY! You are welcome and we are so happy you are going to check Deb out!

    @The Chair Speaks yep my Grandpa Bobo used to do exactly what you do! I eat anything and EVERYTHING! MOL! That's what happens when you are on a restricted diet! It DOES have it's pluses MOL!

  19. Deb is an adorable friends, wonderful gifts!

  20. Cody you SO deserved the great prize package and your mom may be a little nutty like my mom, but she is the BEST and we love your blog and Debs too! Have a great Sunday!! Rosie and Sue.

  21. So funny to listen to his little slurpy sounds! HA! Good boy, Cody. Did the meds taste better on the pretty new plate?
    Thanks for that link to Deb's blog, too!

  22. Oh to be at your house instead of the borning scene here! Beautiful dshes..gorgeous bags and singing too? Riches!!

  23. Thanks for the LOL from the med video. I've never had any luck giving full-sized pills in food. We have to use a mortar and pestle to grind it fine and then mix it in. Love that bowl and will check put Deb especially since I used to live in Ontario!

  24. What a great dish - we only get plain plates so will start nagging mum to get us something more to suit our sophistication!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  25. @Luna yes we love Deb!

    @Hannah and Lucy don't feel bad. Most of my plates/dishes are from my Grandpa Bobo! I only have like one (and now this one!) that were just mine!

    @Cat Wisdom 101, Haaaa!!! You are welcome! Thank YOU for enduring it! lol. I think your mortar and pestle idea is just fabulous. I should have done that when I had Bobo. Bobo was AWFUL about meds. He, like most cats, used every trick in the book. I am just lucky with Cody that he is food obsessed. I am so happy you are going to go over and check out Deb, I am sure you will enjoy her blog!

    @Admiral Hestorb NOOOO! Are you kidding? Our house is BEYOND boring! lol. Be glad you aren't here, you would have to listen to that ridiculous song every day! xoxoxo

    @Art and Sew Forth, you and I are so similar. Cody's little "slurpy" sounds crack me up too. I loved that they were recorded. So happy you are going to go and check out Deb, you are most welcome!

    @Rosie and Sue, my mom is MORE than "a little nutty" she is certifiable!! MOL! Mom says thanks for your kind words, be careful when it storms today and have a great Sunday! xoxoxo Send our love to Rosie!

  26. Nothing better than receiving gifts like this, right?

  27. Cody
    concats on your win! We think new "china" is a great gift and Mom thinks what we eat on is as impawtant (almost) as what we eat. Presentation is a part of a good meal. Thank you for the lovely write up about Deb we will go over and say 'hi'!

  28. @Repositorio right!! Thank you!! Love your Avi!

    @Abby thank you! My Mom agrees that presentation is very important! You are most welcome and thank you for going to visit Deb! xoxo

  29. Wow, such a beautiful dish! We don't know Aunt Deb, but we'll go over and introduce ourselves no. :)

  30. Looks interesting. Will check it out. Happy World Cat Day!

  31. Congratulations Cody!! You are such a good medicine taker, my babies fling it out of the food and I usually find it hours later under a baseboard in the kitchen. :-/ Sorry I haven't stopped by in a while, I had a friend visiting from out of town and I actually stopped blogging for a bit, I am getting all caught up now though. Hope you had a great weekend and a wonderful week ahead! (I think I am going to be humming the medicine song for a few days now, lol)

  32. @meowmeowmans thank you! We love it! Hope you enjoyed visiting Auntie Deb!

    @Au and Target thank you! Happy World Cat Day to you too! For us it doesn't start til about a half hour from now. I am staying up to wait to put my blog up. Hoping YouTube didn't block my music!

    @Coupon Queen thank you! Yes I am great with my meds! My Mom said no apologies needed, she understands about sometimes being too busy to stop by because she goes through the same thing! We hope you had a great weekend too! Lol about the medicine song lol