Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Take Your Cat To The Vet Week-Cody & The Vet Part II

Hi everyone it's Cody!  Did you know that this week (August 22 through August 28th) is  Take Your Cat To The Vet Week ? Petfinder wants to help spread the word!!

According to Jane Harrell, Petfinder.com Associate Producer: " (The American Veterinary Medical Association recommends cats go to the vet twice a year for checkups.)

Why is there a need for Take Your Cat to the Vet Week? Even though pet cats outnumber dogs in the U.S. by 15 million, CATalyst Council and the American Humane Association estimate that cats go to the vet only half as often as dogs.

In fact, Feline Pine, which founded the event, surveyed cat parents in 2009 and found that fewer than half took their cats to the vet unless the cat was sick. "

 Mom is  a huge advocate (actually that should be "advoCAT")  of preventive care for cats as well as all pets. Mom knows that often if a pet sees the vet on a regular basis a possible problem can be averted.

As much as I don't love going to the vet I know it is important for me so I do my very best to try and be a good kitty when I am there! My Mom says I do a great job and so does "Dr.Smiley"

So kitties, if you haven't seen your vet recently tell your Mom to make an appointment. Also, check out what Petfinder.com has to say about Take Your Cat To The Vet Week right here.

When you are done with that sit back, put your paws up and enjoy some photos from one of my most recent vet visits!

"This is the fireplace at the vet.
I like it cause they always
have cans of food there."

"This is "Ajax". I met him at the vet
on July 13, 2011"

"Ajax has some reservations about being here"

"Ajax thought he could make a run for it.
 He thought wrong"
"Mom is getting a little too much
enjoyment out of this!!"
"I see they left the door open
maybe when no one is looking...."
"Instead of running
do you think "playing dead" will help?
If I crouch down real low
maybe "Dr.Smiley" won't see me"
"Oh c'mon! Just get it over with!"
"Yeah I like you,
but let's not get overly friendly now,
got it Dr.Smiley?"
"See this guy right here?
Doesn't he bear an amazing resemblance
to "Dr.Smiley" above?

"I just love when
art cat toys
imitate life,
don't you?"


  1. I thought you were going to say 'take your pet to work day' and I was going to call Rumblemum over to see... good thing I read that it was VET and hid this window just in time!!

  2. @Benny and Lily lol

    @dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur also LOL!!!!

    @Sparkle it really isn't so bad, it's necessary!

  3. Oh cody... I can't believe you started to rest at the vets... you are too cute!

  4. Wonderful Cody!! You are very smart to play dead! LOL! Awwwwww yay for Dr Smiley!!! Charlie goes for his annual shots in early Sept!! It's good to have regular vet visits - you get to see furriends too! Ajax is gorgeous!! Take care

  5. Yikes! We'll take a pass on that! (Okay, rumour has it that the mom wants us both to have blood work and UAs done, just as a check. But she doesn't seem to be in any hurry and we're sure not!)

    Mom Kim: It might help if it wasn't almost $70 just to walk in the freaking clinic to see a vet. Frankly, the cost of care is so high, at least in Canada, that many can't afford to provide it, which means their animals suffer. Certainly any vet costs I incur are "paid" for via credit card. So it's frustrating and it takes some balancing to provide good health care yet not panic and take the boys in for something I only imagine (in my case, because I'm so paranoid having lost both Chumley and Annie now).

  6. Gabriel has an appointment scheduled for this Thursday so we can participate in 'Take your Cat to the Vet Week'! We are just happy it's not us!

  7. Hmmm - tried to post a comment and lost it somewhere out in cyber space. Glad you both got a good report. Wow - Dr. Smiley really is happy in his work isn't he!

  8. @Hilary "rest?" Nooooooo I was trying to blend with the table! MOL! xoxoxo

    @Mario lol! He sure is! I make fun of him but I really LOVE him! So does Mom!

    @The Monkeys I don't blame you but good luck to Gabriel

    @Fuzzy Tales I can TOTALLY relate and believe me I DO understand. We just had both of our boys to the vet at least 3 times in a month. Vet care is expensive in the U.S. too. I am one of these people though that if it came down to my pet's health or my husband and I, I would sell our condo to pay for their care or do whatever I could think of. I am not in any way minimizing the fact that many can't afford it, I am saying that there are many who CAN afford it and just don't go. That, to me is inexcusable.

    @Old Kitty and Charlie even if I don't like the "annual shots" which is what I was doing above, I know they are important! Good luck to Charlie! Didn't Ajax remind you a little of Dakota? I have to say Dakota is more handsome though. xoxoxo

  9. You know,Cody....you actually look comfy on that hard, cold, metal table. Perhaps Hollywood is in your future!

  10. Dear Caren Cody and Dakota,
    Mommy took me, Kozmo to the vet with her and Daddy when the puppy when for her shots. They said it was so all my visits to the vet would not be just for when something is being done to me!
    I got to meet all of the people who work there and it was not too bad a place! They even gave me cat treats and petted and cooed all over me! I loved it. I can't wait until I get to go see Dr. Carole again when Cinnamon goes again. Then it will be my turn.

  11. @Art and Sew Forth bring on the movies! MOL!

    @Kozmo your Mommy and Daddy are VERY, VERY smart! That was a wonderful idea! I used to do something similar with Bobo. I used to take him for rides in the car (yep! I did!) so that he wouldn't just associate the car with the vet. Bobo used to go outside on a leash (cody doesn't like to do that) so I did that with Bobo all the time! Kozmo I am soooo happy you love the vet you have a wonderful attitude! The BEST I have seen! Much Love, Mom and Cody

  12. Great initiative! I would also want to add: take your pet to a new vet this week, because every vet has his shortcomings and some of them even 'forget' certain things in their regular check up. My old vet never looked for thyroid problems and when I went to a new one, it appeared that the levels of his thryoid were near mortal. I even heard of vets that said the animal was fine (without taking a blood test), only to find out that the animal would die two weeks later. I had to go to three different vets before one could tell me why my guinea pig was sick; unfortunately it was already too late and he died a few hours later. The contrary is also true, some vets find 1001 diseases and stuff the animal with medicines and vaccines when it is not necessary.

  13. Aunty Caren,
    Mama and Dad been over friendly with strays and brought backs fleas for us! So, we've all been to the vet twice this year. The first is our annual vaccination visit. purrrr *giggles*

  14. @Avalon Cat Cartoons, some of it also can be related to where one lives (as in what country) I am blessed and happy to say that throughout my 25+ yrs of owning a pet I only experienced ONE bad vet. That was at an emergency clinic. My current vet enabled my Bobo to live 2 yrs longer than he should have. My vet prior to him in Cleveland was superb. I can turn around what you said and say "if it ain't broke don't fix it" If you do not have a good rapport with your vet or have experienced bad things I am sorry and YES change your vet. To those who love their vet like I do...I wouldn't dream of changing.

    @Cat-from-Sydney oh God you just reminded me! I am late giving Dakota his flea meds! Thanks for the reminder and I am glad to see that you frequent your vet as well! ((((hugs)))))

  15. Realized I had not properly thanked you for the Hills Science Diet giveaway! I am donating the food to the kitties at the Jersey Animal Coalition in South Orange, NJ. Thank you so much Caren for this awesome giveaway and for helping feed the homeless cats. xo

    And that's great you are spreading the word about preventive care for kitty!

  16. Mama says whoops, she is late taking me and Kit to the vet!

  17. @Ann yes you did and you are MOST welcome! I think the fact that you are donating the food is just wonderful! xoxoxo

    @Athena don't worry, she will get you there! :)

  18. well, our mom is bad about getting us in for our regular check ups because we are indoor only, despite the fact that she knows it's impawtant! As much as we hate to admit it ;-/ this is a good reminder for her cause Hollie and Minnie are due. Thanks!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  19. I LOVE your "crouch down low" shot Cody! Ha ha ha. NO ONE could possibly see you!

  20. Glogirly says Thank You for the important reminder. Apparently it's "time" for my annual visit. I'm going to need a little "time" to forgive you for the reminder. The vet and I...we go way back. Seems I have a "note" in my file. Something about "cantankerous."
    xo Katie

  21. @Cara N Crew, tell Mommy that I am an indoor only cat too and so was Angel Bobo...tell Mom to get you all to the vet! xoxoxo

    @Spitty MOL!!!! Hey! I tried!!!!! Can't blame a guy for trying! MOL!

    @Glogirly and Katie you are most welcome! You can be upset with my mom cause she made me write about the vet MOL. "Cantankerous" MOL!! I love it! xoxoxo Love, Cody

  22. I wish more people knew about this around here! I think I have only seen a handful of cats this week at the vet!

    Hope you have a great time at BlogPaws! I want a full report when you get back:)

  23. We loathe going to the vet and we sing opera all the way there AND back!

  24. @jen wow I am kind of surprised about that, since I know where you are. I am sorry to hear that! Yep you WILL get a full report for sure! Wish you could have gone :(

    @Fin :)

    @Au and Target "opera" I love it!

  25. This is an awesome awareness event! Thank you so much for sharing it. I don't think some cat owners realize that their cats need as much vet care as dogs and any other animal does. My babies have both had recent check-ups :) It was really good that they did, too, because we were able to figure out that my little baby Carmine has arthritis, get him early treatment, and get rid of that pain! I love my babies so much :)

    Thanks again for sharing this important information!

  26. I'm not sure I do like my doctor like you, Cody my friend.
    Because every times, I see her, she always tell me to do Diet !...That's cruel !
    I wish I can have the cat toys imitate to my doctor. If she tell me to diet again, I will eat Dr. Toy instead !..I'm evil sometime ..tee..heh

  27. My Butters is hand raised (orphaned @ around 10 days old) and HATES the vet! I had to bring him because he had some scabs on his chin. The doctor could see from the carrier, he didn't even attempt to get him out of there, turned out he had an allergy to the ceramic bowl his food was in. Anyway I'm not sure what to do about bringing him in! He's seen 2 vets, I was hoping it was that first vet in particular but no, he just hates vet offices. Hisses the entire time. So I hope he will be a healthy kitty, cause I don't want him to be knocked out just to be checked out.

  28. Hello! It is not easy to do diet...I agree with Mr Puddy...